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1. The diversity of the issues raised at @IrelandsFuture public meetings around preparing for unity tells us this is a current and important conversation which people want to engage in, says chair @andreemurphy at latest public meeting in #Sligo #preparingforanewireland
2. Now is the decade of opportunity and our constitutional future is being discussed by all sorts of people in both public and private forums, says @MacManusChris
3. #Unity is about the dynamic that provides a better standard of life for all the citizens says @MacManusChris . It is not the responsible of one or two political parties to outline that vision.
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From a bumper 2021 in which sprawling blockbusters finally hit reopened movie theaters, and streaming platforms released more prestige flicks than ever, 10 films remain in contention for the best picture #AcademyAward.
Here's a rundown from @andrewmarszal
@andrewmarszal Kenneth Branagh's semi-autobiographical #Belfast has long been viewed as a serious #Oscars contender. It depicts the outbreak of violence in his native Northern Ireland in the late 1960s from the perspective of a nine-year-old boy
@andrewmarszal #CODAfilm centers on teen Ruby, the only hearing member of a deaf household in a small US fishing community. The #Oscars contender, which cast deaf actors in lead roles and features copious dialogue in sign language, has been celebrated as a landmark in disability representation
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Você piscou e chegamos em março! A boa notícia é que, com um novo mês, mais estreias incríveis estão programadas pra chegar aos cinemas e aos streamings! Por isso, a Tangerina separou aqui os nove principais lançamentos do mês🍊🎥 Segue a thread! Image
Tínhamos que começar por ele, né? #TheBatman, com Robert Pattinson, chega aos cinemas no dia 3! @wbpictures_br Image
Finalmente a série derivada de How I Met Your Mother vai estrear ao Brasil! Anota aí: #HowIMetYourFather chega ao @StarPlusBR no dia 9! Image
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Falta exatamente um mês para o #Oscar2022! Quer se preparar pelo menos um pouquinho pra premiação, mas ainda não assistiu a quase nenhum indicado? Sem problemas! A Tangerina separou os principais filmes que você precisa ver antes da cerimônia! Segue a thread ⬇️ Image
Ataque dos Cães é o filme mais indicado da noite, aparecendo em 12 categorias! Image
Apesar de ter dividido opiniões, #Duna aparece em dez categorias do #Oscar 2022 Image
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Caitríona Balfe has been waiting her entire career to be offered a project in Ireland. After #Belfast, the actress is still waiting.…
Balfe grew up about 90 minutes from Belfast. She remembers going back and forth between Ireland and Northern Ireland throughout her childhood.

"I thought about my mom a lot while filming this. Just how tough it must have been for them.”… Image
While Kenneth Branagh wrote “Belfast” based loosely on his own upbringing, the director wanted his cast to draw on their own memories.

Here's how he got the cast to bond on one of the first days on set:…
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NEW: Join us for the @wimbelfast ‘What Women Want’ End of Year Review… #wimbelfast #wimb #www #whatwomenwant #event #belfast
What do women want?

Thoughtful, lively conversation? Inspiring speeches? Comedy? Craic? A night for solutions on how to make our lives better? If so: Join us on December 2nd:…

All are welcome.

Meet our event hosting team here:…
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The #Zapatista tour of #Ireland, a long aul’ thread (but pix and vids!) to wrap up

In 1994 indigenous peasants in the mountains of SE Mexico rose up against #neoliberal capitalism, their latest struggle in 500 years of resisting colonialism…

#LaGiraZapatistaVa #EZLN Zapatista women at La Realidad
If you need a backgrounder, here's Mick McCaughan, ex-Latin American correspondent for the Irish Times and Guardian introducing why the #Zapatistas matter:

27 years later, they hold liberated territory the size of Munster –

governing themselves from below

with a powerful #womxn’s movement

practicing #AgroEcology

and with their own culture, education system, community media...

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Yesterday was the last day of the #Zapatista Journey for Life in Ireland.

15 days of meeting activists and campaigners from social movements and communities in struggle around the island.

Tues AM started with a radical walking tour of #Belfast:

here at the international wall. International wall
The afternoon was an indoors encuentro


Learning from each other's struggles in @Culturlann: Culturlann encuentro
#Zapatista women singing songs with @grainneholland in Cumann Cluain Ard last night Zapatista women in Cumann C...
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The #Zapatista tour of #Ireland is winding up...

They have met w social movements and communities in struggle across the island...

Each learning from each other, and thinking together...

How do we build a better world? Build a new world
Y'day they visited #LoughNeagh and heard from lake protectors who are challenging agricultural pollution and sand dredging of the lake bed.

