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நண்பர்கள் அனைவருக்கும் வணக்கம் 🙏
எங்களின் கொரோனா வைரஸ் அனுபவம் மற்றும் மருத்துவமனையில் எவ்வாறு மருத்துவம் அளிக்கப்பட்டது என்பதை முழுவதுமாக தெரிவிக்க இந்த Thread -ஐ எழுதுகிறேன் அனைவரும் படித்துவிட்டு உங்களது ஆதரவையும்& கருத்தையும் தெரிவியுங்கள்
#Annaatthe #Master #Valimai
என் தந்தைக்கு என்னென்ன அறிகுறிகள் தென்பட்டது என்றால் ... உடல்வலி, சுவையிழப்பு, வறட்டு இருமல், சளி, மூச்சு விடுவதில் சிரமம் காய்ச்சலை தவிர அனைத்தும் இருந்தது நாங்களும் சரியாகிவிடும் என்று அசால்ட்டாக விட்டுவிட்டோம் லோக்கல் மருத்துமனைக்கு சென்றோம் ஆனால் பலனில்லை ... (2/n)
ஒரு கட்டத்தில் இரவு முழுவதும் தூங்கவில்லை ...அவ்வளவு இருமல் மூச்சு திணறல் மறுநாள் காலையில் கார் எடுத்துவிட்டு பாண்டிச்சேரி, மகாத்மா காந்தி மருத்துவமனைக்கு சென்றோம் அங்கே Admit செய்யவில்லை உன் அப்பாவிற்கு Oxygen அளவு குறைவாக உள்ளது நீங்கள் ஜிப்மர் மருத்துவமனைக்கு செல்லுங்கள் (3/n)
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Since half trouser boys don't deserve our attention, we will post a detailed thread on #Ghilli's TRP for Week 13, which can be used as a reply or reference or however you want!

(And we're still waiting for the proof for Singam data. Schools closed, why taking long?)#Master #BARC
Q 1: BARC did not publish data for Week 13?

No. BARC posted data for Week 13 "three days" delayed.

1. They tweeted it themselves
2. A reference article has been attached that confirms the same
Q 2: Data for Ghilli is not genuine. It is photoshopped?

Ghilli's data was published in their website. Once it was published, it was taken a screenshot (like every fanbase always does) and shared by everyone - from fans to cinema pages to TV pages.

Some of them in SS.
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#Demystefying #EIANotification
Today we consider the very 'soul' of d legal instrument called #EIANotification namely d #EIA #Report
An EIA Report is meant to be a thorough scientific document that a professional agency prepares after detailed investigations+
of d likely environmental impacts that d planned project / activity is anticipated to hv at d #site in #question.

Its (#EIA #report) quality wud depend on:
a) Competence of d agency involved
b) Independence of d agency
c) Transparency & inclusive nature of d exercise
The reality of an #EIA #report is that:

Right from #EIA1994Notification to #EIA2006 & now #DraftEIA2020 d #notification provides that it is d #ProjectProponent (PP) that shall #select & #commission the #EIAconsultant at its own cost & terms.

This provision alone+
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தலைவர் திரு.ரஜினிகாந்த் அவரை எனக்கு பிடிக்க காரணம்.

எனக்கு சிறுவயதில் இருந்தே விஜய்,ரஜினி இருவரையும் மிகவும் பிடிக்கும். என் அப்பா தீவிர ரஜினி வெறியர் எல்லாருக்கும் அவங்க அப்பா தான் Role model அது போல தான் எனக்கும் எங்க அப்பா ...(1/n)
#எனக்கு_பிடித்த_ரஜினி #Master #Annaatthe
எங்க அப்பா எப்படினா ரொம்ப நல்ல மனசு அவருக்கு கெடுதல் நினைக்குறவங்களும் நல்லா இருக்கனும் நினைக்குறவரு...அதிக உதவி செய்யக்கூடிய மனப்பான்மை அருகில் இருப்பவர்கள் விஷம்னு தெரிஞ்சும் அவங்களுக்கு நல்லது எண்ணக்கூடியவர் எங்க அப்பா.. (2/n) #எனக்கு_பிடித்த_ரஜினி #Master #Annaatthe
இப்போ Twitter, FB, Insta,YouTube nu எல்லாம் இருக்கு நிறைய பேருக்கு எல்லாம் தெரிஞ்சு இருக்கு ஆனா எங்க அப்பா சின்ன வயசுல இருந்தே ரஜினி எப்படி வந்தாங்க எவ்ளோ கஷ்ட்டப்பட்டாங்க
1.காவேரி பிரச்சனை
2.1996 அரசியல்
3. இலங்கை தமிழர் பிரச்சனை
Etc..ipdi niraya vishayatha sollirukanga(3/n)
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#formations #master #santépublique 🟢Venez candidater ! 🟢 Voici la liste de nos formations 1/7 👇
Master Santé Publique
Parcours : Education thérapeutique et éducation en santé. Sous la direction de @cycrozet et du Pr Rémi GAGNAYRE 2/7…
Master Santé Publique
Parcours : Ingénierie des Formations en Santé. Sous la direction de Mme Claire MARCHANT et @AuroreMargat 3/7…
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𝐄𝐩𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐝𝐞 𝟎𝟏. 𝐅𝐁 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞

▶️ Start
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Can computers create art? This is 'A Prayer For A Christian's Grave', created by… a computer!
What do you see in it?
@glitch80bot #GlitchMe #innovation #digital #cryptoart #css #abstract #stainedglass #security
@threadreaderapp unroll what do you see in this artwork? #bot2bot 🤖 #digitalart #lanwangji #robotics #cryptoart #drawing
@ImCaedmon For me this image represents  Jesus' life from before His Crucial Event, and from his life in death, in which there has also been . What do you see in this artwork? #animalcrossing #digitalart #painting #ai #robotics #drawing #abstract #master
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Innum konja nerathula oru decoding ennoda side lanthu varum just wait
@_TTT_Official @VijayFansUpdate @VijayFansTrends @TeluguVijayFans
#Master #MasterAudioLaunch
Here we go
1.The red poster naming George might be a rock band name in new Orleans and it bears the word stomp which is really a band in usa
2. Pringles is a well known manufacturer of potato crunchies and you know jack daniels
3. The flag marked area shows an ash tray with a half burnt cigarette so we are gonna witness a never before swaggy thalapathy in #Master
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I had a skype chat with director Lokesh and he confirmed that #Master will be family friendly with lots of deDicAtIOn tO wOmEn scenes. The original script was about helping kashtapadra farmers but Vijay demanded that they were replaced by women since helping farmers was so 2017.
Vijay hopes the movie will inspire his male following to be more dedicated to women. He acknowledged that his fanbase were dedicated to women but in the wrong way. Vijay hopes for less stalking and harassment and more respect.
A recent studies have shown that 98% of prison inmates convicted for offenses against women were die hard #Thalapathy and #Thala fans. Vijay hopes to reduce that statistic with #Master.
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Suite à la polémique sur les projets de réforme du #CAPES, j'aimerais donner mon petit point de vue de masterant #MEEF histoire-géographie... 1er #thread ...
Pour recapituler, la réforme envisage un concours en 4 épreuves, comme actuellement (2 d'admissibilité, écrites ; 2 d'admission, orales). Aujourd'hui le CAPES (de la #teamhg) est composé de 3 épreuves purement disciplinaires et d'1 épreuve entre épistémologie et didactique. ...
(Pour les plus pointilleux, désolé mais laissez moi rire de l'aspect professionnalisant de la partie 2 "exploitation adaptée" de l'épreuve de commentaire ou de MSP, entre usage de plans et déroulés de séances/séquences appris par coeur, et de séances totalement fictives.) ...
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This AM pundits and #Democrats were attempting to #shame @realDonaldTrump for the mere discussion of placing illegal aliens in sanctuary cities. "How dare he use humans as pawns in a political game!" They were riding along on their high (hobby) horses.
But @POTUS is their #Master. He totally owned them. He didn't back down. No mealy mouthed half-apology, "it was just an idea some junior adviser put out"

Not this President.

Not this administration.
Instead, he OWNED the idea and makes clear that it is still on the table:
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#Surrender doesn’t depend on the object, it is a quality that you bring into your #being. To whom you surrender is irrelevant.

Any object will do. You can surrender to a tree, you can surrender to a river, you can surrender to anything, your wife, your husband, your guru.
Even through stones, people have attained because it is not a question at all to what you #surrender.

You surrender, and that brings the whole thing, that opens the door. Surrendering, the effort to surrender brings an opening to you.
If you are open to stone, you become open to the whole existence, because it is only a question of opening. How can you be open to a stone, and not open to a tree?
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#Love can never be #satisfied. If it is satisfied, it is not much of a love. The #greater and #deeper it is, the more #dissatisfaction there will be. It simply shows the vastness, that it will never be satisfied. The moment it is satisfied, it is dead.
#Satisfaction is not a great #quality. It belongs to the little #minds, to the little #hearts.

There are people who are satisfied with a little #money, with a #house, with a little #name, a little #fame, these are #pygmies.
#Giants are never #satisfied. On every new step, they find the #journey is becoming #deeper, more #miraculous, more #mysterious. The #longing is #growing and the heart is full of a sweet #ache.
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Hello, I am Edna Matta. I was born in #Ibague, known as #Colombia’s #CityofMusic. A beautiful place near snow-covered volcanos (Ruiz, Santa Isabel and Tolima), large expanses of paramo forest, lakes and streams where a diverse array of animal and plant species coexist
My story starts with #powerful, #strong #women in my #family. I was the third of 4 children and my mom #firstMentor had to raise us practically alone, since my father had to work in a different city, 20h away by car
My mom is a very #strong #woman that taught me #values, to #workhard and to be #self-sufficient #StrongWomen #StrongFamily
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS /1
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At dinner, I learned more about corruption + racism built into society by our masters. A book we discussed (Zinn) was used as part of this "Left" resource's bibliography. I had to share. [A thread]

@BlackSocialists - thoughts on this resource?
It very simply lays out the case that we are all being controlled. It covers hidden history of the United States including their (and, due to the systems created by our masters, our) racism. 

#racism #systemicracism #history
If you haven't been in school for a while (or are in a terrible school), some of the words might trip you up. and are two good resources to help you.
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I read a #TooGoodNotToShare short story .

It’s surely worth a read...

Once upon a time, a cow went out to graze in the jungle. Suddenly, she noticed a tiger racing towards her.
She turned & fled,fearing that the tiger would sink his claws into her any moment. She desperately looked for someplace to escape & at last, saw a shallow pond.Barely evading the tiger’s reach,she jumped into the pond & in the heat of the chase,the tiger blindly leaped after her.
To the surprise of them both,the pond was extremely shallow yet filled with deep recesses of mud. After toppling over each other, the cow and the tiger found themselves a short distance apart, stuck in the mud up to their necks.
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