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So over the next 7 days leading up to Resident Evil's 23rd anniversary, I'll post some small bullet points about 7 scrapped Resident Evil game versions that were constructed for Resident Evil Revelations 2, Resident Evil 7, and Resident Evil REmake 2. This will only be info, only
pertain to things I know 100%, and most will only be a few tidbits. You'll also have to take my word on this as that's all I'm giving here, but I do give my word what I'm going to write isn't fabricated. I hope one day you guys get more concrete details and looks at what I'll be
posting about here, and after I'm done posting this stuff I won't post any more RE stuff on my Twitter for a long while as I go off and do my own things.
DAY 1: Resident Evil 6's Scrapped DLC
Around the end of Resident Evil 6's development, there was small work done on a campaign DLC for RE6 that never came to fruition. It was going to star Claire Redfield with other members of TerraSave who were giving support to the aftermath of
Tall Oaks being nuked in RE6. Claire and some other TerraSave members would be camping nearby the site, looking for survivors and trying to supply aid on the scene when there was an outbreak of some remnants of Tall Oaks C-Virus infection. The DLC was going to involve a more open
outdoors environment where you had to try and rescue survivors while taking on the zombie infected from Tall Oaks, including some new mutations caused by the blast and the zombies being left to fester. This DLC was scrapped due to RE6's reception and general focus, but some small
ideas from this DLC did contribute to Resident Evil Revelations 2, which as you'll find out over the next couple entries, Revelations 2 was kinda' the end result of several experimental Resident Evil games around this time period. All I'll say on this one, Day 2 tomorrow.
DAY 2: Biohazard Z
Around the time RE6 had finished development and before Revelations 2 entered dev, Capcom had it in their head that they wanted a non-mainline Resident Evil game to appeal to Western Audiences. One of the ideas that surfaced during this time was "Biohazard Z",
which as the name applies, is a Day Z-alike but with a Resident Evil paint. This didn't get very far into fruition at all, with only about four months of work put into it, only really concept art and some assets created for it, but the idea was actually to have specially trained
scavengers units to explore the ruins of Raccoon City, surviving hostile and harsh conditions and trying to gain access to Umbrella facilities, then extra data, call for evacuation, then wait and leave with the data without opposing scavenger players taking you out on extraction.
The idea had thought about how to use the classic Resident Evil inventory system and item boxes in an interesting way with modernized crafting stuff, and a fun fact is the current "ammo crafting" system we've seen in RE7 and REmake 2 actually originated from this project as it
was an idea of how to do limited supplies while giving players a choice (obviously some RE3 inspiration, but making it more a normal thing). As previously said, this project didn't get very far at all, but this project actually in some ways eventually turned into Umbrella Corps,
as well as one concept from it, a design they did of Barry Burton with a survivor outfit as a possible character to play a role to appeal to Western audiences, went on into the next failed attempt at making a westernized RE, as well as eventually Revelations 2. More tomorrow.
DAY 3: Resident Evil Revelations 2's Scrapped Version
Right after 2012's release of Resident Evil 6, Capcom was very interested in creating a Resident Evil game aimed at Western audiences. This resulted in a few experiments, but one of the only two of these to really go forward
was the original version of Resident Evil Revelations 2. The idea is kinda' similar to the final game, but also very different. It was to be inspired by things like The Walking Dead, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, and the growing open world trend. Carried over a bit from the
Biohazard Z concept sketch they did, they figured Barry was popular with Western audiences and focused on making an open-world game about him trying to save his daughters from a strange island. The game tried experimenting with what the MT Framework Engine could pull off, trying
to make a fully explorable island by kinda' "cheating" and making seamless loading levels and the illusion of a bigger world by making other parts of the island visible in the distance as you made your way to them. The player could craft things from supplies they found, hunt for
food from wildlife around the island, & could find other survivors holed up on the island during this outbreak, who played into a bigger narrative idea of the game to have deeper story about survival. This all sounds a bit similar to the final game as Rev 2 ended up using various
assets and ideas from this, just restructuring and forming the game. Originally the game was experimented using RE6 as a basis, and they focused on building an island to explore. Though the final Rev 2 game wasn't open world, you can see various signs of how the island was made
with an open world in mind even in the final game, including how you can see various parts of the island in the distance from earlier in the game, you may notice that Revelations 2 almost never has any load-screens when transitioning areas, etc. Obviously the plot of Barry trying
to rescue a daughter on and island carried over. The DLC Moira chapter with animal hunting even used a gameified version of the animal hunting system they experimented around with. Revelations 2 ended up kinda' happening by combining a few ideas Capcom had experimented with at
the time, they used the foundation of this open world island game starring Barry, combined it with some ideas they had for Claire's DLC from RE6 with TerraSave, as well as the island idea was sorta' and evolution of the Biohazard Z idea they had concepted a bit before this. At
some point creating the island open world Rev 2 idea, they decided not to go fully for that vision but take the work they had done and try to fit it into an episodic Revelations sequel with a middling budget, even keeping and somewhat only repainting the RE6 placeholders they had
been using and even the animations they pulled from other MT Framework games like Lost Planet 2, & ports of RE6's levels they kept for Raid Mode. Revelations 2 as it was released in many ways was kinda' a messy collection of unfinished pieces, but I do honestly think they managed
to use and stitch together all of these pieces to make an interesting game all it's own.

