Ilhan Omar – The Viper in the Den
1. I first started taking a hard look into Ilhan Omar early in January 2019. Since that time she has been in the news for her repeated anti-Semitic, anti-American, racist, bigoted remarks which have led independent
#IlhanOmar #MN
2. investigators to find a number of inconsistencies, controversies and criminal offenses committed by the Congresswoman herself. Interestingly, with each controversy and inconsistency in her most recent public statements, her Wiki-page keeps changing.
3. Specifically, the year of her birth and when she recalls leaving Somalia for the refugee camp in Kenya. Her about page and Wiki-page are inconsistent in timeline, as well.
4. Added recently to her Wiki-page is her account of recent controversies, which she herself caused with her public utterances of bigotry, which portray her always as a victim.
5. Her page reads like a ‘woe-is-me, America-is-such-a-terrible-racist-place-I-endure-for-the-justice-of-the-down-trodden.’
8. So who is Ilhan Omar? It is my belief that she is a radicalized Anti-Colonial NeoMarxist Islamist, who has been groomed since childhood by her family (grandfather and father) to infiltrate and undermine
9. the American Constitutional Republic in the name of Allah. Gaining entry by exploiting our broken immigration system, supported by terror-sympathizing/supporting groups (CAIR, IRUSA, Muslim Brotherhood, Soros, BDS)
10. and then capitalizing on the Obama Muslim Outreach efforts, taxpayers have been supporting, educating and funding Omar since her early teen years.
11. Ilhan Omar was born in Mogadishu, Somalia Oct 4, 1981 (recently changed to 1982) to Nur Omar Mohamed and Fadhuma Abukan Hazi Hussein of the Benadire tribe.
12. Her father was a teacher and her family members were civil servants, educators and managers in the shipping/import-export industry. By Somali standards her life was one of wealth and vast privilege.
13. She was educated (unusual for a woman) and shielded from the upheaval of the tribal warfare/civil uprisings in her country. Most likely due to her family’s political connections they were likely tipped-off before fighting broke out and she fled...
14. Somalia for a Kenyan refugee camp in 1991, ahead of the outbreak of Civil War in late 1991-92. Her Wiki-page has been changed, likely due to her recent statements where she claims to have experienced the war first hand and was forced to flee during the upheaval.
15. Multiple, past interviews with her prove this to be another Omar deception. She is quoted many times that she left Somalia at the age of 8 and recalls fondly the 4 years she spent in Kenya prior to her resettlement in Arlington, VA in 1995.
16. The year of her arrival in the US is something that can always be verified with official documents/transcripts, etc. Her recent recollection and her updated Wiki page are proved false by this fact alone.
17. If she fled in 1992, at the age of 8 and spent 4 years in Kenya her arrival in the US would be 1996, not 1995. She arrived in 1995. Also if she fled Somalia at the age of 8 and she was born in 1992 (the recent change of date) she would have left Somalia in 1990.
18. She was nowhere near the war in Somalia.…
19. While in Kenya, given her family’s political status and involvements, she would be close to/involved/indoctrinated in the prevalent ideology of Anti-Colonial Islamic Neo-Marxism (very much like Obama’s earliest upbringing)
20. Indeed, her motivations, words and deeds as a politician now, show just how much she was influenced by, and adopted this ideology as her own.
21. In 1995, due to her family’s political/tribal affiliation they were no longer welcome in Somalia under the new regime/govt. Through the money-changers ELCA sponsored, Omar, and father and grandfather were relocated as refugees in Arlington, VA.
22. Because the sponsors only have to keep track of the refugees for 4 months to receive their kickbacks from the federal govt, most refugees are free to disperse to established cultural enclaves by the 6th month of their arrival.
23. This is the case with Omar and her family. They relocated to Minneapolis, MN in 1995 where a Somali enclave was thriving.
24. Omar’s account of her earliest arrival is one where she was bullied by American children at school who she believed saw her as a threat simply for existing.
25. Always portraying herself as the heroic victim she studied hard and refused to be put down by those hateful, racist Americans.
26. Her grandfather jumped right into the American political system and had Ilhan accompany him at the age of 14 to Democratic caucus/council meetings where she could serve as his translator. Naturally, they became involved in the Democratic Socialist party.
27. Omar was granted American citizenship in 2000 at age of 19 (or 18, depending on the year of birth she chooses to use, and curiously her Wiki-page claims she received it at 17 yoa – What is significant about the need to constantly change her birth year?
28. Could it be there will be bank loan/student loan/tax forms filled out fraudulently, as that is very much in the news and being investigated now? Did her father claim her as a dependent on his taxes fraudulently?)
30. Omar graduated from North Dakota University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Studies. Her Wiki-page also indicates she was a Policy Fellow at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs during this time.
31. A Policy Fellow is a politically correct expression for “political activist”, in this case a radical leftist, concerned with establishing a Marxist policy in effort to change the American system.
32. Get a load of the curriculum dripping with innocuous politically correct claptrap:…
33. In 2006-2009 Omar also worked as the Community Nutrition Educator for the University of MN. In this position she enrolled and trained other refugees and low-income MN residents on taxpayer funded SNAP benefits...
34. and how to take advantage of the new loopholes created by the Obama pro-Muslim Outreach, pro-refugee taxpayer subsidized programs.………
35. In 2012-2013 she worked again in social services, this time as Child Nutrition Outreach Coordinator with the MN Department of Education. .
