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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/11/2020…
A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human? | Artificial intelligence (AI) | The Guardian…

#robot #article #intelligence
The eruption that helped to destroy one of China’s great dynasties : Research Highlights…

#eruption #china
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We should ask ourselves what #Decolonization means to Muslims, Jews, Roma, Afro/ Asian Europeans, People of Colour, LGBTIQ community, CSO's, EU institutions, policy makers of #Europe.

We must decolonise our structures that drive discrimination to built an inclusive Europe. Image
#Decolonization is essential to address structural racism in EU Member States.

Toppling statues of criminals & racist colonialists is essential to make Europe future proof just as education on the real colonial history of Europe. #BlackLivesMattters Image
From #Roosevelt to #Churchill to #LeopoldII: they are visible monuments to the greatest crime in history: #Colonialism.

Therefore, we must prioritise #decolonization to topple the invisible monuments that make our society so structurally racist. #Europe…
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The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline.

However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will
tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be.

The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars.

They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now
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1/ Tutti i #complottisti, da chi nega lo sbarco sulla #Luna ai recenti Qannonari, non riescono a spiegare la principale falla logica delle loro idee balorde: se il #complotto è celato da organizzazioni onnipotenti e letali, com'è che tutti lo conoscono? ⬇️
2/ Le foto usate per negare lo sbarco sulla Luna sono caricate sul sito della #Nasa e Q rilascia indizi sulla sua venuta...
Qualcuno ricorda se #Roosevelt fosse solito alludere in pubblico al Progetto Manhattan per vedere se i nazisti riuscivano a risolvere l'enigma? ⬇️
3/ Questi complotti, segretissimi ma pubblici, esistono solo nelle menti frustrate di persone qualunque che si inventano una favola che li rende speciali
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Le grand chassé-croisé des vacances d’été se rapproche… Que vous soyez juillettiste ou aoûtien, vous n'avez peut-être pas encore choisi les #podcasts qui vous accompagneront sur la route. 🚗🚐🚛🚲🚄🚀

Voici notre sélection pour vous faciliter la tâche ⬇ Image
Scientifiques et artistes partagent leurs souvenirs et leurs attentes. Ouvrez vos oreilles sur le monde avec "Chacun sa route" par @ELOFONT
(44 émissions d'une heure sont disponibles au #podcast aujourd'hui)

#bienEtre #histoire #amour #philosophie
@ELOFONT Michka Assayas vous raconte le destin d'un visionnaire dont la voix et la ferveur continuent de nous éclairer
(5 épisodes d'une heure)…

#BobMarley #Wailers #Reggae
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Vite, vite...accrochez vos ceintures et rejoignez nous à 20h avec @FabSintes dans la West Wing de Teddy #Roosevelt à 20h sur @franceinter (ou en podcast ici:…) On vous attend!!😊
#LastRT L'occasion cher @MatthieudeO de te remercier aussi avec toute la #TeamProfs sympa de Twitter qui m'a toujours soutenu et encouragé: @profenthese
@Stephanie_Leu @sebcote34
et tant d'autres. J'espère porter haut au micro les couleurs de notre métier!
#LastRT Et de façon plus générale, vous ne pouvez pas savoir ce que pour Fabienne, moi, Fabrice notre réal magicien, Adrien et @rebden, vos compliments comme celui-ci nous touchent après les aléas et les doutes de début 2020. MERCI et bonne émission!!!😊
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#EU should come out of the state of denial on structural racism & police brutality against minorities.

Condemnations are only meaningful when they are coupled with real action to completely change racial biases in our institutions. #BlakeLivesMatter
@EU_Commission @JuliePascoet
Structural & institutional racism as well as police brutality against minorities are a national security threat to all EU member states.

Our future depends on building a union for all without structural and institutional racism. #blacklivesmatter @vonderleyen @EU_Commission Image
Failing to acknowledge police brutality in the EU a single time by @vonderleyen shows the EU continues its state of denial.

Let's ask the difficult questions on why the EU is structurally and institutionally racist. #BlackLivesMattters EU needs real change and no...
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Changing #WorldOrder against #China Post #Corona