Tomorrow for Day 4 we're going to move onto the scrapped versions of Resident Evil 7, and trust me, there's some very interesting stuff there.
DAY 4: Resident Evil 6.5
There are various scrapped versions of Resident Evil games known by the community, but one that's still relatively unknown at this conjecture is Resident Evil 6.5. Resident Evil 7 internally underwent a few different versions, one such one we won't be
talking in detail about is essentially "Portugal Resident Evil", which was a RE4-like game that was set in Portugal. The version that got the farthest in development and deserve the title of "Resident Evil 6.5" is the game by Eiichiro Sasaki, the director of RE6 & Outbreak.
Resident Evil 7 was originally going to be a successor to RE6, but much more focused and with refined mechanics and design. Instead of focusing on globe trotting, the game was going to be set in a fictional European floating city based on Venice, Italy. The game features a virus
being spread through the water. There were water-based B.O.W.s as well, monsters that were somewhere between a solid and liquid state. Another weird innovation on this was the gunplay actually used water weaponry among the tool set in other words literal water guns. I still don't
fully understand how the water weapons were supposed to hurt water enemies, but that is what I heard and clarified that point since it confused me too. The game also had a greater focus on environmental damage, IE able to shoot off lights, spill oil out of barrels & use the oil,
and various things to interact with. Finally for it's mechanics, there was a TellTale/RE3 styled choice system where when crucial choices came into play, the game would go into slow motion and you'd have a few moments to choose your course of action, which altered the path you'd
take through the level. This version of RE7 did actually get somewhat under development, it was in the works for about a year and got to a playable stage, several rougher areas completed, but a more polished 30-40 minute demo was created as well. Maybe one day that demo will
surface somewhere, who knows? Anyways, ultimately this direction got scrapped and they went back to the drawing board to make the RE7 we all know today. Though this version got somewhat farther in development, it had a few struggles in the tech side, such as MT Frameworks not
specializing in water physics or systems, which for a game with water at such a core part of the experience is a bit troublesome, but the team was sure they could add it into the engine more fully "later", but it did prove some difficulty. It's actually because of this pursuit,
and the failing of the Sofia Engine (known outside of Capcom as the Phanta Rei Engine), that the RE Engine was born when they revised the RE7 concept though.

This was kinda' a dangerous time for Capcom and most probably don't know this, but Resident Evil as an IP was very close
to facing a situation of do-or-die after RE6 and the company hitting troubles in the first half of the 2010s, with several failures and under-performing games, and RE6 being a Goliath that did poorer than expected both critically and commercially. They eventually decided to go
back to the roots with RE7, but before the RE7 we know today there was still a version of RE7 with a number of differences.

