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Why the Single National Curriculum would be an abject failure & why it reeks of #Fascism |

Dr Mubarak Ali , Historian , Teacher & Author

Ref :

#SingleNationalCurriculum #SNC #Aik_Nisab #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب
#Diversity #Pluralism
1 - How the #British #Historian & #BritishRaj used #Religion & Narrative of #Muslim #Hindu to divide people of #India

Dr Mubarak Ali, Historian , Teacher & Author

#SingleNationalCurriculum #SNC #Aik_Nisab #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب
#Diversity #Pluralism
2 - How the #British #Historian & #BritishRaj used #Religion & Narrative of #Muslim #Hindu to divide people of #India

Dr Mubarak Ali, Historian , Teacher & Author

#SingleNationalCurriculum #SNC #Aik_Nisab #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب
#Diversity #Pluralism
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#Spotlight: Airline security measures changed the way people fly after #September11, but for #Arabs and #Muslims, racial & religious profiling became the norm |
#September11 Spotlight: Fear of #terrorism after 9/11 has led to the widespread acceptance of extensive & often intrusive security measures at airports |
#WATCH: Since #AlQaeda attacked the US with hijacked planes on #September11, air travel has changed irreversibly. Read more here:
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Sejarawan Sylviane Diouf menuliskan, sekitar 30 persen dari budak² yang diculik dan dijual ke benua Amerika pada abad ke-17 hingga ke-19 merupakan Muslim dari Afrika Barat. Mereka berupaya sekuat tenaga mempertahankan agama mereka. Berikut beberapa contohnya.
Awam terekam, para budak kerap dipaksa masuk agama majikan mereka. Hal ini sukar dilakukan terhadap para budak Muslim. Ada kisah, seorang budak yang tertangkap dan coba dikonversi berulang kali hanya mengucapkan dua kata, "Allah, Muhammad… Allah, Muhammad…"
Para budak juga terus mencuri-curi waktu untuk shalat. Sekali waktu ada budak pria yang kedapatan dan dilempari mukanya dengan tanah oleh anak tuan tanah di AS. Sang budak justru kemudian yang dipenjarakan karena hal itu.

#budak #afrika
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#Protip: If you want to see what self-blinding looks like, this is a good example.

'Oh, our programs for women didn't try to push "woke" versions of "gender nonsense." We just tried to push education for women that was bound to destabilize traditional Afghan society, and
make women judges, which was definitely against Afghan cultural norms. Surely that couldn't have been a bad idea? Even #OrangeManBad was in favor of it.'

Now if we'd been willing to build walls around the border of #Afghanistan, and put enough of an army in there to defeat the
#Taliban and keep infiltrators out, and take over all police and judicial roles, and leave those forces there for at least a half-century, we might have had a chance at changing Afghanistan into the kind of country Young wanted to make it. (We'd almost certainly have created
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1. #ThePalestinians lie re their connection to the Land of #Israel. So where did these Muslims REALLY come from. Jewhate antisemitic far right/ far left racist, pro #Palestine useful idiots, and the #UN says the Palestinian Muslims are indigenous to Israel. I PROVE they lie.
2. Let’s look at the history of the REGION of #Palestine AKA Southern Syria, from as far back as the beginning of the Ottoman Empire’s control.
3. For the Ottomans (AKA Turks), the area was merely an unimportant and distant outpost of the Empire and, while ensuring that each area was governed by Turkish officials, they did not maintain or invest in it.
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It is remarkable that some 120 years ago, the population of #Istanbul was only 43 percent #Muslim — the majority being #Christian or #Jewish.

Today, Istanbul is probably 99 percent Muslim (or post-Muslim.)

What caused this homogenization wasn't #Islam but #nationalism.
Also notable is that in this big chart of European cities, the largest #Jewish percentage ("Israeliten") is found in the Ottoman city of #Thessaloniki.

For the Ottoman Empire was really one of the best homes that Jews ever had in the pre-modern era. Image
Let me also add that the #nationalism that destroyed Ottoman pluralism was heavily infused with religion: "Muslim vs. Christians."

