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When people wonder why we cant get behind war, it's not because of being a snowflake, weak, or afraid. It is because most of the US and the West have become very disenfranchised with the idea of it let alone the action. We have been at war. 1/
The last time we were not in a Major War was 2000. Let me be clear, no MAJOR war. Out of 235 years of the US existence, only 21 one of those was without a Major War. The only time worth noting that we were *not* at war was 1935 - 40 during the Great Depression. 2/
So for the last 18 years, we have been at war. Everything, and I mean everything, since 2001 has been under the 'War in Terror' banner...even when it has little or nothing to do with us. Since 9/11 specifically, we have essentially been running an unwinnable war. 3/
This idea that we will ever come out of the Middle East in any fashion is essentially impossible. The closet we've come to quelling the storm has been systematically ruined by pulling out and reversing treaties based on ideology rather than fact & sending unqualified persons. 4/
Americans are tired. They are tired of watching our people marched off to 'Hurry up and Wait'. While many of the covert operations are and have been needed, there are most definitely instagations that occur. Despite our claim to be defenders, more often we are the protagonist. 5/
What's worse, this administration isn't entirely a first where we have gone in to systematically help destroy indigenous populations. Trumps rhetoric isn't new, it's just not only the enemies we have (and purposely made), it's also countries who have longtime been allies. 6/
I believe the American people are tired. This was made very clear when both parties cried out for our troops to come home. Republicans especially cried and shouted how we needed to pull our troops. 'Bring our Troops Home!' was the battle cry at home. 7/
...and so, we did. Obama held up his end of the rallying cry from DC & the People as a whole. He brought many troops home, but it was never enough for his critics. The loudest of these, the very party who is allowing, encouraging, or complicitly standing by today to send more. 8/
The soldiers returned over and over. Sometimes with 'mission accomplished' for their area, but more often than not, leaving a mess we could never hope to clear up. Huge gains soon became lost with no troops to hold the areas they had tentatively been able to secure. 9/
Once ISIS bacame the limelight, the critics then switched tactics, especially during the end of the Obama era. More troops were needed suddenly and 'outrage' over lost ground became laser focused even as new conflicts arose under other powers. 10/
Though the majority of America despised the actions in Crimea, the Ukraine, and Syria, the current administration mostly turns a blind eyes. Despite this, most of America are disenfranchised not only with the government and its ongoing ballad of ignoring humanitarian crisis...11/
...but also the idea of sending more people over for yet even more war efforts without shouldering its responsibilities to refugees. As we've seen at the southern border & our sudden withdraw from the Human Rights Council, this administration really and truly 'Does not Care'. 12/
Mounting tensions in our own country over race, sexism, xenophobia, misogyny, politics, policy, social services/'entitlements', and more, has many of us worried on all sides of an all out civil war as we walk the dangerous path that is a mirror of WWII Germany. 13/
It's become increasingly hard to get behind conflict elsewhere when we are at war on a daily basis here. Alienation of our Allies & embrace of enemies, dictatorships, oligarchy, & authoritarianism has brought on massive despair as we watch our own democracy erode. 14/
Veterans of the War on Terror have been disheartened as they watched the ground they made in the Middle East fall back into the same, or worse hands, than before. The realization that they fought and lost comrades for nothing has not been felt like this since Vietnam. 15/
I see it in tweets, FB posts, blogs, documentaries, and still occasionally news sources. What of the American People? Its exhausted of war and trying desperately to wage it's own through protests on mass scale to single person demonstrations. 16/
These are reminiscent of the crowds that gathered for protests on Vietnam. At the same time, our country was going through massive Civil Rights movements. We are reliving, it seems, 3 wars in our own lands. Having to fight what the majority of the US sees as losing democracy. 17/
We are becoming what we have fought for and against for roughly the last 101, especially the last 60 years. Now older generations and Vetrans look on with dismay as the world and the country they fought so hard for falls apart. 18/
Trump has sent out nearly 260,000 troops since he took office with more on the way according to some sources. The question remains what the ultimate goal is with Trump who touted on the campaign trail:' I love war'. 19/
From his sordid on and off again nuclear flirtation with DPRK, to ignoring irrefutable evidence on Russian meddling, interference in Syria, Isreal, and the Ukraine (which he understands and knows nothing about), to Alienating our Allies and his own people here in the US. 20/
It's no wonder people are tired, feeling hopeless, scared, and disheartened. We don't want another war abroad. We don't want a war here. We don't want an invisible war in Space. With Trump in power one thing is for certain, we will never escape it and we will have to fight. 21/
We don't have a choice in the matter if we are to survive this as a a a people. Military will have to go abroad and civilians will have to stand shoulder to shoulder against this onslaught. It is more than just to #Resist. 22/
For many here it has become a life or death situation as this administration grinds back policy, protections, and progress. Whether its medical, racial, refugee, LGBTQ, food, human rights, or even the very water we drink and the air we breathe, we must fight back 23/
We no longer get the luxery to wait for someone to do it or ask another generation to solve these problems.

These artists offer some reminders and inspiration: 24/
Billy Joel: 'We didn't start the fire.'
Genesis: 'Land of Confusion'
VNV Nation: 'Carbon'
Donald Glover: 'This is America'
Christina Aguilera:'Change'
Nathan Fair: 'Fallen Soldier'
Toby Keith: 'American Soldier'
Johnny Cash: 'Man in Black'
Neil Diamond:'America'
Morrissey: 'November Spawned a Monster'
John Lennon: 'Imagine'
American Indian Rap:
Curtis Mayfield: 'People Get Ready'
Billie Holiday: 'Strange Fruit'
John Micheal Montgomery: 'Letters from Home'
A song of hope and strength:

Assemblage 23: 'Ground'

Lastly for this current list, a song that embodies the will to fight:
VNV Nation: 'Honour'
Sources for some of the information posted:…………

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