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The Ultimate Electoral College Counting Thread!

Alright buckle up with me folks, let’s live tweet this whole thing and have a discussion of what happens!

Let’s Jump in!

Thread Summary

-Quick overview of the law
-What I expect to happen today
-Historical fun times in Electoral College history (w/ videos!)
-Look to see how Trumpism is dealing with life
-Live tweeting the EC

Ask questions, make comments, send me tweets from idiots, anything!
“Can Pence Throw out votes?”
No. The Constitution says Pence opens all certified votes and then announces them, and asks for objections.

That's it.

The ECA only adds two things: Pence asks for objections, and maintains orders.

That's it.

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#Goodnews aus den #USA

Das Oberhaupt der rechtsradikalen #ProudBoys, Henry #Tarrio, wurde in #Washington wegen Sachbeschädigung und Mitführung zweier Schusswaffen-Magazine festgenommen. /TN #TrumpTapes #Republikaner…
Der Chef der #ProudBoys wurde festgenommen? Kein Grund für seine Jünger, sich zu mäßigen - die prügeln sich in #Washington kräftig mit der Polizei. "Thin Blue Line" am Arsch? /MS
#Trump-Supporter haben die Absperrungen am Kapitol in #Washington (#USA) durchbrochen und versuchen das Parlament zu stürmen. Ach du Scheiße. /MS
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Ich habe mir das Telefonat der #Trumptapes auch einmal im Detail angehört. Ich will den Inhalt auch gerne einordnen, da mir neben dem mehr oder minder "sachlichen" Inhalt, auch sehr viel in der Verhandlungstaktik aufgefallen ist, die #Trump hier anwendet.

Ich hatte das ungewollte "Vergnügen" beruflich zahllose Seminare dazu besuchen zu "dürfen" und habe lange in einem Beruf gearbeitet, in denen harte Verhandlungen zu führen waren. Daher ist mir einiges in der Dynamik des Gesprächs aufgefallen.
Schon die Begrüßung ist spannend. Donald Trump wird von den primär auf der Gegenseite sprechenden (Brad Raffensperger und Ryan Germany) mit Mr.President angesprochen. Selbstverständlich, erfordert das doch das Amt des Präsidenten so. Der Präsident duzt die beiden. Das ist..
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1/9 Even een samenvatting en visie op de #trumptapes

Tring tring



Alles goed?

Nee er is fraude gepleegd





Je liegt nazi

Vind mijn stemmen eikel!
2/9 En natuurlijk brengt de WaPo dit groot (CNN kan niet meer, want die is al blut geschikt). En als WaPo dit groot brengt, typt Erik Mouthaan dit over met zijn lul uit de broek.
3/9 En als Erik zijn lul uit de broek heeft, komt Eelco direct de kamer binnen. En als Eelco binnen is, dan wordt het pas echt feest. Want dan moet De Telegr⭕️⭕️f dit ook brengen natuurlijk. Het net sluit zich nu echt, koppen de kranten
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The #TrumpTapes should be thought of as a final blinking red light on the road leading up to the cliff as a lot of Republicans race along it, preparing to openly defy the US Constitution and have history further document their allegiance to this con man.

What ELSE has he said?
Yes, Brad Raffensperger taped his threatening conversation. But you don't have to be that sophisticated or have that high a position to do this.

Omarosa taped him.
Michael Cohen taped him.
Access Hollywood had his conversation recorded on a hot mic.
Melania's friend taped her.
Trump's niece taped her aunt.
We are going to hear Trump and those around him say some more very bad things one day.
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The big news in American politics today was the revelation that Trump attempted to intimidate Georgia election officials to overturn the election and give the state to him. #TrumpTapes

When you think there is no bottom, Trump finds a shovel. 1/12

Not at all surprisingly, the fact that the only documented example of the massive election fraud Trump was claiming was actually committed by Trump hasn't swayed his supporters.

