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what’s wrong with secretary kim?

taekook au where jungkook always teases about firing his all too perfect secretary, taehyung but was bewildered when the other actually hands him a resignation letter.
Jungkook stared at the enclosed envelope sitting on his desk, his lips pursed tightly and his arms crossed over his chest as he let his chair carry the weight of his body. His dress shoes clicked on the floor as he tapped his foot, the sharp tap echoing through the office.
The frustration builds up each time he listens to the clock hand ticking away the seconds.

It has been a day. The realization hits him hard and suddenly Jungkook stopped tapping his feet on the ground.

It has been a whole entire day since Secretary Kim quit.
At first he thought it was a joke.

He had arrived at the company on time as usual, going about his morning with the routine of phone calls, brief meetings, files and such. By the time he got back to his office it was almost noon but he still desperately needed a cup of coffee.
Taehyung knew this.

That’s why every morning, at 11:45 there would be a mug of fresh coffee sitting patiently on his desk for him to enjoy. However, when he reached for the mug yesterday morning, all he felt was air.

That was the first sign something was wrong.
In his memory, there was only a few instances where Taehyung didn’t prepare him, his coffee and each time, it was due to an emergency.

The first time being him riddled with the flu and a high fever, the second being where he had to visit a friend in the hospital and so on.
As Jungkook wondered about what could possibly be the reason for the mishap this time, his eyes landed on an envelope sitting at the exact spot where his cup would be.

It was sealed neatly with his name written beautifully in cursive on the front.

It was from Taehyung.
Inside was a letter Taehyung wrote to him. There was 2 pages actually but Jungkook stopped reading after the first few paragraphs.

Taehyung started off mentioning how he tried to tell Jungkook he was submitting his two weeks a while ago but Jungkook completely brushed him off.
Jungkook could slightly recall the memory of that happening but again, he had thought it was a stupid joke Taehyung made that wasn’t funny at all.

At the time, there was a project that was failing and needed funds so he instinctively pushed the thought to the back of his head.
Taehyung’s letter continued on with how much regret he feels while typing his resignation-

Jungkook stopped again because he wanted to scoff at how much of a liar Taehyung was. If he really regretted it then he wouldn’t have put it on his desk for him to see.
Taehyung goes on to say this was something he needed to do for himself and even though he would miss the days of working beside him, and working for Jungkook, it was time for him to go.

Go? Go where? That was something Taehyung never mentioned and it peeved him.
After that, Taehyung thanked him for the six years they’ve worked together and for teaching him numerous things, ranging from organizing mountains of documents, to interacting with clients or even just running an errand for him.

That’s when Jungkook actually stopped reading.
A part of him continued to believe this was a prank. Haha. Very funny.

Taehyung will show back up to work tomorrow and he’d definitely scold him for being so immature.

But another part of him knew that Taehyung never acted like this and that he might actually be leaving.
And that little voice in his head was right. Taehyung didn’t clock in the next day and the joke became reality.

So here he was, arms crossed and lips pursed while glaring at the envelope on his desk, the gaze sharp enough to burn holes through the paper.

Well, fuck.
''Only willing to work 50 hours a week? Unbelievable.'' Jungkook muttered as he threw the application to the side and picked up another packet of information about the next candidate.

''Friendly, energetic- are they kidding me?'' He yelled in exasperation
Defeated, Jungkook swung his arms up in the air as irritation burrowed deep into his body. For hours, he'd been pouring through applications sent in by potential secretaries to replace Taehyung but nobody seemed to be able to fit his standards or meet the simplest expectations
''How is it going?'' Jungkook flared his nostrils at the mocking tone in Namjoon's voice.
His eyes looked at the pile of submissions that were thrown everywhere on his desk and how unorganized it looked. Wow. A week ago, this was spotless and now it's a hot mess.
Much like him.
''What do you think?'' Jungkook shot back.

''Still, haven't found your Taehyung 2.0?''

''Shut up.''

''Listen, it doesn't matter how hard you try, you'll never be able to find someone like him in this lifetime.

Jungkook wants to reply with how he's wrong but he's not.
He knew that he wouldn't find a proper replacement that's exactly like Taehyung, it'd be a miracle if he did. Doesn't Namjoon know that he knew that already?

But what else can he do? Taehyung has declined all of his calls so was he supposed to wallow in despair? Or was he
supposed to track him down and beg for him to stay and continue to work for him?

No thanks. He might not have a secretary, but he still has his pride.

Life moves on and he'll just have to settle for a downgrade regardless of how pathetic it makes him feel.
Taehyung has moved on, wanting to start a new chapter in his life and even though he was his boss, he had no control over that. He couldn't drag Taehyung away from the things he wanted to do and this might a good thing...for the both of them.
As much as he didn't want to admit it, he's grown too dependent on the older and it's great that he's now forced to stop this dependency.

Too often, he had relied on Taehyung's sense of duty to complete all of the assignments given to him and now it's come to bite his ass.
It's been a week since Taehyung left and he still hasn't gotten used to the empty seat outside his office, the lack of someone reciting his schedule to him, and the absence of the blondie that always made sure he had everything he needed and that he was comfortable.
He couldn't lie and say he didn't miss him and that something feels off walking into his job now but Jungkook knows that he'll be able to live.

Even if he's not used to his departure yet, he will be sooner or later. He'll manage...hopefully.
Right now, he just needs to focus on finding another secretary to fill in the empty spot that's currently available.

