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I met Zainab @cafe_abuja after a long day.

I had just sat down and ordered my meal when she walked in.... I have never seen such a good looking, petit girl, so fine I didn't want food any more.

She looked around for a seat and our eyes met, I smiled and she smiled back.
It was a full house and only one chair left and it was on my table.

She walked towards me and asked if she could seat with me as there was no where else, I smiled and stood up to pull her the chair.

Zainab is flawless, she smelt like she had dropped from heaven.
We sat for about 5 mins and then I managed to say "Good Evening, my name is Jay"... She replied "My name is Zainab and I am new in Abuja as well"

We had our meals and chatted like we had known for ages.
Zainab was in Abuja for her induction as she had just got a job with @WHO and was in Nigeria for the 1st time.

We ended up at @LitAbuja.

Half way into the night, Zainab asked me if she could have a smoke, I asked what she wanted exactly and she said loud... Lol.
I had a blunt in my car, so we walked out and got really buzzed. Back in the club we danced like we were 17.... What a night!!!

Time to go and I asked to drop her off but we knew that wasn't part of the script... We talk for a while and decided to go to mine...
At my apartment, with my housemate gone for the weekend, I had her down to her bra and panties and was just starting to unhook her bra when Zainab suddenly pulled away from me and said, “No, I can’t do this. I can’t do this.”
She stood up, faced me and said in a trembling voice, “I want to. I really do... but I can’t.”

I got upset and said to her “You’re a damn tease! I never want to see you again!”
“No,” she sobbed as she burst into tears. “I want to... I really do... I... I... I... just can’t.” She sniffed and said softly, “... unless you make me.”
"What!?” I replied. “Are you telling me that you want me to rape you?”

“No,” she said nervously. “Just tie me up or something so I can’t resist you.” She then gave me a look that was somewhere between a nervous smile and absolute desperation....
“You’re serious?”. “You really want me to tie you up and fuck you, don’t you?”
Zainab hung her head in shame as she nodded yes. I still wasn’t sure, but when I saw a widening wet spot on her panties that threatened to start dripping on the floor, I said, “Just a minute.”
Leaving her in the sitting room, I got my small duffle bag from my room. “This is my goodie bag,” I said. “I thought I was going to have to throw it all away and give up on one of my favorite pastimes but here we go....
I lifted a length of soft rope out of the bag, smiled, and said, “But sometimes life gives you the lemonade already mixed and sugared.”
I looped the rope around Zainab’s neck and led her to my bedroom. Once there, I secured her spread-eagle on the bed and cut away her panties. Her bra unclasped from the front, so it remained tangled over her arms as I slowly nibbled and teased my way around her body.
When she was moaning loudly and thrusting herself upward almost off the bed, I finally entered her.

I wished for a moment that I had also gagged her because her screams of passion were loud enough to disturb even my hard-of-hearing, elderly neighbors.
I did gag her before driving her to her second, violent and noisy orgasm. When she had finally calmed down from that, I removed the gag and she said softly, “You can untie me now, but lie here with me and hold me... please?”
In the morning we talked and she explained that she couldn’t even masturbate unless she tied herself up first. “I’ve got a remote control vibrator,” she explained, “... that has a timer. I set it to start after half an hour, insert it and then tie myself up.
Zainab's voice got a little shaky and she said, “And before I can do something especially naughty, like put the vibrator in back rather than in front, I have to punish myself first with a little self-spanking.”
She then went on to say that she also punished herself for forgetting to wear underwear when she had work on the fifth floor and knew that people would be able to see up her skirt on the steps.
Zainab had gone to take a shower while I made breakfast....

I heard my doorbell while in the kitchen, I made to get the door.... It was Grace and she looked gracious this Saturday morning.
We chatted for a minute and she joined me in the kitchen.

Zainab walked into the kitchen after her bath with just her red lace underwear and no bra; breast so nice and nipples hard like a nut.

I introduced Zainab to Grace and she has a naughty look all over her face.
Grace was just a friend, we chatted from time to time and she came around to help me out whenever she could.
We all had breakfast and shared a bottle of Sweet Red Wine....

Grace and Zainab got along so well and I started to have funny ideas....

I had a lot of sweets and chocolate in the house and 3 bowls of ice cream.

