The #Zapatista tour of #Ireland, a long aul’ thread (but pix and vids!) to wrap up

In 1994 indigenous peasants in the mountains of SE Mexico rose up against #neoliberal capitalism, their latest struggle in 500 years of resisting colonialism…

#LaGiraZapatistaVa #EZLN Zapatista women at La Realidad
If you need a backgrounder, here's Mick McCaughan, ex-Latin American correspondent for the Irish Times and Guardian introducing why the #Zapatistas matter:

27 years later, they hold liberated territory the size of Munster –

governing themselves from below

with a powerful #womxn’s movement

practicing #AgroEcology

and with their own culture, education system, community media...

But their #revolution is small, and the world faces a destructive economic system, violence against women, #ecological destruction, rising #fascisms, with big capital seeking to restore its “normality”...…
Still they feel that there are #resistances and #rebellions around the world that hold the solutions that national governments do not.

“The cure is global”: we have to find the solution together, from below. 6th communique excerpt
So the #Zapatistas decided to start a Journey for Life around the world, to continue their listening to those struggles and to share their own word.

#LaGiraZapatistaVa 6th communique, excerpt
They started by “conquering” #Europe and renaming it Slumil K’axkemk’op, the “rebel continent” of those who struggle against our rulers and neoliberal #capitalism, of womxn’s and LGBTQ+ struggles, of migrant and indigenous resistance to racism, of ecological struggles for life. Surrender hetero-patriarchal pale-faces!
So we felt they had to come to this rebel island of #Ireland! We have a long history of struggles – but right now our #SocialMovements have become isolated, dependent on the powerful, uncertain, with limited goals. We wanted to hear from them and see what we could say in return. Irish invitation (4 parts)
We organised a 15-day tour of the island. No media interviews, no passive audiences –

just direct meetings between #Zapatista activists and dozens of Irish-based #SocialMovement groups and communities in struggle, each listening to the other and learning together. Calendar
Dialogues w/ feminist & LGBTQIA groups, housing & land struggles, Traveller & migrant orgs, working-class communities, #artists & radical educators, climate justice & anti-extractivism, #disability activists, anti-capitalist & labour orgs, solidarity & anti-colonial groups... Groups involved
We agreed to do this even if #borders stopped the compas coming – b/c our movements don’t talk with each other enough beyond events defined by the powerful and the media.

We come to talk as tho everything would be OK if only *they* took our specific issue or group on board. Dance of resistance
We find it harder and harder to #imagine a completely different world –

or to listen to each other about how to make that world. Zapatista compa in the Burren
But they did make it! Delegation arrive in Dublin
Welcome to Ireland
They speak 6 different #indigenous languages, but thanks to #colonialism, talked to us through Spanish.

We talked to them through English, though some of us are migrants or Irish-speakers.

Banner in Mincéir Thari / Traveller Cant:

See - Know - Understand - Act Suni-Glori-Grani-GratiBanners in four languages
After 529 years of indigenous resistance, here are the Zapatistas challenging colonialism...

at the monument to Christopher #Columbus in #Galway.

It is literally a shame on all of us that it is still there. Zapatistas in Galway
Meeting the delegation in Galway
Meeting many generations of #Irish #activists! Zapatista with Margaretta Darcy
Indoors conversations can be good too... Galway encuentro (photo Elaine Dalton)
Solidarity across oceans and languages EZLN and Irish-based activists
Walking, we question and learn
The #Zapatistas weren't looking for bums on seats or flashy events -

they wanted direct conversations with #SocialMovements and communities in struggle, even small numbers, no matter where.

#Kinvara and #Ennis: Kinvara encuentroEnnis
At Mullaghmore they heard about the struggle to protect the #Burren BurrenBurren
In #Cork the #Zapatistas had encuentros with the Mexican community and with activists around land, housing and food sovereignty Encuentro in Cork
Solidarity walk
A festival of #resistance in #Cork! Festival in Cork
Radical art and discussions Radical art and discussions in Cork
@mygoodnessfood and music!
Nic Flanagan print for the #Zapatista compas Zapatistas on a ship
Meeting with @tvgcorkclg, comparing anti-#indigenous racism and the struggles against #oppression:
Arriving in working-class #Dublin... Welcome to Dublin
Dublin 8 and EZLN activists shared their struggles against gender-based violence #GBV Natural History of Hope Translations
Followed by discussions about #abolitionism...
The struggle around land and housing - and music from @StefanFae and @deadlians Housing discussionStefan FaeSean Fitzgerald
20 years ago @MuirdeBarra filmed women recovering from addiction with @SAOLprojectIRL doing a project in #solidarity with #Zapatista communities attacked by paramilitaries -

last week that circle was completed, and a new one began. Zapatista activist and Cathleen O'Neill
Some of the SAOL women came to the meeting - others have died. Some of the Zapatistas had lived the story from the other side.