But it was tedious and difficult and the more Jungkook looked at the applications, the more he's reminded of how hardworking and perfect Taehyung was.
Don't get him wrong, Taehyung wasn't all that bright when he started but they made it work. They were both young and willing to learn so through the years that they struggled together, they were both able to hone their skills and take a leap forward side by side.
Taehyung used to be clumsy and forgetful, sometimes spilling a drink or losing an important paper but he developed. He grew to take care of things and worked diligently.

Jungkook doesn't know when or how, but he grew accustomed to having Taehyung there to keep him on track.
He'd still sometimes reach for the coffee cup that's no longer there or ask someone that's no longer in the room when's the next meeting and it was those quiet, cruel moments that forced him to remember how Taehyung left and how he missed him.

Damn it.
Day 10

Jungkook had just fired his second secretary in three days and he was about to be on his wits end.

Everything was going wrong and he couldn’t seem to make it right. There was small bags under his eyes and he really just wanted to sleep his worries away.
Oh how much he missed Taehyung right now. If he was still here, none of this would’ve ever happened and Jungkook wanted to scream at himself for being so ungrateful before.

Taehyung took care of issues before they even became issues and Jungkook never knew how much help that was
Taehyung helped him push back problematic interviews, declined extensive meetings, kept things smooth with investors, the list just goes on and on.

They carried the work together with both of their will. Now the helping hand vanished and it all came crashing down on him.
Sometimes Jungkook wondered how Taehyung did all of that, to make sure everything was perfect and he didn’t need to double check anything and could relax.

That feels all so foreign now, something that passed him by like a stranger on a crowded street.

It was pathetic, really.
And he’s not just missing Taehyung as a secretary. God, no.

What he missed more was the companionship Taehyung offered, all the late nights where he’d work overtime and there would always be someone there for him to tell him that he’s not alone.
The six years they worked together wasn’t just about work. It was about the cheesy jokes Taehyung said to lift his spirits. It was eating takeout because it’s 1 am and they needed to cram a new project before falling asleep on the couch in the office or in Jungkook’s house.
It was the memories they made that made the job easier for the both of them and made it more worthwhile.

It was about the level of trust they had in each other because in the back of his mind, Jungkook knew that even if all else fails, Taehyung would have his back.
Taehyung was his shield and now that armor is gone, poof and it flew away with the wind.

Honestly, Jungkook feels a little betrayed, his back open and vulnerable.

But he also feels lonely. It’s just him by himself now. All alone.
He couldn’t help it. He knew he depended on Taehyung a lot but he didn’t know it was to this extent.

Those quiet moments where he’d miss him had nothing on the times where it’d be just him in his office after everyone has already gone home and he’d hear some rustling nearby.
By pure instinct, he’d turned around and call out his name even though he already did it so many times before.

It’d turned out to be the air conditioner or just a random glitch and Jungkook would remember all the times he called for Taehyung and he actually responded.
The young male doesn’t understand why he’s acting like this.

He already told himself it was for the best for the both of them and Taehyung wanted to move on. Yet he continues to miss him and wishes for Taehyung to come back.

At least for him to properly say goodbye, please.
What Jungkook doesn’t know was at the exact same time, Taehyung was holding his phone, dialing the string of numbers that he’s so familiar with but right before he could hit call, he erased what he typed in and laid the screen flat on the table.

It was time for him to move on.
All his life Jungkook has been confident in his abilities, knowing that he had the power to accomplish anything he set his mind to do. Whatever divine spirit that watched over the world doted on him and gave him extra love.

School was easygoing and relaxed and college was a
breeze as well. There just wasn’t anything he couldn’t do.

He never studied or put in extra effort yet everything came to him like they were his property.
The first time time he actually tried at something was starting his own company. Everyone told him it was impossible for someone his age who had no experience with the market but he always wanted to challenge the impossible.
It was brutal.

There was the long hours and the stress and the humiliation he endured while the wealthy old crooks mocked him for his stupidity.

He was naive, they would say, laughing right in front of his face and the worst part was that he had to smile right back.
It was difficult for Jungkook.

Life had been too easy on him and he got carried away by the gentle stream that always patted him on the back for doing the bare minimum.

He continued to make mistakes and didn’t know what else to do and how he could possibly fix those errors.
The long hours became longer and the stress became even more overbearing and the taunting came at him like bullets, each one as a devastating blow.

It messed up his brain and just when he was going to give it all up, Taehyung came into his life.

That was the turning point.
They were both loose minded and all over the place but together, they made a perfect team.

While Jungkook ran around trying to get everything done, Taehyung organized all the documents and took over his schedule to ensure that everything was done at a specific time and done by
a specific time as well.

While Taehyung managed the office, Jungkook met with clients and got investors for the company.
They worked well by each other’s side, a compatible match that made everything easier and Jungkook is forever grateful to be able to find someone like him.
All his life Jungkook has been confident in his abilities, knowing that he had the power to accomplish anything he set his mind to do. Whatever divine spirit that watched over the world doted on him and gave him extra love.

School was easygoing and relaxed and college was a
breeze as well.

But it never made him feel accomplished or happy that he was able to do something because that was always the expectation.
This was different. Not only was he confident in his work and relished in his success, he was also prideful.

Jungkook was proud of this achievement and felt fulfilled working to improve himself even more. And he was also happy that he had a friend to finally confide in.
Since then, he doesn’t remember a single day where Taehyung wasn’t trailing along behind him, carrying his schedule or a stack of papers and ranting about how Jungkook makes him do all the work and how he carries this company on his back.

