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So with the Illuminati, Freemasons, #pedogate, sexual rituals, symbols hidden in plain sight, Jesuits, Roman Catholic Church corruption...

I first stumbled upon these in the early 2000s when I read Dan Brown's books, starting with Angels & Demons.

Dan Brown's books were eventually made into blockbuster movies staring none other than Tom Hanks... though that rabbit hole and his connection to this cult is overwhelming.
Anyways, ONE important movie that was supposed to be made in the Dan Brown's book series is called The Lost Symbol. Hollywood refused to make it.

Here's a peak of the plot, to help you understand why.

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13 Russians were EB5 visa funnels for Russians that work w/ Hillary & Fusion GPS & cannot be extradited–Mueller's Plan B all along. No connection to Trump campaign but perhaps Carter Page who was ONI & FBI plant.
You #Qanon chuckleheads take a day off riddles & get this info out.
Did @Qanon say "Trust Sessions--to keep quiet a/b 25 years of Clinton & Mueller stealing uranium, giving rogue nations nukes & making nation uninhabitable forever? (& commission on fuel rods he got)? @MariaBartiromo @RealDonaldTrump @LouDobbs @seanhannity @LionelMedia @georgwebb
& did #Qanon say "Trust Rex (HRC's shadow SoS while Kerry was made secret uranium deals), to start a war w/ Venezuela, kills thousands & take their oil?"
(How's that Mueller-Trump sting coming along? Mule's keeping that secret plan really secret, huh)?
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I am an adoptee 1960's circa. 14 months of my newborn life are unaccounted for, my birth cert a fraud and no photos of me until aprox 2 yrs of age. I have also proved the Clark's involved covertly since 1977…
Currently under heinous surveillance as well. Ppl have told me the cost to run one satellite (they have one on each side of my home) a day is 2500.00 @GenFlynn @PrivateStarNYC
Is this freedom, @jeffsessions @realDonaldTrump? On 04/03/12 before the most terrifying event of my life, before I knew of this sh!t technology there were 2 St. Louis Co Deputies at different times out here. I suspect now, making sure all was a go to terrorize me non stop 4/2 wks
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🚨 THREAD 🚨 Google/Big Pharma/MK ULTRA

Why is Big Pharma essential?
👉 Expand your thinking past cures
Think Google [new Pixel phone]

READ THREAD then search for yourself [big pharma co's + tech co's]

#QAnon #QAnon8chan #TheStorm #Q #TheGreatAwakening #FloridaSchoolShooting
"Google partners with psychiatric drug front group to push mental illness “self diagnosis” tool" 👉

#QAnon #QAnon8chan #TheStorm #Q #TheGreatAwakening #FloridaSchoolShooting
Known as “Dr. Google,” the deceptive program is the brainchild of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a pro-psychiatric drug front group that wants more people to believe that they suffer from mental illnesses.
#QAnon #QAnon8chan #TheStorm #Q #TheGreatAwakening
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Feb 15 2018 14:25:24
ID: 8ec7df
What [3] scientists were killed who were researching the SAT relay of mobile phone signals to end users?
Why was the research deemed CLASSIFIED?
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I woke 11/22/63 seeing 1 man head shot & 1 gut shot live on B&W TV in 3 days. By 1966 I’d read Warren & knew dif b/t CIA, FBI, SS, US Marshall etc. Now after 54 years of study, the last 2 being 24/7, I see what I was prepped & groomed for my whole life & have not shirked. 1/?
I was adopted & raised LDS UAW Dem but now I’m fully woke (& completely broke b/c 2 years 24/7). Self-employed, my biz has gone to hell over last 395 day of 24/7 b/c saving kids & ending smuggling & #StopCIAcoup by #BlockImpeachment often seemed more important than my work. 2/?
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HOLY $HIT #QAnon #Qanon8chan

- We missed a CRUMB: "The Hunt For" Go back n dig🐀

[RED OCTOBER] submarine who destroys itself (possibly Rothschilds sub, RED)
OR cyberespionage malware discovered in 2012 which sent TOP secret Intel & personal info


"N Korea so loving n wants 2 b united w/South"

Fake news MSM painting Kim Jong Un's sister as their darling

MSM(OP MOCKINGBIRD)paints evil regime as GREAT

CLOWNS & rogue actors attempt missile launch 2 start a WAR

Mission FAIL
#QAnon #Qanon8chan
#Qanon #Qanon8chan

CONFIRMED. Ivanov Vyacheslav was TARGET in Russian plane crash which killed 71 ppl!

