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@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus So, apparently this is happening, whether it's a good idea or not (it's not), whether or not it violates refugees rights (it does), and whether or not it's a good use of DHS resources (it isn't.)

CBP Agents have no business doing Credible Fear Interviews.
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus Starting next week, 10 CBP Agents will start receiving training to conduct CFIs in Los Angeles. They're gonna gets weeks of training, says the Director of USCIS, whose agency *should* be performing these CFIs.

And why aren't they? Why don't they just hire more Asylum Officers?
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus Ohhh, it's Stephen Miller's brainchild. It all makes sense now.

Even one of the Senior Border Patrol Officials rightfully protested, "I don't want to be Judge Dredd."

@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus As was previously noted, having CBP be the arresting officer, the prosecutor, judge AND jury will have a HUGE deleterious effect on how many refugees pass their Credible Fear Interviews &make it on to the next step in the asylum process.

Which is, of course, the entire point.
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus When added in combination with news about new, stricter guidelines handed out about Credible Fear Interviews and How To Thwart Them, this whole thing stinks to high heaven.

@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus I have a lot to say about these new USCIS guidelines--which will definitely result in fewer people passing a CFI--and will share my Deep Thoughts soon.*

For one, no one knows if this is what will be used to train up the CBP Asylum "experts."

*after lunch
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus One other thing (for the nonce) about CBP Agents pretending to be Asylum Officers. I've attached US law on what Asylum Officers are supposed to be trained in, and how they're meant to be supervised. USCIS and CBP are saying these "new CBP-AOs" are legal, but...I bet they aren't.
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus Okay, my head is mush from the USCIS training manual, searching for what turned out to be a non-existent doc, + re-reading Sessions garbage, reading the 1951 UN Treaty on Refugees & our own laws. And I'm only half way through the manual.

So let's just do this before I fry!
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @funder @TheRickyDavila @DanaScottlo @ScottHech @qjurecic @LegalAidNYC @ReichlinMelnick @SusanBChurch11 The training manual is for a "class" on "Credible Fear of Persecution and Torture Determinations."

There's no indication on how long this class lasts--1 day? A week? Two? It's gonna be a REALLY important part of the job of the Asylum Officer, so one hopes it's comprehensive.
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @funder @TheRickyDavila @DanaScottlo @ScottHech @qjurecic @LegalAidNYC @ReichlinMelnick @SusanBChurch11 @HMAesq @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @Alyssa_Milano @gtconway3d Just as a "heads up," this is what the basic 5 1/2 week Asylum Officer course includes for all newbie AOs at USCIS. It's a pretty full schedule. History AND ethics. My oh my!

Also note: special training sessions on working with kids, women and those who might've been trafficked.
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @funder @TheRickyDavila @DanaScottlo @ScottHech @qjurecic @LegalAidNYC @ReichlinMelnick @SusanBChurch11 @HMAesq @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @Alyssa_Milano @gtconway3d @IlhanMN @RepEscobar @RepJayapal @JeffMerkley @RepBarragan @RepRaulGrijalva @RepAOC @RepBarbaraLee @DWStweets @JulianCastro (They're also meant to get subsequent training of at least 4 hours every week on one of topics listed above. How likely do you think those CBP-AOs are to get that supplemental training, never mind the whole 5.5 weeks of the AOBTC? Yeah, me neither.)
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @funder @TheRickyDavila @DanaScottlo @ScottHech @qjurecic @LegalAidNYC @ReichlinMelnick @SusanBChurch11 @HMAesq @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @Alyssa_Milano @gtconway3d @IlhanMN @RepEscobar @RepJayapal @JeffMerkley @RepBarragan @RepRaulGrijalva @RepAOC @RepBarbaraLee @DWStweets @JulianCastro Back to the Manual.

My suspicion is immediately raised bc while the "purpose" is to suss out if someone's Fear is Credible or no, according to a whole series of rules &regulations, there's nothing in the Performance Objectives or Critical Tasks about learning to do an interview.
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @funder @TheRickyDavila @DanaScottlo @ScottHech @qjurecic @LegalAidNYC @ReichlinMelnick @SusanBChurch11 @HMAesq @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @Alyssa_Milano @gtconway3d @IlhanMN @RepEscobar @RepJayapal @JeffMerkley @RepBarragan @RepRaulGrijalva @RepAOC @RepBarbaraLee @DWStweets @JulianCastro That seems a glaring omission.