They recognised each other's trauma and struggles, oppression and resistance.

A world where many worlds fit.

More encuentros in #Dublin:

with migrant justice and anti-racist activists...

on labour struggles in and beyond capitalism...

Struggling to write our own futures, together Migrant justice encuentro
Compañeras en la danza!

Afro-Brazilian dance with Zapatistas and migrant activists -

celebrating life against slavery, against colonialism, against racism, against patriarchy Dance and drums
Some of the #Zapatistas went from #Dublin to #Wales... Zapatistas welcomed in Spanish and Welsh (2 banners)
... while others travelled to the #North of #Ireland

Harvesting apples on an organic farm Apples on the farm
In the #Sperrins they shared stories of resisting #extractivism with community activists resisting mining there and from Donegal to Leitrim Meeting in the Sperrins
Music from Colum Sands!
Teknopeasant and Stone Resistance TeknopeasantStone Resistance
Visiting the sites of #community #resistance to mining Discussion in the Sperrins
Assertion of Rights of Community
What you do when they tell you you can't park your protest caravan at the edge of the company's land Caravan in the trees
Meeting with lake protectors at #LoughNeagh, under threat from sand dredging and agricultural pollution
Zapatistas at Lough Neagh
At GROW community garden in Belfast - working across communities, with migrants and young people Belfast community garden
#Radical walking tour of #Belfast, sharing histories of conflict -

and international #solidarity At the international wall
Belfast discussion with activists from different social movements Encuentro in Belfast
@Culturlann @catubelfast @GlorNaMona @grainneholland Our conversations together were all too short!

So much to learn of each other's histories, struggles, languages, ways of being...

but we had to let them travel on to new conversations with our compas in @ScotlandZapat Welcome to Scotland
Thanks to everyone who gave their time, energy, money, cooked, organised, translated, accompanied, created beautiful art, danced, sang...

and above all made connections and took part in the discussions! Travesia por la vida
Pan de muerto (Day of the Dead bread) provided by the Mexican community Pan de muerto
The #Zapatista tour of #Ireland was primarily organised by women and supported by marginalised, precarious and migrant communities.

These conversations didn't happen for media cameras - they were "from below & to the left", run on a shoestring & held together with gaffer tape.
Afterwards, we have a clearer sense that we’re not alone, globally or in Ireland.

There are other movements and communities in struggle, in so many places, trying to make a different world in the teeth of the powerful, the wealthy and the culturally privileged. The tapestry of the journey
We’ve found greater solidarity, energy and inspiration in meeting each other:

in each other's grief and trauma, laughter and joy, courage and determination, creativity and reflection, in our differences and our similarities.

A world where many worlds fit A world where many worlds fit
Can we manage to sustain those connections and solidarity with each other, from below and on the left?

The tapestry of struggles:

Can we keep "learning from each other’s struggles?" To build a new world
Can we imagine another world as a serious possibility and find the determination to end a system that is trying to end us?

The Zapatistas say "Echan le ganas" - keep going! Echan le ganas
What will we do differently, and what will we do next? Walking
How do we end the capitalist nightmare?

How do we make a world free from femicide?

How can we wear our own skins, be our own bodies, speak with our own voices as equals?

How can we share one no but many yeses?

What can we do, where we are, to resist and transform? Zapatista women
That history is still to be written, together.

That is how we make other worlds possible, and why the Zapatistas matter for us, in Ireland:… Making Other Worlds Possible cover
Walking, we ask questions...

/ends, but it only starts here Walking a forest path

• • •

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27 Oct
Yesterday was the last day of the #Zapatista Journey for Life in Ireland.

15 days of meeting activists and campaigners from social movements and communities in struggle around the island.

Tues AM started with a radical walking tour of #Belfast:

here at the international wall. International wall
The afternoon was an indoors encuentro


Learning from each other's struggles in @Culturlann: Culturlann encuentro
#Zapatista women singing songs with @grainneholland in Cumann Cluain Ard last night Zapatista women in Cumann C...
Read 13 tweets
26 Oct
The #Zapatista tour of #Ireland is winding up...

They have met w social movements and communities in struggle across the island...

Each learning from each other, and thinking together...

How do we build a better world? Build a new world
Y'day they visited #LoughNeagh and heard from lake protectors who are challenging agricultural pollution and sand dredging of the lake bed.

The struggle against #extractivism is a global one. Zapatista women at Lough Neagh
At the #Belfast community garden GROW, working across community divides and with migrant & women's groups. GROW community garden, Belfast
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