We tied up a blunt and soon we were all buzzing.
What I had to do was microwave the sweets and chocolate into a huge mound and put it in a bowl. And that’s where things got interesting.
We played strip poker, soon we were all without clothes..... We were in the Eden.

Zainab reaches for my bag of pleasure.... she led Grace to my bedroom, she stood with my hands bound to a chain above her head, making her body stretch to the point of discomfort but not pain.
I stood there very aroused, I was full length by now, hard like a rock, I watched as Zainab removed my belt from jeans. 'Eyes forward,' she snapped at Grace. She positioned herself a few feet behind her and began to stroke the thin leather belt across her bare ass....
Zainab suddenly whacked her ass with the belt. She let out a slight scream at the suddenness of her attack. 'Punish me' she said sweetly, 'That's not good enough. She whacked her harder and she screamed 'Punish me Ma'
Soon Zainab had her hair in a hold from behind.... Grace looked at me with teary eyes.... She looked so graceful, her body was awesome, I had never seen it. She looked like she wanted me to help her but she liked everything Zainab did to her. She enjoyed every moment. I did too.
Zee paused long enough to fetch a small black item from my goody bag. She held it up in front of her face. 'Suck it,' she demanded. She recognized the item, It was a butt plug. She hesitated for a moment, Zainab again grabbed hold of her hair and yanked her head back.
As her head jerked backward she gasped a bit, and Zee rammed the plug into her mouth. 'I said suck it, didn't I?!' she reaffirmed. As she novicely licked the rubber plug, she felt her hand spreading her ass apart. 'Suck it good... like a little slut,'
Arch your back and stick your fanny out. Now!' Just as she obliged her, her finger pushed past into her anus. Z moved her finger in and out of her virgin asshole a few times before withdrawing the plug from her mouth and positioning the rubber mass right at the tip of her anus.
It was lubed.....
Z pushed on the plug a bit harder and it began to enter her ass. Ever so slowly, she worked the plug into her hole, pausing for a while at the widest point of the plug. With that she added one final push and the plug seated itself with a slight 'pop' deeply in her ass.
Grace gasped as Zee embedded the plug in her ass. She couldn't believe the sensation or what she was feeling. She felt uncomfortable having been violated in such a manner, but it also felt strangely arousing to her that someone else was in total control have her ass played with so... Only when she felt Zee's hand reach and part her wetness did she realize how much all of this was turning here on.

Zainab knew it too!
They both get onto their knees next to each-other and kiss each-other. Just when I started to enjoy the kissing, I approach both, standing next to them made my body tremble. Suddenly, Z grabs Grace, place her lips over my rock solid dick....
I buried all of me in her mouth, 11 inches of me, she chocked, looked at me with a smile like she wanted more, I fucked her throat so good..... I stopped for a bit to free her hands..... She wanted more.... The room was now electric
Zainab pulled the plug out slowly, she gasped, she grabbed my dick and sucked it so good. Zee lowered her face into her honey pot.... This time she was already dripping to her knees.... Z, using only the tip of her tongue caressed her clitoris, she cringed
Just as i shoved my whole dick into her throat, she started to cum. Zee is good at using her mouth, after all. cum flow all over her thighs as I told Z not to lick her clean, I wanted some of that and we can use the smell of sex in room. I said, smiling.
I walked around to the bed, As I lay on my back, Grace took no time in finding my cock with her mouth, She swallowed me whole, locking her lips around the base of my shaft, pulling up towards the head, then sliding her mouth and her tongue back down to the bottom.
I love taking my time to cum, always in my cocksucker's mouth. I expect my cum to be eaten, when I eventually squirt my seed into her mouth or down her throat. I've rarely been disappointed. But even more than cumming, I love just getting sucked.
My cock is nothing extraordinary, although it does reach 11" when I'm fully erect. I've often been told, its girth is larger than the typical man's. Of course, I'm prejudiced: I just think it's a great size for being sucked.
I love that feeling a woman's lips pushing at the base of my cock as I'm straining to reach as far down her throat as I can.
The time is coming soon, and so is my cock. I start to erupt down Grace's throat, then pull back just enough to finish feeding her my load into her mouth. I want her to taste my cum and know what she's swallowed. I can feel her body writhing in an orgasm of her own.
I will be @cafe_abuja with Zee tonight..... Grace might cum too.
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