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China already had the coronavirus vaccine days before the first death in US.

Timeline: (Note the dates. Join the dots.)

20.01.03 #LiWenliang was reprimanded by #Wuhan police for "publishing untrue statements about seven confirmed #SARS cases at the #Huanan #Seafood #Market." 1/
20.01.05 @WHO reported a "#pneumonia of unknown cause" in #Wuhan and advised against #travel or #trade restrictions at the time.

20.01.15 @realDonaldTrump and #China's Vice Premier #LiuHe signed the US-China Phase One #tradedeal in #Washington DC. 2/

#CCPvirus #WuhanVirus
20.01.20 #XiJinping issued the FIRST public warning about the #coronavirus to Chinese citizens.

20.01.23 #China shut down #Wuhan. It also kept refusing to share the #viral samples. 3/

#CCPvirus #WuhanVirus #COVID19 #DistrustAndVerify
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Yesterday we released a NEW report #WhatWouldNoDealMean.

And, you've guessed it, this report is the subject of today's #ThursdayThread. 🧵…
.@BorisJohnson has said that no deal with the EU would be a “good outcome” for the UK.

This report highlights what it would mean in terms of trade, fisheries, connectivity, the impact on citizens, Northern Ireland, economics, security, foreign policy, politics and more.
On #trade, the two sides would revert to #WTO rules.

We’re talking tariffs, customs checks, and regulatory checks. In other words, increased hassle, increased time and increased costs for businesses trading with the EU.

@CSBarnard24 explains.
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#USA #NorthKorea #WashingtonDC #Trade #LEAK

It was revealed on the 23rd that two major US banks had traded a total of about 175 million dollars (about 18.4 billion yen) with several companies related to North Korea under UN sanctions.
Among them were Chinese companies accused by US authorities of being involved in North Korea's nuclear program and helping to escape sanctions. It was revealed by an analysis based on the "Fincen files" of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).
The two banks are JP Morgan Chase and Bank of New York Mellon. Some companies have made public that they are engaged in trade with North Korea, and banks may have continued to trade without customer confirmation.

(Example file out of 2657 total and 2121 suspicouse ones) ImageImage
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Just when you though life could get no better, YET ANOTHER @UKandEU No Deal report comes out and proves you wrong. You can find it here (THREAD) 1/19…
Strap in. There’s a lot to say. And I’ve learnt about gifs 2/19
This report was truly a team effort – and it was quite a team! I have to thank @CSBarnard24, @dgbailey, @ProfTimBale, @matt_bevington, @MeredithCrowle1, @drsarah_hall, @hayward_katy, @MartinHeneghan, Carmen Hubbard, @james_lisak, @HusseinHKassim, @McEwen_Nicola… 3/19
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Day 7: Parliament #MonsoonSession2020 Updates

#RajyaSabha assembled, Papers laid

Important issues raised during Zero Hour:

-Bihar #floods
-Change exam date of #NET exam
-10,000 prisoners increased in Bihar since #COVID19 due to non-functioning of local #Courts ; no #bail Image
Presently #RajyaSabha is discussing the #AgricultureBills of 2020:

-Farmers' Produce Trade & Commerce Bill
-Farmers (Empowerment & Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill, 2020

[Both passed by Lok Sabha. Read full story👇]…
#AgricultureBills :

-4 amendments moved to refer #ContractFarming Bill to Select Committee

MPs argue that the Bill shall:

-end Minimum Support Price #MSP
-open doors for big #corporations to enter farm sector
-gradually end Govt regulation ImageImageImage
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Day 3: 𝗣𝗮𝗿𝗹𝗶𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 #MonsoonSession2020 Live Updates

#RajyaSabha assembled; on agenda today:

-Discussion on #COVID19
-Defence Minister Statement on #IndiaChinaBorderTension
-Salaries & Allowances of Ministers (Amd) Bill
-#Homoeopathy Central Council (Amd) Bill & more Image
Some matters raised during Zero Session