Tomorrow on Day 5, we'll talk about RE7's Alpha Version differences.
Actually, one more thing I should mention I almost forgot on 6.5. It was a third-person game building off of RE6's mechanics. I also don't know who was supposed to star in this game from my sources, but I believe some concept art leaked some years ago with Leon & Sherry were
related to this build since the backdrops in those concept sketches match with the "water city" that this game was supposed to be set in, but this last part is speculation on my side and not confirmed, all I know solidly is the parts I wrote above and that it was third-person.
DAY 5: Some Scrapped Resident Evil 7 Concepts
Now there's a lot of RE7 scrapped content I don't know about, for example there's official concept art I don't know anything about in my bits of knowledge on the scrapped content in the game. However, there is definitely things I do
know I can throw out there. So here's a few tidbits that got scrapped for one reason or another from Resident Evil 7:

-Unlockable Joke Weapons
This one is weirder than many of the other things I'll be listing as it was very close to being in the final game. Up until closer to
release, Jack's 55th Birthday Mode was actually an unlockable in the game and not a DLC piece. Some higher-ups within a few months of the game shipping made the call to cut Jack's 55th Birthday Mode from the main game and put it into the Banned Footage DLC to up the value of the
DLC. A lot of people on the team weren't happy with this, but it came from higher-up. This happened so late actually that they had already sent achievement/trophy details to the publishers, and had to re-submit it since achievements included ones related to Jack's 55th Birthday
and they had to come up with a few new achievements. One thing that got lost in this translation however was that Jack's 55th Birthday Mode was actually originally supposed to unlock some joke weapons for RE7's base game, nothing overpowered but things like a toy laser gun that
lit up and made laser sounds when shot, that kinda' thing. This got lost in the last minute changing of everything unfortunately.

The rest is from much earlier in development.

-Scrapped Scenario & Stalkers
In a much earlier version of Resident Evil 7, there was an extended
sequence after collecting the three dog heads and before the Old House. When you escaped the Baker House, instead of the area with the trailer you'd end up in their front year. As you made your way out, Jack would sick their Dog on you. The Dog was one of two scrapped stalkers
from the Baker family (the other I'll get around to later), and the dog stalker would hunt you through a cornfield. Ethan would see lights coming from a highway too far to reach and escape the dog and it's ability to scent track him by going through the swamp to the road. While
treading through the swamp, he'd see some foreshadowing towards the ship later in the game and something lurking in the bog water (there was originally an idea for a water monster of sorts, but this got scrapped before release). Ethan eventually would find his way to the highway
and see a car coming and waves for it to stop, which it does. From the car would come Lucas, Ethan would realize what was going on, try to get away, and Lucas would beat him up, tie-him up and bring him back to the Baker Estate. This whole sequence was lightly inspired by the one
scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre when it seems like the girl has finally escaped only for her rescuer to be in on it. Ethan would awaken from this in the Old House prison basement, which you see a bit of in the final game but it was kept to one room behind the fireplace. This
whole sequence was scrapped for a few reasons, not the least of which being because several aspects of it were proving to be taking too much time and effort to make for limited sequences in the game (the cornfield itself, a bipedal regenerating dog stalker, a deeper swamp area,
etc.) but also sorta' didn't fit with the pacing they wanted, they wanted to make players be able to go back and forth more freely like the original Resident Evil and this all was more an extended set-piece moment, so in the end it didn't come to fruition.

-Clown Stalker
may not surprise some people from the last dog point I made, but the creepy clown you see in the Happy Birthday sequence of RE7 was originally supposed to be in the game. In fact, the stated dog the Bakers had can be seen in this sequence in a photo as well. The clown was part of
the family due to Eveline's tinkering, but due to not really fitting in with the story and pacing did get scrapped, though part of the clown model was kept for the final game. The reason the Happy Birthday sequence has this stuff is it actually was one of the first constructed
sequences of RE7, in the final game it's focused as an escape room thing, but they used the area early in development to test several interaction/mechanical things. The balloons popping to the candle room is part of their tests they kept, actually.

