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In the #EU, according to the most recent opinion #poll, almost two-thirds of respondents view #Russia as an adversary or a rival to the European Union - a sharp increase since 2021.

The proportion of Europeans who consider Russia an adversary has trebled since 2021.

Finally #Europe is waking up and sees #Russia for what it is.

2/2 Image
Breakdown by country.

Bulgaria, what's wrong with you? Image
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@RTErdogan @PM_ViktorOrban @RSF_inter @amanpour #HUDOC
Dear President Recep Tayyip #Erdoğan
- Please, note that #Finns have been #deceived in several #rigged #elections and in the 15-y-long hidden #NATO agenda.
92% of Finns do not want to #join NATO.
@RTErdogan @PM_ViktorOrban @RSF_inter @amanpour The Ministry of #ForeignAffairs organized an OFFICIAL opinion #poll on joining #NATO, which ended on Nov 23.
The #Finnish people (92%) #REJECTED joining NATO.
The MFA, in #violation of the #PublicityAct, refuses to hand over copies of stats free of charge
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@NATO @jensstoltenberg The Ministry of #ForeignAffairs organized an official opinion poll on joining #NATO, which ended on Nov 23. The #Finnish people (92%) #REJECTED joining NATO.
The MFA, in #violation of the #PublicityAct, refuses to hand over copies of stats free of charge.
@NATO @jensstoltenberg @IntlCrimCourt #Eduskuntavaalit2023. @niinisto @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @Puolustusvoimat @kokoomus
The #People of #Finland will fiercely fight against all invasion attempts by #NATO #WarCriminals, freed criminals hired to fight and their equipment. ImageImage
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Should I get a #BlueTick?

Main reason I am thinking thinking of doing this is that my tweets aren't being seen as much as they should. This will allow more people to see my #FB tweets and get more followers.

#FBPE #FBPA #FBPPR #FBPR #FBNHS #FBR #StrongerTogether
Now I wish I had Blue Tick then I could have edited the tweet to remove the 2nd thinking 😀
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What democracy? Vast majority of Europeans say that their country should NOT get militarily involved in the Ukraine-Russia war.

But their own politicians, EU and NATO are doing the exact opposite.

#IPSOS #poll
Link to IPSOS poll on the Ukraine war. Survey done across 28 countries from around the world…
Remember that this is after enormous propaganda and censorship.

If Europeans know the truth about NATO expansion, provocations over decades, coups, Nazis in Ukraine, biowarfare labs etc., the poll result would be even more stunning.
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@CoryPatfield @MrAhmednurAli An "#AssaultWEAPON" is any NON-military spec NON full-auto CIVILIAN SPORTS 😱🤦‍♂️rifle of a "modern" ie post WW2 design specification ergonomics styling materials & manufacture

That "liberals" want to make the sheeple fear is some kind of FULL-military spec FULL-auto #AssaultRIFLE ImageImageImageImage
@CoryPatfield @MrAhmednurAli "#AssaultWEAPON" is a NON-military spec NON full-auto CIVILIAN SPORTS rifle of "modern"=post WW2 design spec ergonomics styling materials & manufacture

That "liberals" want to make people fear is a FULL-military spec FULL-auto #AssaultRIFLE

As excuse to start to ban all rifles! ImageImageImageImage
@CoryPatfield @MrAhmednurAli "#AssaultWEAPONS" are NON-military spec NON full-auto CIVILIAN SPORT rifles of "modern"=post WW2 design spec ergonomics styling materials & manufacture

Which "liberals" want to make people fear are FULL-military spec FULL-auto #AssaultRIFLES

As excuse to start to ban all rifles ImageImageImageImage
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🧵 #snapshot|s

Welches Bild gefällt Ihnen?
#Umfrage im letzten Tweet

Which picture is your favourite?
#Poll in last Tweet

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#PAGov #Poll For The General Election(10/13-10/17) Shows a Mastriano Lead.

49.7% @dougmastriano
46.3% @JoshShapiroPA
1.2% Other
2.6% Undecided

2340 LV…
@dougmastriano @JoshShapiroPA Crosstabs taken down due to a error, and we gotta reupload the whole thing.

While we do that, here are they are in Ugly Form.