-Service/ Gallantry Peace Medal for #CoronaWarriors
-Separate infrastructure for patients of non-communicable/ chronic #diseases
-Continued detention of @MehboobaMufti & apprehension of arrest among #JammuAndKashmir political leaders
Special Mentions:

-Framework for regulation of #Online content
-Probe into #Facebook's interference in India's General #elections
-#NEET #JEEMain be re-conducted
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Nigeria Business Forum commends Gbajabiamila’s Ghana intervention

The Nigeria Business Forum in Ghana has commended the Speaker of the House of Representatives Rep. Femi Gbajabiamila for his intervention in the trade dispute between Nigeria and Ghana. 🇳🇬\/🇬🇭 #Parlomacy ImageImageImage
The commendation by the forum is coming after two other organizations, namely the Nigeria Union of Traders Association in Ghana (NUTAG) and the Nigeria-Ghana Business Council, had sent letters of appreciation and commendation to the Speaker over his recent visit to Ghana.. ImageImageImageImage
for the resolution of the dispute.

The forum said in a letter to the Speaker by its Executive Director, Amb. Oloye O. Fatuyi, dated September 10, that Gbajabiamila’s visit to Ghana has calmed nerves. ImageImage
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The Epoch Times National Poll was conducted by Big Data Poll and interviewed 2,169 likely #Voters nationwide sourced via voter file-verified online survey panels from Aug. 26 to Aug. 30, 2020.

Here were the findings (Thread👇)…
“Mr. Biden’s edge with seniors has slipped, and the president is outperforming his minority vote share from 2016 by a modest but statistically significant degree.”

#JoeBiden holds a potentially dwindling lead over President Trump, and voters expect the incumbent to win.
#Biden leads among female voters 49% compared to Trump at 35%, while Trump leads with male voters 46% to 41%.

In rural America, where #Voters are currently the most enthusiastic about voting in November, the president leads 52% to 36%.
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The Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Rep. @femigbaja says he is hopeful that Nigeria and Ghana will arrive at mutually acceptable resolutions to the trade disputes that erupted some weeks back. #Parlomacy #Trade #Africans4Africa #AJointTask ImageImage
The Speaker, who led a delegation of lawmakers from the @HouseNGR, said this when they were received by the Speaker of the Ghanaian parliament, Rt. Hon. Prof. Mike Oquaye, as they arrived Accra, the capital of Ghana, on a legislative diplomatic mission. ImageImage
Alongside the Speaker on the legislative diplomatic mission to Ghana are the Chairman House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Rep. Buba Yusuf; Chairman House Committee on Media, Rep. @BenKaluTweets, House Member of Ecowas Parliament, Rep. Bayo Balogun, Rep. @hon_ikenna... ImageImage
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#China is integrating with the world #economy, not decoupling from it, according to Wu Ge, as indicated by the following facts...1/7
Amid rising #trade tensions with the #US, China has turned to export more to Southeast Asian countries; meanwhile, China’s #exports of medical and virus-control supplies have also increased amid the #pandemic...2/7
Both highlight #market force in global resource allocations that cannot be manipulated by political forces. China enjoys obvious advantages over Southeast Asian countries with a complete range of well-designed & -made product #supplies, a fact that many statistics can prove...3/7
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The World economy went from excess demand before #GFC(Global financial crisil) to excess supply after it. #China's #trade #surpluses have therefore had an increasing depressing effect on global demand and world GDP growth since ~2006.
2/ch Sustaining China GDP gr(based on 47% investment rt & 37% Consumption rt) requires, (1) Large surpluses of exportable manuf goods, (2) technology theft & forced technology transfers to ensure rate of return on investment remains +ve. Stop these & gr will decelerate sharply
3/ch Analysts accepting China data alleging 1-3% GDP gr in 2020, must show much is inventory accumulation? Besides its usual fudging of deflators, in 2020, #CCP11 has accumulated unsold inventory, to show(fake) +ve gr & hidden the resulting loses with credit from State banks🧐🤔
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#LFLo Question for #CCPapologists : If #USA is hurt more than #China by #decoupling, why is the PRC Govt pleading with USA every other day, not to decouple?
3/dcpl Folks, finally even the #Communist #Emperor of the #Middle #Kingdom with a #mandate from #Heaven is starting to get worried about #Decoupling
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$GLD $SLV Uno de los factores que han desencadenado el rally del #oro y la #plata es la oferta monetaria M2, provocada por el QE infinito de la #FED y demás bancos centrales, por lo cual, no puede considerarse como una burbuja dichos rallys. Abro hilo. #TRMX #trading #Traders
Otro factor es que los bajos tipos de interés en el mundo, han generado que los #bonos y los #stocks suban de precio y ello ha jalado a los #Commodities pero sobre todo al #oro y la #plata a tener fuertes subas. #TRMX #trading #Traders #trade #Trader #BOLSAMX #SP500 #NASDAQ
Esos 2 factores (QE y tipos de interés negativos) además de generar apetito por riesgo en los inversores, generan una mayor liquidez en la economía, lo que a su vez genera #inflación y recordemos que los metales preciosos se revalorizan con la inflación. #TRMX #BolsaMX #trading
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For @AIGemea #GlobalTradeSeries 2020 I had the pleasure of talking to @ignaciobercero & @elvirefabry abt the EU’s trade strategy amid US-Chinese tensions, Covid19, & how the EU can avoid the lure of protectionism & build domestic support for trade.
Key points below.


