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Given Putin’s complete and soulless evil, I was compelled to peruse Churchill’s 1st volume of 5 books on WWII. In Churchillian elegance he says: “It’s my purpose, as one who lived and acted in these days, first to show how easily the tragedy of the Second World War could have 1/6
been prevented; how the malice of the wicked was reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous; how the structure and habits of democratic states, unless they are welded into larger organisms, lack those elements of persistence and conviction which can alone give security 2/6
to humble masses; how, even in matters of self-preservation, no policy is pursued for even 10 or 15 years at a time. We shall see how the counsels of prudence and restraint may become the prime agents of mortal danger; how the middle course adopted from desires for safety 3/6
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🔴 Hoy 50.000 millones de dólares más de parte de la administración #Biden a #Zelenski + alrededor de 50 aviones con material bélico (con 80 mil Kg en promedio C/U) + ayuda anterior, y de otros países de la #OTAN, claramente el invasor #Putin está perdiendo la guerra en #Ucrania
👉incluida la invasora #Rusia🇷🇺

Pasarán generaciones de ucranianos hasta que logren su independencia plena y por ende, su soberanía.

Solo perdió el pueblo de #Ucrania🇺🇦

Pierde #Zelenski? Image
Lo sabremos cuando decidan terminar la ocupación de la República soberana de #Ucrania🇺🇦

No me apresuraría a asegurar hoy que “el nuevo héroe” #Zelensky -al que llamaron escandalosamente #Churchill - está ajeno.

Nadie que negocie con el “Grupo #Biden” me da 100% de confianza.
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En 1982 los #EEUU🇺🇸 instó a #Galtieri a recuperarlas Islas #Malvinas
En 2022 la administración #Biden animó al presidente #Zelensky a desafiar a #RUSIA🇷🇺 y hoy también abandonaron!
En el año 1982, como hoy, el Mundo 🌎 también estaba dividido en dos bloques. Pero cuando a la #Argentina🇦🇷 “le soltó las manos la #OTAN” quien cumplió su no intervención en el OTRO BLOQUE fue #RUSIA🇷🇺 (ex #URSS)
Hoy tiene mucha mejor suerte #Ucrania🇺🇦 porque al menos los apoyan.
No pienso entablar una discusión de que #Galtieri era un miembro del Proceso de Reorganización Nacional, gracias al cual HOY MUCHOS POLÍTICOS GOZAN DE SUS SALARIOS, lo que no sucedería si ganaba EL PLAN DEL #CUBA🇨🇺
Viviríamos en una dictadura. Hubo excesos?. Si.
El tema es otro!
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Per la rubrica

ecco il prode cavaliere senza macchia e senza paura, che si getta nella pugna contro l'ostile fato.

Lui non teme il licenziamento, né di perdere il lavoro, né di vedersi portar via la casa dalle banche, ma
nemmeno di perdere l'affetto di moglie/marito e/o la custodia dei figli.

Perché a lui nulla lo scalfisce.

A che vi serve un lavoro salariato?
Non penserete a un divorzio come a un evento fallimentare della vostra vita?

Non si perita costui, non si perita, che la gente
> Image
non sia contenta d'aver l'occasione di recarsi in banca e dire al direttore "Non ho più un lavoro, ma dammi 100.000 euro che mi compro un camion e mi reinvento trasportatore", "dammene 200.000 e allestistisco un'officina", etc.

Avete visto quei cartelli a caratteri cubitali,
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Former #PrimeMinister of the #UnitedKingdom, #WinstonChurchill, once said: "I took a taxi one day to the #BBC offices for an interview.

When I arrived, I asked the driver to wait for me for Forty Minutes until I get back, but the driver apologized and said,
"I can't, because I have to go home to listen to Winston Churchill's speech".

I was amazed and delighted with the man's desire to listen to my speech! So I took out 20 pounds and gave it to the taxi driver instead of 5 Pounds without telling him who I was.
When the driver collected the money, he said: "I'll wait for hours until you come back Sir! And let #Churchill go to hell".

You can see how principles have been modified in favour of money; nations were sold for money; honour sold for money; families split for money;
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@michaeljohns @RCCDistrict -#Roosevelt: "#OperationPaperclip will allow you,#AdolfHitler,to #work for us".

-#Hitler: "I accept & I promise to #retire"(and looks at the other two).

-#Churchill: "I agree".

-#JosefStalin: "I have to accept because #America has almost completed the #atomicBomb".

@michaeljohns @RCCDistrict Since #Roosevelt died,da #agreement now expanded:

-#AdolfHitler: "I want to #share my #money with all of you".

