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The #FED and all major Central Bankers in the world believe that relentless credit expansion fosters greater economic growth and full employment

The fact is Lower interest rates fosters more debt issuance
What #FED , #SNB , #Euro and #BOJ are been doing is that when economic growth falters for any reason the first action is to push rates lower

But the fact is that there is a limit to how much debt the household, business, and government sectors of the economy can tolerate
To give an example the national #GDP of USA has grown 21X since 1969 and the total Debt including households, businesses, governments, and financials is up by 51X

Also remember aggregate economic growth comes from the sum of labour hours employed and productivity improvements
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The massive reset of the middle class in 2020 after #COVIDー19

#inflation #deflation #stagflation
#usfed #euro #dollars

Western countries are dealing with this crisis by increasing debts, increasing social spending and hence, ensuring the destruction of their currencies
and their bond markets and impoverishing the citizens along the way.
The destruction of the middle class allows governments to enact all sorts of dangerous policies because the middle class is really what rises up.
However, in other countries, mainly in Asia, Eastern Europe, and even Russia, they’re not handling this in the same fashion.
Many of these countries don’t even have social spending programs to the extent that the West does.
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A Take on #USD as reserve currency
#USFED #dollarindex #Dollar #dollarglobal #EURUSD #EURO

The Fed has printed more money out of thin air in just the last couple of months in 2020 than it has for its entire 107-year existence.
Before February 2020 , the Western governments were in debt to an extent where it would have been impossible to repay.
What’s a bigger issue, is the debts that were accumulated before the virus and those debts now have been blown to sky-high proportions
The only way to solve that problem is to default on it outright or to default on it by virtue of an inflationary outcome.
post-2008 financial crisis, the "solution" to the problem was an extension of credit by the banking system.
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1/ I've read many theories about why Italy was hit so hard by the #COVID19 crisis. Twitter Doctors and alike wrote about proxemics, air pollution or lung capacity. Ultimately, it might come down to one thing: failed politics has broken the healthcare system.
2/ Italy's hospital were clearly overwhelmed with the number of patients during the peak of the coronavirus crisis. According to the Gimbe Foundation, the Italian healthcare system is deteriorating because of insufficient funding. A trend that can be observed all over Italy.
3/ The government has cut 37 billion Euros of healthcare funding between 2010 and 2019. As you might know, the European debt crisis peaked between 2010 - 2012. Unfortunately the government is not only spending little, it is also wasting a lot: about 23 billion Euros every year.
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Die wichtigsten & nachvollziehbaren Argumente (FAZ Artikel) im Thread zusammengefasst, die #EZB habe es richtig gemacht❗️…

Es fehlt mE ein Punkt im Diskurs, die EZB Geldpolitik muss auch eine Vollbeschäftigung in Europa fördern. [f.]

Und dieses wichtige zusätzliche Ziel konnte nur durch #EZB's #Niedrigzins-Politik erreicht werden❗️

🔹Zinsen & Renditen in D. sind weit niedriger als in fast allen anderen #Euro-Ländern.
🔹Das hat nichts mit der gemeinsamen Geldpolitik der #EZB zu tun.
🔹Stattdessen ist bei uns der Kapitalbedarf des Staates zum Glück weit geringer als nahezu überall sonst.
🔹 Dank der #SchwarzeNull können wir aus einer Position der Stärke heraus die #Pandemie-Kosten schultern❗️
🔹 Nach der Logik der Karlsruher Einwände gg die Politik [f.]
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In my interview with @mastrobradipo @repubblica, I argue that the @ecb has responded swiftly and forcefully to the deep crisis that Europe is facing. The impact of our measures is substantial, and we stand ready to expand all of them, as needed, in line with our mandate. 1/6
Many of the #ECB’s monetary policy measures are bank-based, which is crucial for countries like Italy where small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role. The #ECB always assesses carefully that its measures are suitable, necessary and proportionate. 2/6
We need to make sure that our monetary policy is transmitted to all parts of the euro area. Diverging spreads are often a sign of fragmentation, and we are fully committed to countering such developments. The #PEPP is the right policy tool in this respect. 3/6
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#Gold No changes to my LT target: 800-890 USD! We have massive BEARISH PATTERN and divergence! Wedge may be done and hence crash imminent! However, we may(!) see a rather strong rally beginning of next week! Why? See next tweet!
The BEARISH pattern implies, that we must be looking for beginning of Decline. Short term, we may(!) have first 5 wave decline - yet we have not seen acceleration (w3). So, wave (2) may still be playing out - with pot. wave up to 1740s - generating all-good feeling!
This would align #Gold structure with #EURUSD structure. Hence, a ST rally before the crash sets in for both #Gold and #Euro. Strong #USD will crush Precious Metals and all other currencies. Take care!!
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1/ Jahrhundert- Pandemie oder Jahrhundert-Evidenz-Fiasko?

