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A new special issue! 📚

@swenhutter & I are happy to announce the publication of "New Contentious Politics. Civil Society, Social Movements, and the Polarisation of German Politics". Check out the great contributions! #protest

➡️… @GermanPolJnl (1/11)
Our SI studies "new contentious politics": A #double #transformation of contemporary protest arenas, marked by (1) new issues & claims from the left to the far-right as well as (2) hybrid organisational forms & a close interaction between protest and electoral politics. 🪧 (2/11)
In "Civil Society, Cleavage Structures, and Democracy in Germany", E. #Grande studies the importance of new political #cleavages for understanding protest. Crucially, he points to the ambivalent relationship between civil society & #democracy.

➡️… (3/11)
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JUST IN: Mutual trade between Russia-Serbia has grown up by over 10% in the first seven months of 2022 despite sanction pressures. Image
Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development said that the trade turnover between Serbia and Russia has steadily increased this year, topping last year’s historic mark.
Russia’s Ministry's statement reads, “Last year bilateral trade turnover increased by 9.7% and reached a historical maximum of $2.3 billion.
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Trade or Hodl ?!

Cái nào mới đúng, nên theo hướng nào, cái nào tốt ?!

Đi vào phân tích nhé !

[ Source: ELNOS from @ESVentures_io ]

Bạn nên chọn giao dịch theo xu hướng (trend-is-my-friend), luôn có stoploss vì biết mọi thứ đều có tính xác suất tương đối (tôn trọng Mr. Market), và tận dụng lợi thế đòn bẩy cũng như tính năng 2 chiều để kiếm tiền theo xu hướng.
Bạn nên nghiên cứu thật đầy đủ về dự án đầu tư của mình (team dev, code dự án, số vốn gọi về được, tính khả thi, đối thủ cùng ngành / khác ngành, liệu dự án có hỗ trợ phát triển truyền thống đc không hay chỉ nằm trên bản vẽ ý tưởng ...).
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China August trade balance(in USD term) $79.39 bln; Est. $92.40 bln, Prev. $101.26 bln;
#Imports +0.3% y/y ; Est. +1.20%, Prev.+2.3%;
#Exports +7.1% y/y ; Est. +13.0%, Prev.+18.0%.
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China August Yuan-denominated trade data
Trade balance +535.91 bln yuan, Prev.+682.69 bln yuan.
Imports +4.6% y/y, Est. +6.3%, Prev.+7.4%.
Exports +11.8% y/y, Est. +18.5%, Prev.+23.9%.
2/ thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
3/Thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
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1/4🇫🇷Après la cloture de notre Bullet 1 de la semaine passée avec un gain de 1,18% sur BNB, voici le One Bullet #Trade n°2
❔Le One Bullet Trade, c'est l'explication d'un trade réalisé par notre Trader Manager @TheTradingHall Image
2/4 Nous attendons à un rebond aujourd'hui/demain. Dans ce contexte, la position sera longue même si nous ne voyons pas un grand potentiel de hausse

#SNXUSDT a montré une force ces derniers jours et nous pensons que la chute depuis le sommet du 28 juillet n'est qu'une correction
🇬🇧3/4 We expect a rebound today/tomorrow. In this context, the position will be long even if we do not see much upside potential

❔The One Bullet Trade is the explanation of a trade made by our Trader Manager @TheTradingHall
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Are you still making Plan before #Markets Open❓
👇🏼Here's our #CPR templates to trade 👇🏼

✅When to take a #Intraday #Trade?
✅Location to take a #Intraday #Trade?
✅When not to take the #Intraday #Trade?

🫱🏼Here's a #Thread 🧵 Image
🫱🏼#Bullish Templates
↗️Higher Value CPR Relationship: -

Setup 1⃣: Bullish CPR Test
Timeframe: 5 Min
▶️Price open above CPR and Tests CPR (BUY)

Example👇🏼 ImageImage
#Setup 2⃣: Previous Day Low (PDL)Test
Timeframe: 5Min
▶️Price open below CPR
▶️On Bullish Test of PDL (BUY)

Example👇🏼 ImageImage
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Let’s dive in to explain what we are about with a couple of highlights:

1. We are excited to share with YOU our pitch presentation that premiered at @Conste11ation’s #Hyd3f22 event on 08/06/2022.

“Considering that people in general but especially the younger generation -the very people who are early adopters of web3 technology- have a very short attention span, I made the decision to create a pitch that people remember regardless of their opinion about it.” Aranka W.
2. In our presentation we have touched on certain points that are problematic and are the pains of our current #funding industry.
⁃PHILANTHROPY (aid dependency, no trust)
⁃CROWDFUNDING (investments = donations)
⁃FUNDING BIAS (DAO; research)
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Now we have dissaggregated @StateBank_Pak data on #Pakistan's #trade performance for the full of the FY22.

