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1. Why are #NeverTrumper so frustrating? Turns out GOP politics mirrors Dems politics almost exactly. In the 1990s/2000s, Clinton and Bush reacted to the end of the Cold War with a fascinating experiment. They sought to break business and finance from control of the state.
2. They placed authority in the Fed, deregulated banks, enacted NAFTA/the WTO, and regulated banks via bailouts of Mexico and East Asia. Locking it in was the opening to China. A perfect libertarian machine, global utopia. No rules on capital flows, no party to complain to.
3. Here's James Carville: "I used to think that if there was reincarnation, I wanted to come back as the president or the pope or as a .400 baseball hitter. But now I would like to come back as the bond market. You can intimidate everybody."

That's it right there.
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Mary Kissel is a Senior Advisor to Secretary Pompeo. She was previously on the Wall Street Journal editorial board where she strongly opposed @realDonaldTrump during the 2016 campaign.…
Would a member of the @WSJ editorial board know the editors at the @NYTimes?

How hard would it be for them to coordinate and play a dirty trick like ‘Anonymous’?
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Time for a Mitt Romney thread.

Deep State, #MormunMafia human scum.

#MormunMafia #QanonLDS #MittRomney #WellHellzBellz #Benghazi

✅Mormun VIP, Marion G. Romney
✅father George Romney was Gov of Michigan, Nixon admin.
✅Mitt was Gov of Massachusetts
✅Mitt is Senator for Utah
Yes, I counted and read each one. Sample here.

2012 Presidential Race: Obama vs. Mitt Romney,

Mitt tweeted over 200 times between September 11, 2012 and Election Day.

Not a SINGLE mention of BENGHAZI,

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Thread: News Summary from the Week that Was (17 – 23 November)

1. This is my weekly summary of news that the legacy media and Democrats have obfuscated for partisan political reasons.
2. Let’s start off with an article that exposes how disgraceful and evil those who run Facebook really are:

2A. Mary Ann Mendoza is not a popular woman among tech companies, it seems.
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Among the many English words and phrases Trump is intentionally destroying to make the American public more supple in his tiny, deceitful hands is #NeverTrumper, which literally and *only* means a person who categorically and publicly opposed Trump's election

Vindman is not one
PS/ Indeed by definition a person who *only* developed opposition to Trump *after* his election—when America saw Trump's incompetence as president—is *not* a #NeverTrumper, as they didn't oppose him during the primaries

IAC, pretty sure we have *no* idea what Vindman's views are
PS2/ I know it seems like a small point, but media keeps doing this: letting Trump put words/phrases into the jetstream that are nonsensical or false or both but that he nevertheless is put on air saying repeatedly on a loop for weeks on end by the very media not questioning it
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Wow! #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson in April 2017 dishing on Trump gossip with his friend & fellow gun nut Dana Loesch on NRATV. You know the NRA that is a "foreign asset" to Russia... Did Rick get paid for his appearances?? #TruthMatters @shannonrwatts
@shannonrwatts #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson's history with "Russian asset" NRA from 2011-August 2017. Long after the 2016 election. He goes hard on Trump/Russia but has never repudiated the NRA. Was Rick paid by NRA for his appearances?
@shannonrwatts Rick Wilson appeared repeatedly on NRATV and with NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch.
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09/26/2019 Trump Deleted Tweet comms
Their -> There
Plural -> Singular on crimes & misdemeanors
Removes 1 Treason
Fixes Quotes
Removes RD
"Respected" -> Fox News
Meaning? Looks like a call for more to flip, possibly the last ever #Qanon #GreatAwakening
The deal:
Removing treason = removing chance of being executed.
Plural to singular on crime = less being charged
Many are not eligible for deals Tho. #Qanon #TickTock
People often tell me that Q said "no deals" look, there will always be deals - even if deal is just giving an extra week until execution in exchange for turning in George Soros. I think Q meant no deals for the cult as a whole & for child predators.
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This #ThrowbackThurday let’s take a moment and remember some of the instances where both Cheneys came out against @RealDonaldTrump and his America First policies. #WarmongerCheneys #NeverTrumpCheneys
.@Liz_Cheney didn’t agree with @RealDonaldTrump on having allies pay for American protection. Why should the US taxpayer always be stuck with the bill? She blasted the president! #WarmongerCheneys #NeverTrumpCheneys…
When @realdonaldtrump questioned NATO, once again @Liz_Cheney came out swinging, calling the president Wrong. #WarmongerCheneys #NeverTrumpCheneys…
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Thread: On the Office of the Director of National Intelligence