-#Truman: "Hanging u wouldn't #change what's already been #done".

-#Churchill: "We need u to stop #Communist #imperialism".

-#Stalin: "#Fake #suicide!"

@michaeljohns From #YouTube's "The HitlersThat Stalin Caught"(which actually included a #HitlerDouble Hitler murdered together w The #Goebbels Family):

Two of #Hitler's nephews were captured,in #Russia,by #Stalin,who killed one & didn't #exchange the other one...(cont bellow)

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Here's a fun #NINO - the UK's National Insurance Number - [Thread] to start the weekend 👇

Maybe I should do an #NHSnumber one sometime? It's a fascinating story, which (ironically) starts with these...
[With thanks to @guy_herbert, @TomSamaki, @PrivacyMatters & others for encouragement!]

Before I start a geeky 'deep dive' on the #NHSnumber, to provide some (personal/professional) context that will hopefully become apparent, I'll just drop these two images here:
So, to begin.

After the Second World War, in a time when we started to think (again) what a #civilised society would be, and when our leaders tried to agree #principles like #UDHR that might prevent the recurrence of genocide, and support #dignity and #HumanRights for all...
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It seems that #MamataBanerjee will be able to form a Government in the State of West Bengal with @AITCofficial winning more than half
Set up a fast tracked commission to represent to the Government of India 🇮🇳 why 8 phases of voting chosen ..deaths caused #CoronaPandemic
Pass a motion of Censure on an act never done in the history of electioneering in India 🇮🇳 ever b4 @derekobrienmp @MahuaMoitra @abhishekaitc @Aagan86
Catalogue Spread of #coronavirus in period with projections should b shared with 🌎A step comparable with #Churchill
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Thread of the @RealTimers panel w/ @billmaher @larrywilmore @HBO 3/12/2021

1/ Capitalism is the best system of its kind. We need to bail out people, not companies
2/ We need to break up big tech

The top 10%, not to mention the top 1%, are living their best lives

5 companies (Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook & Microsoft) make up 21% of the S&P500 (24% in Jan 2021)

(my stat about 7 companies = 51% is incorrect, misread a chart)
3/ We've created an industrial shaming culture where you get points for being offended. Universities should be graduating not wokesters but warriors.

@NYUStern colleague @jonhaidt cites a core principle of rhetoric: interpret an argument as charitably as possible

@BurgerKing ad
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Analysis: #NYSE $CCIV

Case 523 #Churchill Capital Corp IV

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

CCIV 1/3
Daily Chart: Price corrected strongly from its lofty levels and gapped down trading beneath #trendline #support. Current action is sandwiched between the #SMA 20 and SMA 50 and we expect further losses towards 24.86/07. To the upside, a close .....

CCIV 2/3
..... above control at 56.57 is required to target balance at 71.24 where some choppiness is expected.

The #Strategy is printed on the image.

CCIV 3/3
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Hey #twitterstorians! Since gaining my PhD in @warstudies I’m preparing a monograph on my research. Here’s a thread outlining my doctoral work.

My PhD examined the role of secret intelligence and clandestine diplomacy in Anglo-French relations during the Second World War. /1
Going into @KCLSecurity I was ready. I had great supervision and training. I’d learned how to analyse intelligence material. My research on Intel and Anthony Eden's resignation over Italian Appeasement is based on that work and found in @IntelNatSecJnl:…
This work would be bigger. Much bigger. Here was the question:

By the end of #WWII, the world had changed. British and French grand strategy had the same goal: How to maintain your great power status. The exhausted empires faced rising #superpowers. /3
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Hey #Manitoba I have some news about shipping #OilByRail through #Churchill.
@Arctic_Gateway bought the rail line which the #Omnitrax hucksters rode into the ground. Omnitrax, helmed by #CPC MP Merv Tweed, tried to ram oil shipments through Churchill in 2013.
Scientists around the world raised their voice and said it's a terrible idea. First Nations living on the rail line said no damn way. @wildernews and yours truly spent a year explaining that this was stupid and dangerous.
In 2014 when Omnitrax dumped another train...
...into the Saskatchewan River Delta, the largest freshwater delta in North America, they gave up their idea. The train they dumped into the wetland was luckily only carrying wheat so there was less environmental impact than if it would have been oil. It was 1 of many crashes.
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With his #JAMS @MC_UPress article on #SinoJapanese #War, it's time to update The #AndrewRhodes #Bookshelf!

@NavalWarCollege distinguished grad guides leaders through #IndoPacific w/ Geo-#History, #Strategy & Visual Communications…
And by "#Visual #Communications," I mean #MAPS—beautiful, self-crafted maps. That should have existed already, but didn't.