This thread will show performance in #values. not #volumes. Keep in mind FY22 was extraordinary in terms of high #prices, both for #imports and #exports. 👇👇👇🧵
1\ #Exports reached record highs, both #goods and #services, increasing by 26.6 and 17.1% respectively w.r.t. FY21. Good export prices and a decent #export response played a role here. Note: June 2022 is preliminary. Figures are Jul-Jun FY22 and
2\ #Pakistan #export growth was generalized by main destination. Particularly noticeable are increases in shipments to #USA and to #China - the two largest destinations.
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#Trading wisdom! ⬇️⬇️⬇️
My 1 liners put together! Long thread!

➡️retweet pls!
1. Be specialist in 1 set-up.
2. Be ruthless with losing #trade. Show complete lack of patience with losers. You can always re-enter
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پلت فرم ترمینال بلومبرگ (Bloomberg Terminal) رو همونطور که خبر دارید ۲۴ هزار دلار در سال قیمتشه

خیلی ها به این پلت فرم دسترسی ندارند و خیلی از ما هم نمیتونیم همچین هزینه ای رو براش بدیم

حالا یک برنامه مشابه و رایگان اون رو معرفی میکنم. Image
اسم این برنامه اپن سورس بر پایه پایتون #OpenBBTerminal هست.
میتونید از اینجا برای ویندوز و مک دانلود کنید.

انواع مختلف بازار ها رو هم پشتیبانی میکنه:

Mutual funds
بریم سراغ بررسیش.

شما فرضا میخواید نماد Tsla رو بررسی کنید
این چیزی هست که دریافت خواهید کرد

برای بررسی فاندامنتال اون fa رو میزنیم
باز هم کلی زیرشاخه ایجاد میشه ImageImage
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1/With #Shanghai out of lockdown & COVID cases far lower than the April peak, is the Chinese #economy out of the woods? Not really. Any rebound in 3Q will be illusory as the underlying economy remains weak. @hzsong makes the case in his macro outlook:…
2/For one, consumption remains weak. It is sensitive to even modest lockdowns like those in #Beijing, and these smaller-scale lockdowns will likely be repeated across the country. Image
3/Second, Beijing continues to resist using the bazooka when it comes to stimulus. The recent news on #infrastructure spending won’t do much for growth. If anything, it will likely do the opposite and withdraw stimulus in 3Q:…
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Weekly Prep [11th July]: Thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️

My primary #trading scenario: Both lines.

Scalp #trades are set-up dependent. My ranges change every week!

➡️ Retweet to find later! I trade this plan, you trade yours! Disclaimer in the last page!

Summary - #Dax40

I still think Q3 will be up! But for next week - I am happy to let the Long trade go if this scenario does not play out! #DOW forecast very similar.
#SPX, #SP500

I don't trade it but influences my trades in #DAX and #NQ
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Weekly Prep [4th July]: Thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️

My primary trading scenario: Amber [Green close second]. Don't #trade Red!

Scalp #trades are set-up dependent!

Retweet to find in your profile! I trade this plan, you trade yours!
#SPX, #NASDAQ in further pages!

Summary - #DAX40
#SPX, #SP500
I don't trade it but influences my trades in #DAX and #NQ
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German delegation at UN laughed at him

Our left-wing media joined in

On social media, leftists endlessly mocked Trump, even added funny music

But #TrumpWasRight about NATO, about EU, about China, about #Trade, about… well, most everything:

(part 1)
President Trump participates in a bilateral breakfast with the Secretary General of NATO

#AmericaFirst #Peacemaker

(part 2)
The other NATO members didn't like Trump's criticism — being told to spend more for the *common* trans-Atlantic defense

But #TrumpWasRight: even now, when Russia has invaded Ukraine, billions are paid for Russian gas, in effect paying for Putin's war!
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How I got my biggest drawdown of 2022 #trading on 6/14,mistakes to avoid & how Im fixing it: A Thread🪡

Started day with acct Bal@ 7.4k+ was working to 10k &plans of withdrawing half then,rinsing & repeating.Ended close to 5.2k

Beggining of April worked it up from over 2k. 1/16
6/14 Trading Recap $TSLA 1st #trade Entry 9:44am👉🏽 13.80
Exit 9:56am👉🏽 9.00
Size: 2 Volatility was high+at that price 2 cons were too heavy 4 me making it to where mentally I was more reluctant to cut.

🌱This is where hard stops takes the hope+the emotion out of the equation. 2/
I expected more downside room. Should have reacted to price action & what chart was telling. Went over my 1 min chart trendline. It even double bottom & I still didn't exit until it was way further.

