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What’s the best #CRM for a #nonprofit that already has its own website. (mailchimp, nationbuilder, everyaction, hubspot… etc)?

(Yes, It’s come to casting a question into the twittersea on a Sunday.)
Mailchimp seems like a fine mailing platform, but front end has overly simplistic forms (can’t seem to build in logic, like one can with surveymonkey or google forms) so can’t ask all questions we want to of new volunteers.
Nationbuilder seems built for non-profits, but they seem to want everyone to be fully in their site, making it sound complex it you have your own site. (Even still, not sure if they have dynamic/logical forms).
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Let’s dive in to explain what we are about with a couple of highlights:

1. We are excited to share with YOU our pitch presentation that premiered at @Conste11ation’s #Hyd3f22 event on 08/06/2022.

“Considering that people in general but especially the younger generation -the very people who are early adopters of web3 technology- have a very short attention span, I made the decision to create a pitch that people remember regardless of their opinion about it.” Aranka W.
2. In our presentation we have touched on certain points that are problematic and are the pains of our current #funding industry.
⁃PHILANTHROPY (aid dependency, no trust)
⁃CROWDFUNDING (investments = donations)
⁃FUNDING BIAS (DAO; research)
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1/ @michaelpollan's highly-expected @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind just premiered! 📺🍄 Despite near-universal praise, #HTCYM is rife with errors & borders on historical revisionism 🤥

A critique 🤔🧵 #LSD #MDMA #Peyote #Mescaline #Psilocybin #Mushrooms #Psychedelic @MAPS
2/ Before I get started, I'll give everyone a little bit of background information. @michaelpollan released a non-fiction work entitled "How to Change Your Mind" in May of 2018. Before the end of that year, his book about #psychedelic drugs became a @nytimes bestseller. Image
3/ @michaelpollan achieved massive coverage for this self-described "mental travelogue" of his #psychedelic experiences. Soon enough, Mr. Pollan became a prominent figure w/in the so-called "Psychedelic Renaissance". In the process, he gained a rather interesting reputation. Image
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This is about Ella Copley, a young woman suffering terribly from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

Ella Copley is 17 years old. She has severe ME and is also in intestinal failure. Ella has been a patient in Leeds General Infirmary (UK) for 18 weeks.
People with ME are often not believed and Ella is in severe pain. The pain is so bad that Ella says she wants to die. Even though Ella’s pain is unbearable, Leeds General Infirmary is withholding pain treatment.
We want them to KNOW they are being watched and to give Ella the correct pain relief. Joanne thinks Ella will die soon if she is not given the proper treatment.
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When you watch this video among others covering the #COVID19 and #monkeypox story as well as the #AIDS story you can only come to one conclusion: make medicine and bioresearch non-profit. No one should be allowed to make money from health research or anything related to it.

If we do that, all pandemics will come to a halt because, with no profit to make on new vaccines, gain of function research will stop. They make you think they are doing it for preparedness, but no, they are doing it to make vaccines and forcing it on governments, which then

Go deeper and deeper in debt with private companies. This is the situation we are in right now. Our governments are owned because of the ever growing debt they are in. That paves the path for the #GreatReset. So medicines, vaccines and health care in general should be

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We're excited to announce a new Writers' Collective course titled Collaborative Advocacy.

This course will help you understand anti-oppression and how writers can build a stronger #AnimalRights movement by collaborating with other #SocialJustice movements. Meet our speakers 👇 Image
Editor and writer @zane_crittheory is a scholar-activist with a BA in History and MA in Political Science.

He is an experienced organizer and has worked in the spheres of public policy, government relations, and #animal law in the #nonprofit sector. Image
Deniz Kavur is an activist w/ a BA in sociology & MA in political philosophy and is certified in international labor law & organizational analysis.

She has worked for @BeyondCarnism, @ProVeg_Int & @animalsavemvmt and is the co-founder of RARA—Rights for #AnimalRights Advocates. Image
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I was running a bunnytrail and ended up mapping a 'bit' of '#Business' and '#NonProfit' entities and persons

I have no idea if it might be useful to anyone-and is incomplete-but sure does make for some interesting bedfellows

'Officers' Image
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55 amazing people have donated to our #NonProfit media org today during #GiveToTheMaxDay!! We're nearing $3,000 now! Thank You!