This is for Turks. But the opposite is also true for Serbian, Greek & Bulgarian nationalisms, which also launched genocides, "population transfers."
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Do you remember #Janabi? Abir Al Janabi. A 14-year-old #Iraqi girl. In 2006, Janabi's father stopped sending Janabi to school in fear of the #US Army's focus on his daughter. The Army who was establihing "#democracy" and "#human rights" in Iraq. 1/32
Janabi used to stay at home, spending her days of adolescence playing with her younger siblings.
The U.S. military's security checkpoint was located just 200 meters from Janabi's house. One day, a #USsoldier notices Janabi. And Janabi and her family were doomed right then. 2/32
For a few days at first, the #soldiers repeatedly came to Janabi's house in the name of search and made ugly gestures towards her. One day the four #armies decided that today they would be the day to enjoy Jamabai and kill some #Muslims. 3/32
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You know, #CNN lies, whole media lies and manipulate ,, yet you cointinue to believes their stories. This is their success. Even if you don't believe it, many around you blindly trust it. These are their main strengths.

For this, the scholars said, 1/4
most of the news Must be taken from muslim source. Those who are transgressors and liars cannot be trusted with their words. Otherwise, in the depths of your subconscious mind, the western narratives will continue to take root. You will start hating your Muslim brothers. 2/4
"O you who believe, if a wicked person comes to you with any news, you should examine it first, so that you may not inadvertently harm a community and then do not repent for what you have done."
Surah Al-Hujurat, 6

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Some short-sighted people think that the reason why Islam and Muslims lag behind is because they do not practice worldly knowledge science, in fact it is a reflection of their short-sightedness and their limited ideas about Islam and the history of Islam. Or is it the...1/17
ultimate manifestation of their defeatist mentality or a worn-out speaker who is mentally disturbed in the face of materialism?

The reality is that Islam and Muslims are lagging behind, or in other words, the reason why Muslims are falling from the seat of supremacy is....2/17
that they have deviated from the basic tenets of Islam. Because, like other religions, Islam has not come to change the specific aspects of human life, but Islam wants a complete and complete change in human life. When Islam and Muslims fully implement the basic ideals and...3/17
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We all want Islam's victory. But I don't think much about how victory will be, which way it will be, how this path will be. Even when I think a little bit, it is not very logical or clear. Our thoughts are stuck inside of some emotions, anger and within some basic framework. 1/16
As a result, our thinking is often unrealistic and depends on imagination.

One of the reasons for this is some misconceptions about the history and reality of the Muslim Ummah. Though the ideas are wrong, as a result of long-term propaganda, it has taken the place as root...2/16
in people's minds. As a result, our thoughts on Islamic rule and the revival of the Ummah are repeatedly stumbled upon. Stuck in a maze. These popular myths need to be broken. Otherwise, you can't get out of the maze. 3/16
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Imagine a group of people imprisoned in a huge palace. There is only one exit door. That soor is closed from outside. You will need a key to open the door. There are Ten holes in one of the palace wall. Only one hole has the door key. No one knows which hole it is. 1/15
The calculation is very simple, isn't it? Once you search all the holes and find the key, the problem is gone.

Yes, the calculation is straightforward. But there is a complication. The key is in one of the ten holes, but there are poisonous snakes in the other nine. 2/15
Because of this complexity of simple equations, no one is daring to come forward. Everyone is sitting idle. Some have chosen a relatively comfortable corner of the palace and started arranging the beds. Everyone seems to have accepted captivity as their destiny. 3/15
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1 - Propaganda against #Taliban proving false, says Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi (19 Aug 2021 Dawn)

Mr Imran Khan had said this 7 years ago in India

#Afghanistan #Taliban #TTP #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans
2 - Propaganda against #Taliban proving false, says Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi (19 Aug 2021 Dawn)

Mr Imran Khan had said this 7 years ago in India

#Afghanistan #Taliban #TTP #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans
Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi while talking with Al Jazeera , condemned The Taliban for their acts of Terror & Bloodletting in Pakistan

Ref :

#Afghanistan #Taliban #TTP #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans
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#Women’ are an integral part of Western propaganda against Islam. When the West was proud of its ‘conservatism’, Muslim women were ‘haremjibi’,‘sensual’,‘objects of sex’. When the West learned to think of itself as progressive, Muslim women 1/9
became ‘captives’, ‘captives’, ‘objects of sex’. In both cases, there is the full support of the "Western Guard" for the "liberation" of #Muslim #women.