Wir erleben drakonische Maßnahmen die in ihrer Reichweite einzigartig in der Geschichte sind.

In diesem Thread fasse ich Meinungen und Studien zusammen, die ein differenziertes Bild zeichnen sollen

2/ Disclaimer:
Ich bin weder Mediziner, Virologe noch Epidemiologe.
Ich übernehme keinerlei Garantie für die Richtigkeit der hier vorgestellten Meinungen und Einschätzungen.

Ich stelle lediglich Fragen, die zu selten gestellt werden.
3/ Die in diesem Thread zusammengefassten Meinungen stehen extrem konträr zu den Meinungen unserer Politiker.
Gegenstimme: @TiloJung Interview mit @Karl_Lauterbach

Beides anhören und eigene Meinung bilden! 😊

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Avui dia de #SantJordi pots adquirir electrònicament el meu darrer llibre #QuèFanElsBancsCentrals en format electrònic al web del @grup62:
Avui a partir de 2/4 de 9 del matí seré a @elsmatins de @tv3cat per tal comentar què podem esperar del Consell Europeu, que debatrà el paquet econòmic per a la reactivació de la UE.
Moltes gràcies a @elsmatins de @tv3 per convidar-me a valorar què podem esperar de la cimera de la UE d’avui. @ernesturtasun, jo també trobo a faltar debatre amb tu sobre economia, l’euro i els rescats! Bona Diada de #SantJordi !!!!
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1/ Quest’ultimo periodo, pieno di incertezze per i business decision-makers come per i consumatori, ha visto un ampio dibattito su @econopoly24
Ecco il mio #ExecutiveSummary
#Covid-19 #Econ24
Long #Thread 👇
@econopoly24 2/ Primo tema, non ancora risolto è il Meccanismo europeo di stabilità (#Mes o #Esm). Il problema nasce dal fatto che il MES è stato istituito non pensando a crisi sistemiche come il #Covid19.
@econopoly24 3/ In termini pratici, bisogna ricordare che l’erogazione agli Stati rimane debito pubblico dei percettori. Così @francelenzi si domanda se l’accettare il MES equivale a dichiarare il possibile default dell’Italia.
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Proposition: #Banks won't rally because rates -long & short- are too low; #Japan is our marker, banks there falling while US/#EZ rose pre-#GFC, not gaining afterward; Also v-a-v EZ peers, #US bank returns were anomalous, ergo can't be repeated. 1/x
Response: Banks make money by increasing charges in the absence of NIM
NB: When long rates are artificially suppressed & flattened to/thru 0%, opportunity cost vanishes and demand for money -as a savings medium, not a transactional tool - RISES 2/x
It wasn’t low rates per se that held #Japan banks back, post 1989, but scattered failures and an heroic amount of write-offs and restructurings of their toxic, bubble-era legacy - something which helped the country’s eventual, creditable real per capita GDP recovery. 3/x
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Daha önce -Negatif Faiz- ve -Destek ve Direnç Nedir- başlıklı bilgiselleri hazırlamıştım. Şimdi de finans dünyasında çok kullanılan ve teknik analizlerde de rastladığımız kavramlara birlikte bakalım.