It is at this point that I think we are well past the point where we can label this as a cult. 2/12
Point in fact, Trump has been promoting an event in Washington on January 6, the day after the Georgia senate elections. The "stop the steal" rally is intended to both stroke his ego and further cast doubt on an election he decisively lost. 3/12 ImageImageImageImage
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Der Teil der #TrumpTapes, den ich bisher nicht hinter einer Subscriber-Wall gefunden habe, ist der übliche #Trump-Rant über seine Falschbehauptungen zur Wahl. Das was daran so besonders ist: er legt einerseits wieder einmal offen, dass er Wahlergebnisse nur anerkennt, wenn er...
..eine Wahl gewinnt, andererseits, dass er Drohungen ausspricht, wenn jemand nicht bereit ist diese Wahlergebnisse zu beschaffen. Dass er dabei seine unbelegten Anschuldigungen immer wieder als "Wahrheit" darstellt, kann einerseits zeigen, dass er in seiner total verqueren...
...mentalen Verfassung so sehr daran glaubt, dass er sich im Recht fühlt, oder er bereit ist jeden noch so unbelegten Müll weiter zu verkaufen, wenn es seinem einzigen Ziel dient: Machterhalt auch auf Kosten des Grundrechts auf Wahl der Bürger. Dazu noch sein #Rant über die...
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I just spent five minutes guffawing at Trump apologists posing here as legal analysts and claiming the #TrumpTapes are a "settlement conference." Yes—that's why a freaked-out lawyer burst in 50 minutes into the call exclaiming, "This whole call is for 'compromise or settlement'!"
If only Trump's Adult Supervision could've apparated 50 minutes *earlier* on the #TrumpTapes—before Trump, on a call that didn't involve all the parties to the litigation, threatened to use his DOJ to prosecute Raffensperger if Georgia's SoS didn't rig the election results.

In my years practicing law I participated in 2,000+ negotiations. I don't care if—on the front end—Trump's lawyers thought of what they were doing as a settlement conference. When Trump started committing crimes, they needed to get themselves and their client off the phone. ASAP.
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So, I think I'm going to sum up my thoughts on the #TrumpTapes in a quick thread. I'm not going to go into their legality, I think other people will cover that better than I can.

Thoughts on the Trump tapes

I think this is a good thing, Trump is showing himself as he is.

It's painful to watch, it feels like our Democracy is on a knife's edge.

But our Constitution is strong, it's weathered tougher storms than Trump's tantrums.

I know that many family members and friends who have supported him in the past are seeing what he is. Many of them have told me that they cannot stand his post election behavior, and that was before these tapes.

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1/ In the full audio, Trump claims—insufficient to overcome the "willful ignorance" doctrine, of course—that "crowd size" proves he won Georgia. He also falsely claims "a couple hundred thousand forged signatures" in Fulton County, falsely claiming the county was never "checked."
2/ He falsely claims "at least 250,000 to 300,000" ballots were "dropped mysteriously into the rolls" in Fulton County, which" (he falsely insists) "hasn't been checked." Raffensperger *unambiguously* tells him all of this is wrong—yet again piercing any Trump defense to a crime.
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The tape of the full hour is up now. #TrumpTapes…
Listening: he goes through a laundry list of conspiracy theories about ballot stuffing and forgeries and so on - no acknowledgement that none of this has been presented in court over the last two months.
Also my god he’s just filibustering. The Georgians haven’t even said a word yet.
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Okay, they just released the Full #TrumpTapes, so I'm going to listen to it and lets see what they say! Join in on the thread!

Forgot to link it:…

It starts with introductions
Trump starts out by saying his rally sizes prove he won.

And he is saying that there are "hundreds of thousands of ballots that weren't counted"
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Trump is sitting with lawyers and his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the call with the Georgia secretary of state who is also sitting with witnesses when Trump begged and then threatened him to claim they have recalculated and overturned the results in Georgia.
Here it is...
“It’s gonna be costly to you.” Is a threat.
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Bob Woodward just said on #MorningJoe that Trump asked Woodward *a month ago* if his fake “historic peace accord between Israel and Bahrain” would make it in the book. Woodward asked “what about the virus?” Trump responded that he did all he could. #TrumpDoesntCare #TrumpTownHall
The kissing Netanyahu’s ass yesterday, giving him the key to the White house...that wasn’t a peace accord we saw...that was the Trump family’s exit plan.
Jared Kushner told Woodward that the lying is Trump’s winning strategy. Kushner said “controversy elevates Trump’s message.” They LIE because they know it will create controversy, the media will repeat and elevate the message. Woodward says this lying is calculated, intentional.
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I am a polite & well-mannered person
UNLESS circumstances force me to forget about it

When we are attacked
we fight back



#Trump #TrumpIsNotWell #TrumpVirus #coronavirus #Corona #COVID19 #TrumpGenocide #TrumpTapes #Resist #Truth
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Donald Trump’s day so far:

- Praises Kim Jong Un’s health
- Retweets a fat joke about himself
- This is just getting weird now
- He’s throwing anything at the wall at this point
- The #TrumpTapes have clearly rattled him
- Trump is going to prison
- It’s still only 10:20am
There are more Bob Woodward bombshells coming about Donald Trump…
Donald Trump is unraveling in real time…
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@realDonaldTrump "Why didn't the journalist warn the country that I was a dangerous maniac" is not going to play the way you think it is, old man.

Bob Woodward should have come forward sooner.

But that doesn't mean that you didn't kill nearly 200,000 people...and counting.

@realDonaldTrump PS: there are over 9 hours of #TrumpTapes left to listen to.