Women's liberation was called for 20 years ago to legitimize the #US invasion of #Afghanistan. 2/9
Over the past two decades, women's liberation has been repeatedly cited as an excuse for #American genocide and #warcrimes.

Today, after the embarrassing retreat of #America, many people are trying to sell this junk again. Among them, as in the #West, 3/9
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Outlets from @BBCNews to @SkyNews on #Taliban in #Afghanistan describe how #ShariaLaw curtails #WomensRights

This is *false*.

We present the #Caliph of the #Ahmadiyya #Muslim Community from #JalsaUK 2021 on how the #Shariah of #Islam PROTECTS women's rights

The Caliph's extraordinary speech from #JalsaUK covering the various aspects of the #Shariah on women's rights can be found in full here:…

Below we will review key aspects he highlighted... /1
From the outset, the #Caliph explained that the current notion of "freedom" increasingly pushed in the West is no more than slavery to one's base desires /2

#WomenOfAfghanistan #afghanistandebate
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Throughout the history of Indo-Pak region, we had the intellectual dwarfs telling us what #Muslims should do. How dare Muslims to live under Muslim rule?

#ColonialFeminism has been in existence as long as #feminism, almost a joke now (but we have to care, to protect #Kashmir 1/n
..from this species).

Earlier, we exchanged our destiny with massacres & genocides for #Hindu rulers, or the #secularists.

The #fascist outburst in recent decades turned them as 'guardians of Muslims', framing it as '#Hindutva vs. #Secularists', imposing #Ambedkar as the.. 2/n
...solution with a holy excuse of #Dalit discourse (one more #Hindu).

But as the tide is rising, the two nation theory is back again with full force. And Insha Allah we will see many more #Islamic #republics in #Kashmir, #Maldives, #EastPakistan & elsewhere.

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For those who have a problem with Islamic law insisting that women observe the hijab, we say, مُوتُوا بِغَيْظِكُمْ… Die in your rage #Muslim #Islamophobia
For those who have a problem with Islamic law insisting that homosexuality is forbidden, we say, مُوتُوا بِغَيْظِكُمْ… Die in your rage
For those who have a problem with Islamic law insisting that the hudood be carried out for crimes such as drinking alcohol, fornication/adultery, theft etc, we say, مُوتُوا بِغَيْظِكُمْ… Die in your rage #WeStandWithTaliban
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I looked at my computer screen to see who was coming in next:

96 years old, male

He walked in, standing tall & proud

Wearing a three piece, perfectly pressed suit

& a pure white turban

His eyes were tired with cataracts, but they still had a twinkle

He waited for me to offer a chair, before he sat down

He told me about his headaches & his dizziness & medications

& I assessed him & we planned what to do

“Where are you from, betta (daughter)?” he asked

We both had a connection in our roots

& we started conversing in #Punjabi

Sometimes I would get muddled & mix in #Urdu words

& he would chuckle & say, “It’s ok, betta, you speak our language really well”

