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1. Let me start by letting you know that the best thing that can happen to you is not being in a romantic relationship but getting to discover what your life purpose is. So find purpose before life partner. #BreakingBarriers
2. It is frustrating to be married then finding your purpose only for your spouse not to support it. Two definitely cannot walk except they agree #BreakingBarriers
3. You need to honestly answer the questions "why do I want to get married" & "why do I want to get married to this person?" Your answers will determine if you can keep going in the face of challenges in your marriage #BreakingBarriers
4. I hope you know age is just a number and as such it important that you get married to someone who you are compatible with as against someone who is older/younger than you. So check your  motive for saying Yes/No to him/her #BreakingBarriers
5. Starting a new relationship just to show off to your ex that someone else finds you attractive is not a healthy move, it can cause a rebound for you and pain for your new partner so check your motive for entering that relationship #BreakingBarriers
6a. Making your new partner pay for pains inflicted on you by your ex is an unfair treatment. Constant bitterness and harshness against your partner may be a sign that you have scores  in the past with an ex you need to settle. #BreakingBarriers
6b. You may need to excuse yourself to get the healing you need #BreakingBarriers
7a. No relationship can give you happiness. You alone can internally generate your happiness. The happiness  you daily experience is what you bring into your relationship. #BreakingBarriers
7b. Learn to be happy in who you are and who you are becoming only then can you infuse happiness in your relationship #BreakingBarriers
8. Relationship that tends to make U ask yourself ask daily if you are good enough or can make anything good out of your life is very unhealthy for ur mind and self esteem. Take the exit door. A good partner should help U become a better person not a bitter one #BreakingBarriers
9. It is important that you marry your friend and keep  being a friend to the person you marry. You can never get tired of your friend, there will always be something to gist about, play about and even 'quarrel' about . #BreakingBarriers
10. Don't assume U're in relationship with someone until U both verbally admit that U both are into it. If U are in doubt of what U share with someone despite being close for long; ask him/her. It saves U a whole lot of trouble & future disppointment/heartache #BreakingBarriers
11. From the start of d relationship make disclosures that U know can influence the decision of ur partner to marry you/not. Disclosure like health issues, love child, previous  marriage(s)/complications. "He who comes into equity must come with clean hands." #BreakingBarriers
12. If he/she does not want to marry you because of the disclosure, know that he/she was not meant for you in the first place. Someone that will love and  marry you despite your flaw/past will come. Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future #BreakingBarriers
13. If your partner is constantly hammering on changing so many things about your outward appearance at the neglect of your self development; you may need to chill and sincerely find out if your partner is attracted to you in the first place #BreakingBarriers
14a. It is okay to be in love with this person but be certain chemistry exists between you two before you say you want to walk down the aisle together. #BreakingBarriers
14b. God's desire is that you both enjoy great sex when you marry and as such He won't lead you to someone you can't develop chemistry with #BreakingBarriers
15. Please note that not everyone you have feelings for can be your spouse; you need to be able to discern and find out if you both can do life together forever as a couple #BreakingBarriers
16.  Forever is a long time and as such your daily happiness is paramount. If your partner has not come to add to your happiness but rather finds a way to subtract from it; you may need to chill and be sure of  what you are about to enter into #BreakingBarriers
17a. Marriage is team work. It is not a solo journey so it is important that you ask deep questions about important areas of life from your partner before signing the dotted lines. #BreakingBarriers
17b. Questions about your future children and if adoption is an option if children don't  come at all #BreakingBarriers
18. Questions about where you both intend to settle, what country? I have seen couples walk away from their marriage because they can't make compromise on where to live. One wants to stay outside Nigeria the other will not  hear of it #BreakingBarriers
19. Don't assume anything, ask everything you are in doubt about. #BreakingBarriers
20. Are you a value adding Partner? What are you bringing to the table?  How will your spouse life be better with your presence in his/her life? This is a million dollar question you need to think about seriously. #BreakingBarriers
21. I hope you are not thinking of the possibility of changing your partner's behaviour after marriage? See if there are habits he/she is exhibiting now and you are uncomfortable with;  now is the time to seek  for its correction not after marriage. #BreakingBarriers
22. Don't assume the ability of God and think U can change ur spouse after marriage. Behaviours exhibited before marriage get amplified after marriage . People tend to display the best sides of them before marriage and get comfortable after marriage so be wise #BreakingBarriers
23. It is okay to fall in love with ur heart but don't dare let ur brain go to sleep during courtship. Ask all necessary and important questions and be observant. Don't manage what U don't like, address it least it becomes an embarrassment  to U after marriage. #BreakingBarriers
24. Don't skip pre-Marital counselling before marriage. It is a core course U must not carry over. It help you with your check and balances and help U know if really you are ready to do forever with this person. It is an eye opener program you must pass through #BreakingBarriers
25. It is very important that you plan the future with your partner before you walk down the aisle. This help you know if you both are heading same way and can work together as a team. Marriages are great when the partners involved work as team mates #BreakingBarriers
26. It is a bad experience when you marry someone who is in constant competion with you in all you do. And that is why you should observe how he/ she reacts to your wins and losses during your courtship period #BreakingBarriers
27. Kindly note that a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage so don't be in a hurry to rush down the aisle when you are not 100% sure that you are ready for it alongside your partner. Never take it as a do or die affair #BreakingBarriers
28. Never keep mute or manage any abusive situation if you find yourself in one. If he/she slaps you once, there is a very high rate a repetition will occur before and many times after marriage unless the person seek and get therapeutic help on time #BreakingBarriers
29. There is no perfect marriage;  marriages only turn out great  if the imperfect  partners involved  are committed to keep standing by each other and make it work no matter what happens #BreakingBarriers
30. On a final note it is important that you both have relationship/marriage mentors that you two can freely relate and communicate with before and after your marriage. It will save you from a whole lot of unrealistic expectations from your spouse and marriage #BreakingBarriers
31. I hope when you finally decide to walk down the aisle you will do it right fully aware of what you are going into and give it your best. My wish for you is that it will be honeymoon for  life. Cheers to a beautiful forever with the love of your life! #BreakingBarriers
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