They were always joking, having fun
and making sure each other had what they needed.

Jungkook would usually shoot back a snarky remark on how he’d fire him for being so annoying and Taehyung would stick his tongue out at him, challenging him with his deep, brown eyes.
What they had was so special, so sincere and genuine.

Taehyung’s arrival picked him up while he was on the ground, it pushed him forwards and allowed him to become the person that he was today instead of wallowing in his pool of sorrow and self pity.
So when Jin asked him what he was going to do now that Taehyung left, all he did was give him a blank stare and in a hoarse, uncertain voice, say that

“I don’t want to talk about it right now.”

How could he answer that question when he doesn’t even know the answer himself?
“The number you dialed has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet.”

Jungkook doesn’t know why he even has hope anymore, why he continues to have faith in their friendship. It’s been 2 weeks and he’d call him almost every day but Taehyung never picks up.

Not even once.
The robotic voice filled the room when he tried calling one more time to see if there was even the slightest chance that Taehyung would talk to him, to pick up the phone with his usual “Hey, handsome,” but he was disappointed and let down.

Taehyung was cutting off their ties.
The realization formed a lump on his throat. It was hard to swallow the putrid taste in his mouth.

Hard to swallow and difficult to breathe.

It hurt.
who’s p.o.v. should i write next
‘’Taehyung, are you sure you want to do this?’’ The voice from the other side of the phone sounded concerned and worried and Taehyung closed his eyes, contemplating what he should say.

‘’Thank you, Hoseok hyung but I think this is for the best. Jungkook...he can live without me
and I need to learn how to live without him.’’ His voice was creaky which didn’t sound like him at all. Taehyung wondered when did it change, not just his voice but his will to hold on to his unrequited love a little longer. It all shifted and it's so foreign to him now.
‘’Are you sure about that?’’ Hoseok asked

‘’What do you mean?’’

‘’I saw Jungkook earlier, my god Taehyung he looked so broken and so different. I could barely recognize him and I’ve known him for ten years. I dont think he knows what he’s doing without you.’’
‘’You mean he doesn’t know what he’s doing without me as his secretary.’’ Taehyung corrected. ‘’I actually helped him find a new one, a better one with more experience and agility and I already sent his application to Yoongi hyung. I think Jungkook would really like him and-’’
‘’Stop it, Taehyung. You know that he doesn’t think of you just as a secretary. What he needs isn’t an assistant but you as his friend and he’s hurting so much because you left so abruptly.’’

‘’But I’ve been hurting too.’’ Taehyung whispered and the other line fell silent.
‘’I’ve been in love with him for six years, Hoseok Hyung.’’ He gave a sad laugh as he clenched his fists into a ball. ‘’For six whole years, I tried everything I could do to help him, to be there for him. I waited for him for so long and the only thing I wanted in return
was for him to turn around and look at me, actually look at me and see me for me and know that there’s someone out there who would unconditionally love him and give him everything he wants. But I’m tired. I’m so tired, Hoseok.’’
His nails were digging deep into the palm of his hand and Taehyung could feel the pain of the skin breaking but at the very least, it distracted him from the agony within his heart.


‘’I’m 27 now.’’ Taehyung looked up to the ceiling as he spoke.
He still remembers that time when he saw Jungkook stand his ground against the humiliating words thrown against him.

In this industry, those that were at the top looked down on those at the bottom. It was cruel, for the beginners to look at the successful people in awe while
they were spat at.

He remembered that it was raining that day, the tires from the cars driving by splashing water onto their shoes and dirtying the bottom of their pants. He didn’t know how Jungkook handled it because he wanted to cry even though they didn’t even say anything
to him. He was the one who felt ridiculed even though it wasn’t him they were rejecting. Jungkook was only 20, and Taehyung wanted to break down because he wished they would’ve done those horrible things to him instead of letting it all crash down on the person he loved the most.
‘’Taehyung.’’ Jungkook said his name so gently, almost like it was made of glass. ‘’If you ever tear up, you can always look at the sky.’’ He told him.

He didn’t know what it meant before, but he figured it out eventually after spending so much time with Jungkook over the years.
If you look at the sky, you can see the sun peeking out from the clouds so you can see hope. The second reason is that when you’re looking up, the tears are trapped in your eyes so they aren't able to fall down. That way, you wouldn’t actually cry and show your vulnerability.
Since then he formed a habit to look upwards whenever he's feeling distraught. It was strange, how someone you care about can easily change your habits and the way you act. But Taehyung would always look at the sun and be reminded of that day where Jungkook was so strong and
and unyielding and then his tears would go away. That's why he's staring at the ceiling right now, so he wouldn't actually cry.

‘’I’m 27 now. ‘’ He repeated. ‘’I’ve ran through 6 years of my life and I don’t know how many 6 years I have left to wait for him.’’
‘’But is this really the way you want to end things with Jungkook? To leave without ever telling him about your feelings? Taehyung, I know you’re hurting a lot and you’ve suffered through so much of pressure but how will Jungkook know that if you don’t tell him?’’
‘’I already fucking tried, remember?.’’ Taehyung cried out. He didn’t mean to yell at Hoseok, the other was just trying to be a good friend and comfort him but it just burst out of him. He just lost control and it slipped through.
‘’To think, the one time, the only time I was brave enough to confess to him, he was drunk and didn’t remember anything.’’ He felt so pathetic that day, he feels so pathetic even now.
‘’You know…’’ Taehyung sniffled and he needs to blow his nose but he didn't do a thing. ‘’It's not really about the time I've wasted. I’d probably be able to stay for another 6 years waiting for him, but it isn’t the waiting that I can’t tolerate.
It’s the fact that I know I love him and I try my best to do all of these damn things because I lived the last 6 years for him … but he never looks at me the way I want him to.’’ His voice cracked again and he felt weak and vulnerable, laid bare for the world to trample on.
‘’It doesn’t matter if it before, now, or 6 years,12 years later, I’ll always be his secretary and friend. That’s why I have to leave.’’
‘’No, Taehyung you don’t understand. I know the way he looks at you, we all know how special you are to him. He’ll figure it out sooner or later.’’ Hoseok insisted.