I can't believe after 70 years on this planet you were stupid enough to sit down with one of the best journalists this country has ever produced.

Thanks, @LindseyGrahamSC! You really knocked it out of the park!
@realDonaldTrump We talk about the 4 Trump scandals that broke yesterday on our podcast called, uh, Another Damn Politics Podcast, which is just what the world needs right now: more podcasts.

#TrumpTapes #thursdaythoughts #TrumpLiedPeopleDied #TrumpLiedAmericansDied

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Woodward Tapes Impact Thread 1/18

It is difficult to grasp the relevance of a bombshell news item, as it happens. How big news is this? Trump, Covid, Woodward tapes. For the Trumpomess, is it just another scandal? Or is this worse? Maybe? The worst... ever?

Woodward Thread 2/18

Trump Presidency is a Scandalothon. Impeached. The Helsinki Hostage Summit. Kids in cages. Love letters with North Korean Dictator. Drinking bleach. Bounties on US troops. Stormtroopers in Tulsa. Extorting Ukraine. Selling Puerto Rico?

How does this rate?
Woodward Thread 3/18

To understand impact. We start with the facts. What happened? Trump is on TAPE confessing to:
- Knew Covid is deadlier than flu ie 100,000+ will die
- Knew it transmits by air (= masks, gatherings)
- Confessed he downplayed it deliberately

So #TrumpKnew
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[THREAD] On the #TrumpTapes, Trump can be heard taking orders to fire a US ambassador from a Ukrainian thug tied to two of the biggest Russian and Ukrainian organized crime figures. Not his staff, not the State Dept, but the actual Russian #mob.
2. On the last @NarativLive we showed Parnas' mobology. He's just one degree away from the don of dons, Semion Mogilevich on two separate tracks. #trumptapes @LincolnsBible
3. From where did Parnas get the order to fire Amb. Masha Yovanovitch? Who would want an anti-corruption diplomat removed more than the organized crime syndicates benefiting from that corruption? Watch the @Narativlive with @LincolnsBible below.…
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Individual-1 is totally implicated in #TrumpRussia by this week’s Mueller filings and nailed hard for the cover up.

What’s worse is that prosecutors practically announced that he is guilty of conspiracy charges related to the substantive crimes, like illegal hush money deals. 1/
Conspiracy to defraud the United States (18 USC 371) is a charge that ensnares everyone with knowledge of a crime to defat the lawful purpose of a US agency like the Federal Election Commission, who Congress assigned the task of providing election transparency. 2/
Trump has zero defenses against a charge under 18 USC 371 based on the #TrumpTapes that Michael Cohen so graciously recorded to get proof of his six figure debt from his chintzy boss. 3/…
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I produced this exclusive three-part interview with @funder for the #DworkinReport about the new @VICELAND show: The hunt for the #TrumpTapes with @TomArnold

If you want to know why Mark Burnett is so angry at Tom Arnold that he wants to scrap just listen…
If you wanted to hunt the #TrumpTapes like Tom Arnold, you'd practically have to BE him, because of his 30 years of Hollywood ties in the same circles.…
I'm personally looking forward to finding out what happened when he visited Russian mobster Felix Sater at his Long Island home.

We won't have to wait long. @TomArnold's program: The Hunt for the #TrumpTapes will premiere at 10:30pm Tue. on @VICELAND…
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I’m at Michael Cohen’s hearing today to get an update on the material seized from him, how the special master is going seeing which docs are covered by attorney-client privilege AND to see if Michael Avenatti, aka Stormy Daniels lawyer, can be involved in the case. Stay tuned!
OK so the fight between Michael Avenatti and Michael Cohen’s lawyer and President Trump’s lawyer was VICIOUS. Cohen’s lawyer Steve Ryan called Avenatti’s release of Cohen’s financial info as “a premeditated drive-by shooting of my client’s rights”
“I’ve practiced law for 37 years and never risen to oppose a pro hac vice application” said Ryan (which is when a lawyer applies to be admitted in a jurisdiction they’re not licensed to practice, which is what Avenatti is trying to do in this case).
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*** THREAD ***

Let me explain how Paul Manafort's #TrumpRussia indictments are rolling rapidly from election inference into a replay of the Jack Abramoff scandal, but on STEROIDS, involving the secretive sale of American foreign policy for dark money.…
Manafort and Gates lobbied in the US for Kremlin-linked oligarchs & political parties for a decade, but before their scorched earth, divisive GOP politics inflamed a regional war, they went on a secret diplomatic offensive on behalf of their client, kleptocrat Victor Yanukovych.
Manafort founded the European Center for a Modern Ukraine to be a secret western lobbying front group for Yanukovych.

For obvious reasons, his kleptocratic client had a perception problem, i.e. reality.

Yanukovych is Putin's vassal.

Manafort hid his involvement for years.
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