The 1st few pages mostly deal with determining who's eligible for expedited vs non-expedited removal & what that means exactly, and there's a recent case that AG Barr referred to himself that muddied the waters enough that it's all very confusing.
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @funder @TheRickyDavila @DanaScottlo @ScottHech @qjurecic @LegalAidNYC @ReichlinMelnick @SusanBChurch11 @HMAesq @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @Alyssa_Milano @gtconway3d @IlhanMN @RepEscobar @RepJayapal @JeffMerkley @RepBarragan @RepRaulGrijalva @RepAOC @RepBarbaraLee @DWStweets @JulianCastro So we're skipping it.


Section III - Function of a Credible Fear Screening

We're off to a great start, with the function described as a way to get rid of those pesky false claims lickity-split, oh, and let the possibly real ones through, too, sure.
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @funder @TheRickyDavila @DanaScottlo @ScottHech @qjurecic @LegalAidNYC @ReichlinMelnick @SusanBChurch11 @HMAesq @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @Alyssa_Milano @gtconway3d @IlhanMN @RepEscobar @RepJayapal @JeffMerkley @RepBarragan @RepRaulGrijalva @RepAOC @RepBarbaraLee @DWStweets @JulianCastro Section IV - Definition of Credible Fear of Persecution and Credible Fear of Torture

This is where shït gets infuriating. Cuz where usually, the standard is for the person requesting asylum to express a CREDIBLE FEAR of returning home that's then explored in court later...
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @funder @TheRickyDavila @DanaScottlo @ScottHech @qjurecic @LegalAidNYC @ReichlinMelnick @SusanBChurch11 @HMAesq @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @Alyssa_Milano @gtconway3d @IlhanMN @RepEscobar @RepJayapal @JeffMerkley @RepBarragan @RepRaulGrijalva @RepAOC @RepBarbaraLee @DWStweets @JulianCastro these jackwagons want the refugee to PROVE, on the spot, that their claim is valid.


1. Just that statement in part A above, that "...credible fear of persecution only if 'there is a significant possibility...[they] could establish eligibility for asylum...'" is nuts!
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @funder @TheRickyDavila @DanaScottlo @ScottHech @qjurecic @LegalAidNYC @ReichlinMelnick @SusanBChurch11 @HMAesq @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @Alyssa_Milano @gtconway3d @IlhanMN @RepEscobar @RepJayapal @JeffMerkley @RepBarragan @RepRaulGrijalva @RepAOC @RepBarbaraLee @DWStweets @JulianCastro Section V - Burden of Proof and Standard of Proof for Credible Fear Determinations

A. This is where I went searching in vain for an hour, only to realize the blue underlined 340 is a page # and not another AG self-referred decision. 🤦🏻‍♀️
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @funder @TheRickyDavila @DanaScottlo @ScottHech @qjurecic @LegalAidNYC @ReichlinMelnick @SusanBChurch11 @HMAesq @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @Alyssa_Milano @gtconway3d @IlhanMN @RepEscobar @RepJayapal @JeffMerkley @RepBarragan @RepRaulGrijalva @RepAOC @RepBarbaraLee @DWStweets @JulianCastro But! It was educational. And! I found a discrepancy, which is why I looked. Peep the two things side by side: page 340 of Sessions' decision last July, and Barr's (or whoever's) regulations now.

In last year's decision, proof had to be given to the AO, immigration judge OR BIA.
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @funder @TheRickyDavila @DanaScottlo @ScottHech @qjurecic @LegalAidNYC @ReichlinMelnick @SusanBChurch11 @HMAesq @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @Alyssa_Milano @gtconway3d @IlhanMN @RepEscobar @RepJayapal @JeffMerkley @RepBarragan @RepRaulGrijalva @RepAOC @RepBarbaraLee @DWStweets @JulianCastro The next bit honestly made me laugh. A disbelieving bark of a laugh, but still.

"Non-adversarial manner" indeed.

That's hard enough when you're talking to traumatized people, often not in their native language (how many AOs know Qechi?) when they don't know what happens next.
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