Whole world is suffering from #COVID19 which is actually a #Chinesevirus. Thousands of people have lost their lives and still this is not going to stop easily.
1. Officially #US President talked China regarding role of China in tackling this issue. But left dominated media forced him to stop this and call it Novel virus.
2. Unofficially people are questioning #china regarding spread of this virus, china's efforts to put initial cover on it and talk of conspiracy and #BioTerrorism angle.
Many countries have been forced by public outcry to take action against china.
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#Dresden #Holocaust Remembrance Day 1: D. Irving’s Testimony
This holocaust was #Churchill’s brainchild.…
In the aftermath of the bombing of Dresden, Germany, 1945 👇👇
This is Day 2 of:
Five Days of Solemn Remembrance and Mourning for 100,000 German Holocaust Victims in the city of Dresden.
Their mass murder was ordered by Churchill and Roosevelt, Feb. 13-14, 1945
#Dresden #Holocaust Remembrance Day 3: The Deniers
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The secret cabal being responsible for deliberately starting World Wars
There is evidence that certain top people in Russia, Austria, Serbia and elsewhere may have plotted the murder of the heir to the Austrian throne, thus sparking World Wars.…
Carroll Quigley The Anglo #American Establishment (book)
The extension of British rule throughout the world by perfecting a system, a kind of religious brotherhood like the Jesuits, some say "A church for the extension of the #British Empire".…
Carroll Quigley The Anglo American Establishment (article)…
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In hoog opgeleide blanke (en bruine😉)kringen is het een ‘opinion chic’ om vóór legalisering van drugs te zijn. Een elitaire opvatting die van weinig empathie getuigt.…
Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf
Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network
🤓 video…
Lockerbie links to Franklin, #Dutroux, #Mossad, McKee
A Pan Am investigation believed that the #lockerbie bomb was targeted to kill a small band of US Defence Intelligence Agency operatives who had uncovered a #drugsring run by a #CIA unit in Lebanon.…
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Word on the street is the #FederalReserve is having unheard of overnight lending activities meant to curb the rise of short term rates which are likely skyrocketing due to some big companies cash concerns. Hmm, let’s get some nice Fed conspiracies rolling…
The #FederalReserve is a system of centralized banks that fund the #UnitedStates loans from their own “reserves” w/ US citizen land & labor used as collateral. Most of these banks are held secret and difficult to trace back to to the originating bank.…
A quick look at history and you can see the banking system is a large network of oil barons like the #Rockefellers, #RoyalCrown and various vassal agents of #European banking families like the #Rothschilds. These banks are used to control the economy completely protected.
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Desde Lima @AmbJohnBolton cita a #Roosvelt: “Es de cobardes criticar desde afuera: el crédito pertenece a aquel hombre quien está en el terreno y mancha su rostro con el polvo, el sudor y la sangre”. Y @jguaido es hoy, ese hombre en el terreno.
@AmbJohnBolton @jguaido “No es el crítico quien cuenta; no sabemos quién tropieza, o dónde el autor de las acciones podría haberlo hecho mejor. El crédito pertenece al hombre que está realmente en la arena, cuya cara está manchada por el polvo, el sudor y la sangre..." #Roosevelt
Merece el crédito "quien se esfuerza valientemente; quién se equivoca, quién se queda corto una y otra vez, porque no hay esfuerzo sin errores y deficiencias. Pero quien lo hace, quien conoce grandes entusiasmos, las grandes devociones; quien se gasta en una causa digna..."
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About climbing my 1st 14er, campaigning for @PeteButtigieg at 14,000ft, finding community with strangers, an electrifying moment, and the biggest surprise of my life!
We arrived at the #MtEvans trailhead around 7:30am, the peak was lost in fast moving clouds. #14er
Mt Evans magnets & shirts don't lie, the GOATS! So awesome.
We had goats greet us at the trailhead, we kept our distance &
ogled them with delight. #14ers
#TeamPete, I brought my @playmobil #minime & a #Pete2020 banner for some inspiring photos exploring #AmericatheBeautiful.
#SummitLake parking lot, with another 2,00-odd ft to ascend to the peak of #MtEvans, a #14er that I can see from my house, SE of Denver!
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L'info de la nuit US: et le @washingtonpost et le @nytimes rapportent que #Trump fut déjà prévenu des pertes AVANT de donner son feu vert initial à des frappes en #Iran et que l'opération était bien en cours avant son revirement.……
2) Cette information n'est pas anecdotique: l'#Iran sait désormais que #Trump hésitera toujours à frapper et qu'il y a incontestablement des fractures à l'intérieur de l'administration US autour du président pour savoir comment réagir face aux Iraniens.…
3) Et ce dévoilement d'1 #Trump hésitant, confus construit 1 image de faiblesse face à l'#Iran et d'autres. Selon le quotidien US le plus lu @USATODAY Th. Roosevelt disait: "Parlez doucement et portez 1 gros bâton, vous irez loin". #Trump fait l'inverse.…
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The #Mueller family of Robert Swan Mueller I paid big $$$ to have a summer home on white-only (no blacks, no Jews. Strictly excluded!) Gibson Island in the late 1920s.

Living large (and white) with the Roosevelts, DuPonts, and other elites.

Where was the money from, so young?

Imagine if this was evidence of President Trump's ancestors enjoying exclusive white-only communities

Twitter is a waste of my time
[2] Did Robert Swan #Mueller 1 yacht with #Rothchild ? or #DuPont (married a Roosvelt) ? Or #Roosevelt (married a DuPont)? or Tuesdale (married a Mueller) ?

@leytedriver @GeorgWebb #TeamW @btaylor_71
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06/01/2019 - 78 years ago today, the longest-serving #UnitedStates #President, #Franklin D. #Roosevelt (#FDR) addressed the 77th #Congress with his "#Four #Freedoms" speech with the intent to shift #US #foreign #policy from that of #neutrality to #interventionist.
#FDR promoted the idea that the people of the world, in all nations, shared entitlement to four freedoms: that of the freedom of speech and expression, the freedom of worship, the freedom from want and the freedom from fear.
#FDR is arguably one of the most 'successful' #US Presidents. Some would argue that on the basis of his numerous social policies such as 'the New Deal'. Others, however, would argue that his role during the second world war was more prevalent to his success & everlasting legacy.
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They’ve got eleventy-seventeen reasons why it can’t be done.
So now I’m at the Airport Station-adjacent bus stop. Hey @SounderBruce how do I get to Airport light rail station from here? #carfree
Never mind. I figured it out. Now for @SoundTransit Link to UW Station #carfree
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