Robert Swan Mueller, III – Deep State Fix-it Man, Part III
1. In Part I, we covered Mueller’s earliest career through the Whitey Bulger case.
2. Part II covers Mueller’s dirty deeds through the bulk of GHWB presidency.
3. Here in PartIII, we will take Mueller through the Clinton years where he really hones his skills as a Deep State Fix-It man.

And if you're like me you'll feel like you need a shower after ready how slimey and treacherous Mueller really is.
4. When GHWB was elected President in 1988 he had already been operating in the shadows of the Deep State for nearly 30 years, having been a CIA agent as early as 1960/1961.
5. He could neither confirm nor deny his involvement in the failed Bay of Pigs Operation and his name figures prominently and suspiciously in the newly released Kennedy Assassination documents.…
6. It is likely “Poppy”Bush was the central Mob boss of the Deep State having been the mastermind and facilitator of the entire dark money network, One World Government, crime syndicate. But that’s fodder for another thread.
7. GHWB entered office on the heels of the Iran-Contra Scandal (of which he played a major role) and a series of unfortunate events that left his clandestine Deep State exposed to a then somewhat journalistically responsible, curious media and the American People.
8. There is no doubt he came into office, after being unceremoniously shelved by the American People for 8 years in favor of freedom-loving, anti-Communist, put-America-first, populist, Ronald Reagan, with the goal of finally installing his globalist New World Order.
9. His speech, curiously given on Sept 11, 1990, leaves no doubt that was his ultimate goal was, but he was woefully over-confident, underestimating and out-of-touch with the American people.
10. The repeated exposure of his Deep State Shadow Govt Intelligence Community through his Presidency thwarted his NWO plans, temporarily, and made it necessary that he retreat back to the shadows for damage control.
11. Mueller was successful in taking the heat off the Deep State and began, through a series of complicit judges and other corrupt lawyers, setting up the precedent necessary to continue covering up for events (most likely planned) to throw off honest politicians, LEO, litigators
12. ... and investigators who were breathing heavily down their necks.
13. Bill Clinton was groomed by the Deep State and had been working with Poppy Bush’s Central American drug dealers, along with his brother, Roger Clinton, JR., and brothers-in-law, Hugh and Tony Rodham, for years, while Gov of Arkansas,
14. ...funneling drugs (cocaine) through Mena, Arkansas.
15. He was young, and glib, with a personality just ridiculous enough to give the necessary distraction needed for damage control for future events that had to happen. And he had an evil, pitbull of a wife, nasty enough to cover for his known sexual predation tendencies.
16. He was the perfect public diversion.
17. As covered in PartII, Mueller, as Assistant US Attorney General in charge of the DOJ Criminal Division, had covered Deep State tracks with Noriega, the Lockerbie Bombing, and BCCI banking scandal,
18. ...but his biggest bit of fuck you to the Constitution and the American People in favor of the Deep State was collaboration with other corrupt DOJ/FBI/SES/kangaroo courts to fabricate a case that would allow the DOJ to withhold exculpatory evidence from Grand Juries
19. ...allowing for potentially innocent people to be indicted unjustly. Known as the “Williams’ Opinion,” Mueller has used this fraud with Grand Juries involved in Ruby Ridge, Waco, WTC 1993 Bombing, OKC Bombing, 9/11, and the most recent Trump/Russia Hoax investigation.
20. The original case US v Williams was bank fraud case out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It has been speculated that the Deep State DOJ had been on the hunt for just such a case to force precedent that would allow prosecutors to rig Grand Juries.
21. This case was brought against John H. Williams, Jr. by then Associate US Attny Frank Keating for overvaluing two venture capital stock assets on a loan application. Keating’s brother was president of Village South National Bank
22. who just happened to turn the case over to his brother, Frank, under the auspices of “saving money.” Keating, with Mueller’s help, indicted Williams by withholding substantial audit evidence that proved Williams was innocent and that he had no intent to defraud the bank.
23. The district court threw out the case stating “info withheld raises reasonable doubt about Defendant’s intent to defraud” and “renders the grand jury decision to indict gravely suspect.”…
24. The DOJ, obviously intent on building precedent for future Deep State maneuvering, refused to let the case go. They filed a Petition for Writ of certiorari with the USSC.
25. The arguing DOJ prosecutors were, Kenneth Starr, Bob Mueller, William Bryson, Michael Dreeben, Frank Keating, and Joseph Wyderko (remember these names they figure prominently in future govt malfeasance and fraud) …
26. They argued that Special Prosecutors are not required to disclose exculpatory evidence to the Grand Jury. The USSC 5:4 decision sent the case back to the district court for further proceedings.