-Eveline's Tortured Mind
was a planned sequence towards the end of RE7 where the player would enter into a sorta' mental landscape of Eveline's There's something like this still minimally in RE7 at the end when you go through the surreal guest house before facing Eveline face to face, the gist of this
scene is about the game, but it was supposed to be a longer and much more twisted and surreal scene as you got to see Eveline's mind literally melting & deteriorating in the environment, flashes of Eveline's memories before becoming part of the Baker family, the abuse, isolation,
and the reason she got so attached to the idea of having a family in some "show don't tell" story telling bits, and it'd climax with Ethan going against Eveline's rippling waves (a bit like the final game) and injecting her, revealing her to be the old lady. Parts of this did end
up in the final game, but they cut back on it a lot for budget/time concerns as the area would need a lot of work to be realized like how they originally envisioned it.

-The Scrapped Ship Concept
This probably won't surprise many people, but the back-half of RE7 didn't have as
much time put into it as the rest of the game. RE7's beginning sequence, IE from the start of the game to the Mia chainsaw bit, even got scrapped and overhauled at some point in development (though sadly I don't know what the original version of RE7's opening entailed). For the
2 & a half years that the final version of RE7 was in active development (this is not including the scrapped RE7 versions, which add over a year to RE7's development time), almost a year and a half of that development time was spent on the intro & Baker House parts of the game.
The Ship, Mines, and Eveline's Mind sequence at the end were the things that definitely took the strongest hits in development. The Ship originally was kinda' weird though, it was supposed to be this giant Alien-inspired boat which was like the nest of the Molded due to the
outbreak stemming from here, and this being the source that contaminated the nearby water and was causing the local flooding (mixture of the ship parts causing blockage and this place almost becoming like a Beaver Dam constructed from the Molded). I actually think there's been
concept art shown of this scrapped ship concept, but what I can add to it due to Eveline's influence there'd be this kinda' creepy human quality to the giant Ship Nest, but wrong with things like trying to lay out dinner areas, bedrooms, but it coming out wrong like something
not human trying to imitate human ideas of places, but it coming out wrong and with the growths of the mold. Eveline was supposed to be much stronger in this area due to the mold, & when you played this area as Ethan after Mia (Mia being playable here and showing the Ship before
and after were always part of the plan) you'd see how much Ethan was losing it and how much presence Eveline's influence was having on him.