‘’That’s what I thought too, I thought that maybe my feelings were returned but that was just wishful thinking.
And even if there’s a little part of him that does like me, I don't know if he’ll ever be able to figure it out and I don’t know if I want to stay around until he does. I’ve already done that for so long and I need a break.’’

‘’But is moving away really the answer you want?’’
‘’I think it’s the only option I have right now.’’ Taehyung paused. ‘’Maybe I’ll be able to meet something new or be able to find a peace of mind. That way, I’ll finally be able to forget him and move on.’’ It was strange. He’s staring at the ceiling right now and it should have
stopped the tears from sliding down his face but Taehyung could still feel the tiny little droplets slipping down into the crease of his neck. The technique worked so many times before. He doesn’t know why it malfunctioned now of all times.
After wiping away the pool of water wetting his cheeks, Taehyung took a deep breath to recompose himself enough to talk again.

‘’Besides, it's not like I really have a choice to stay. I’ve already bought the plane ticket and I’m leaving tomorrow-
Thank you for this but I think it’s too late. For me...and for this stupid love that isn't going anywhere in the first place.''

Hoseok tried to say something else but Taehyung hung up the phone before he could.
There was a small beep before the page turned back to his home screen and Taehyung paused to look at it.

He took the photo with Jungkook on his birthday 6 years ago and it has been saved his phone ever since.
The two men in the picture were smiling so brightly at him and he couldn't remember the last time he felt as happy as he was the day they took the photo together. The younger Taehyung was like a stranger to him who was innocent, naive and hopeful.
How many years has it been since he was like that? How did he end up so devastated and hopeless?

Taehyung's thumb caressed the screen a few times as he tried to think of any sort of answer but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't.
There was a moment of hesitation but a few seconds later, Taehyung changed his home screen to another picture of him by himself.

It looks so strange, the screen changing after he's accustomed to the same one for so long but Taehyung'll try to used to it.

He has to.
Just as he changed the wallpaper, Hoseok called again and Taehyung swiftly hit decline before turning his phone off and pocketing the device away.

If he was to move on, then he has to let all of it go.

That's just how life works.
Jungkook didn't mean to eavesdrop.

All he heard was Hoseok yelling Taehyung’s name and his ears naturally perked up towards that direction by instinct. That was just something he couldn't control and it just happened.
At first, he could barely hear anything but they got louder through the conversation, Hoseok, rubbing his forehead or ruffling his hair in frustration from time to time. Then, with the repeated words from Taehyung's line and through what Hoseok said in response, he put two and
and realized that they were talking about him.
He wanted to walk away and leave but the curiosity bubbled in him and fuck, that was Taehyung's voice.

It was Taehyung's voice.

He hasn't heard from him in so long and his feet became glued to the ground unconsciously.
Soon, he realized they weren't just talking about him, but him and Taehyung. There were mentions of their relationship at work and just the two of them in general.

Honestly, that wasn't surprising at all but what came afterward was something that he didn't expect.
It took a while for him to absorb the information since he was too stunned by the words he heard but when he did, it was like a hammer that knocked the wind out of his chest, oppressive and painful. He didn’t know what to think, or rather he couldn’t think.
How could he? When he just listened to Taehyung confess his feelings after all the shit that's happened in the past weeks? When Taehyung just told him about how much he was hurting?

How could he possibly be able to think at a time like this?
Jungkook used to pride himself in being decisive and assertive, able to navigate through his own thoughts easily but he's completed lost right now. It was pathetic.

There was nothing he could think about because there were too many things to think, all the words crossing over
until they mixed together to form darkness.

When the call ended and Hoseok exited down the other end of the hallway, he felt all of his strength leave him. When he was sure Hoseok was gone, Jungkook's knees buckled underneath him and he slid down the wall he was against.

Jungkook still wasn’t able to recover from the shocking and bewildering news even after he stumbled back home. He made his way through the house mindlessly and without balance. Even though it was his home, all of it felt foreign and hostile which didn't help things at all.
He nearly tripped down the stairs and actually ran into the walls but he was numb to the pain he felt when his cheek was scratched by the charred surface. He was numb even when he threw his tired body onto his bed, using his pillow to cover his face and to black out the world.
It was soul crushing.

There has been a war raging within him for the past couple of hours, scorching his insides. It’s almost midnight now and he still doesn’t know which side is going to return victorious but either way, it won’t be good for him.
A big part of Jungkook bellowed at himself for being a selfish asshole. All this time, he has been too narcissistic and too full of himself to pay attention to anything or anyone else besides him. Now, looking back, he can tell how much it could've hurt the one person he never
intended to harm in any way.

