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Conservatives Hate Dancing, Strong Women So Much!…
Could you believe that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was caught on videotape dancing like a sinning sinner of sinfulness? Like all conservatives, I hate dancing so much, so very much, as part of our anti-joy agenda.
Luckily, so many prominent, influential conservatives took to Twitter to call out her wicked wickedness, including such conservative thought-leaders as @QTruthGuy1776 and @ILoveMAGAAndAmNotABot.
Dancing! Harrumph! Outrageous! It’s about time we all re-watched the original Footloose, and gave a listen the thoughts on dancing of the movie’s hero, John Lithgow.
Her dancing sure showed us. She’s going to dance, damn it, and she doesn’t care how offended we are.

You know what else I hate? Strong women. Like all conservatives, I hate strong women so much so very much.
And the new Democrat caucus in the House is full of strong women, which I know because they and CNN keep telling me the House is full of strong women and it’s not like they would ever mislead us.
See, we conservatives hate strong women because of course we do. I brought this up to my wife, Ofkurt, just yesterday. When I finished speaking, she raised her hand, which is hard to do in a handmaid’s robe, and after I called on her, she agreed that strong women are the worst.
Their being strong women sure showed us. They’re going to be strong women, damn it, and they don’t care how offended we are.
And now there’s presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. She drank a beer on video, which is horrible because everyone knows we conservatives hate beer, especially when it’s being drunk by a strong woman. And the fact that she’s Native America made it 1/1024 times worse.
Plus, this devastating video opus showed how authentic and in touch with real people she is, and how likable and relatable she is too.
Her totally being a strong woman who is Native American, likable and relatable, sure showed us. She’s going to be a strong woman who is Native American, likable and relatable, damn it, and she doesn’t care how offended we are.

We have at least two more years of this, folks.

Two more years of calculated nonsense designed to sway the voters into the installing the liberal elite back into power.
Their goal is to both ingratiate these weird liberal mutations with Normal Americans who aren’t paying a lot of attention to politics at the moment – in large part because Trump’s economy is putting them back to work –
So we’ll be seeing more of it. Beto was a test case. Skateboards! Air drumming to the Who! Whataburger! They really think you’re that stupid. And some people are.
Of course, the lapdog media is eager to help. Build the liberals up, tear us down. Why else would they highlight Mitt Romney doing his schoolmarm thing? Next, we’ll see Biden on a chair getting some ink and talking about how chill his administration will be.
No doubt Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit will show up on The View to shake her groove thing.

AOC wants a 70% top rate? In the big liberal states like California and her own New York, that means an 80%+ rate. People notice that, including liberal people.
Even the lonely divorced teacher with cats and a twist-top Chardonnay jones who represents the Democrats’ base is going to balk at paying four-fifths of her paycheck. If it’s money for welfare cheats or her cats, Fluffy wins.

Ask her about that.
A green new deal? So, there go all those coal jobs that just came back. There goes America’s energy supremacy, which is just within reach. Oh, and here comes…more taxes. Limits on SUVs. Higher utility bills.

Ask her about that.
Get her talking, because when she’s dancing she’s winning. But when she’s talking, we’re winning.
She’s bad on policy because she really is an empty-skulled pinko dork. But we’re just not going to beat her (or any of the others) solely by pointing out, with increasing desperation and frustration, that she’s an empty-skulled pinko dork.
People will get that when they are open to it. Her words will open their minds. Here’s the thing – the left thought Trump was stupid and crazy, and said so, but shut out the personal critique because they liked his ideas. They won’t like hers.
In the meantime, we can all look forward to Kamala Harris crunking and Bernie Sanders doing the cabbage patch. See, socialists are cute n’ fun! And maybe it will make us forget, for a moment, that they adhere to a bloody ideology built on the corpses of 100 million innocents.
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