#Finans #Dolar #Euro #ALTIN
AYI PİYASASI (Bearish Market): Ayı piyasası uzun süreli düşüş yaşayan ve düşüş trendinde olan piyasalara denir. Ayının pençesinin yukarıdan aşağı sallamasından doğmuştur. Kısacası "ayı piyasası yaşıyoruz" deniyorsa o piyasada kötümserlik vardır ve sürekli düşüşler yaşanmaktadır.
BOĞA PİYASASI (Bullish Market): Boğa piyasası piyasanın yükseliş trendinde olduğu yani fiyatların gelecekte iyimser bir ortamda seyredeceği düşünülen piyasadır. Boğaların her şeyi boynuzlarıyla aşağıdan yukarıya kaldırdıkları inancından geldiği varsayılmaktadır.
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1. In the German news they now claim that a "global government" response may be needed to fight the #COVID19-crisis.
Of course the #NWO-pushers are pushing for a World Government. They always have & the #UN, the #IMF. EU-Brussels and many more will do so too!
2. That a more centralized response brings little can be seen with:
- The UN & #WHO: They failed to alert the world to a new Killer-Virus! The WHO was alerted to #COVID19 back in December 2019!
The UN was still playing the virus down end January 2020!
#Covid_19 #GlobalGovernment
3. A more centralized response brings little:
- The #EU under #VonDerLeyen has failed completely in the #COVID19-crisis. They rather push more mass-#migration (which will help spread the virus) & Von der Leyen cries that she can't push her new #GreenDeal harder!
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Take the #StayAtHome opportunity 2 LEARN: Highly Commend all sports & medical industry 4 providing so many FREE virtual conferences, workshops & webinars, a few ive come across (But please comment any other gd 1s?):
Sports Performance 🏀 ⚽️:
The @SSFCSpSci has upcoming Virtual Sports Science conference, great lineup => all proceeds 2 COVID19:…
2. The @Playermakertech @SteveBarrett5 put on a amazing virtual summit wth top experts, all available online FREE now…
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Vorrei chiedere (a chi ci sta) di alzare il livello ed uscire dalle logiche di APPARTENENZA, a SMETTERE DI TIFARE per qualcuno e ODIARE un altro. Basta con le felpe di #Salvini e i congiuntivi di #DiMaio. UNIAMOCI ORA contro la VERA EMERGENZA che è quella ECONOMICA. 
1 ⬇️
Fra pochi mesi l'Italia entrerà in una #RECESSIONE seconda solo a quella del dopoguerra.
Le previsioni delle maggiori banche d'affari e degli economisti sono catastrofiche.
Pochi hanno una vaga idea del baratro verso cui stiamo correndo.
Potrei già godermi i frutti di oltre 30 anni di lavoro e "coltivare orchidee" ma sto sul pezzo utilizzando le informazioni di cui dispongo per diffondere il mio punto di vista sperando di contribuire a liberare la mia amata #Italia dai #traditori che l'hanno resa debole. 
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1/11 A thread on the #euro and why I think its existence is about to be tested.
2/11 #Europe is about to face a simultaneous endogenous & exogenous economic shock. The #COVID19 is creating multi-level disruptions, and the #EU will need to act swiftly to address them. However, history has shown that #EU's decision-making process is very rigid. #euro
3/11 Yesterday, the European Commission pledged 25bn to tackle the economic crisis caused by the #coronavirus outbreak. This amount is equal to ~0.15% of #EU's GDP. Hence, bolder moves will be needed to address the upcoming economic disruption. #euro…
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@ERIKBABINI @AlbertoBagnai Analisi p e r f e t t a, del Prof @AlbertoBagnai sabato 28 dicembre 2013
“Lezioni dalla crisi: perché il Parlamento dovrebbe sfiduciare la Commissione.” ⏰…
@ERIKBABINI @AlbertoBagnai Tratto da:🗣 "Morire per l'euro?", organizzato dal gruppo EFD presso il Parlamento Europeo il 3 dicembre 2013. Qui il video 🎥 originale 🇬🇧 ).
Qui in Italiano🇮🇹
@ERIKBABINI @AlbertoBagnai Tratto da:🗣 "Morire per l'euro?", organizzato dal gruppo EFD presso il Parlamento Europeo il 3 dicembre 2013. Qui il video 🎥 originale 🇬🇧 ).
Qui in Italiano🇮🇹 (3)
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1/8: David Frost’s Brussels speech was an intelligent exposition of his view on the EU & an important explanation of #Brexit thinking in the new UK government: asserting the indivisible #sovereignty of the European nation state & the primacy of political identity over the market.
2/8: But, rooted in the 18th century thought of Edmund #Burke (ironically Irish), his argument bypassed the tragic history of how these independent & “revered” nation states behaved towards each other in the 20th century. And the low confidence in today’s national governments.
3/8: Many of us who take a more favourable view of the #EU recognise the overreach & democratic distance of its institutions. But surveying history, today’s world & the scale of European nations, we believe close, structured collaboration between them remains essential.
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#EZB-Direktorin @Isabel_Schnabel : "Höhere Leitzinsen sicher nicht angebracht" “Dank der #Geldpolitik der EZB haben wir #Vollbeschäftigung und die Wirtschaft floriert.” Stimmt! Warum? Der #Euro ist für Deutschland viel zu günstig, die Unternehmen und der
Staat sind die Profituere. Der Staat kann sich verschulden und wird belohnt mit #Minuszinsen. Der Exportmotor brummt und sorgt für Rekordsteuereinnahmen (19 Mrd). Unternehmen exportieren wie nie zuvor. Leidtragende sind die Sparer und Bürger. Es ist und bleibt ein gigantisches
#Notenbankexperiment. Warum werden seit November 2019 wieder für 20 Milliarden Euro Staats- und Unternehmensanleihen pro Monat von der EZB gekauft? Volumen der #Aufkaufprogramme aktuell 2,7 Billionen Euro - absurd! Damit könnte man Deutschland 8 Jahre durch finanzieren oder
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Su @ilfoglio_it di oggi con @greta_ardito ho vivisezionato la "Bestia". Con quasi 10k tweet nel 2019, l'account di @matteosalvinimi racconta molto della sua politica.