In response to Covid: “reshoring is unlikely to go very far in the EU”, said Ignacio.

EU too dependent on exports & it’s difficult to localize value chains. But there will be more talk abt strategic stockpiles, diversification of value chains (e.g w Africa) and subsidies.

Ignacio also offered 3 scenarios the EU shd prepare for in light of US-Chinese trade tensions:

1) decoupling,
2) exclusionary trade alliances, tho no decoupling
3) a push for WTO reform.

The EU prefers option 3, obvs.

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@McKinsey_MGI has a report out titled; '#Risk, resilience & rebalancing in global value chains' it holds some good insights into trends in #GlobalTrade...Here are some takeaways...1/4 Large companies has global #SupplyChains w. 1000s of suppliers, disruption risks varies...
2/4 #Globalisation has been changing in the last decade, sector concentration varies between industries, poten. losses from #SupplyChain disruptions can be as high as 42% of 1 years EBITDA..Supply chain #shocks are becoming more frequent & severe...
3/4 Overviews of global production distribution of select industries - #Automotive, #Semiconductor & #Pharma...Concentration can be a key source of vulnerability...#SupplyChains #Risk #Macro #GlobalTrade
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Engineering a City #thread
Having spent my entire childhood in #Kochi (#Cochin ), it feels criminal to not know the story of how the city came to be the #metropolis it is today. Putting together a thread to trace the journey of the city which has been so endearingly mine (1)
Part 1: The #Malabar Mud-Banks
The story of Cochin is not just about how an engineering marvel can change social fabric, but also of many tenets of #British #Colonialism in India which is often taken for granted, passed off lazily as exploitation, missing nuance (2)
As with any coastal town, the cultural and economic history of Kochi is intertwined with maritime trade routes since the time of the Early Romans and Arabs. Thanks to the #biennale , most of us would now be familiar with the term #Muzuris (3)
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1/ Confessions of a retired #trader.

In July 2000 I bought #AMZN at $30 a share. I was a big fan and day trading to pay my startup bills.

A few days later as it touched $45, I flipped it. The trade paid for our parents visit to the US that summer.

My kids found out yesterday.
2/ It was less than a thousand shares. Total gain on the trade - $5k to $6k (in 2000 US$).

Just enough for 4 tickets from Karachi to LA for Ammi, Abba and my two sisters.

I bought it again in July 2001. Sold it when I got wiped out after the market closure post 9/11
3/ Sometimes just for fun, I do the math.

1000 shares of #AMZN at $30 a share. Worth a tidy penny today.

Then I look at pictures of us with Ammi, Abba, Nani, my two sisters with Amin on Malibu beach.

And there is no doubt in my mind.

Best #trade I ever made. #family
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#Traders path #Futures & #Options

1: Understanding the game

Trading is not much different from playing poker game or betting on various other things.

