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1/ In light of today's second political trilogue, we are sharing our position on #AMLR. We discuss our concerns & recommendations to strike the right balance between tackling financial crimes & fostering innovation in the #blockchain & #crypto industries. Image
2/ 🟣 We highlight the issue of double scoping of #CASPs as both financial institutions & a standalone category, potentially leading to legal confusion. We ask legislators to revert back to the EC's initial proposal for defining obliged entities under #AMLR.
3/ 🟣 We address the inclusion of #NFTs services as obliged persons, Metaverse, #DAOs & #DeFi arrangements. We urge legislators to remove unnecessary references, considering the diverse nature of NFTs & the nascent stage of the Metaverse and DeFi.
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Your daily dose of @MultiversX highlights is here:

❎ $BTC & $ETH are now tradeable on @xExchangeApp
❎ June 5-11 Builders of the Week Image
2/ Ecosystem updates
❎ @xMoney_com shared their Hypergrowth takeaways
❎ @xEnlightDAO introduced #BattleOfThreads in collaboration with @pulsarmoney
❎ @ash_swap revealed what’s in store with their Mainnet Aggregator
❎ @BHeroLaunchpad opened KYC for @thedreamywhales
❎ @JEXchangeDefi listed the $JEX / $ETH LP on their platform
❎ @PeerMeHQ shared a snapshot script and Smart Contract template to plug into #DAOs
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1/ Remarkable(!) News🚀:

👉 the first #DAO has integrated our voting platform for shareholders into their legal statute🔥

– a massive validation that we are doing things right, further fueling the hypergrowth of #MultiversX ⚡️

PeerMe – the stronghold of supreme #DAOs✅ Image
2/ The Romanian Real-Estate Investment Trust 'HUG' made it official with us and will continue to utilize for their voting processes🗳️

⚠️ HUG has raised 1.5M EUR from 86 investors, and, through PeerMe, onboarded all of them to @MultiversX via @xPortalApp🔥
3/3 All-in-all, PeerMe is providing a complete experience for a (very) wide range of use-cases

– making it easy for any kind of cooperation to onboard, automate, and decentralize at their own preferred pace✅

#MultiversX #DAOs
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1/ 🚀Launching NOW: #PeerMe v2 🌱

– a significant platform upgrade to enhance the experience for all our #DAOs & peers🔥

👉 a Redesign, DAO favorites, real-time notifications, improved onboarding & DAO pages, and a lot more

PeerMe. with a whole new experience🦋👇
2/ Introducing DAO Favorites✨

navigating your favorite Peering DAOs should be easy – and now, with Version 2, it is! 💪

STAR⭐️ your favorite Peerings to always have them available with you👇
3/ REAL-TIME Notifications now have their place as well ✅🔔

– visit our brand-new notifications center to find everything you need to know about your #DAOs🧠

it's where you'll get alerted of activities by PeerMe Bot🤖 and go to withdraw your vote tokens👇 Image
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1/ To reach their long term visions, #DAOs must effectively allocate treasury funds and distribute tasks.

To understand where DAOs are sending funding and internal DAO labor, @raholloway breaks down DAO working groups, DAO funding focus, and funding methods.👇🧵
2/ As mentioned, DAOs use working groups to shift tasks from core teams to the broader community who are paid for their contributions with treasury resources.

Working groups facilitate progressive decentralization while ensuring standards are upheld.
3/ By diving into payment data from these working groups, we can see where DAOs’ treasuries are distributing internal DAO labor.

Categories include:

+Product & Development

(Individual category analysis in the full report ⭐ )
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✨ @gmoneyNFT has seen it all in the world of NFTs.

From #CryptoPunks to Adidas collabs, his journey is nothing short of remarkable.

Join us as we recap his story from a @web3breakdowns episode. Image
@gmoneyNFT @web3breakdowns 1/ GMoney's Story:

He first entered the crypto world in 2017.

But it wasn't until he saw gamers shelling out big bucks for in-game skins on #Fortnite that he returned in 2020. Image
@gmoneyNFT @web3breakdowns 2/ That's when he discovered CryptoPunks and splurged on one for a whopping 140 ETH.
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1/ 🚀 Get ready for the next-gen @Conste11ation SDK! This innovative toolkit enables developers to create distributed applications (dApps) on the Constellation Network that surpass the limitations of traditional smart contracts. Discover new possibilities for #DLT! $DAG 🌠 Image
2/ 🔧 The @Conste11ation SDK provides state channel templates with essential resources, making dApp development more efficient and accessible:

Consensus Logic
Health Check Logic
Communication Protocol
Security Provider
Logging Configurator
Serialization Framework
Plug n Play💪 Image
3/ 🌐 With the SDK, developers can create dApps as independent L1s, running multiple consensus mechanisms. This enables new levels of complexity, scalability, and interoperability, unlocking potential previously unattainable with Ethereum smart contracts! 🔓🚀 Image
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3 NEW projects NO ONE KNOWS about from the Polkadot ecosystem

Interested in learning about the LATEST innovations in the POLKADOT ecosystem?