For fresh perspective from the innovative #cartography @RhodesCartogra1 creates, check out:

Prepare to have your horizons expanded!
My favorite example:

@RhodesCartogra1's pathbreaking piece @NavalWarCollege won 2019 @thejointstaff #Strategic #Essay Competition's Strategic #Research Paper category.

Cogent geo-history-grounded insights for US strategy toward PRC.

Neatly summarized by his map (attached here)
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We should ask ourselves what #Decolonization means to Muslims, Jews, Roma, Afro/ Asian Europeans, People of Colour, LGBTIQ community, CSO's, EU institutions, policy makers of #Europe.

We must decolonise our structures that drive discrimination to built an inclusive Europe. Image
#Decolonization is essential to address structural racism in EU Member States.

Toppling statues of criminals & racist colonialists is essential to make Europe future proof just as education on the real colonial history of Europe. #BlackLivesMattters Image
From #Roosevelt to #Churchill to #LeopoldII: they are visible monuments to the greatest crime in history: #Colonialism.

Therefore, we must prioritise #decolonization to topple the invisible monuments that make our society so structurally racist. #Europe…
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Thread - Judging past leaders through the lens of the present might leave the world with no heroes at all. But it's hard to make progress without the acceptance of the full truth of their lives. I write about the legacy of Winston #Churchill in #India…
In the UK, he's adored by millions for his rousing speeches and actions during World War 2. As historian Rudrangshu Mukherjee tells me, there is a very different perception of #Churchill in #India.
Bengal famine is recorded to have been triggered by a cyclone and flooding,but many blame #Churchill & govt for making things worse.3 million died,6 times the Empire's casualties in WW2 raging at same time. War's losses frequently commemorated, not too many remember the famine.
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#EU should come out of the state of denial on structural racism & police brutality against minorities.

Condemnations are only meaningful when they are coupled with real action to completely change racial biases in our institutions. #BlakeLivesMatter
@EU_Commission @JuliePascoet
Structural & institutional racism as well as police brutality against minorities are a national security threat to all EU member states.

Our future depends on building a union for all without structural and institutional racism. #blacklivesmatter @vonderleyen @EU_Commission Image
Failing to acknowledge police brutality in the EU a single time by @vonderleyen shows the EU continues its state of denial.

Let's ask the difficult questions on why the EU is structurally and institutionally racist. #BlackLivesMattters EU needs real change and no...
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El tema #Churchill me toca un pelin la moral. Todos estamos de acuerdo en que fue uno de los líderes mundiales que más lucharon contra el nazismo pero no nos equivoquemos no le quedaba otra. 👇
Últimamente recordamos el genocidio de Bengala al desviar recursos dejando a esta región en la miseria y muriéndose de hambre.
Pero no hay que olvidar otros grandes "logros" de este Sir como la traición a los partisanos griegos que lucharon junto a los británicos,
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Del presentismo che spesso accompagna lo sguardo alle vicende del passato, e di come la critica ad esso sia doverosa, ma non vada strumentalizzata, ho parlato diffusamente qui, con esempi che oggi potrebbero essere utili. Qui riassumo un paio di cose 👇…
La revisione critica sulla figura di #Churchill è in corso, e sappiamo che era vittima dei pregiudizi del suo tempo, oltre a non essere sempre stato un politico lungimirante nei giudizi.
Ma non gli hanno eretto una statua per condividere questi aspetti del suo pensiero...
...gliel'hanno eretta perché ha combattuto con convinzione e vinto un nemico, il nazismo, che ogni comunità di cittadini fondata su libertà e uguaglianza deve considerare tale ancora oggi. La conoscenza critica al Churchill individuo nel suo contesto non intacca quei valori
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In August 2018 Jim Sheridan a Labour Councillor was reported to the Labour Party for #Antisemitic comments. Sheridan stated that he had lost respect and empathy for the Jewish community.
I am not going to defend his statement. It appears to have been used in frustration at what he perceived to be unwarranted levels of #Antisemitic allegations against the #LabourParty Jim Sheridan has since apologised and been reinstated with a warning.
But what was behind his frustration? Why would someone who stated he had supported the Jewish Community all his adult life, suddenly say he had lost empathy for them? Perhaps we should look at the broader picture?
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New factory to assemble 300K servers per year for Europe. #Ovh ImageImageImageImage
New capacities RBX7 (EU-W,FR) ImageImageImageImage
Quarter Review: Strategy, Tacticals, Operations, Roadmaps, Upgrade Operating Model, Lean. .. #Ovh ImageImageImageImage
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