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CREATING, ENABLING and CONNECTING self-sufficient communities all around the world through DATA, AI and machine learning. Powered by Constellation’s HyperGraph.

Aug 9, 2022, 18 tweets

Let’s dive in to explain what we are about with a couple of highlights:

1. We are excited to share with YOU our pitch presentation that premiered at @Conste11ation’s #Hyd3f22 event on 08/06/2022.

“Considering that people in general but especially the younger generation -the very people who are early adopters of web3 technology- have a very short attention span, I made the decision to create a pitch that people remember regardless of their opinion about it.” Aranka W.

2. In our presentation we have touched on certain points that are problematic and are the pains of our current #funding industry.
⁃PHILANTHROPY (aid dependency, no trust)
⁃CROWDFUNDING (investments = donations)
⁃FUNDING BIAS (DAO; research)

3. Our SOLUTION aims to fix these complex and interconnected problems with our ecosystem, our $HUG #StateChannel on the #HyperGraph #HGTP by @Conste11ation $DAG

4. You have seen our #tagline
“Stellar $HUG, fixing the world through #data.”
but we had only elaborated on our #MVP that has a placeholder name of “tinder”HUG for ease of understanding.

5.”tinder”HUG is our app that onboards #nonprofit organizations and #events into their #database and offers matches to its users depending on their data inputs like interests and location. These users are our #HUGthropists who #donate to and/or #volunteer for organizations.

6. #dataHUG is our data analytics service that we offer to #nonprofit organizations to lower their operational costs and enable them to work in a more sufficient and impactful way while they can opt to offer these insights for their donors.

*While it is optional, as we can not force organizations and tell them what to do with their #data if a #nonprofit decides to not share their analytics with their supporters it raises questions amongst their potential supporters.

7. We had reimagined #DAOs.
Stellar HUG introduces #DTAO
…but what is DTAO?
Decentralized Time-based Autonomous Organization (more on it in our WP)
D TAO -> The decentralized WAY

#crowdfunding in itself has a very complex systematic issue.
We aim to fix it through our governance model; restructured milestone dependent fund-release; gig economy and global inclusion.

Our current #socioeconomic models are deficit-based which we replace in our ecosystem with asset-based economics.
Our mission is to create and enable self-sufficient communities all around the world.

The redesign of our socio-economic model and the newly forming communities (be it humanitarian, gig, investment or trade) effects our #health in multiple ways:
-mental health
-financial health
-physical health
-economic health.

By creating and enabling self-sufficient communities globally through a #data-#communication-and #trade application
we essentially make today’s #philanthropy obsolete. We aim to end continuous aid-dependency in developing nations.

Our world is ridden with funding bias. We aim to offer a #decentralized crowdfunding based solution for researchers.


We are only as strong as our community, or as we say “Community is everything.”

We would like to invite you to be part of our journey as we build this reimagined funding economy by bridging current systems with #web3 #ai and #MachineLearning.

Addressing our logo change:

As we have grown throughout @Conste11ation’s #V2FlightProgram our original logo simply did not represented our mission any longer.

@StellarOrg has an amazing built out on/off ramp system that enables underbanked nations which we still embrace.

If you are interested in joining us please reach out at info@stellarhug.org

Follow us on our socials:

Twitter: twitter.com/stellar_HUG
Telegram: t.me/StellarHUG
Instagram: instagram.com/stellarhug

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