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Riecco Nowotny : <I would have welcomed a candidacy of Weidmann very much ... It would be good if someone from the biggest economy in the euro area stood at the top of the ECB>
Via @FartFromAmerika…
HWS : <Non possiamo lasciarci ricattatare> Wir dürfen uns nicht erpressen lassen. 😎👌…
HWS : <Italians are looking for a transfer union, disguised in the form of a European unemployment insurance or of a joint deposit insurance. In the event😆 that the EU refuses💁🏻‍♂️, Italy threatens to quit😎>
HWS : <The truth is: we have arrived at a dead end, where there are no more convenient ways out. A transfer union is not a real solution - it leads to a certain stability, but a stability that can also be described as a siege>
HWS : <But letting Italy go could kill the eurozone. That's what you said ... the danger that if Italy leaves, other countries will come under attack from the markets and withdraw, and in the end you will end up with only a northern euro, which would appreciate strongly? ...
... 1️⃣ it is also an opportunity insofar as the other countries are now doing their homework for fear of it
2️⃣ The danger of an appreciation leaves me relatively cold. A northern EZ could easily react by buying😁 securities in the rest of the world [=Btp😎] with its own currency>
🔹<So don’t be impressed by Italy's exit threat😎. I'm not in favor of Italy's exit, but😎 you can not always be blackmailed
🔹[We] must choose a policy of financial solidity and stability instead of eternal spending
👉Italy😎 has to decide for itself what it does>❤️😁😎
#UscITA secondo #HWS
🔹<to introduce a parallel currency in the form of government paper, which are small pieces and could be used for transactions
🔹When that's done, you would declare withdrawal by overnight all accounts, loan agreements, labor contracts and leases on lira ...
🔹 The foreign debt could be repaid mainly in lira, but for the debt issued after 2012 that has to be served in euros, which would be difficult
🔹The Target2 debt ~500€. The ECB has no legal basis to enforce this claim and‘d write it off, with the Buba bearing ~30pc of the loss>
Ecco un comune Olandese, che ha capito tutto :
1️⃣Non ci hanno dato niente
2️⃣Non ci daranno mai niente😍
3️⃣Dobbiamo uscire dall’Euro
👉 Vox Populi Vox Dei ❤️👌
E così pure Folkerts-Landau, capo economista della DB
E chi ha capito tutto, come sempre, è l’ottimo Blondet : <Stanno per lasciarci liberi>
👉Standing ovation 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Fuerst insiste : <Gli investitori puniscono i piani di indebitamento di Roma e richiedono forti premi di rischio. Gli europei devono iniziare a proteggersi da una crisi italiana, dice Fuest. Si trattava di essere "possibilmente non ricattati”>😋.…
🔹Otto Fricke, FDP : <The nice thing about the market economy is that it limits political fantasies with mathematics>
🔹Friedrich Heinemann, Center for Europ Ec Research : <The Eu Commission should now also avoid anything that could signal investors early EU financial assistance>
🔹FUERST : <Part of the homework of EU partners is "to shield themselves from a potential crisis in Italy”. For instance by the sale of Italian government bonds by [non-italian] banks. Nice side effect, so Fuest: "That will increase the pressure of the capital markets”>
Qui FUERST fa lo gnorri. Egli sa benissimo che impedire la vendita di Btp alla clientela di banche non italiane : significa la segregazione finanziaria. Dunque la fine dell’Euro ... altro che <pressione di mercato>.
👉 Ma va bene così. Menta pure, visto che fa il nostro gioco😎
Eccone un altro. Dijsselbloem.
Roba forte. Veramente forte.
Via @brazorf_ajejeje…
1️⃣ <Looking at what (Italian officials) have put on the table, the commission really has no option than to send it back ... there’s going to be confrontation and I think the commission has no choice then to accept that confrontation and to take it>
👉 Da per certa la procedura😎
2️⃣<If the Italian crisis becomes a major crisis, it will mainly implode into the Italian economy … as opposed to spreading around Europe>
👉 Esclude il contagio 😆😂🤣
3️⃣<if you look at what Italy needs in funding next year alone we are talking about over 250 billion Euro, refinancing part of the stock of their debt and also, of course, these new spending plans. So markets will really have to look at that very critically>
👉Eccita i mercati😏
4️⃣<There will also have to be a role for the Banking authority, banking supervisor to look what this does to the Italian banks. We have already seen their stock valuation are going down>
👉Eccita lo SSM👽 ed invoca il bailin di massa💀
5️⃣<Because of the way that the Italian economy and the Italian banks are financed, it’s going to be an implosion rather than an explosion>
👉Ed è il bailin di massa che gli consente di sperare di contenere il contagio
6️⃣<only way to get out of this is for Italy to realize the destruction of the It ec, the It retail customers and the voters to understand the collapse of the banks, and then the correction will hopefully start coming from inside>
👉Bailin di massa come educazione collettiva☠️
7️⃣<I don’t see support around the euro zone to say, ‘These guys are completely off track — let’s help them ... a bailout of Italy would also wipe out the European Stability Mechanism fund within two years>
👉Esclude categoricamente😅 OMT ed ESM : solo Troika e sangue (italiano)
Il problema è quale Parlamento mai a Roma, voterebbe un simile mersa. Commenta ZeroHedge : <Was the former Dutch minister signalling that the European authorities would not have anything against a coup d’état👽 in Rome? Or was he suggesting that somebody do away💀 with Salvini?>
Secondo problema. Commenta ZeroHedge : <By mentioning only one possible solution, the European banker is sending a signal to Rome that no alternative, such as the return to the lira, will be discussed>
👉 Dissento. Per me Dijsselbloem indica, implicitamente, la strada della Lira.
ZeroHedge è molto simpatetico, con noi : <The It gvt, supported by the population, refuses to submit to the European financial masters. A shrinking population and increasing public debt ... need not be a problem as long as the country produces enough to pay for its imports>
ZeroHedge : <It is only because the Italians do not have their currency that they are forced to obey their masters in Brussels and bankers in Frankfurt. The introduction of a parallel currency and a withdrawal from the euro seems a logical😎 solution and not historically unique>
Insomma, Dijselbloem :
🔹conferma che Draghi colpirà col bailin di massa (vedi sotto)
🔹esclude OMT (idem)
👉Attende il gran giorno, in cui Roma dovrà decidere : subire o uscire
👉A condizioni talmente umilianti, che Roma non potrà far altro che uscire😎
L’occasione ci è gradita, per ricordare che quel maiale di Dijsselbloem venne foraggiato da ESM (cioè da NOI) <as a remunerated external service providers>🤮…
L’occasione ci è gradita, per ricordare una vecchia intervista di quel maiale di Dijsselbloem : <You can not spend all the money on drinks and women and then ask for help>🤮…
L’occasione ci è gradita, per ricordare ciò che quel maiale di Dijsselbloem disse del massacro cipriota : <It will force all ... to think about the risks they are taking on because they will now have to realise that it may also hurt them>🤮…
Handelsblatt : <Mai, prima d’ora, un governo italiano ha mancato così di rispetto si suoi partner europei. Se Roma non dovesse cedere nella disputa sul bilancio, incombe una nuova crisi del debito>
👉Vabbè, dopo anni passati a leccare loro il culo ... 🤦🏻‍♂️…
Handelsblatt : <The country is on the way to the abyss. The rating agency Moody's downgraded Italy on Friday after the close of trading. Now the credit rating is only one step above the junk status. The rating of Standard & Poor's will follow at the end of this week>😴
Handelsblatt : <the transfer of capital from Italy to neighboring Switzerland has set new records, Luganer bankers confirm>
👉 Controllo movimenti capitali, adesso.
Handelsblatt :
🔹<It is already speculating whether Italy needs a relief program of the euro rescue fund ESM ...
🔹Economists are even warning of a new debt crisis that could turn out worse than 2011>
👉 Eggnente, sono un disco rotto😴
Handelsblatt : <Apart from the populists themselves, there is no😆😂🤣 one in Italy who approves of the anti-EU course ... Boccia😴 ... Bombassei😴 ... Tajani😴 ... Antonio d’Amato😆 ... Vincenzo Visco🤮>
Handelsblatt : <But the gvt focuses only on domestic politics. Its goal: a big victory in the Eu elections. Subsequently😳, the Eu rules are to be changed
🔹Populists have little😳 economic expertise. Therefore, they prefer to seek blame elsewhere>