In this MEGA THREAD I present to you 3 NEW projects that are REVOLUTIONIZING the POLKADOT ecosystem and that have to be on your watchlist
In this thread I will explain:

What is each project
3 use cases in each project
How each project works
Investors supporting the project
1. T3RN

What is t3rn?

t3rn creates frictionless multichain smart contract execution, that's accountable, scalable, and completely trust-free for investors, users, and developers.

Official Twitter: @t3rn_io
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1/7👂Have you heard of @PeerMeHQ (formerly Superciety)?

If you're looking for the perfect place to build your idea or project's #DAO, look no further!

Stay tuned for more details in this thread.👇🧵
2/7🫂Efficiently manage your decentralized community with an ALL-IN-ONE toolkit from #Peering #DAOs.

@PeerMeHQ utilizes #Blockchain & Smart Contracts for transparency and trustability and is built on top of @MultiversX to let all projects onboard easily.

#Peerme #Voting
3/7 Customizable voting methods in #Peering DAOs ensure that your workflow is seamlessly integrated with the decision-making process:

✅Basic Token Voting (ESDTs)
✅NFT/SFT Voting
✅MultiSig Voting
✅Plug in your existing Smart Contract (𝒔𝒐𝒐𝒏)

Make #voting easy and flexible
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Have you heard of the token $SUPER and how it's been skyrocketing in value? 📈💰

In this thread, we'll explore some of the reasons behind the impressive surge of value and its utility Image
$SUPER is the token of @PeerMeHQ and while it was launched in January 2022 only recently it became publicly available in @xExchangeApp by being promoted from experimental to community token

$SUPER is the most scarce token from #MultiversX with an extremely low supply of just 10m and with a current Market Cap of $340k Image
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I decided to ask #ChatGPT why Caste Systems develop in daos.

( @emjicy inspired me)

Here’s an answer.

aste systems in DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) typically emerge as a result of the distribution of power and resources within the organization….
This can happen when certain individuals or groups hold a disproportionate amount of tokens or decision-making power, allowing them to maintain control and make decisions that benefit themselves...
Additionally, social dynamics, network effects, and governance structures can reinforce these imbalances over time, leading to the development of a "caste-like" hierarchy….
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👀💭 Have you ever wondered where all the talented people are and what they're up to?🤔

A super insightful take by @eladgil on talent and human capital flow on @aarthir & @sriramk podcast:

🧐Society has shifted its allocation of people to certain industries and it's affecting the average IQ in different fields over time.

🤔What does this mean for society as a whole? How should we reward certain professions to attract human capital back to fields that are lacking?
💡 A spread of smart people throughout society is crucial for all sorts of functions.

🚨 But, imagine if every single smart person was at Google. That would be really bad for society! 🤯

#talentdistribution #societyimpact
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🔥The Future of Work🔥

🗣️ A call for a decentralized, autonomous talent network for 8 billion people.🌍

#web3 #futureofwork #startup #freelancing #DAOs #hiring #opportunity #collaboration
💼 Problems with work today:

Millions can't find the right job.
Millions waste time between jobs.
Millions are stuck in unsatisfying jobs.
Millions are in toxic/exploitative workplaces.
Millions don't get paid their worth, with middlemen, banks, & governments taking their cut.
💡 How to fix these problems?

🚫 No More Job Applications! Imagine never having to apply for a job again.

🤖 Personal AI Talent Manager: A personal AI bot to find the perfect job for you and apply automatically.
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Here it is.. 🤯

This is my WAGMI HODL-list 🧾 for this upcoming next bull run 💎🐈🚀

It’s gonna be a long thread but I guarantee it’s gonna be well worth your precious time 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

I’ll add new Gems 💎 over time at the end so bookmark and revisit 📖

#WAGMI #HODL #100x #Gems

This HODL-list aims at crypto portfolios in the 6-figure range.

You can use this list as a starting point to DYOR 👨🏼‍🔬🧪 or just as confluence or simply pick coins you like and invest according to your risk management.

My goal with these picks is to average a 100x during the next bull run 🔮

Profits will be not taken before new ATHs on the coins itself and probably not before ETH is above 10.000$.

Will revisit and update the projects when ETH is at 10.000$.
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(AIRDROP NOT CONFIRMRD it's a strategy 😉)

@BeamerBridge is a 🌉 between rollups with world-class user experience:
exact amounts, nearly instant transfers, and all the same security as #Ethereum L1

#airdrops #airdrop Image
2/ Beamer enables users to transfer ERC20 assets between EVM compatible rollups, without going via L1
Testnet part has already been done last year and this bridge is currently in mainnet 🤷🏻‍♂️

Did you miss the testnet? Maybe
Did you miss a great airdrop opportunity? Maybe not 😊🎁
3/ Since Jan 18th 📆 the new Beamer L2 wormhole just opened.