36. Her role again is to enroll low-income residents and refugees for govt entitlements and tax payer funded welfare benefits. Many of these benefits are being sent overseas to fund jihad terrorists.……
37. Beginning in 2012 we see her first moves toward the political arena. It is interesting to note that her ascent as a politician only happens through a series of election irregularities and significant financial backing along the way.
38. This is true in many of the politician we find suddenly in our Federal Govt that we cannot seem to fathom how they made such a leap onto the national stage given their outward contempt for our government, American citizens, our military, and their publicly stated ...
39. intentions toward sedition. Many are taking advantage of local election irregularities in the rules, sudden vacancies in off-election cycles, voter apathy, and are being funded heavily by leftist NGOs and small donations from the very large enclave ...
40. populations (with your money), and voter fraud. Local govts really need to look at their election rules and tighten down their processes and oversight. Those looking to infiltrate our system are using your inattention to do just that. (Obama comes to mind)
41. In 2012, Omar became the Campaign Manager for Kari Dziedzic, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (Socialist) candidate for MN Senate in a special election to succeed, MN Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller, who resigned to take an admin position with the Governor Mark Dayton.
42. Democrats dumped enormous amounts of cash and support for this special election even pulling out the Governor and Senator Klobuchar to push Dziedzic across the finish line. But it was Omar’s influence that made the special election for Dziedzic possible at all.
43. During the primary she faced Somali immigrant, Mohamud Noor, who she would only beat out by 330 votes. Omar delivered the Somali vote, without which Dziedzic would have been soundly defeated.…
44. In 2013, Omar was Campaign Manager for Andrew Johnson, who was running for Minneapolis City Council. Johnson, also a member of the socialist DFL, became the youngest member to sit on the City Counsel.
45. Omar served as his Senior Policy Aide 2013-2015 where they pushed an ever more progressive/socialist agenda working to overhaul the city ordinances making them more leftist/Somali culture friendly.
46. “These efforts have led to lowering licensing fees for second-hand shops, making it more accessible for business owners to have murals on their buildings, eliminating an ordinance banning patrons from wearing hats in movie theaters.
47. (cont'd)...During his first term, he has also authored an ordinance to clarify Minneapolis's rules on pets and wildlife, including making urban chicken coops more accessible, permitting the ownership of reptiles, and instituting a no-kill policy for the city's ...
48. (cont'd) animal control agency. He led an effort to end the city of Minneapolis's IT services contract with Unisys at an annual savings of $3 million to the city and introduced language eliminating the requirement for single-use restrooms in city businesses to be...
49. (cont'd) designated either female or male, allowing instead for gender neutral single-use bathrooms.”
50. Controversy always seems to surround Omar and her questionable associates. During her tenure with the Minneapolis City Council from 2013-15, Omar acknowledged that she was a friend of several young men who had joined al-Shabab, a Somali jihadist ...
51. terror group allied with al-Qaeda, several years earlier. “They were happy young men,” said Omar. “And then at some point, something happened. And that is what needs to be researched and studied.
52. (cont'd) What is happening to make them feel disconnected from a community that has birthed them, that has nurtured them?”…
53. Interestingly, it is al-Shabab who benefited from the missing welfare benefits for which Omar played a role in enrolling individuals responsible for the theft.…
54. In 2015, Omar became Director of Policy & Initiatives of the Women Organizing Women Network, a social justice organization where Ilhan’s job is “advocating for women from East Africa to take on civic and political leadership roles.”
55. In other words, the Islamic goals of Hizrah and Muruna: infiltration and conquest for Islam. Omar’s role as a facilitator for radical Islam in America cannot be understated. She has been groomed from an early age to exploit the American system for the goals of Islam.
56. She has been on the frontlines building the Somali enclave in MN, she served as an Advisory Board member for CAIR, an organization tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, and she continues to fundraise for them to this day.……
57. She has been responsible for signing up the individual refugees to benefits that we know have made their way back to the Somali terrorist group al-Shabab and her district has the highest rate of radicals joining ISIS of any in the country.…
59. Ilhan has admitted to being friends with known terrorists and has personally advocated to the judge on behalf of convicted terrorist requesting a lesser sentence for their crimes.…
60. In 2016, Omar ran for MN House Representative on the DFL ticket and won. Her term began in Jan, 2017. When fellow Muslim Brotherhood member, Keith Ellison, won his bid for Attorney General MN, in 2018, he vacated his seat in Congress.
61. Ilhan was given enormous financial support from DNC, CAIR, Soros and Ellison himself for her run for his seat. Omar won with an historic 78% of the vote. Many irregularities have been discovered suggesting likely voter fraud and campaign finance fraud.
63. Investigations into allegations of incest, tax/student loan fraud are ongoing and likely the reason Omar’s Wiki-page information keeps changing. Despite the scrutiny Omar continues to spew racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American venom.
64. She has even drawn the ire of fellow Democrats who are actively seeking a primary challenger for her.…
65. Anyone challenging her statements, actions, and affiliations are deemed racist, Islamaphobes. She is well-schooled in how to play the press and turn any genuine debate into a perceived attack on her. She claims always to be the victim.
66. Many it seems have finally awoken to the dangers inside our halls of Congress. The Obama administration was all about setting up the socialist Cloward & Piven machinery to eventually overwhelm our system, specifically with refugees and illegal aliens.
67. Had Hillary won our Republic would certainly be lost. Fortunately, President Trump @realDonaldTrump is working tirelessly to roll back, and break apart the gears of sedition and has been very successful to date.
68. However, we have a few vipers that have slithered into our den and it is up to us voters to get them out. ///End
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