There's a lot more to RE7's scrapped stuff, but there's also a lot I don't know myself actually about it. For Day 6, we'll talked about the
scrapped elements and development of RE7's two story DLCs, Not a Hero and End of Zoe.
DAY 6: Not a Hero & End of Zoe DLCs Scrapped Versions
When Resident Evil 7 was first announced at E3, End of Zoe didn't even exist as a DLC piece yet. Jordan Amaro joined Capcom from Kojima Productions after being part of the team that had worked on MGSV & P.T. at Konami. He
demanded to be director of a Resident Evil game within a year, or else he'd quit the company. While working on RE7, he also started some individual work on a pitch for Capcom for RE8. The idea used RE7 assets to quick create a demo to pitch, which he envisioned a RE8 where the
character instead of using firearms would use objects in the environment as weapons. The original pitch didn't include many story elements, rather than gameplay ones he presented in his demo. Capcom higher-ups really liked the demo, but decided to make this a RE7 DLC rather than
the actuality of RE8. If you look up when Capcom increased the price of the Season Pass for RE7, this was when the idea was greenlit and included onto the pass. Jordan was in charge of directing it, and he did for a few months, but ultimately left Capcom in early 2017 to join
Nintendo, where he's worked to this day. The RE7 DLC Jordan originally concocted was very different than the End of Zoe we got, but we'll get back to End of Zoe as to really delve into it we first must talk about Not a Hero. Not a Hero was always planned as a free RE7 DLC
expansion, but was originally being handled by a third party company. In February 2017, they sent back their finished Not a Hero version, and... it wasn't very good. In fact, it was pretty bad. While this was a free DLC piece, Capcom didn't want to ruin the good will they had
just received from Resident Evil 7's reception, so they decided to overhaul and redo the Not a Hero DLC themselves, resulting in the final version we have. However, there is a number of interesting differences with the scrapped Not a Hero by the third party company. One aspect
that actually got changed around a lot was the story. Originally Not a Hero was going to start with a 2 minute CG cutscene telling about the origin of Blue Umbrella and Chris' involvement in the organization. This introduction cutscene got cut for whatever reason, maybe as to
save the story of Blue Umbrella for a future mainline entry rather than a DLC piece. This next point will sound like I'm making a joke, but no this is actually true, Chris originally could only heal using Steroids, he had a portion of health he'd regenerate automatically when not
taking damage. There were not many items laying around the environment at all, instead for killing B.O.W.s are aiming for weak points he'd earn "Umbrella Points", which he could use at a shop from his menu to purchase items, ammo, upgrades, etc. There were a few other mechanics
in play, like a stricter take on the oxygen system where Chris before he got the Filter upgrade would also lose vision when in toxic poison clouds, but the rest of the changes are mostly in the actual scenario department. So in the original NaH, Chris still went to 3 "dungeons"
to rescue Umbrella soldiers that were captured by Lucas. And in the original, they all even survived actually rather than meeting their brutal demise. However, they for some reason all acted like an asshole to you for saving them, either acting like it was no big deal or telling
Chris to focus instead on the mission. Now to get into some reasons this DLC ended up being trashed... So there were a lot of bad game design decisions and just weird jank all throughout the DLC. In the final game you see some sentries in the Labs, in the original DLC they were
featured much more prominently. The thing is, you could see the sentries way before they actived, they were all over the place. They looked like they were made of garbage and could be destroyed, but they were actually indestructible. Even though you could clearly see them before
they activated, you couldn't do anything about them. And once they activated, they couldn't be destroyed. All testing players wasted a lot of ammo on these things, including Capcom's own staff, since it really made no sense why these trashy sentries could not be stopped. There
were a number of moments with instant death traps, enemy gauntlets, moments you'd have to fight enemies while dealing with poison gas clouding your vision... To say the least, it just wasn't very fun. However, interestingly the end of the DLC was completely different. The Lab was
added when they heard response to RE7 and people complaining at the lack of a Lab section, and the part with Eveline's files in the lab was also added in the final because they heard people wanted some more backstory on Eveline. Now, the "Lucas" boss battle was actually not
supposed to be Lucas originally. So you know Clancy? He's the person who's playable in the first tape/RE7 Demo VHS Tape with the Sewer Gators. He's also playable in the Banned Footage DLC pieces "Nightmare," "Bedroom", & "21" all star Clancy as the main character as well. Now
most people will tell you that you see Clancy's burnt corpse right before Lucas' birthay party scene in the base RE7 game, he's where you get the numerical code from. However, Lucas became very interested in really screwing with Clancy in his games, and began doing some
experiments on him with the Mold. The corpse you see is Clancy, but he's in a state where he'll eventually rejuvenate like the rest of the family. The Banned Footage VHS tapes all take place after Clancy was supposed to die some may notice, and strangely the team made the fate of
all the Sewer Gatorz kinda' subtle (like Andre you find his bloated corpse in the water at the beginning of RE7 before Mia, the Bloated Molded you fight in the Barn later (the first one in the game) is supposed to be Andre, since Lucas fished him up and his bloated body became a
Fat Molded). The reason for this was just simple petty jealousy, I guess Lucas really hated the Sewer Gatorz and their popularity online. Anyways, the final boss in Not a Hero was originally supposed to be Clancy after everything Lucas and the Bakers had done to him. Which is
also why in the final game there's a really weird cut of Lucas being in your arms melting and then suddenly he's on the ceiling. The boss wasn't supposed to be Lucas originally, they just changed that when they decided his fate and kinda' made a really awkward cut to it. Speaking
of changes to the end of Not a Hero, the ending to the original was supposed to be quite different as well. Lucas, cornered, would sorta' backstep away from Chris after beating Clancy, & trip and fall into a hole where Chris would begrudgingly grab his hand and throw him against
the wall. Lucas was actually supposed to survive NaH originally and be taken in by Blue Umbrella, where Chris would question to himself if that was the right thing to do as he still feels shifty about Blue Umbrella. But I guess they decided when working on it that they didn't
want Lucas to live no more (probably to give some more closure), so Lucas ended up dying and Chris goes on a shooting spree sabotaging his objective in the final version's NaH ending.

