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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 86) - Una mañana más, aquí comienza nuestro #hilo 🧵 diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.


🟥 La situación en la zona de #Popasna ahora mismo parece ser la siguiente. Los rusos habrían alcanzado la carretera T1302 en #Soledar.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 86) - A) Dada la situación en otros puntos como #Limán o #Severodonetsk, Ucrania quizá debería sopesar un repliegue con el que conservar tropas con experiencia de cara a una futura contraofensiva, cuando llegue el grueso del material occidental.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 86) - Sin embargo, por racional que parezca, una retirada dejaría #Sloviansk y #Kramatorsk, las dos ciudades más importantes de la zona, a tiro de la artillería rusa y en riesgo, por lo que se entiende que Ucrania aguante en espera de los refuerzos.
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Wie #karla👩🏻‍🎤 Journalismus versteht:

Konstruktiv ✅

Investigativ ✅

Multimedial ✅

Partizipativ ✅

Gemeinwohlorientiert ✅

Das ist gut. Aber das reicht uns nicht. Wir wollen mehr. Wir wollen #Journalismus erlebbar machen. Wie? Ein Thread 🧵 (1/10)
Auf zwei Wegen. 1. Wir lösen den #Journalismus von einem festen Trägermedium. Aus der Flachware werden mehrdimensionale Denkräume im öffentlichen Raum, in denen sich die Leser:innen nach eigenen Interessen bewegen können. (2/10)
Heisst konkret: Wir schaffen unterschiedliche Zugänge zu unseren Geschichten. Neben den klassischen journalistischen Formaten gibt es weitere Andockstellen: Podiumsdiskussionen, Werkstattgespräche, Expert:innen-Gespräche, Vor-Ort-Termine. (3/10)
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*Help Charles een stap verder* Luitjes, het is weer tijd voor #crowdfunding🥰. Deze heeft vanwege mijn vakantie een strakke deadline: vandaag😳. Dit gaat om Charles, een erg slimme dorpsjongen uit Nyasore, het dorp dat dankzij mede jullie hulp een transformatie beleeft! 1/6
Charles is de zoon van één van onze trouwe& hardwerkende teamleden van Stewardship in Action, in Kenia door de overheid erkend als Community Based Organisation. Wij willen de armoede die generationeel overgedragen wordt, doorbreken. Onderwijskansen bieden is daarbij cruciaal. 2/6
@ngore heeft n begrotinkje opgesteld die alle voorziene kosten dekt; hij zal intern verblijven, vandaar de wat ongewone lijst voor NLse begrippen.
100 KSh is ongeveer 1 Euro. Daarmee komen we uit op plm. € 1.040 excl. transactiekosten. Al met al € 1.100. 3/6
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 41) – Una mañana más, comenzamos nuestro #hilo informativo dedicado a la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 #URGENTE - El tren de las imágenes, avistado en la República Checa y cargado con T-72 y BMP-1 se cree que podría tener como destino Ucrania.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 41) – La guerra informativa por parte de ambos bandos sigue su curso.

🟥 Lo último son las dudas planteadas por @ChuckPfarrer al analizar el vídeo de la supuesta rendición de 263 infantes de marina ucranianos en #Mariupol.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 41) – En el siguiente vídeo vemos los cuerpos de varios soldados aparentemente rusos maniatados y posiblemente ejecutados por ucranianos que lo celebran. Como hemos dicho anteriormente, hay mucho que investigar en esta guerra.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 37) – Un día más comenzamos nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 #IMPORTANTE - Dos Mi-24 ucranianos han atacado un depósito de combustible en territorio ruso, concretamente en #Belgorod ‼️

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 37) – Seguramente se trate del primer ataque aéreo sobre territorio ruso desde la #IIWW.
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I'll apologize before hand for the length of this, but I think I need to explain everything to get the help I need.

In February 2020, I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. I have fought to stay alive over the last 1/
couple yrs. I have been through multiple rounds of chemo, biologics therapy, two surgeries(1 that nearly ended my life), ect. I have went through scans every couple months, blood test and every few weeks. Though I have insurance, it rarely covers all costs. I have been
buried in bills. Bills that make living hard. So hard in fact that I had to move back into my parents home. At 43 yrs old, it has been no picnic. But we are all making it work.

My parents have helped me with my bills to the point where they are not in a great place
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To deliver trustworthy news to #Russia, @BBCWorld returns to #shortwave:…
When asked if @VOANews intends to revive shortwave broadcasts to #Ukraine and #Russia, a public affairs officer replied, “That is a decision for our programming division.”…
Meanwhile, a grassroots #crowdfunding effort is launching to put @VOANews and @RFERL programming on the air via private shortwave transmitters:
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We raised over $12,000 the first day of the campaign!