Mastriano 25.6
Shapiro: 66.2
Other: 3.1
Undecided: 5.1

Shapiro: 55.6%
Mastriano: 38.2%
Other: 3.1%
Undecided: 3.1

@dougmastriano @JoshShapiroPA 35-44
Shapiro: 45.1%
Mastriano: 49.2%
Other: 1.9%
Undecided: 3.8%

Shapiro: 40.1%
Mastriano: 54.1%
Other: 2.7%
Undecided: 3.1%

Shapiro: 40.1%
Mastriano: 53.9%
Other: 2.3%
Undecided: 3.7%

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Nobody outside of a tiny minority of elitists and elitist wannabes support laws like the one in Vermont that say "students can play sports and use the locker room corresponding to their [identified] gender".

"I don’t want a biological man changing with me" is a normal sentiment.
[Blake] "Allen says that the dispute started when the trans student made an inappropriate comment while members of the volleyball team were getting changed."

She doesn't want a biological man watching her undress, so that's harassment and bullying.

REPs should run hard on this.
Every single day we hear Republicans bitch and moan about suburban women.

How about they start with advocating for their daughters who are being forced to change in locker rooms in front of biological males, and are being robbed from athletic opportunities and achievements?
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1. Little commentary on PA #Poll instead of responding to everyone in individual replies.

When the Generic Ballot and Most Important Issues are published, it'll help illustrate the following:

Look at undecideds, especially by EDU. Fetterman/Shapiro are near their ceilings.
2. Repeat: Look at undecideds, especially by EDU. @JohnFetterman & @JoshShapiroPA are near their ceilings. Very few ADV/Post-Grads & 4-Years undecided compared to Some / Associate and HS / Less, who break hard for @dougmastriano & @DrOz.

3. You'll also see the same shortly with issue voters and Trump vs. Biden voters. Voters who cite GOP-friendly issues (Econ/Jobs/Inflation/etc) this cycle are far more undecided than those who cite DEM-friendly issues (Abortion/Climate Change/Etc).

Further, Biden approval...
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Four part true/false #poll, with an open question at the end…

1/ True or False

If someone said they get 35% or less of their fat calories from saturated fat, you would consider them on a “low saturated fat diet”
2/ True or False

If someone said they get 10% or less of their fat calories from saturated fat, you would consider them on a “low saturated fat diet”
3/ True or False

If someone said they get 35% or less of their total calories from carbohydrates, you would consider them on a “low carb diet”
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How would you tackle this heavily calcified LAD with calcified #nodule that was appropriately identified by intravascular imaging? #OCT…

In this #EHJCaseReports #tweetorial we take a deep dive into the Rx of #calcified coronary lesions.
Calcified lesions are top of the totem pole of complex PCI
Main armamentaria are balloon-based #IVL & ablation-based (rotational/orbital) techniques, while ancillary tools eg guide extension catheters are useful too.…

#EHJCaseReports #tweetorial
What do you see with this non-compliant balloon in this calcified RCA?
What would you do next? Poll in next tweet!…
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Card games have entertained people for centuries and have always been a great way to pass time.

Let's go over some of the nominees for Best Card Games of 2022

#appshiverecommends #poll #polloftheday #gamepoll #cardgames #cards #gaming #gamingcommunity #gamers

A thread📜
1) @Solitairegame_1

What we liked:🤩

👉Easy finger-touch to transfer cards to where I want to locate them on the board.
👉Automatic card transfer is smooth
👉Super easy to play and good graphics
👉You can play with our friends as multiplayer also
2) @aceofspadessac

What we liked:🤩

👉Provides access to a variety of cards
👉It is a multiplayer game you can play with any random or known person too
👉You can play spades even offline too
👉Smooth card movement; drag & drop or click
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@mrjamesob @LBC @KayBurley @CommonsSpeaker @RhonddaBryant
Please see evidence that the Prime Minister lied today when he made his faux apology, and asserted that, he was not aware that he was breaking his own covid rules. Photos attached next, in case this gets deleted. 1/3
This is absolutely conclusive, irrefutable evidence that Boris Johnson has broken the #MinisterialCode, and lied to Parliament. There should be no doubt, that he IS a proven liar, with nothing but contempt for his office and the electorate. He must resign!

#Partygate 2/3
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New #Poll: "34% of Americans Can Find Ukraine on a Map. They’re More Likely to Support an Aggressive Posture Against Russia."