The struggle against #extractivism is a global one. Zapatista women at Lough Neagh
At the #Belfast community garden GROW, working across community divides and with migrant & women's groups. GROW community garden, Belfast
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#Belfast's Monument To The Unknown Woman Worker Thanks to the unknown woman/women(/man/men?) responsible for this act of #peacefulprotest. The dictionary definition of 'woman' is not hate speech. People are trying to force a change in definition without debate. #NoThankYou Photo of a Belfast sculptur...
#Belfast Show some love for women and LGB youth. The definition of woman is not a hate crime. Around 80% of young people with dysphoria will find it resolves by end of puberty; most of them will grow into healthy gay adults. #NoConversionTherapyViaGenderWoo

#peacefulprotest Image
#Belfast Women deserve safety, dignity and privacy. Preserve women's single-sex spaces.

#peacefulprotest #hatefreehaberdashery Photo of a padlock with suf...
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It's that time of year again: @TIFF_NET kicks off, and yes, it'll be a little different but here are 10 films you can't miss, according to our critic @peterhowellfilm.…
Let's kick things off with #Belfast. Word is that Kenneth Branagh, actor in 'Tenet,' is on the upswing and Oscar-bound directing this coming-of-age drama set in 1960s Northern Ireland.…
This year’s top pre-TIFF pick in the Star’s annual poll is Cree-Métis filmmaker @danisgoulet's dystopian sci-fi thriller, #NightRaiders, about a mother’s quest to rescue her daughter from fascist overlords.…
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THREAD: Multiple unverified claims have been made of people finding razor blades under pro-women stickers in #Belfast in the last few days, and were repeated by politicians and trans orgs. Despite multiple claimed sightings, not one photo of razor blades was shared. #razorgate
The @BelTel piece about ‘transphobic’ [sic] stickers did not mention the worrying #razorgate claims. Can @PSNIBelfast / CI Rosie Thompson please comment on whether any razor blades were found, or indeed whether any concerned citizens reported finding razor blades to the police?
@BelTel @PSNIBelfast Risking injury to people by putting razor blades under stickers, before or after they're first put up, would be deplorable. If trans orgs & politicians are making or repeating untrue claims causing distress to vulnerable young people they claim to support, that's vile. #razorgate
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Quei “bambini della pace” che incendiano le notti di Belfast e che si sono rimessi a fare la guerra in Irlanda del Nord.

Il mio reportage da Belfast tra i "ceasefire babies", i ragazzi nati dopo la pace del 1998.

Spoiler: c’è poco da stare tranquilli.…
1. Forse molti l'hanno dimenticato

Ma Belfast ha ancora gli ultimi muri di Europa

Vergogna e dramma di queste enclave misere e maledette

Questo è il “muro della pace” che divide il quartiere unionista Shankill dal cattolico Falls (foto mie)

Ora cancelli chiusi anche di giorno ImageImageImageImage
2. Lui si chiama Joel Keys @JoelKeysNI, ha 19 anni, è un unionista e brexiter di Belfast e ci spiega perché suoi coetanei e amici sono scesi in strada a combattere in Irlanda del Nord

“C’entra la Brexit, ma non solo. C’è un piano dei paramilitari dietro”…
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Depuis plus d’une semaine nous pouvons voir dans différents médias des images de nuits d’émeutes dans les six comtés de l’Irlande occupée. Voici un thread analysant la situation actuelle ⤵️ (1/18)
Que ce soit à #Belfast ou à #Derry des jeunes attaquent les forces de l’ordre, incendient des véhicules, expriment leur rage et leur impuissance. Si ces images sont relativement courantes au nord, deux détails rendent cet événement assez unique. (2/18)
L’étendue de la contestation tout d’abord mais surtout les protagonistes. Cette fois, ce sont des #loyalistes qui attaquent les forces de l’ordre. Pour comprendre pourquoi les « fidèles à la couronne » attaquent ses représentants et ses « protecteurs » (3/18)
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Cosa sta succedendo a #Belfast?
Gravi disordini ieri in una delle "interfacce" fra i due maggiori agglomerati unionista (Shankill Road) e nazionalista (Springfield Road/Falls Road), dove 52 anni fa è deflagrata l'ultima fase del conflitto anglo-irlandese, >
#8aprile #thread 1/21
2/21 > i cosiddetti "Troubles". Perché queste violenze?
I motivi dichiarati dai giovani manifestanti (che hanno iniziato ad attaccare la polizia nel Waterside di #Derry a fine marzo, disordini poi divampati nei quartieri Sandy Row e Newtownabbey a #Belfast): >
#8aprile #Loyalist
3/21 > il temuto "confine marittimo" introdotto fra Irlanda del Nord e resto del Regno Unito dalla Brexit e la decisione della magistratura di non procedere contro 24 funzionari dello Sinn Féin per l'infrazione delle norme anti-Covid durante il funerale del >
#8aprile #Loyalist
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More violence broke out in #Belfast, UK as rioters set a bus on fire & attacked police. The ongoing rioting was sparked when the state declined to prosecute Sinn Fein politicians who attended a large funeral of an IRA member in violation of COVID rules.
Earlier this week, rioters hurled dozens of firebombs at police in #Belfast. At one point, a rioter was set on fire. #NorthernIreland
A "peace wall" separating nationalist and unionist neighborhoods in #Belfast was targeted by rioters in ongoing unrest. #NorthernIreland
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1. A Twitter story. Nearly 70 years ago a woman from one of the poorest parts of #belfast went into labour. Thinking it was premature labour, around about 30 weeks, her and her husband John were soon to find out that it was no where near 30 weeks.
2. Elizabeth and John Owens were about to become parents to their 6th and 7th children, twins. Born far too soon, as per the episode of @CallTheMidwife1 the midwife had to convince the doctor to allow them to be taken into hospital.
3. The babies, both weighing 1lb were rushed in and given the very best treatment using the most update to knowledge doctor had. The decision to keep giving the babies enough oxygen was that their optic nerves were both damaged.
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📢𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐕𝐨𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐄𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐞 - Our newsletter is out!