👉Crucchi illusi ignoranti
Handelsblatt : <Italy does not😏 currently look for a quick fix with Brussels
Also because support for the coalition of populists continues to grow😏 in the country ...
Handelsblatt : <The markets will vote again at the beginning of the week>
Handelsblatt : <If the coalition break up and Italy gets new elections😳 ... then the Lega faces a landslide victory ... That would be an even bigger problem for Italy and Europe>
👉Vabbè, parlano solo coi #piddini
👉Le el anticipate sono le Europee
👉Non hanno capito un cazzo😴
E veniamo al <Tedesco buono>. Il massimo del compromesso possibile, diciamo.
👉 Capire perché preferisco i Tedeschi Cattivi
1️⃣<honest analysis shows that the Italian government is quite right in its planned increase in spending, even if it has to make adjustments
2️⃣ Unlike Greece, Italy has a huge ec, and deepening Italy's crisis would inevitably put Europe in distress, including Germany>
<The biggest risk for Italy and for Europe today is that Rome question the euro and membership of the EU. It is no secret that Salvini is not a friend of the euro and repeatedly flirts with Italy's exit😎 from the euro ...
... For just the announcement of an EU🤣😂😆 or Euro👈 referendum😆😂🤣 would trigger a panic on fin markets, with fatal consequences for Italian banks and thus for the Italian economy>
👉 NB : parla di referendum. Fa finta di non sapere che la procedura sarà solo parlamentare😎
Fratzscher <The ECB would have the hands tied, because it could not😎, as opposite to the summer 2012, intervene to support Italy>
👉 Ergo, niente OMT😎. Lo dice pure Fratzscher😎
Fratzscher <The consequences of such a crash could overshadow the collapse of Lehman in 2008 also in Germany😴.
For many German banks and investors are heavily invested in Italy, many German companies and thus jobs are dependent on exports to Italy>
👉 In ipotesi referendum😴
Fratzscher : <the EU and Germany should not allow themselves to be blackmailed😴 by the Italian government through such a scenario>
👉 Ha gridato al lupo. Evocato le locuste 👉 Se fosse così uno si aspetterebbe una proposta seria ... invece🤦🏻‍♂️

The EU should
🔹allow the Italian gvt to temporarily increase its expenditure and thus its deficit, but
🔹on the condition that this expenditure be spent on measures that create jobs and to strengthen growth
<However, the conflict also shows that the EZ needs new and better fiscal rules ...
14🤢 German and French economists ... >
👉 Il documento dei 14🤦🏻‍♂️ era la peggio proposta possibile per noi
Fratzscher : <The conflict with the Italian gvt should be a wake-up call, especially for the gvts in Germany and France, urgently to tackle the reforms🤮 of the Euro before it is too late>
👉Questo è IL vero tragico rischio per noi🤢
👉Per fortuna c’è la Buba😅
Dijsselbloem, non ti preoccupare : la responsibility ce la pigliamo, presto.

Via @AnimoHoc
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