It wasn’t like he didn’t care for Taehyung, Jungkook will always have a special place in his heart for his partner of 6 years. However, he was ignorant to the things the other was trying to convey to him no matter how desperately he cried out.
Jungkook will admit that there were the times where he’d be too focused on a project, some stupid piece of paper that didn't really matter and Taehyung would kindly ask for him to take a little break only to be ignored because Jungkook was too caught up with his work to respond.
Other times, it was Taehyung laying a blanket on him, his warm hand caressing his face when he fell asleep at work. The truth was, Jungkook wasn't actually asleep and could feel everything Taehyung was doing to make him comfortable. However, he rarely brought it up and even if
he did, it was to give a simple thanks.

Or Taehyung wanting to speak with him and he'd avoid it by giving a shitty excuse. These things happened frequently, sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger and amplified but Taehyung endured it all while Jungkook never faced it head-on.
Thinking back, there was also the times it was obvious what was the message Taehyung wanted to say. There would be a light pink that covered his beautiful cheekbones and some underlying meaning of the words he said. Taehyung would even play with his clothing or hands nervously
while never meeting his eyes to look down towards the floor. It was adorable but even though all these signs made Jungkook’s heart race against his chest, he still chose to ignore it by convincing himself that Taehyung didn't mean it like that.
It wasn’t like he purposely ignored it all the time. Sometimes, things would come up and the other’s feelings needed to be pushed aside like dirt settling only in the back of his mind, to be forgotten in a span of a few hours. He couldn't help it, no matter how hard he tried.
There were times where he also wanted to reply, to give a signal of any sort telling Taehyung he cared about him too, but instinct told him no, to remain silent in order to protect himself from the possibility of getting hurt.
He was afraid of misunderstanding Taehyung's intentions and for there to be an awkward line drawn between them once it was cleared up. The trust that they had was important to him and he didn’t know how to get around it. He was also afraid that it would change the endearing
relationship they already had.

That was the reasons then. Now it just looked like awful excuses to cover his own ass so basically, he was just too scared to take the initiative to meet Taehyung halfway.
All in all, he was a coward on top of a selfish jerk and finally coming to terms with it made Jungkook groan helplessly, the sound coming off as a mumble through the pillow before he pulled his sheets over his head as well.
The other part of him mocked him for not deserving Taehyung.

Taehyung was like a pillar that helped him be able to stand and walk, being there for him every step of the way. He was patient, gentle and loving. Only an imbecile like him would push someone like him away.
That’s the thing.

Jungkook was the one who pushed him away.

He was the one that coldly rejected the bashful, innocent Taehyung that looked at him like he was the entire galaxy and Taehyung was a man who saw the stars for the first time.
He was the one to crush the budding love that Taehyung carried, ruthlessly shattering it into a million pieces as the other watched, broken and heartsick. He was the one who held Taehyung’s hand so affectionately while Taehyung wrote his resignation letter
pushing him to leave with every excuse, every turn of his head, and every rejection. He kept pushing, shoving and Taehyung finally got sick of it.
Jungkook was the criminal who made Taehyung finally let go of this red string.

Not only did Jungkook realize that he didn’t deserve Taehyung, Taehyung realized that too. So he decided to move on and it’s only his own fault for being left in the dust.
Who else could he blame besides himself?
That night, Jungkook had trouble falling asleep, persisting to twist and turn while his mind took him through flashbacks of the memories they made together...Especially the times where it was obvious that Taehyung was hinting at something more but he’s only realized that now.
When he finally fell asleep after a couple of hours, his brain still continued to play tricks on him by dreaming about Taehyung.

However, the scenario was different, or rather, the dimension wasn’t the same.
It seems as if he was in a church, the white walls painting a feeling of serenity and peace as the sunlight fluttered in happily through the windows.

The dream was just him at first, being confused about why he was wearing a suit and how he got here in the first place.
Then there was this sound of wedding bells ringing and suddenly the rows of brown chairs filled up with familiar faces.

Jimin, Hoseok, and Yoongi sat in the front row to the right. Namjoon and Jin was standing for a while before they sat down as well. His coworkers and other
friends completed the audience.

As the bells rang again, he felt a small poke in his back, gentle and light. Time paused when he turned around-his footsteps splattering against the floor- facing aTaehyung who was beaming at him with the most beautiful smile on his face.
He looked down to see Taehyung matching him, wearing the same exact suit except his was white instead of black.

There was a brief silence where none of them moved before Taehyung mouthed the words “I love you” just as the priest came between the two of them.
Before he even comprehended the situation, the ground beneath him suddenly collapsed and he was sucked into an unending pit of darkness.

It was like a yank that pulled him by the hairs on his neck and if it wasn’t for the fact that he was in shock, a scream would’ve ripped
through his throat.

When he came to again, he was in the same exact place, except that his position in the scene changed dramatically.

The story was altered.
Now, he’s part of the crowd in the stands and he’s no longer wearing a suit but casual formal attire. He looked around in utter bewilderment while trying to figure out what all happened before he caught sight of his best friends sitting in the front row again. But it's different.
Taehyung stood past them, drowning in praises,blessing and happiness. It was still the same Taehyung that made his heart soar with one look, except this time, he was holding someone else’s hand at the altar.

His heart was flying before but now it’s in the bottom of his stomach.
He wallowed in despair and a strong emotion of betrayal before a voice knocked him out of his pitiful thoughts.

“If any of you has a reason why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace."

Jungkook looked over to the priest that was at the center
of the building.

His lips parted as the priest searched the room for anyone who was going to speak up.