👉… ImageImageImageImage
1/10 "Behind mask of an authoritarian regime, a modern nation state is waiting to emerge. Let us hope when spring comes, and snow thaws, the pathway to freedom and democracy will be clearer." @rogercasale Vera Móra #StandWithBelarus #QuoVadis @VoxEurop…
2/10 "On #WorldNGODay and the Day of Crimean Resistance to the Russian Occupation, we, the undersigned, call for an end to the persecution of journalists and NGO activists in #Belarus and #Crimea."

Sign our Call to End Persecutions in Belarus and Crimea… Image
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1. #Belfast #IrishSeaBorder There is no doubt that Brexit & the accompanying Irish Sea Border has destabilised the Union. Whilst the constitutional status of Northern Ireland has not changed, the fact of N.I remaining in the single market of the EU confirms it is”a place apart”.
2. Belfast Steve Aitkin/UUP, Mervyn Gibson/OrangeOrder,Jim Allister/TUV, Jamie Bryson/Unionist Blogger, etc etc, all see the Irish Sea Border & different economic arrangements for NI apart from Britain as a “betrayal”. It comes in a long line of Tory”betrayals”.
3. #Belfast They are correct. The Irish Sea Border & EU single market moves N.Ireland closer to the Republic of Ireland in terms of economic harmonisation.No,it doesn’t change the constitutional status of NI but it is a huge psychological blow to a Unionism.
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Forgetting for a moment that the EU itself is a serial breaker of international law (see the recent German Constitutional Court decision) & the fact we haven’t actually seen what the #InternalMarketBill says there are plenty of justifications in the WA /1
Firstly there’s Article 184 of the WA that commits the UK & the EU to negotiate in “good faith” on the future relationship. /2

Over the past year the EU has done anything but negotiate in good faith.

They’ve held things up.

Refused to discuss areas of that could be agreed quickly until they got their way in other areas.

And claim they had a right to an office in #Belfast /3…
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TOMORROW (Sat 8th Aug 20)
Peaceful #SaveOurRights #SaveOurFreedom rally, speakers, march
#Aberdeen St Nicholas St
#Belfast City Hall
#Birmingham Victoria Square
#Bristol College Green
#Manchester Central Library
#Plymouth Plymouth Hoe
#Newcastle Theatre Royal (ALL 2PM)
TOMORROW (Sat 8th Aug 20)
Peaceful #SaveOurRights #SaveOurFreedom rally, speakers, march
#Brighton Peace Statue, Hove
#Cardiff Cardiff Castle
#Leeds Millennium Square
#Liverpool St George's Hall
#Southampton Central Train Station
TOMORROW (Sat 8th Aug 20)
Peaceful #SaveOurRights #SaveOurFreedom rally, speakers, march
#Glasgow 12 Midday Glasgow Green
#Edinburgh 12 Midday Middle Meadow Walkway
#London 12 Midday Hammersmith Tube Station
#Nottingham 1PM Council House
Please RT!
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What has Protesting Accomplished?
--- by Christopher Reilley

👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained #protests:
#Minneapolis bans use of #chokeholds.

👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

👉🏾#Dallas adopts a "#DutyToIntervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

👉🏾#NewJersey’s attorney general said the state will update its #UseOfForce guidelines for the first time in two decades.

👉🏾In #Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a #PoliceReform work group.

👉🏾#LosAngeles City Council introduces motion to reduce #LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.
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Are you homeschooling because of #coronavirus #COVID19? My usual witterings about writing projects will become mostly resources / ideas for people (like me!) trying to work and also teach at home for the foreseeable...
Podcasts and mindful colouring / daily doodle books are a great way to put in half an hour! You can find loads of free PDFs online if you have access to a printer - or you can buy these books from your local indie bookseller for home delivery…
If you have an account with @LibrariesNI make sure you download the #Overdrive app onto your tablet or phone - for your own quarantine reading but also for the kids! Both ebooks and audiobooks available for FREE
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