It’s just a structured game where rules are not made by anyone, but needs to be followed by everyone in game.
Understanding those rules and adjusting yourself is a continuous process which will never end. As #SEBI would keep on changing rules.

The important thing to understand is any thing in life if we want to succeed we need patience and dedication.
A 2 hour webinar or 2 day course can’t teach you about #CapitalMarkets or #Trading it’s impossible.

Personally i feel have around 40-50% knowledge about capital markets after more than 12years of trading experience.
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"China is nothing like Soviet Union"
In the globalised world all countries, big or small, are interdependent on each other in one way or the other. China and United States being the biggest economies share a huge chunk of their trade with each other.

American automobile giants have production units in China and Chinese manufactures are doing huge business in American markets.
America is the world’s largest importer and interestingly China is the world’s largest exporter.

America is the biggest importer of Chinese electrical machinery and china’s biggest import from America is soybean. The contrast is striking and almost funny.
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Think of #Government this way: it exists to smooth economic activity over the cycle (ups & downs). Ergo, it exists for no other reason but to ensure output is close to or at full potential. Efficient resource allocation & redistribution are neccesary but insufficient condition.
Government has two levers it can pull on to honour this so called "social contract". These are Revenue (taxes) & Primary Spending (consumption & investment). In a downturn, as in an upturn, #FiscalPolicy is an automatic and/or deliberate toggle of those two levers...
Ideally, government is expected to always note where the economy is on the cycle (early, mid, late cycle etc) to execute efficient #FiscalPolicy. Should government miscalculate the position, fiscal policy could be misguided (e.g. loose when should be tight)...
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I just discovered Operation Lockstep thanks to other Patriots on Twitter. It’s 🔥 SHOCKING🔥.
Published in 2010, it’s 1 of 5 scenarios used by Rockefeller Foundation in their push for globalization.
#OperationLockstep #COVID19 Image
Just read the first page of the #OperationLockstep section. #Pandemic? #COVID19 perhaps? #Quarantine? Economic collapse? Sound familiar? Image
Face masks...#MaskUp Control, Power... Remember this was written 10 years ago! #FutureProvesPast Image
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Wow! So, having been co-opted by Government during the pandemic - waving through the processing of tens of millions of people's #SpecialCategory #PersonalData without adequate #transparency - @ICOnews now openly proposes favouring businesses & authorities over citizens' rights... Image
We're to be told simply to "bear with" it, while our #rights are trampled & abused.

Look VERY closely at item 5, page 3:…

What deal has @ICOnews cut for supporting @10DowningStreet's #trade ambitions? And what new Codes will it expedite, having taken...
...over TWO YEARS (and counting!) to update its primary statutory Code, following #GDPR?

You could certainly call this is "an approach".

Whether it's "#regulatory", or the worst sort of enabling, is becoming clearer by the day.
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Reliance Jio is in "Technology Commodity Market". Design ripoff by JioMeet & JioChat affirms this underlying message in the market. Technology as a commodity is different from (1)(#JioMeet #JioChat #commodity #Commodities #RelianceJio #Jio #UX #Design #Market) ImageImage
Software as a commodity. White-label apps, framework & platform were in the market since a long time that are the example of Software as a commodity. Commodity trading is one of the oldest practice. Traditional companies environment are well equipped with (2)(#trading)
commodity legalities, so as India Trade & Legal Ecosystem. Reliance Jio have turn the table in their favor from bureaucracy, regulatory & legal perspective. It could also be possible that (3)(#trade #legal #bureaucracy #regulatory)
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China’s #economicrecovery now is akin to a postoperative recovery—the condition is continuously improving but still far from normal and is at risk of deterioration with a weak foundation.For the economy to return to pre-pandemic level,a loose policy environment is essential:1/5
As fiscal policy decisions are generally fixed after the two sessions, the key to maintain a favorable policy environment will lie on monetary policy and reform measures.… 2/5
These measures include 1. maintaining a low and stable interbank market interest rate so as to drive down financing costs in an indirect way. … 3/5
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