#RussiaUkraine… Image
28 percent of Americans "were able to identify Iran on a map roughly two years ago in the wake of a U.S. strike on the Islamic Republic’s most powerful commander. Nearly 3 in 4 voters were able to find Russia on the map."…
"About three quarters of U.S. voters said they had heard at least some news about the crisis. That’s about the same number of voters who could correctly place Russia on a map, and far more than the 1 in 3 who could identify Ukraine."
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Houston coach Dana Holgorsen wasn't pleased with being second up in postgame pressers after beating Auburn in the #BirminghamBowl: "Ya know, we won the game and I'm just standing out there for 20 minutes. I don't quite understand that."

#GoCoogs @Holgorsendana
#Poll: Should the winning team speak first after the game?
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According to a @FastCompany #article & an @indeed #poll, in the #techindustry, I'm old.

And not just a little old, a LOT old. I've been in #tech longer than many of my colleagues have been alive!

But that's OK & here's why (🧵):

1. You can't gain experience from a book (or website or app or ...)

The only way you gain #experience is by doing things over time.

That's it!

No shortcuts!

No cheat codes!

And I've had the time to gain the experience which shows on my #resume & portfolio.
2. I grew up before the Internet!

The Internet's biggest #advantage can also be its biggest failure. "Just Google it!" has become the modern mantra because it's easier to find a #solution than to figure it out.

My ability to problem solve is becoming rare! And marketable!
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Does #philanthropy get the media it deserves?

The philanthropy focused media is coming of age. Outlets and publications are scrambling to meet the needs of readers seeking insight on philanthropy within and beyond our field.
As coverage of philanthropy grows in quality, scale and sophistication, this panel brings together leading editors to discuss the issues shaping #philanthropy today – and the future of our own coverage.
What do #philanthropy editors see as the key issues shaping philanthropy today? 📰

How can geographic imbalances in the coverage of philanthropy be overcome? 🌍

​​​​​​​What's the best funding model to sustain a vibrant philanthropy #media? 💵
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#BSE #Sensex 280 month (23+ yr) update!

Sensex trailing PE was 31.6x for July vs 32.2x for June
vs low of 15.67x on 23 Mar 2020
9th consecutive 30+PE month
after 0 instances of 30+ PE till FY20!

Highest earlier PE for July has been 28.5x in Fy01
#NSE #DII #FII #Nifty #nifty50
#BSE #Sensex 280 month (23+ yr) update!
Sensex trailing PB was 3.4x for July vs 3.3x for June
P/B is in line with 23 year avg of 3.3x.

Lowest ever is 1.7x in Oct 1998
#NSE #DII #FII #Nifty #nifty50
#BSE #Sensex 280 month (23+ yr) update!

Sensex trailing Dividend Yield was 1.03% in July vs. 0.97% in June
vs 23 year avg for 1.4%

Lower div yld means high valuation.
Finally crossed 1% after 8 consecutive months div yld less than 1%

#NSE #DII #FII #Nifty #nifty50
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I think I can design a game.

A game that can teach the children how to learn.

I am not saying I have done PHD in game design or learning or child psychology.

What I understand is that learning needs to be e fun personal and exciting.

Assumption: kids love to play.
For example..

How would you teach children to speak?

Of course speaking properly need to be taught.

We do that all the time with the kids around us or we were taught by our parents.

Doing it online i.e. at scale is the challenge.
How do we do it?

-He is your dada ji
-Did you say namaste to your visitors.
-Do you recognise our visitors-
-Dont speak foul language
-Remind the correct pronunciation of something
-Ask same thing a few hundred times untill kids respond correctly.
Etc etc etc.
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We've got a tie this week, which means we have to have a #topgif tiebreaker! Options and poll below. #poll

#envhist #envhum
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#Ukraine thread. Kyiv International Institute for Sociology (KIIS) published its latest opinion #poll.

According to the poll, only 19.8% of Ukrainians were willing to vote for incumbent @ZelenskyyUa in a presidential election. Reminder: he was elected with 72% in Apr 2019.

Zelenskyi's party, the ruling Servant of the People, which won majority in parliament in July 2019, fairs even worse.

With 11.2%, it ranks 4th in electoral preferences, behind pro-Russian OPFL, Poroshenko's YeS and Tymoshenko's Fatherland:

According to the poll, 74.3% of Ukrainian respondents think that Ukraine is moving in the wrong direction. This figure is 90.7% in the government-controlled areas of Donbas:

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