And now, let us talk about End of Zoe a bit. So after Capcom had decided to rework Not a Hero
themselves, they also ran into some trouble since the person who pitched and was directing End of Zoe ended up leaving the company (which he decided to do since his idea ended up as DLC and not an actual title, and he got a good offer at Nintendo). The original End of Zoe that
Jordan was working on had a focus on melee combat and using swamp objects to fight in the forest, but more so had a much stronger horror focus. The story wasn't decided on him, but he wanted to tell the story of a war vet who was haunted by PTSD and a troubled past who became a
hermit, and used the set-up to try and tell a story where it wasn't clear if what you saw was real or not, switching between something of a power fantasy at times kicked up on adrenaline and nightmares reflected both in the situation and hallucinations from his paranoia. This...
Didn't end up in the final game. Once Jordan left, the person who took charge of the DLC was the same person who directed Not a Hero and previously Jack's 55th Birthday Mode. This guy was a bit known for some out there ideas within the company, if you've played Jack's 55th
Birthday Mode before, you may get what I'm saying. He took the melee-focused groundwork of the DLC being put together, and took it into an entirely different direction. It became the hobo punching swamp monster fest we have in the final, which was definitely an interesting way to
take the pieces that were laid before him. In the original version, punching was an option but was supposed to be very weak and only when you were weaponless, but it was transformed into quite a powerful brawler when the new direction took over. (not that I hate this either, I
personally ended up really liking End of Zoe, but I can tell you right now it was not what I was expecting after I had heard what the DLC was in its earlier stages).

That's about all I guess I'll say on RE7's two DLCs. Tomorrow on the seventh and final day doing this, we'll talk
about the original scrapped version of Resident Evil 2 REmake!
And here we go. This one I think has been kinda' spelled out by the dev team already in those talking videos, but I'll say what I know about the scrapped version of Resident Evil 2 REmake.

So when RE2 REmake originally started development, they started with the safest possible
way to re-imagine the game. It started off as a fixed camera angle, no bells or whistles, straight remake of the original game. No added content, just taking the camera angles and shots from the original game, reconstructing them in the RE Engine, and seeing how it worked. They
did even at this point have the idea to use a more advanced lighting engine (which also meant retooling how light/shadows worked in the RE Engine), but it was a pretty safe remake at the start. They focused on RPD Police Station as it was a core setting of the game, and anything
they finished during this stage of development could of course be used for when things changed. After about half a year, this build was then experimented with to try the game in different styles, which included third-person and first-person, VR testing, etc. Ultimately they chose
that the best direction to take was the third-person option, but they did leave the other options inside the debug of the game if they ever chose to go back to it.