Today I wanted to share with you the first page of my story with Erik Lervold, Battle Royale.

#monsters #wrestling #comics #kickstarter #crowdfunding #art #amreading
For years, the main criticism of Cthulhu is Hard to Spell was that the cover did not relate to any of the interior stories.

Well, we fixed that this year by creating a story related very heavily to the awesome cover by Aaron Alexovich.
Our story features a drag down wrestling match between Cthulhu and Zeus with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance.
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There is no cure for stupidity & nonsense & @Expedia epitomizes it. The crap they have on their site on #BallyBridge connecting #DakshineshwarTemple & #Uttarpara. Again, I have to fix the false narrative. If you are interested read on. Anyone who has traveled to #Kolkata (1/n)
(2/n) and been to Dakshineshwar Temple must've stumbled upon the famous Bally Bridge. Here is a history of the engineering marvel that you may not have known. Believe it or not, #Crowdfunding was not invented at #PaloAlto. Kolkata was separated from Hoogly District by.....
(3/n) Bhagirathi (Ganges) river. It was expensive and cumbersome for people to travel between the 2 sides. #RajaJoykrishna put a proposal with the British government to build a bridge in 1842. After pursuing it over 2 years the government sanctioned the construction under the....
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CROONICLE: Ultimate Guide on Handcrafted Jewelry… #handcrafted #jewelrydesign #jewelry
CROONICLE: Crowdfunding Marketing Mistakes to Avoid… #crowdfunding
CROONICLE: Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Companies… #LeadGeneration #leadgen
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The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal #CrowdFunding
Class - Privileged
First Language - English
Religious Denomination - Atheist (in other words, Anti Hindu)
Ideology - Liberal. Leftist. Feminist.

Personal Statement - Crush Brahminical Patriarchy.
Hijab is a matter of choice.
Polygamy can be fun you know, if taken in the right spirit.
Wearing sindhoor is a violent symbol of suppression.

Lexicon - Taliban & ISIS are pussycats. The real enemy is RSS. Hate Sanghis. Most uncool lot.
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I'm going to be sharing some mutual aid requests. Holidays, extreme weather events from #ClimateEmergency, COVID surges, bad public policies, systemic oppression .... people are in need. We will also be viewing adorable pictures of cats. photo of a brown and black ...
Help out with some 💵, QT or RT for circulation.
Cat tax for #MutualAidRequest. It's my sweet girl Anya again, this time considering a salad. NO. Not for you my dear kitty.
Also, does anyone actually know what kind of plant this is?
#PlantIdentity #PlantParent #CatParent Brown and black shorthaired...
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Get the English translation of the new Amazofuturism anthology! #thread

#crowdfunding #sciencefiction…
The present collection of amazofuturist short stories is one of the most important movements in the consolidation of the subgenre in our literature.
Authors from different Brazilian regions were selected to celebrate the indigenous peoples of Brazil, demonstrating through this work the respect and support of writers of all races for their cause.
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mutual aid links to donate to below
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#InvArch is an intellectual property & decentralized development network for #web3. InvArch is not just new to the @Polkadot ecosystem, but also a novel project throughout the entire #blockchain community.

This thread serves as a brief introduction to the project.

First, it is important to understand the three (3) key focuses of the network:

1.) Allow users to tokenize their ideas (intellectual property #IP).

2.) Provide a secure environment where ideas can be shared.

3.) Foster a network for collaboration and partnership forming.

#InvArch views #ideas as sets of non-fungible components. Specifically, InvArch introduces Intellectual Property Sets (#IPSets), which are collections of #NFTs called Intellectual Property Tokens (#IPT). These files are what help to describe and detail an idea.

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💡Organizaré algunos #tuits en un único #HILO, lo he visto en varios perfiles y es una excelente forma de tener a mano el contenido que consideramos importante.