1. Established in 2005, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence integrates the intelligence gathering and analysis functions performed across the IC to provide intelligence to decision makers.
2. The core mission is advertised as leading intelligence integration and forging an intelligence community across the 17 component agencies that delivers the most insightful and accurate intelligence possible. Here is more from the official website:

3. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) serves as the head of the U.S. Intelligence Community, overseeing and directing the implementation of the National Intelligence Program (NIP).
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Thread: News Summary from the Week that Was (7-13 July)

1. These weekly news summaries include stories that the legacy media either doesn’t report or – if they do – then never provide the proper context and follow-up.
2. Let’s get started with an article that shows just how ignorant and anti-American two serving members of Congress are. The fact that they are is not what is bothersome, but rather those who voted for these two are who concern me the most!

2A. First-year congresswomen Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts retweeted a Salon article contending the Declaration of Independence is a racist and sexist document because it doesn’t address slavery or women’s rights.
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I don’t trust @tedcruz. Not after his antics towards the end of the 2016 election and especially after with the stealing of delegates.

Well, since Trump became POTUS, he looks like he has come around. Which I’ve been supportive.

But now his biggest supporter from ...
... Michigan, Rep. Justin Amash and a huge #NeverTrumper is screaming fairly loudly along side with democrats against @realDonaldTrump. Why? What crimes is he. Hiding? Q warns us about those who scream the loudest.

Amash, in tow with CNN asserts Trump meets the ...
... threshold for impeachment over obstruction.

Big question: how can you obstruct when there was no crime?

And where is Amash’s buddy @tedcruz? Ted Cruz is well known for his underhanded back room deals to undermine his opponents. Is Amash just one more of his wishful ...
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Yesterday, I took the day off to work on my book.

Today, I will be dunking on politicians and journos for the Russiagate hoax.

You’re welcome, America.
FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Invented Russiagate Conspiracy Theory…
Ahh. I see the bitter bloggers over @thedailybeast have received my inquiries!

Cry more, dork.

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I'd like to dedicate this THREAD to "Sealed Indictments"
This one's for #TeamPatriot. The great pretenders and shameless fakers who cashed in on people's vulnerability and despair.
2/ NeoCon John Schindler self described "security expert and specialist in espionage and terrorism" writing for Jared Kushner's newspaper. "Mueller is holding dozens of sealed indictments."
3/ John Schindler #TeamPatriot's "security Expert and specialist in espionage and terrorism." "Two words: Sealed indictments"

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1. #qanon post 2/20/19. Q showing how many in the FakeNews pay attention to the Q drops. Example: look at everyone discussing Dan Coats all the sudden. No evidence anything was released about Coats until Q drop yesterday. Now they are all talking about Coats...apparently Maggie
decided to stay on the "train" and did not exit to the tunnel towards the she will feel the heat since she did not see the light. She was given a chance to jump the Deep State ship; she chose to tie herself to the sinking Deep Shape ship...sad.
Q tried to reach out to @maggieNYT in January, but she just can't let go of her taskmaster...she seemed to be communicating to Qanon in code. she's in too deep.
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@SheridanLuanna @perlmutations @QuancyClayborne Ahhh, late arrivals crimes. How very concerning.

Like when Obama arrived late for the Mandela memorial service, and then acted the 7th grader getting selfies with other rulers?…
@SheridanLuanna @perlmutations @QuancyClayborne And of course, he arrived late for the moment of silence following the Paris massacre:…
@SheridanLuanna @perlmutations @QuancyClayborne And late for his last address on the behalf of the USA at the UN General Assembly:…
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Thread: How to React to Breathless Legacy Media Reports

1. I like many people get spun up by a lot of “breaking news.” It is a natural emotional reaction for those paying close attention to current events.
2. But then that’s PRECISELY what the political agitators behind fake news stories want. They wish to obfuscate the truth, protect the Deep State, and divide and dispirit their opposition.
3. Facts are hard to come by these days, given the media's propensity to go with "unnamed sources" who have obvious political agendas. We have witnessed this many times since 8 Nov 16.
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Thread: A Recount Rant