(Other passengers also connected 2 ROSATOM & nuclear field [U1])

💣💣Ivanov is the former Deputy Director General of ROSATOM!💣💣

Surprise surprise timeline matches up 2 U1
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1) Time for another #QAnon update.
This thread covers Q posts on January 21, 2018
Link to #Qanon8chan page:…
2) This is the first post by #QAnon today.
The image is incomplete.
(If you go to Q's page, you need to click the link at the bottom of the post to expand.)
3) This is the full image posted by #Qanon
As you can see, there's a lot of information.
We're going to break it down into sections.
(Where you decide to end one section and begin another is critical.)
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bannon, manefort, gates & pop were CIA-ONI plants all along.
#Saipov #UzbekTruckers haul heroin & #opioids under #UraniumOne color of law smuggling cover it was designed to be from the start.…

#Bernie2020 #FakeNewsAwards flake brexit
Has #Qanon offered any practical advice or plan of action yet other than to make a bowl of popcorn & stay inside when SHTF? #Qanon8chan
@esoteric_ed @DestroyIllusion @tracybeanz @RoystonPotter
@realBobWoodward & @carlbernstein were ONI w/ GHW 86d Nixon in a Black OP. Bannon=ONI.
ONI fed Saigon disinfo & killed Paris Peace Talks; LBJ thought it was Nixon but could do nada as he'd found-out b/c Hoover bugged the palace. LBJ may've have realized it was CIA & so did not run for a 2nd term. 12 year wars are just good business & still are. Rummy (ONI) was...
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#QANON #Qanon8chan #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

Chelsea's father-in-law, and even her husband's fondness for Ponzi schemes are known. Look at his mother: Marjorie…
"Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky is a fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Fels Institute of Government, an adjunct faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania." W/ "Hon. Edward G. Rendell: Former Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania"…
"Many of her [M.M.Mezvinsky] votes cost her re-election bid in 1994. One vote was for President Bill Clinton's controversial 1993 budget, for which she was the deciding vote. She had opposed the bill, until the President called her."
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1) "Swole" Jeff Bezos, Richest Man in the WORLD, hobnobs with #CesspoolCitizens Coast-to-Coast, from #SiliconValley #SexFreaks #TechGeeks & #Hollywierdos to Elite #MSM & #DeepState #SwampDenizens in #DCUnderbelly…
What does #CoyBoyBezos do with his fortune?
2) Before buyin#WaPo & a house down the street from #DeepStateHQ to host Subject-Specific Cocktail Parties, the #DARPA #CoyBoy Didn't Always Flaunt His Coin.

For nearly Two Decades He Flew Below the Radar.
3) Things Took a Turn.

In exchange for State Tax Incentives, He Conceded State Sale Tax, & Focused on Government Contracts, Spreading His Tentacles & Forging Political Alliances Nationwide.
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Disinformation is valuable: Learn what "controlled resistance" & "soft disclosure"
are: Interpret #Qanon as an ONI psy-op.
Mueller-DJT sting was a throw & so #Qanon8chan is to divert from #LasVegasShooting --an MSM blackout beta-test.
@TheSolariReport @DestroyIllusion @tracybeanz
Mueller-Trump sting was a diversion (2001 he was worth $1m--when Comey took-over, $7-$50m).
The Book of #QAnon #HopePorn
& learn their plan. #Qanon8chan
Abbreviation Key
@LionelMedia @esoteric_ed @georgwebb #MAGA
Historical Perspective: GHW Bush was Deep Throat & Woodward & Bernstein were ONI & Watergate was a dark-op palace coup.
Bannon was ONI when Bush tipped Iran a/b Op Eagle Claw & 3 rescue choppers were downed aka Oct. Surprise.
#AwanBrothers tipped Yemen & #RyanOwens was KIA. #MAGA
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