Join our community of supporters & help us reach our goal of $6,800!…

Each donation enters us for extras from @givemn. Image
In the last 25 minutes we had 9 more donations, bringing us to $3,251! We're closing in on reaching halfway to our goal - thanks for helping us get there:… Image
We're getting closer!! Thanks to the last three donors for the $115🥰🦄…
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ALTERNATIVES to Government Grants and Big Pharma🧑‍🔬

Nonprofits attempt to fill this gap with some success, but philanthropy can only go so far.

There is little incentive to donate when donors do not have control of how their money is used...


...or have any chance of financial benefit should the projects they fund become successful.

As a result, philanthropic donations are almost always limited to a very small portion of the donor’s wealth.

While anyone can donate to a #nonprofit, private equity is a game for large investors only.

Only very recently have groups like @kickstarter emerged to allow small players to play a role in a technology’s early days.
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This morning we saw something we will NEVER forget.

We were at the #Walmart in Southeast #Calgary. We were shopping for some groceries when my stepson saw someone take a package of meat and put it under their shirt and then slowly walk over to their cart. #Food #Hungry #Alberta
This person had very few things in their cart. My stepson knows what I do here at @HarvestHillsYYC & he asked if we could help them.

I said yes we could but that this person would feel ganged up on if we all walked over to them, so I told him to stay here and that I’d walk over.
I walked over to where they had their cart and said “I know what it is like to struggle. I would love it if you’d let me help you and I’d like to pay for your groceries.”

This person looked up at me and said “did you see me take the meat?” I said “yes I did. I’d like to help”.
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A thread on #Nonprofits and the #SocialMedia platforms like #TikTok #instagram #Twitter #Facebook etc. 1/6
Getting attention from existing or prospective #nonprofit donors/volunteers on any mainstream Social Media platforms is identical. Sure, there are billions of daily actives. However, the sheer volume of user-generated content also generates enormous digital noise. 2/6
It’s 1000x more challenging than getting the attention of people in a busy marketplace; in addition to the countless storefronts, the ad banners, and the hustling salespersons, people have sensory distractions from the innumerable pictures and videos all around them. 3/6
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Rick Feiock victimized students for 3 decades. As his latest victim said “I was scared. I didn’t know what to do...I haven’t told anyone because it’s very hard and I couldn’t tell them because I didn’t feel that I had anyone to protect me.” #MeToo…
“Feiock had been investigated for sexual misconduct before. In 1991 and 2005, he was counseled and the behavior was documented in an annual performance evaluation.”
“When the new allegations surfaced in January 2020, Berry looked for reports made of his conduct in 1991, 2005 and 2018 only to discover that his personnel file had been wiped clean, according to the report... the reports had been cleansed”
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Did some prep for a workshop and upcoming talks around benchmarks and #nonprofit #email #fundraising in particular. Here's some of what I found.... this thread is for you #fundraisingtwitter... 1/
Online giving was up 21% in 2020 according to @blackbaud's Charitable Giving Report (…) and broke through to be 13% of all giving 2/
Remember that % from online isn't a great way to measure the impact of digital. If a donor gets an email, sells stock w/ @Wealthsimple, moves it into their DAF w/ @VC_Giving & wires it to your bank this 'digital only' experience inspired by your email won't be 'online' 3/
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Attention all #SciComm-ers #journalists! Looking for a #paid (full-time, long-term) #job doing what you love in a beautiful place (#SantaCruz @CityofMonterey #California) at an impactful #nonprofit #ocean #research institute?!! Apply to come work with us at @MBARI_News.
Tagging a few others to see if they can help amplify the ad. Thanks in advance! @Revkin @PREAUX_FISH @WhySharksMatter @MiriamGoldste @KatyCroffBell @deepseadawn @shahselbe
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In my communications consulting work, I advise #globaldev organizations to no longer view communications as an “add-on” service department, first beholden to the #fundraising function of an organization. /1
At this point in history, communications departments can and must be developing narrative change strategies that support the vision of the world they and their partners are building. #DevComms /2
In this week of #GivingTuesday, it may appear that #narrativechange work is at odds with proven fundraising practices.… /3
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Time for a thread about the Blackbaud breach mess. The lessons here are for ALL #nonprofits, not just clients of Blackbaud.