1. This Florida voting fiasco gives us the taste of living in some “3rd World Shit-hole.” The election should have been called as a Fraud and Grand Theft by the Democrats long ago.
2. Just look at what happened in AZ. How does a renowned Commie beeotch who publically denounces the state of Arizona WIN a senatorial race over an USAF combat veteran (female!)? Un-frickin-believable!
3. We have brought this on to ourselves because we don’t have the guts to do what it takes to “Make America Great” as it was when our parents were alive. It’s proven in recent decades that the voting booth is not enough to assure our continued success.
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SMH #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson worked to elect as he puts it "A RABID PRO-TRUMPER" in a statewide race. Who'd you work for Rick? What xenophobic, mealy mouthed Trump sycophant are you working to put in Congress on Nov 6th? Your followers deserve to know the truth. #hypocrisy
@PhilippeReines it turns out I didn't need a long memory. Do you know who he is working to elect? I think it's important for people to know. Transparency right now is crucial. 🕊️👆
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I keep saying #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson is not an ally & is working to keep the GOP in power & therefore Trump. Rick in his own words before the primaries. I'm very quietly working of a political committee for a STATEWIDE CANDIDATE WHO IS A RABID PRO-TRUMPER "on paper." Who? 1./
Link to full article…
Rick Wilson's followers deserve to know what "rabid pro-Trump" candidates Rick is working to help elect on Nov 6th and show them who he really is under his #NeverTrump veneer. #hypocrite
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Again #NeverTrump Rick Wilson fails to own up to his part in normalizing the current odious & violent rhetoric. It is not just "Trumpism uncut & unplugged." It is GOP xenophobia unleashed. Rick has spent years spewing inflammatory rhetoric like Trump's 1/…
Violent rhetoric against media was fomented & normalized by the RW before Trump. In 2010 #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson called for journalists to be "curb stomped." "To place someone's mouth on a cement curb, & stomp on their head to break out their teeth" 2/…
For years Rick Wilson has fomented violent Islamophobic rhetoric. "No matter what "flavor of Islam" you may practice you deserve a hole in your head?" Rick has used his platform to fuel hateful anti Muslim flames, but he has also worked to elect virulent Islamophobes to office 3/
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THREAD 1.Soros has long been hate figure for Putinites & nationalists like Trump. #NeverTrumper Louise Mensch pushed the same antisemitic trope. Watch at 4:18 Louise on FOX. “We were lined up to join the Euro & we were bounced out of it by George Soros”…
2. Brexiteers like Trump repeatedly blame Soros a wealthy Jew for their problems. #NeverTrump Mensch at 1:12: “Soros--As a Greek American he should look at the disaster in Greece.” Louise knows Soros is NOT Greek but a Jewish Hungarian Holocaust survivor…
3. 3rd time #NeverTrumper Louise Mensch takes a dig at Soros on FoxNews. At 1:18 “The pound was shorted by George Soros” Louise promulgated the Brexiteer's antisemitic myth of “the Soros web” while reinforcing it on Trump's station FoxNews here in the US.…
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Thread: Aren’t You Getting Damn Tired of Violent Leftists Not Being Held Accountable?

1. I sure as hell am! Let’s review just a few incidents over the past few days. Here’s Flake getting accosted in an elevator by Soros-paid leftists:…
2. How do they and other protesters make it past the @capitolpolice anyway? Sure seems like Democrats are facilitating access by leftist protesters to Republicans and their staffs, doesn’t it? Remember that there are NO coincidences when it comes to Democrat tactics.
3. Speaking of Democrats “facilitating access,” how about lunatic Mad Maxine Waters’ staff doxing Republican senators?…
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Hey liberals amplifying #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson. Remember the SCOTUS/Garland f**kery & how Rick enthusiastically cheered the GOP blocking Garland? Rick said Garland would "spend 30 years wrecking everything in sight." You are being played. Rick is not our ally. #CancelKavanaugh
☝🏼Dear @kathygriffin
You have amplified & called Rick Wilson a hero. Here he is cheering the GOP blocking of Garland. Rick is part of a far right machine that paved the road for Trump He worked to elect bigots like Kobach, Giuliani, Hasner etc. he is no hero & no liberal ally
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