Qui vi racconto qualche risultato. Il pezzo è in edicola e online (per abbonati:…).

Primo elemento: Salvini in 1 tweet su 3 attacca qualcuno o qualcosa. La sua politica è fondata sulla ricerca di un antagonista e sulla polemica. Anche se non raggiunge i livelli di Trump (50%, secondo il New York Times)…

Attraverso la lettura di un campione casuale del 10%, abbiamo sintetizzato i suoi tweet in alcune categorie. Quelli sul cibo, sui migranti, sul Natale... Ce ne è per tutti i gusti: la lista completa qui sotto 👇

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Hoy es 31 de diciembre así que, como otros años, toca hacer resumen de lo que he producido en los últimos 12 meses. Abro hilo de 12 tuits con 12 trabajos. Uno por mes. Espero que lo disfruten 🧐🤓👇
El año empezó fuerte con un artículo @elpais_opinion argumentando que, pese a todo el ruido y los lamentos, la "Unión Europea está más unida que nunca". Las negociaciones del Brexit y las sanciones a Rusia así lo demuestran. La perspectiva es importante.…
@elpais_opinion En febrero, publicaba con mi colega @Steinbergf el siguiente capítulo: "La ineludible necesidad de compartir riesgos: el tortuoso camino hacia la unión fiscal" en el prestigioso Anuario del #Euro de la @FundacionICO que dirige Fernando Fernández:…
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@Barr Calls Out George #Soros For Subverting Legal System and Causing "Increase in Violent Crime and More Victims" Through Targeting District Attorney Races 1…… via
@LuMan_ @barr @gatewaypundit
“George #Soros Soros, the billionaire financier is under an investigation for funneling nearly 3.4 million dollars into a campaign solely aimed at taking down Boris Johnson." 2…
@LuMan_ @barr @gatewaypundit"It was the Soros financier and not Russia that influenced the conflict in Catalonia." 3…
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Il fuoco di sbarramento in Italia contro il #Mes conferma i peggiori sospetti: che molti governanti non vogliono affatto fermare la corsa all’indebitamento: fino ad arrivare al default, a spese dei partner nell’#Euro. Risultato: lo #spread in rialzo, la zappa sui piedi.
Debiti mica per investire in istruzione, ricerca, infrastrutture, ma per carita’! Tutto in prepensionamento e Rdc che fa trovare 1000 posti di lavoro per 700mila beneficiati. Tanto secondo i Bagnai &Co la ricchezza si genera distribuendo helicopter money: Venezuela dixit.
Avanti verso il burrone.
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@EuroMasochismo @borghi_claudio 🔻Putroppo stanno accelerando. Il cartello #IGFarben (o se preferite i loro discendenti) evidentemente ha dato loro ordini precisi...😑⚡️…
Thx to @lemasabachthani
@EuroMasochismo @borghi_claudio @lemasabachthani Vogliamo renderci conto con chi abbiamo a che fare? Di cosa parlo? Di questi. Quelli del cartello IG FARBEN…
Sarà dura ribaltare ciò che il cartello ha costruito in 60 anni. Ci vuole coraggio, fede in Dio e🍀. Molta.😑⚡️
@EuroMasochismo @borghi_claudio @lemasabachthani “I Trattati dell’UE:Il tentativo del Cartello petrolchimico e farmaceutico di consolidare il suo potere politico in Europa.”🔴I popoli europei abilmente ingannati dal1939 sino al1957,in seguito e tuttora da un manipolo di giuristi fanatici del cartello.😑…
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