He had fled with his family during the partition of #India

& so had my grandparents, during that time

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Judges have either ingrained fear of #Church money, muscle power or soft corner!
Sister Lucy Kalappura is running post to pillars for justice- for woman rights but she didn't get judicial patronage which non existent #Sabarimala woman entry issue got!
Judges sans Justice! +
Franciscan Clarist Congregation where Sister Lucy serving since age of 17 yrs has 750 NGOs under its umbrella, hundreds of it having #FCRA which we will strike soon!
That's the brute force which is forcing Indian judiciary to deny her police protection!
Kudos to her courage!+
Lawyers backtracking from taking up her fight legally withdrawing as Church money power flows in to force them to stay away from Sister Lucy!
Self styled women rights activists uttering no word out of #Church money- muscle power. No Badi Bindi @cpimspeak leader standing by her+
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#Thread: A Timeline of events since #HumanRights lawyer Hejaaz Hizbullah arrested by the police Criminal Investigation Dept on 14 April 2020 on suspicion of "aiding & abetting" of Easter Sunday suicide bomber Inshaf Ibrahim. Read… #SriLanka @Justice4Hejaaz
(2) Prior to his arrest, his home & legal chambers were searched by the police. Mr Hizbullah is widely credited with convincing the Supreme Court to strike down the purported dissolution of parliament by the then Prez @MaithripalaS in Oct 2018. Read more -…
(3) An outspoken activist on minority rights, he co-authored an influential paper by leading #Muslim professionals questioning #SriLanka Govt's forced cremation of Muslim #COVID19 dead. He also engaged w/ UN special procedures mandate holders on d issue.…
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Oleh sejumlah pihak, utamanya di Barat, perempuan #Muslim kerap digambarkan hidup dalam tekanan dan penindasan. Faktanya, perempuan punya peran penting dalam Islam. Berikut diantaranya #perempuan yang berjasa pada masa awal #Islam. Image
Khadijah bint Khuwailid, Istri pertama Rasulullah SAW Image
Sumayyah bint Khabbat, Seorang budak salah satu pemeluk awal Islam Image
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More #myorthodoxlife content: An Orthodox- positive media appreciation thread (1/)
A lot of Orthodox folks are saying “the critiques of Orthodoxy are valid, but why are the stories of those who leave the only ones being told?” (2/)
News flash: they’re not! Here are some examples of the kinds of nuanced, loving depictions that are possible when Orthodox/ “non/no longer Orthodox but still love the community“ artists decide to tell their stories. Caveat: these stories are not uniformly positive. (3/)
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I'm both ecstatic and heartbroken at the same time

So proud of my lab @StanfordMMHIP for publishing our first study on suicide and US Muslims in top tier @JAMANetwork

Yet heartbroken over our findings that suicide attempts in US Muslims are TWICE other faith/non-faith groups Image
Our study was the result of an excellent collab between @StanfordMMHIP Lab @TheISPU and the Institute of Muslim Mental Health

There are very few studies on #Muslims and #suicide. Ours is the FIRST in top tier @JAMAPsych and of the first in the field…
Let me say this loud and clear for the naysayers out there who don't believe that #suicide is a major concern in #Muslim communities:

Stop denying the reality our communities are facing and start being part of the solution instead of part of the problem…
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Custody hearing at 1pm AST. Curious what new slanderous claims are going to be introduced.

At our last 'meeting' with #SocialDevelopment, we were informed that someone 'worried about my son' claimed I had a firearm in the events of #ForWhatItsWorth.

Only firearm that was involved the evening of March 10th belonged to young Mister #FANCYPANTS of #FPF. They really didn't like my flashlight; the most dangerous thing I'd presented that fateful eve was my white ass-dance moves; even did a Statutory Declaration for the fools. 🤣🤘
Last night could've gone very differently for me, as a man with #ASD. The last time the cops were threatened be me, they threatened to end me and couldn't quote Law, those are common trends when dealing with scared/timid wittle predator chads, FYI.
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#InternationalChessDay 2021: History, Theme, Motto, Key Facts & Significance:
#chess is #strategic #boardgame in which 2 players compete to capture other's king on 64-square checkerboard. One of oldest games in world "Chess".
#Thread #WorldChessDay #chessday @vishy64theking Image
To honor foundation of Federation Internationale des Eches/ International Chess Federation (FIDES @FIDE_chess) created in 1924. Popular activity among adults and children alike.
Created in India around fifth century. Given name “Chaturanga" at first. Without doubt, one of era’s..
Earliest games. Later, moved to #Persian, and when #Arabs invaded #Persians, became important part of #Muslim population’s existence, and spread to Southern #Europe from there. Took on modern shape in Europe during 15th century. By late 15th century, evolved into #Contemporary..
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