Robert Swan Mueller, III – Deep State Fix-It Man, Part II
In Part II, I will cover highlights of Mueller's sorted career through the GHWB presidency. Part I is 👇
1. n 1989, Mueller began working in the US DOJ as assistant to AG Dick Thornburgh, who conveniently resigned as AG in 1991 to run for the US Senate seat left vacant when Senator John Heinz was killed in a plane crash.…
2. It can safely be said, if you are a sitting Senator and the Deep State needs your seat to move along their nefarious plot, travel by plane is ill-advised.
3. Heinz’ widow then marries Mueller’s lifelong teammate and pal, Senator John Kerry, who was, at that time eyeballs deep...
4. in Senate investigations into CIA drug-trafficking from Central America, the Lockerbie bombing, and the BCCI bank scandal (all leading to US intel/dark money, and GHWB himself) and sinking fast.
5. GHWB came into office in 1989 on the heels of the Iran-Contra affair. The cover-up had been largely, and almost completely swept clean of any govt official culpability, but...
6. but the documents/material lost when CIA Eugen Hasenfus’ plane was downed over Nicaragua in 1986 left the cozy, profitable and illegal CIA backed-Noriega/Latin America/Caribbean drug trafficking relationship dangerously exposed.
7. The US govt had known about Noriega’s drug running since the 1960’s but when the DEA attempted to indict him in 1971, they were thwarted by the CIA director, GHWB.
8. As head of the govt and military of Panama, General Manuel Noriega had been giving military assistance to the CIA sponsored Contra groups at the request of the US govt.
9. A very lucrative arrangement. GHWB funneled hundreds of thousands of US tax dollars to Noriega yearly and the General continued his drug trafficking ops with full CIA knowledge and protection.

(Sounds a lot like FBI/Bulger affair)
10. The Iran-Contral affair and CIA document exposure sparked a cry of public outrage demanding further investigation. And in steps, Democrat Senators John Kerry and Chris Dodd to lead the charge where they can offer maximum coverage for US intel/govt malfeasance.
11. US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, the sub-committee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations, chaired by Senator John Kerry, began investigating drug trafficking from Central, South America and the Caribbean into the US in 1986.
12. The completed work product, The Kerry Committee report, was finalized in 1989. The report whitewashed any US culpability concluding, "it is clear that individuals who provided support for the Contras were involved in drug trafficking,...
13. the supply network of the Contras was used by drug trafficking organizations, and elements of the Contras themselves knowingly received financial and material assistance from drug traffickers."
14. Drug trafficking was occurring, of course, but not by anyone the US was paying, at least not with their knowledge. Sure.…
15. It was a Band-Aid, but the damage was done and continued relations with Noriega became a very serious political liability for GHWB. In 1989, GHWB launched Operation Just Cause, an invasion of Panama, ostensibly to take out Noriega.
16. Noriega instead surrendered to Catholic Church officials who eventually turned him over to the US govt for trial.

The LAST thing GHWB wants is for Noriega to testify.
17. Enter Robert Mueller to clean it up. Mueller is appointed as the Acting Attorney General to Dick Thornburgh overseeing the DOJ Criminal Division where he micro-managed, and delayed the Noriega prosecution and Noriega was never allowed to testify.…
18. Mueller was also overseeing the PanAm 103 bombing investigation.
19. PanAm flight 103 was a transatlantic flight from Frankfurt to Detroit via London and New York that was destroyed by a bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland, ...
20. killing 243 SOB and 11 persons on the ground. Among those killed onboard were at least 3 high-ranking CIA officials, including the CIA Deputy Chief in Beirut.…
21. It was immediately declared terrorism, but who to blame? All eyes were trained on Libya and protracted sanctions were then leveled. The US would finally charge two Libyan nationals, ...
22. Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi and Lamin Khalifa Fhimah, in Nov 1991, and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, still recovering from the ass-whooping President Reagan gave him, and suffering under heavy sanctions, accepted responsibility and turned the men over.
23. It was too simple, and too easy to sell.
24. The evidence of the bombing from many independent investigations that have followed, agree it was more likely a hit carried out by rouge CIA and other Western intel agencies ...
25. to silence rival CIA who had, while they were in country working to free American hostages, uncovered drug payoffs going to the Frankfurt based agents. The lead hostage negotiator was among those killed onboard PA103.
26. The CIA had established a controlled drug-running operation working with international arms dealer, Mansur al-Kassar, utilized ostensibly to spy on Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian armed political groups and working to broker the release of American hostages ...
27. being held in Lebanon. Al-Kassar was a major player in Syrian drug-running ops built up in Beqaa Valley from the 1970’s with long-standing ties to Columbian Medellin and Cali Cartels.
28. The Medellin were trafficking drugs into the US through a NYC/LA based Syrian-Bulgarian drug money-laundering ring, “La Mina.” If US Intel were profiteering off US sponsored drug and arms dealing, just how high up and how interconnected did this dark money reach?
29. GHWB wasn’t about to let Congress or the American people find out and Mueller made sure the people were fed fresh meat and a smoke-screen of BS.
30. At the same time, and all part of the same corrupt GHWB led US Intel network, Mueller was also placed in charge of the BCCI Bank Scandal investigation. By the time Bob came on the scene Congress and the media were already critical of the govts mishandling of the case.
31. Bank of Credit and Commerce International was an international bank founded in 1972, by a Pakistani financier. It was registered in Luxembourg and head office in London.
32. The bank had long been criticized for not being properly regulated and was reluctant about providing info about the source or use of funds. BCCI made phony loans, concealed deposits and hid huge losses.
33. It was widely speculated that as Director of the CIA, GHWB was likely personally involved in the creation of BCCI and that its purpose was always to evade regulations, specifically US regulations/oversight, so illegal drugs, weapons transfers, terror networks, ...
34. money-laundering and cartel business could be run and US funds diverted, undetected. So, when US Customs Special Agent Robert Mazur infiltrated the bank’s private client division ...
35. and uncovered BCCI’s active role in money-laundering of billions of dollars in deposits from terrorists and drug traffickers, specifically from the Medellin Cartel, GHWB shit himself.
36. GHWB was funneling arms, money to the Contras through BCCI for years, including the funding for Iran-Contra affair (Mujahedeen, Al-Qaeda)
37. The CIA was well aware of BCCI’s many crimes but refused to report them to the Federal Reserve.

The CIA claimed ignorance.
38. Senator Kerry, always on top to cover for his fellow Skull and Bones brothers, concluded his investigation into BCCI in 1986 finding, once again, the CIA was innocently clueless, and so, crimeless.…
39. GHWB didn’t care if BCCI was taken out, he just couldn’t afford the CIA/US Intel cartel and “allies” world-wide crime syndicate that he had built being fully exposed and having light shined in the darkest corners of his sorted career as the top US govt Mob Boss.
40. Mueller made sure that didn’t happen.
41. Multiple BCCI Investigations were breaking out by young hungry prosecutors. To tamp it down, GHWB ordered a federal probe headed by Mueller where Bob could obstruct other investigations into BCCI at will.
42. The US Senate later found the probe was “botched” and without accountability. Witnesses and CIA records went missing. DOJ prosecutors were instructed not to cooperate with Manhattan DA, and the biggest players at BCCI went relatively unpunished.…
43. For his efforts and loyalty Robert S. Mueller, III, was awarded by being appointed Director of the FBI in 2001, by grateful son, GWB, where Bob could take being a Dirty Cop to a whole new level.
44. In Part III, we'll cover Dirty Cop Mueller through the Clinton presidency, where his skills as a Crime Syndicate Bagman are further honed. ///End Part II
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