It started off as a whisper, him uttering “No.”

Then he repeated the word with more determination and assertion.
After a couple of times, he was literally shouting out his objection while standing up. However, regardless of how loud he yelled or how tall he stood, it seemed like nobody heard his protest.

There was an interval before the wedding continued and when
The priest urged for the two grooms to place the rings onto their hand, he shoved past the people sitting in his aisle and started running to the stand.

He ran with all his strength but somehow his destination moved further away just as he was inches away from touching Taehyung
He needed to stop this from happening. Dear god, it was so painful, so heartbreaking to see Taehyung so happy because of someone else. He might be selfish for thinking like this but he couldn’t stand to see this marriage completed.

Not when the person standing there wasn’t him.
Through his internal suffering, fire sizzled and grew until it overwhelmed his senses and an outburst tore through him


And then Jungkook sat up in his bed, chest heaving rapidly, a hand reached outwards and his eyes wide open.
There was a rustle from his sheets as he shifted in his posture, looking around until he was sure this was reality and he was actually in his room.

The clock by his nightstand just ticked to 5 am as he did so, the sound assuring Jungkook that this was no longer a dream.
Or rather, the nightmare that he experienced with the trauma still able to make his body shiver just by thinking about what he saw.
Jungkook buried his face into his hands as he caught his breath, flashbacks of the dream still reoccurring in his mind.

His eyebrows were furrowed together as he bent downwards, a feeling of suffocation washing over the night.
It was torture, for him to see Taehyung with someone else and it was at this moment that Jungkook was 100% sure of his feelings towards Taehyung.

He loved him too.

Jungkook loved Taehyung.

He lifted his face from his hands as his eyes widened again.
The acceptance hit him like a train yet he finally felt at peace with himself.

It took you damn near long enough, Jeon Jungkook.

Through his complicated and mixed emotions, a bubbly excitement came to life because he knew he loved Taehyung and Taehyung loved him too.
Oh my god, what will be Taehyung’s reaction to his confession? Will he be surprised? Happy? How will he tell him-

Jungkook suddenly experienced the drop from heaven down to the ninth level of hell as another realization dawned on him.
Taehyung was leaving, ready to move on

This thought clawed its way through his newfound euphoria and resulted in a massive collusion that spelled out an ugly truth.

Taehyung doesn’t have the time to hear his stupid confession when his flight is tomorrow-
Wait, tomorrow-...

Jungkook looked at the clock showing the time and shot up, throwing his blanket to the floor.

No, Taehyung was leaving today and he didn’t know what time his flight is scheduled.
A string of profanities eased into his mind as he tripped over his slippers on the floor, panic arising in his chest as he scurried back onto his feet.

He couldn’t lose Taehyung, not right now, not ever.
Taehyung laid against the hard, crooked chair at the airport. The metal surface was slightly uncomfortable and he had adjusted his seating position numerous times in the past few minutes alone.

It was too early in the morning for him to deal with this and all he wants is to
have a short little nap or just be able to close his eyes and block out all of the noises that scurried by.

There were the constant disturbances of crowds walking past the area, the loud chatter of the people and the occasional announcements that irritated him to no end.
And as if to make things worse, there was a small ringing coming from his bag by his leg. The vibrations and the sound irked him as he fumbled through the pockets, rummaging and wondering which compartment contained his phone.
Taehyung finally obtained the device but he was fazed by the caller ID.

It was Jungkook.

He doesn’t remember how many times he’s hit decline on these calls. Taehyung wanted to cut himself out of Jungkook’s life so he resorted to ghosting him but now, looking at
the photo he saved of Jungkook when he added him to his contacts and listening to the special ringtone they had for each other, there was an urge for him to pick up the call and it was overwhelming.

He was at the airport and 30 minutes away from boarding his flight anyways so
this was probably going to be the last time they least for a while.

Taehyung hesitated. The ringtone repeated itself for a further amount of time and just when the request was coming to an end, he pressed the green button and placed his phone to his ear.
“Hello?” There was a complicated tone in the voice from the other line. Jungkook was probably surprised he picked up and quite honestly, he was too.

“Yes?” Taehyung replied after an uncomfortable amount of time they spent in silence, neither of them knowing what to say.
“Taehyung, I’m-“

“Don’t say you’re sorry.” Taehyung interrupted coldly and Jungkook fell silent again.

There was a barrier between the two that prevented them from sharing their actual thoughts and it limited them to a hostile conversation. Taehyung didn’t want for it to
come to this but he didn’t know how else he could react.

The wall was firm and steady and neither of them knew how to get over it.
“I missed you.” Jungkook blurted out.

Taehyung didn’t expect to hear that from him at all. He had to check to see if the number actually belonged to Jungkook and sure enough, it did but that wasn’t something that he would normally say.

Jungkook didn’t give him any
time to recover before he hit him with another shot.

“Did you miss me? Like at all? Even if it’s just a little?” It felt like Jungkook was holding his breath through the phone and Taehyung had to take a second to absorb it all, the mixed feelings, how he should respond and
whether he should answer.

What was the point of all of this when it’s useless and unnecessary? They’re already going in their separate ways and there’s no middle road to go back to where they were before.

“No.” He stated, wanting to end this conversation.

“You’re lying.”
“Jungkook, stop-“

“No. I don’t understand why you have to force yourself to pretend like you no longer care about me when you do. I know you do and I care about you too, a lot more ways than I thought I did.”

“What do you even mean by that?”