But we'll start with this:
If I was a #charity client of Blackbaud, I'd be pissed.
2) Blackbaud had a security breach. Someone hacked into their system and spent time there from February until May. Blackbaud paid the hacker's ransom price and they had reassurances from the hacker that no personal data was lifted from the system. (Sure, if you believe a hacker.)
3) However, Blackbaud 😡 didn't tell its #nonprofit clients about the breach until JULY 😡 and only because it was about to become public. Their emails to NPOs revealing the news were impersonal, full of legalese and with almost no apology.…
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🧵 We’re excited to announce our second cohort of Civil Society Fellows, nonprofit leaders who will receive a $10,000 fellowship for their efforts to strengthen their local communities.

Eloise Samuels @NJOrators
@bechrostowski @EdwinsCLE
@Mrsmeganleerose @BTogetherOrg Image
Our 15-month Civil Society Fellows Program will help these leaders raise national awareness for their missions and make the case for the essential nature and value of their #nonprofit work.

Here's a brief introduction. /2…
.@bechrostowski of @EdwinsCLE, a nonprofit that provides formerly incarcerated people a pathway to success through an elite culinary education and leadership training. /3…
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Brief #nonprofit thread

So just finished talking with a nonprofit leader. It never ceases to amaze me how pervasive the 'scarcity mindset' is within the sector and how numbing it can be to an organization.
2) It stunts growth. It prevents future planning. It hurts marketing and #fundraising efforts.

It means you're always living in the HERE AND NOW and tomorrow doesn't really exist.
3) Then #charity leaders wonder why when they come to a rainy day, they have no reserves. They have no idea how to move forward. They're stuck in place.
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Our mission at the Kids Being Kids Foundation is to improve the welfare and #development of the most #vulnerablechildren through play and extra-curricular activities.
A part of this is their physical #environment, which studies have shown profoundly influences developmental outcomes including academic achievement, cognitive, social and emotional #development.
One of the #vulnerable groups we want to support are the #Children of the Wesley School for the #hearingimpaired in Surulere. Their #landscaping is in dire need of a facelift.
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We are LIVE! Welcome to the #nonprofit #jobsearch webinar for black and brown leaders, led by @BkMadzel, @NakiaJamesJenk1, and Lori Clement.

Topic: Job Hunting During A Period of Layoffs and Uncertainty.

We'll be sharing highlights from the conversation.
The pandemic has changed the job search landscape. Most notably, remote work and the introduction of a virtual job search process.

This moment presents opportunities to reflect, reevaluate your career goals, and learn.

Q: In these times, should a candidate compromise on wants like compensation, work location, etc?

A: Determine what is important to you. Be clear on your desired compensation, work-life integration, and professional development. Negotiate. Don't compromise.

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@KamalaHarris @AyannaPressley the #SOSAct would be a phenomenal step for the smallest businesses across the US. Despite the issues in #PPP and #EIDL, you should consider giving #SBA the program to avoid duplicative efforts.
Treasury has been involved in #PPP from the beginning and likely steered much of the guidance. Treasury is not the solution. #SBA reviews size, affiliation, certifies HUBZones, certifies #Womenowned businesses for other federal programs already.
In 2018, Congress consolidated the review of #Veteranowned biz under #SBA b/c two agencies governed concurrent programs and discord resulted. Don’t make the same mistake here asking Treasury to administer a program concurrent to #SBA programs that requires the same analysis.
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Trump retweeted @JudicialWatch today. JW clogs the courts with conspiracy theories. @TomFitton is president of Judicial Watch, classified by the IRS as a #nonprofit. Judicial Watch pays no income tax on reported income of $127 million. Fitton makes $334K a year to shill for Trump
Here are salaries for Judicial Watch executives. They pay themselves to clog the court system with conspiracy theories on Trump's behalf. IRS tax docs here:… via @propublica
While Trump is tweeting about Judicial Watch today, airports are a disaster. Hotbeds for infectious spread of #coronavirus #COVIDー19

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(01/42) Glad to be a part of #HCTwitterConf19 today! Hi, I'm Sherri Helwig - @CanadianAAAE President, faculty at the University of Toronto Scarborough @UTSC @UofT and Queen's University @queensu - here to expound a bit about better connecting academia and practice in my field.
(02/42) My field is arts management (aka arts admin, cultural mgt, etc.), a relatively young area of study about work that was "professionalized" only in the last 3/4 century or so - though I suspect and hope the ideas here are relevant and applicable in many areas of #HigherEd.
(03/42) In other professional disciplines (#law, #medicine) there is a rich tradition of sharing innovations across the divide. In #business there are academic journals, practice-based materials, & important resources that span them like The Harvard Business Review @HarvardBiz.
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