There was a rapid development period that RE2 went through a whole lot of changes. There was a time they maybe went
too far with re imaging the game. The intro sequence before even reaching RPD was a 40-60 minute sequence which involved exploring more of Raccoon City, including a scene where you drove a car, the car got lopsided and you'd end up on-top of the car with a swarm of zombies around
you. The diner and gas station were both in and larger areas in the intro originally, Kendo's gunshop was at the start of the game originally but most of the same events happened sans Ada Wong. And RPD itself was really differently laid out, including the statue that's famous in
RPD's main hall just not being present within the main hall, but rather a side room of the police station. This was also the phase where there were a few monsters conjured up. I knew of five new monsters, two of which I think has already been revealed in concept art, one was
included in the Ghost Survivors content update, and two I think are unrevealed. So originally the Licker scene was going to be a LOT different as there was a new type of enemy that was essentially a zombie right before they turned into a Licker, and they'd be tearing out of their
skin with an unhinged jaw and a long tongue, claws piercing from their hands. These zombies would sorta' crawl along the floor on all fours hurriedly and made this deep breathing sound. Also if you didn't kill them, they'd have a either with you around or not shed their skin
eventually and turn into Lickers. That one has been shown in concept art, but that was the original idea behind them (they also of note weren't blind until they shed their skin). The other that's been shown in concept art is the Orphanage torture monsters that kinda' worked to
jumpscare the player in an almost FnaF way. They had most of their senses numbed, but if you disturbed them too much they'd shriek like a Redead (from Zelda) kinda' and come running after you. The one in the Ghost Survivors was the naked zombie, which was reimagined with a few
traits to be its own separate enemy type. The two new monsters I knew of that I don't think have even been hinted so far were new types of G-Virus monsters to go alongside the G-Mutant in the final game. One was kinda' part man, part G, sorta' body-horrorish and like a zombie but
it muttered to itself and you couldn't shoot off it's limbs as it's regenerate them and the skin torn, the only way to defeat them for good was to get a headshot essentially as it was a failed G-Host trying to keep its host alive. The second I have less details on, but I know it
was going to be a bit like those Gorillas scrapped from 1.5. NOT the Gorillas themselves for the record, just a sorta' bigger brute G-Monster that was kinda' a tank. Most all of these monsters were scrapped either due to deciding to focus more on the original game's stuff,some
enemies had a bit of controversy among the team if they really even fit in the game or RE2's style, some just were too much work with everything else and the team felt they didn't add enough to the other enemies in the game, etc. The intro I mentioned earlier was also scrapped,
since it was decided that the original opening hour was just not very fun. The whole team kinda' knew the opening they made wasn't that great, and because of this (and wanting to save more outdoor Raccoon City locales for REmake 3), they scrapped the opening and and redid it in a
much more condensed version. The game was also in a period of a lot of in/out, the Gator was in and out for a while, a couple of the new enemies, various moments, and ultimately several planned features were cut to get them back on schedule, including A/B scenarios, fixed camera
(which was planned to be a bonus unlockable for the game). Now interestingly, the A/B Scenarios did come back. The team really crunched to the last minute, and literally in the last six or seven months of development re-implemented A/B scenarios, in a sorta' smaller way, but
still a way regardless. Likewise, Fixed Camera Angles they tried to put back in at some point, but ended up scrapping due to some functionality reasons & also to double down on their vision of a third-person game (though the auto-aim within the final game option is a small relic
of when Fixed Camera was planned for the game). There was some interesting shuffles in development all the way to the final stretch.

So there you have it. Tomorrow marks Resident Evil series 23rd anniversary. The series is going strong currently, and the future is interesting.
The series will be kinda "unofficially" almost annual for the next few years, though of course as game development goes anything could be delayed. For example, RE8 got a bit delayed and I can say to you now that you shouldn't expect it until next-gen is on the table. What is on
the table is REmake 3, but REmake 3 is...Not what a lot of people are probably going to expect. It's not being made by the same team that made REmake 2, in fact it's not even being internally developed by Capcom Division 1 at all. Who is developing it is very interesting, but for
another day, it'll be coming about a lot sooner than people probably are expecting. In the meantime, I will not be talking about RE anything for a long time now. So don't ask anything, I won't answer. Now is a perfect time to play through the series entries you maybe haven't, for
my recommendations, don't sit on Revelations 2 if you don't mind some lower budget jank but with some great qualities, Dead Aim is slept on so much but it honestly is an interesting blend of newer and older RE, the beginning is kinda' slow but it really does pick up. Some people
have avoided RE7 due to the first-person perspective, but it's truly a pretty great game, a few shortcomings, but absolutely worth playing. Darkside Chronicles has one of the best OSTs in the series.
I hope you all have a wonderful day, and now to go mute on this and focus on my daily life.

Happy 23rd birthday Resident Evil! (Day early, but it's fine~)
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