“I love you.”
“What?” Taehyung is almost sure he misheard the words that came out from the speaker and there was a ringing in his ears that assured him that he didn’t hear the phrase he thought he did.

“I love you,” Jungkook repeated, more firmly this time to get his point across.
“I know it took me a while and I’ve been a jerk that took you for granted but I want to make amends for that. I want to hold you in my arms and treasure you, do it properly this time and I-“

“Stop. Don’t say these things now.” Taehyung rubbed his temples and closed his eyes
The information load was too much and it was breaking his viewpoint of the world, of Jungkook.

He doesn’t know why this outburst came out of nowhere and it was... problematic.

That was the only phrase he could use to describe this situation.
He endured the pain and the suffering for six whole years and when he’s finally prepared to let go of this fruitless love, Jungkook decides to mess with his life again, turning it upside down. It’s so troublesome and now he feels dizzy and out of control.
“Im sorry. I know it’ll take longer for you to fully forgive me but all I’m asking for right now is to give me a chance. Please, Taehyung. Im begging you to not leave me.” Jungkook’s voice was weak and vulnerable but Taehyung didn’t want to give in.

He ignored how Jungkook knew
of his departure and went straight to his point.

“I don’t really see how worthy it is to stay.” He stated, biting the inside of his lip until the taste of iron filled his tongue.

“Then let me show you.” Jungkook responded after a brief pause.
Taehyung wanted to scoff at his response but chose not to. He didn’t want to extend this any longer than it has to be and he didn’t want their parting message to be about a pointless promise.

“And how exactly do you intend to do that?

“Turn around.”
Taehyung didn’t believe him for a moment, turning around in his chair and looking for Jungkook before doing a double take at the male making strict eye contact with him

At that second, his phone slipped from his fingers and he shot up from his seat.

He had to check to see if it was really him because the other didn’t look like Jungkook at all.

He doesn’t know how to put it in words but it just doesn’t feel like him. This was a side of Jungkook that he has never seen before and it stunned him.
Jungkook’s usual well kept hair was thrown in all ways, wild and messy. His fair complexion was now rendered to baggy undertones due to the broken schedule of being here.

It seemed like he was in a hurry as well and the vulnerable state he was in made his heart ache a little
Before he could make any sound come out, Jungkook already navigated through the mob of people and is now standing in front of him.

Taehyung parted his lips in another attempt to say something but Jungkook prevented him from doing so by surprising him with a kiss.
It was the touch that first registered in his brain, the softness of the lips pressed against his own. Then it was the sight of Jungkook’s bare face that was magnified in his view since they were so close to each other. Finally, it was the smell, the aroma of comfort, vanilla and
the familiar ting of mint and lotus flowers that he’s been around for so long.

It completely threw him off.
What finally brought him back to earth was feeling of Jungkook’s tongue flicker against his parted lips and since there was an opening, Jungkook took that as an invite to goo further, deepening their kiss with passion and excitement.

At this point, his eyes were wide open, his
pupils blown while he tried to figure out what he should do in response, on what he should do to put an end to this.

Yet his body didn’t want to listen to his rationality or his reasoning and remained as still as a statue.
It was his hands that betrayed him first. Jungkook had been pulling them closer and they were now chest against chest.

He could feel the warmth from the others body and the faint heartbeat that resonated throughout their touch. Unconsciously, his fingers traveled to Jungkook’s
chest, resting against the collar bone. He almost had another hand follow, wanting to wrap his arms around his neck before his brain caught up to his heart and stopped everything right on the tracks.

A million things poured into his minds and suddenly, he isn’t so sure about
this feeling anymore. He was scared, of everything falling back to the way it was before, afraid that this is just an illusion that can shatter any moment.

He was too caught up in the happiness and shock that Jungkook came all the way here for him that he forgot why he was here
in the first place. He forgot that Jungkook never actually returned his feelings.

His hand froze in mid air and then it was shoving Jungkook away, the sudden turn of events almost knocking the other off his feet.

“What the fuck, Jeon.” He yelled, furiously wiping at his lips.
Jungkook knew that it wasn’t going to be this easy to win Taehyung back but he was still upset at the rejection, especially when Taehyung was just returning the kiss earlier. The shift in direction knocked him off the clouds and sent him flying down to the dirt.

It stung a bit.
“Taehyung, please hear me out.” He tried to grasp for the right words that could convey his actual thoughts but nothing seemed to work. “I know your forgiveness is a lot to ask, but all I want right now is a chance to make things right. I don’t want to lose you and I just need to
show you how much you actually mean to me. Please, give me a chance set things right.” He was pleading, almost ready to beg on his knees as he waited for Taehyung’s response. Nanoseconds ticked by like years and it was a brutal wait.
Taehyung felt guilty just looking at the sincerity within his eyes so he chose to avert his gaze elsewhere instead. All of this was too sudden and he didn’t know what to think anymore.

It was all too confusing and all too much and now he felt nauseous. He doesnt know what to do.
y’all choose the happy ending so...
“Taehyung, I know that you still have feelings for me. Please let me have a chance to show you the love you had wasn’t all in vain.” After Taehyung was silent for so long, Jungkook decided to give it another push, his voice soft and hopeful as it landed in Taehyung’s ears.
The older was faltering in his decision and Jungkook could see it in his eyes. Delighted, he took this chance to intertwine their hands, giving Taehyung a gentle squeeze as a way to persuade him to think things over.

Taehyung glanced at him but didn’t pull his hand away, a
sign that sent Jungkook over the hills and all of his hopes shot up to the sky.