🤝En este perfil se #ApoyaAlEmprendedorCubano
Herramientas para diseño de #póster, banco de #vídeos e imágenes gratis, consejos de #marketing...
¿Por qué usar palabras en #inglés en la publicidad de idioma #español?
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🟣 #CrowdfundMonday: Community #Crowdfunding for Diverse Independent Creatives


SEP 20TH | 10AM PT

Share your campaigns LIVE.
#filmmaker #artist #gamedev #theater #author #BIPOC #LGBTQ #women #disability #inclusion #YHBNEWS #RT…
Promoting #crowdfunding can be difficult. But not when you're part of the interactive community at #CrowdfundMonday! Since 2012, we have shared resources to help each other minimize the costs of marketing our short and long-term campaigns. /1
In the spirit of "Artists Supporting Artists," we encourage our community to amplify #crowdfunding campaigns for creators in emerging entertainment which promote inclusion through:

✅their content, and/or
✅their intentional hiring of cast and crew.

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#Ethereum size istediğiniz her şeyi yapabileceğiniz bir platform sunar ama nasıl yapacağınıza #ETH karar verir.” Ethereum ile #PolkaDot arasındaki temel fark budur. Bugün anlatacağım @AcalaNetwork #AcalaNetwork projesi #PolkaDot un hepsi bir arada #DeFi hub ı olmayı planlıyor. Image
#ETH protokolü üzerinden istediğiniz #DApp uygulamasını yazabilirsiniz ama istediğiniz şekilde yazamazsınız. En basitinden, protokol sizden #ERC20 standartlarına uymanızı, #Solidity dilinde yazmanızı, (yüksek fee ücretlerine rağmen) fee olarak $ETH kullanmanızı isteyecektir. Image
Öte yandan, PolkaDot ağı birçok yazılım dilini desteklediği için size herhangi bir programlama dilini veya herhangi bir para birimini kullanmanızı gerektirmez. Geliştiricileri/Yazılımcıları kısıtlamak, sınırlamak yerine onlara tüm istediklerini yapabilecekleri bir platform sunar
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/25/2021…
Quarantined spaces are everywhere—and they’re much more influential than you think…

#quarantines #history #effectiveness
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😳🆘We need help!🆘😳

We need to raise $870.00 by Monday afternoon or we will not be able to fill the last four requests we have on our list!

Two requests are for seniors and one is for a single mom and one is for a single parent who has left an abusive marriage and needs help! ImageImage
If you can help…we are at the point of begging. Our volunteers are out in full force today! So if you see any of us out and about come say 👋 Hello 👋

We have 4 hampers left to fill so please help us!! We do not want to have to turn these families away!!

@HarvestHillsYYC needs help.

PLEASE consider donating via Etransfer, PayPal or GoFundMe.


PayPal/Credit Cards:

Our GoFundMe:

@GrannyGTArp @JyotiGondek @gurbirward3 @TheBeaverton
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Coronavirus - Mythes ontkracht

1️⃣ Mythe: #plexiglas & #faceshields vervangen het 😷

@onderwijs_Vl dd. 19/11@

@mdc_martinus @JelleVl @science_dirk @Tweedle65921973 @DasUlrike
PRINCIPE: “Afstand houden is prioritair aan het dragen van een 😷”

2️⃣ Is dit een mythe?
Nee, maar voor mij wél. HOE kan je in een klas AFSTAND houden als een groep niet gehalveerd wordt? @DasUlrike @Tweedle65921973
3️⃣ Mythe:
“Ik moet geen 😷 aan als ik tijdens de les voldoende afstand houd van de leerlingen en het lokaal voldoende verlucht”
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(1/8) Hay varias formas de obtener recursos para fondear la operación de una empresa, como los créditos, el #crowdfunding (como el promovido por la @bvcColombia), o el descuento de facturas que ofrecen firmas como @mesfixsas, Exponencial Confirming o #FiduciariaCorficolombiana👇
(2/8) En este corto hilo de #FinanzasCorporativas te explicamos cómo funciona el #DescuentoDeFacturas, qué ventajas tiene para una empresa acceder a este producto financiero y por qué no debes dejar de leer nuestro más reciente informe al respecto:
(3/8) Antes de comenzar, miremos algunos datos. De acuerdo con @SFCSupervisor la cartera vigente de #Factoring creció casi 200% en tan solo 5 años. Con esto, el #Factoring empieza a ganar terreno en Colombia, pero aún puede crecer más.
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How did the inspiration of @_SocialSX come into fruition?

"A cloud based social media platform to connect people with healthcare providers around the world".

The story 🧵
It all started with 200lbs lost, 11+ surgeries, health issues and community.

I could not find any information on any platform and when I did I had to go get user insights in real time. Having users everyday people be support was 100% better then the provider insight.
So Social SX was created and the community grew taking over the platform for Healthcare resources and information.. and best thing about it?? They NEVER had to leave the group for anything. Everything was in one place at the click of a button.
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