27. Oddly, this is where the US v Williams case goes cold. The district court document is missing and not available in Pacer or Lexis Nexis.
28. Without further resolution from the district court, Mueller and his entourage of corrupt US Attorneys have their precedent talking point, ...
29. “A district court may not dismiss an otherwise valid indictment because the Government failed to disclose to the grand jury "substantial exculpatory evidence" in its possession. Pp. 45-55.,” which he has used to withhold exculpatory evidence and rig Grand Juries ever since.
30. Now prosecutors can manipulate evidence, testimony, at will to present it to a Grand Jury in a manner ensuring an indictment.
31. We’ve seen that recently in the Trump/Russia Special Council Investigation Hoax, where Mueller has finessed testimony from a key witness he knew was under investigation for child pornography.
32. It isn’t a stretch to believe Mueller was blackmailing the witness with his past crimes, coercing “false testimony” from him.…
33. Mueller has also been found to have edited voice mail recording to leave out exculpatory evidence on General Michael Flynn.…
34. In the recent Special Council ‘Report on the Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election’, on pg. 389, Mueller argues, citing US vs Williams that the Special Council Grand Juries exist outside of the US Constitution. Yes, you read that right.
35. The Mueller Report…
36. This is also likely why Mueller did not disclose any of the criminal activity committed by Hillary Clinton, with regards to Russia, specifically U1 (of which Mueller himself is culpable),
37. ...that was certainly in evidence and pertinent in the scope of “Russian interference” from his two year-long investigation.
38. Having provided a method of cover for some of the most egregious govt operations/misconduct, Mueller retreats from public service briefly in 1993-95 where he becomes a partner at Hale and Dorr, later to merge and become Wilmer Culter Pickering Hale and Dorr (WilmerHale, LLC)
39. where he is involved in cases of White Collar Crimes including dealings with a Russian Nuclear Energy Co that, along with his participation in U1 as FBI Director, should have provided enough reason for his recusal in anything having to do w Russia.…
40. Mueller’s connections in the Nuclear Energy Industry will come in handy during his tenure as FBI Director with the Obama Administration, which will be covered in a later thread.
41. As the Clinton baggage and body count grew and began to spill out publicly, Mueller is brought back to public service as a senior litigator in the DC Homicide Division of the US Atty office where he, along with his old pal Kenneth Starr,
42. ...would make evidence disappear in the curious deaths of Vince Foster and Ron Brown.……
43. Mueller, working with Janet Reno and Ken Starr, would also help assure that neither the Clinton Administration nor its Federal Agents would suffer repercussions for their role in Ruby Ridge, Waco or the OKCity Bombing (withholding evidence to ensure GJ indictments/dismissals)
44. In 1998, as a reward for his service in successfully hiding yet more Clinton bodies, Mueller is then appointed to the prestigious position of US Attny Head Prosecutor in N. Dist of CA. But, the real reason for the appointment was the David Asimov Child pornography case.
45. Asimov was found by Santa Rosa PD to be supplying high-level Hollywood elites and high profile, politically connected persons (most likely in DC) with child pornography which he was mass producing on a grand scale.
46. Thousands of images were collected, as well as cameras, video machines, computers, scanners, all equipment used to transmit child pornography via the internet.
47. Asimov was arrested by Santa Rosa PD in March 1998, where he was charge with four federal counts of possessing child pornography. Each count carried a 5 year sentence.
48. Sonoma County Deputy District Attorney Gary Medvigy said:“There were thousands of disks, thousands of videos. Anything imaginable regarding sex between human beings and human beings, or human beings and animals, was there. Whatever your imagination can conjure up,he had it.”
49. Asimov was indicted by federal GJ in Nov 1999 on 4 counts of possessing images of child pornography. It is unknown what evidence Mueller presented to the GJ as the transcripts have not been released to the public.
50. n Dec 1999, Asimov plead Not Guilty and was released on own recognizance ROR.
51. Mueller strikes a plea deal with Asimov dropping two of the federal charges.
52. On March 28, 2001, after David Asimov pled guilty to two counts in a plea bargain deal, U.S. District Court Judge Maxine M. Chesney sentenced him to only six months’ home detention with electronic monitoring and three years’ probation for possessing child pornography.
53. Thanks to Mueller the case was stalled for several years, Asimov spent no time in jail and all of his equipment was returne d to him from evidence.…
54. That brings us to the George W Bush presidency, where Mueller is rewarded for his long outstanding service as the Deep State Fix-It Man, by being nominated as Director of the FBI in 2001. ///End Part III
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