Taehyung knew this and as much as he didn’t like the confident, yet worried look on Jungkook’s face, there was still a little part that wanted him to stay. What’s the worse that could happen?
If it doesn’t work out in the end, it’s not to late for him to leave after that so why not take a shot at the one thing he’s been waiting for, for 6 years?
“Was this your plan all along? To keep me here long enough for me to change my mind?” Taehyung wanted to snicker at the triumphant look that surfaced on Jungkook’s expression after he figured out the underlying connotation of what he just said.
“Not necessarily,” Jungkook began, a smile appearing as his lips twirled upwards. “I just needed to keep you here long enough to miss your flight.” He admitted sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

That was when Taehyung remembered he still had a ticket tucked in his pocket
Just as he spun around, the gates for his flight closed, a sharp thud of the doors snapping shut resounding within the area. He had been too stunned and focused on Jungkook showing up here and the confession that he didn’t even hear the last call for boarding passengers.
He turned back to Jungkook. “You’re a cunning little fuck aren’t you?”

“I’ll be whatever that makes you stay.” Jungkook responded matter of factly and that made Taehyung’s heartbeat quicken a little. It was the simplest reply but it had a wondrous impact on him.
“Since when did you start being this cheesy?” Taehyung tried to sound mean but the blush on his face and the way he averted his eyes gave his true intentions away and Jungkook beamed at him.

“When I realized that you were my world.” He whispered, pressing their
foreheads together so they lock eye contact and Taehyung will know that he meant every word.
It took him six years to figure out what he wanted and now that he said it out loud, all his worries and concerns molded into flowers and doves.

“I love you, Taehyung.” He said these words earlier on the phone but he wanted to say it again. This time, in person and face to face.
“I love you too.” The phrase was something that burst from his chest and it’s as if fireworks exploded in mid-air as he threw his arms around Jungkook.

There was no further actions that needed to be done and no further words needed to be said. All they needed was each other.
It was at that moment when Jungkook came to terms with how much Taehyung has impacted his life. Starting from the small rain in the beginning, to the storm it had on him now, it was a miraculous ride that showed him his purpose and his future.
The journey was full of twists and turns but he finally made it out and got to his destination. Home.

Taehyung was what showed him all the wonderful things in life and helped him keep going. Now that he got it back he never intends to let it go ever again.

That’s a promise.
"You have another meeting with the senior branch at noon- the board wants to talk about the next promo launch," Taehyung reminded before going down the list. "There is paperwork that should be turned in to you by 1:00 and you’ll meet with the representative of XXX Corps. around

"Tae, baby don’t you think we should take it easy on your first day back?" Jungkook used a hand to prop up his chin as he leaned on his desk. Meanwhile Taehyung gave him a bewildered look as if he’d just seen a ghost.

"Take it easy? Jungkook, there’s so many things that
we need to do! God, we’re so behind on-“

"Relax a little, we'll get to it." Jungkook had to interrupt him again to prevent Taehyung from panicking about catch-up work. He had forgotten how much of an perfectionist the other was, always on top of things and ready to work and even
though he was adorable, he still needs some time to rest. "Besides, I kind of made my own schedule for what we're going to do today." Jungkook cooed mischievously before Taehyung could say anything else.

The older cocked a questioning eyebrow at him as he waited for Jungkook to
reveal his other plans so with a confident smile and a twirl of his rolling armchair, Jungkook opened a drawer and took a neatly placed folder out.

There was a sharp click as the drawer closed once more and Jungkook cleared his throat before opening the folder.
He examined the paper tucked inside as if it was actually an important document or his actual schedule before turning back around to Taehyung.

Jungkook used a finger to trace his placing as he announced his self-made plans out loud.
"Noon: Hold hands with Taehyung.

12:30: Lunch with my baby

2:00: Cafe date, if Taehyung wanted coffee


4:00: Catch a movie together

4:10: Pretend I have to stretch but I'm actually just going to use that an excuse to hug Taehyung

6:30: Watch the sunset together
And then-“

It was Taehyung who interrupted Jungkook this time, crying out Jungkook's name with his face turning into a blushing mess as he hid his cheeks behind his hands. However, it was useless because Jungkook could still see the redness of his cute little ears.
"Hold on, I’m not finished." Jungkook pouted before continuing. Taehyung didn’t know if he wanted to run out of the room or run into Jungkook's arms.

"7:00: Walk around Seoul and enjoy the stars and city lights

8:00: Take Taehyung home but walk slowly so we have more time to
spend together

8:30: Kiss Taehyung goodnight as his doorstep but staying longer so I get another goodnight kiss." With that, he closed the folder and smirked at Taehyung.

"Now isn’t this schedule way better than the last?" Jungkook put the folder down and got up.
"So, what do you say?”

"Well," Taehyung started after a moment to take in all of this information. "...If we want to get through that entire list we need to start now." His face got redder towards the end and Jungkook couldn’t be happier.

"Then let’s do it." He stretched a
hand out to Taehyung just as the clock ticked to 12 o’clock.

First item on the list: hold Taehyung's hand.

Taehyung's heart tingled and fluttered as they laced their hands together.

"Let’s go." He said softly as they made their exit out of the office.
Not just today, but for the rest of our lives, let me be able to spend as much time as possible with you. That’s what Jungkook thought as he went through the glass doors, Taehyung's angelic laugh in his ears as they ran out of the building.

That’s all I'd ever want. You.
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