Kind of a ‘space highway’ that interconnects rollups, including #Arbitrum One and Optimism, now allowing you to bridge USDC from/to Arbitrum as well 🔥 Image
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❓ What is Mirai ❓

Mirai is a lending platform built on Polygon #zkEVM which guarantees a faster and cheaper way of using #Ethereum without sacrificing security & decentralization.

Users can lend & borrow assets across multiple chains in a trustless, permissionless way.

Unlike traditional lending platforms, Mirai is fully noncustodial.

Users have complete control over their assets, can manage their risk profile, and earn interest on their crypto holdings.

Moreover, MIRAI token holders gain #RealYield generated by the protocol.

❓ What are Mirai's key features ❓

🟣 Cross-chain lending and borrowing 🟣

Users can easily find liquidity and manage their capital across different networks.

This way Mirai solves one of the main issues of #DeFi: fragmented liquidity.

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𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐝𝐀𝐩𝐩𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐰𝐡𝐲 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭?

#Decentralized apps, or "#dApps," are #smartcontract enabled software that work just like regular #apps but without a central authority. dApps instead utilise a peer-to-peer #blockchain to function.
For example, the user data for a standard #Web2 service, like Twitter, is stored on centralized servers and is managed by a single organisation. Web2 apps are therefore vulnerable to censorship and one-sided control of user data, which makes them vulnerable to security flaws.
In contrast, #Web3 dApps are permissionless, open-source protocols that spread user data throughout the network. Dapps are therefore less vulnerable to security concerns and resistant to censorship because there is no single point of failure.
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My 2022 Year in Review and look ahead to 2023…

An unusual year of ups + downs that took my research agenda to unexpected places.

Yet the result was invaluable + ended up taking my work to useful new places.

A longish 🧵 on #cio #cloud #digitaltransformation #FutureOfWork. 1/x
First up is my detailed analysis titled “The #Cloud Reaches an Inflection Point for the #CIO in 2022.” It remains very pertinent reading.

Written as the cloud industry reached an early maturity point, it highlighted a top hot issue: Complexity…

Then I took a deep dive into #decentralization, perhaps one of the most significant generational revolutions of our era:

What is #Web3 and Why It Matters…

Regardless of what happens to #crypto, the underlying tech esp. #blockchain, is an inflection.

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5 Trends in #DeFi for 2023

1/6 As we enter the new year, many are curious about the trends that will shape the #DeFi space in 2023. Here are the top 5 trends that experts predict will have an impact:

🧵A thread by @esatoshiclub
2/6 Push toward real-world assets

Real-world assets (RWA) are helping to unlock liquidity and utility by moving on-chain. @MakerDAO has invested in US Treasuries and corporate bonds and partnered with #banks. These moves could become more common in 2023
3/6 Greater stablecoin adoption

#Stablecoins, like #USDC and #DAI, are seeing continued success despite bear market conditions. #Japan is lifting its ban on foreign-issued stablecoins in 2023, which could boost adoption and reduce time and costs on international remittances.
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Grey area in securities regulation @SECGov has birthed a new phenomenon: bearer security tokens

Investors aren't aware of the risks associated w/ these assets so I wrote an article to share👇

Buyers Beware: Introducing Bearer Security Tokens👀

Link:… Image
Security tokens are digital assets that comply w/ government securities regulations & automatically enforce rules, guidelines & parameters given a security

The @STOmarket secondary market capitalization has exploded more than 10x from last year to today & now sits @ $15B 🌴
#Realestate has been cementing its place in the security token industry as a beneficiary of the technology since 2018 and 2019.🏚

We have seen a multitude of real estate security token offerings. According to the STM Real Estate Intelligence Report, by @pgaff_digital
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'#Cybernetics' means rudder, a device used to steer a ship. First used by Plato to signify the governance of people. Ampère used it to describe civil government. A more modern definition is: “the study of control and communication in animals and machines”
One of its interesting subfields of study is called "#Autopoiesis". It describes the phenomena of an entity "creating itself", and "self organizing". Sounds familar, #ShibArmy 😉 ?
I am deeply interested in these subjects, and in the dawn of systems like #metaverses, smart contracts by governments (#CDBC), #DAOs, #NFT related communities, (and who knows what else!) it is important to discuss these issues extensively, in the #ShibArmy, and in #crypto too.
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Confession: I used to think @ensdomains was worthless

It’s just a domain name, right?

But after deeply researching the protocol, I found there’s something 99% of people miss

Here's 9 reasons $ENS is one of the most valuable assets of #Web3

(and why it could 100x)



Ethereum Name Services allows users to translate blockchain addresses into human-readable names

On the surface, it works like the DNS (we’ll explain this in a second)

It has a MC of $285M, FDV of $1.4B, and its $ENS token trades at $14.09

In 2021, the price hit $85.69

This thread will cover the following:

• What is the DNS?
• What problem does #ENS solve?
• How does it work?
• Why is it's potential so much more than a simple domain service?
• What are its #tokenomics?
• What’s the potential value of $ENS?
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