🌱Theres no guarantees in the market, so don't marry an idea.3/16

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The original thread on what you are not being told about #EU sanctions on #oil has led many people to address many useful questions. The main questions are : tehnical (why is it so hard to make the transition ) , geopolitical (what we can expect) & operational (what other /1
solutions are possible). Assuming the #EU sanctions against #Russia will be maintained here is what we will happen technically, geopolitically, operationally. 1) technically speaking it is very complicated to change The original thread is here. /2
the #EU reffineries to accept non #Russian oil.There are many different types of refinery and no two refineries are exactly the same.This reflects the type of crude oil which the refinery is designed to process and the demand for specific products in particular markets.Refining/3
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What My Housing Complex Gon Look Like And Be Called When its all said n DonE💯🌟🌇🪂 #beautiful #beauty #HouseoftheDragon #Trade #TripleOPesOFlaccO #ThembaOnShowmax #MultiverseOfMadness #Ireland #BLACKPINK #Bitcoin #BloodSisters #LazadaSuperBrandsFiesta TripleO PesO FlaccO #spin
love bitcoin, bitcoin to the moon!
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1/ Just as thanks go to #Putin for injecting life into @NATO, kudos to #SergeyLavrov for giving the kiss of death today to #OpenBalkan. This #Trump Administration brainchild advances the agenda of #Russia’s strategic partner in the region, #Serbia, under @avucic. 🧵
2/ #Russia’s main outlet in the country, Sputnik Serbia @rs_sputnik, has supported #OpenBalkans consistently. And why not?
3/ #OpenBalkan is open invitation for #Vucic to exploit #Serbia’s economic size for political advantage – free from political constraints or values of #EU. #OpenBalkan = ‘Serb World’ via the marketplace for Serbia’s smaller neighbors.
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Fun #trade fact:

#Pakistan's #Imports of mobile phones on a monthly basis fell from $124M in FY21 to $27M in FY22.
#Pakistan's #imports of Completely Knocked Down (CDK) kits of #mobile phones increased from $52.8M to $110.2M in the same period.

Overall, #imports of mobiles + CKD #mobiles did not change on a monthly basis, between FY21 and FY22 (177M versus 174M) 👇👇
What I conclude:
1) The #import substitution argument to save #dollars is weak.
2) As I learned from @ashraf179, no forex saving, but foregone revenue: duties on parts are lower than on the final product.
3) There may be a job gain, but limited.

#funfact #trade #mobiles
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What is #liquidity pool? how does it work? what is impermanent loss? how to minimize it?

This visual guide will help you understand #LP and how it enables decentralized #economy to thrive.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Uniswap #PancakeSwap
LP is a vault into which participants deposit and lock their assets in smart contracts to form a market (trading pair) and make it liquid for those wishing to trade in that pair.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Infographic #yieldFarming
Most #LP requires assets to be paired, this asset will create trading pair by utilising constant product formula to ensure a fair price.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Infographic #yieldFarming
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A month ago I wrote this 🧵 on why #import duties were not the answer to #Pakistan's Balance of Payments constraints. #ImportBans are certainly not the answer either. Rather, they exacerbate the underlying problem. Five thoughts. 🧵👇

1\ The usual: CAD results from a macro imbalance (Saving too low relative to investment, so foreign saving needed (borrowing) (CAD is the mirror image of borrowing from the rest of the world (financial account of BOP)). Fixing the CAD takes increasing saving (cool off demand).
2\ The #importban in #Pakistan reduces #imports (does it? see point 3\ below), but not the CAD, because it also reduces #exports.…
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Since this article on #import duties as implicit #export taxes went to 'print', I received some very good feedback, so let me add two points below to add clarity mechanisms at play here. 👇👇
1\ An 'innocent' 10% #import duty on bikes increases the relative profits of selling domestically versus #exporting by 40%! thus deterring new #exporters [assumptions are based on @PBSofficialpak numbers!]
Table below takes you through it. #Pakistan #Trade 👇👇
2\ From a #policy angle, how do you shift from an #ImportSubstitution mindset (which is the same as saying #Export substitution one) to an #Export led growth one? All of a sudden? No. Here are some ideas. #Pakistan

PS: thanks to @MOPasha84 for helping make the case clearer.
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @GeoffreyOnyeama, @jayantsinha, @RVlahutin, Tadashi Maeda, @P_Orliange, @GarimaMo

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@RVlahutin: We have gone through multiple crises in the last few years—but they have served as great catalysers. We have seen how the #EU is shaping its response to these crises, and the EU is now at a moment of reckoning. #Raisina2022
.@RVlahutin: Infrastructure is a strategic tool & we have to treat it like that. Connectivity is not just primarily about things like railways, but it is also about the system of values underpinned by transparency, stability & the ability to make sovereign choices

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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @doctorsumitseth @RVlahutin @sharads @aurora_ravi @Hiroakitanikkei and @erinwatsonlynn

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@doctorsumitseth: e–KYC, e-signatures are an outcome of #digital transformation, where the last man standing has also benefited. This is the silent revolution that has transcended in India; from the #MissedCall economy to #4G penetration

.@sharads: #Internet committed the original sin: It became an advertising-supported web. It created an ecosystem where the big three companies have information about us on the internet.

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