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Robert S. Mueller, III - Deep State Fix-It Man, Part IV
1. It is important to remember Mueller acts as the Deep State Fix-It man. His worth to the DS is his ability to act as a wall between the facilitators, their nefarious actions, and the wheels of justice.
2. If cover, time and obstruction is what is needed Mueller is the man to do it. His use of disinformation, manipulation of the media, false testimony to Congress, and hiding evidence is well-documented.
3. This is a role he will continue as Director of the FBI for both GWB and Obama administrations; obstructing investigations, making evidence disappear, misrepresenting facts to Congress, the Courts and the public to further the needs of the DS, ...
4. and removing the oversight mechanisms that the DS tripped over.

By 2001 the DS has its two-tiered Justice System nearly in place. The players were/are many and their relationships to each other are all incestuous.
5. Mueller’s lawfare through GHWB and Clinton Administrations had given the DOJ the mechanism to fix Grand Juries (see Part III ) ...
6. and hide evidence of crimes committed by the federal govt and their agents (Reno and Holder) without threat of penalty or accountability, and to blackmail/destroy those who challenged them, or to move public opinion/demand one way or the other.
7. The Intelligence Community to a large extent had been built in a tiered manner to be weaponized since their inception. The DS, at this point, had control of the leadership of CIA/NSA/DOJ but hadn’t brought the FBI in to the fold entirely.
8. Then director, Louis Freeh, clashed with the DS (the Clinton Admin/appointed DOJ) and refused to “get with the program.” That would all change when Freeh resigned and Mueller stepped in in 2001.
9. In July 2001, Mueller is nominated for FBI Director by George W. Bush (GWB) and he is confirmed in August 2001, one week ahead of the 9/11 terrorist attack in NYC.
10. The Deep State’s goal from the beginning has always been a One World Government; a return to a feudal structure with a little elite who holds all the world’s power and wealth and lords over the masses who live in conditions and employment selected...
11. for them, working to serve the elite. If the DS learned nothing else from its failures along the way it’s that the American people will never just go along with their own surrender; they will never just give up.
12. Also, the US economy is harder to bankrupt than they thought for the same reason - Americans are tough, innovative and refuse to quit.
13. The inherent personal freedom enshrined in the Constitution is ingrained in blood, passed down through generations, supported by faith, and a far greater obstacle to overcome.
14. The Establishment had been chipping away at the protections of the Constitution through judicial activism and the precedents set by the misconduct of lawfare, eroding the nuclear family structure, corrupting the culture, and dumbing down the population for decades, ...
15. but how do you ultimately convince an armed population to hand over its freedom without warfare? FEAR
16. In this case that fear presented itself in the form of 9/11. Fear and unity coalesced under the presumption of “safety and security” and the big piece the DS had been trying to force through for years, the Patriot Act, was finally installed.
17. The Patriot Act is the biggest FU to the American People and the freedoms that protect the people from the tyranny of government this country has ever suffered; ...
18. sold to us with a big stupid grin, a Texas drawl and the slogan, “I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.”
19. The point man for the Patriot Act was none other than Robert #Mueller.
20. As head of the FBI, he misrepresented evidence of prior warnings that were in the FBI possession, reporting on the ground after the attack, and portrayed the FBI as incompetent, ...
21. negligent and desperately in need of the tools found in the Patriot Act to be able to properly head-off future threats and save American lives.
22. And without really reading the text of the Patriot Act or proper vetting and debate it was rammed through solidifying the two-tier system of justice.
23. The Patriot Act allows the Feds to bypass the 4th Amendment and impose wireless wiretaps on Americans with impunity.
24. It entitles the FBI to demand all business records that are “relevant” to terrorism and espionage investigations, which has deemed all Americans’ telephone records to be “relevant” to terror investigations.
25. Launched under the code name ‘Stellar Wind’ the NSA data mined all the communications of American citizens, including e-mail communications, telephone conversations, financial transactions, and internet activity. theguardian.com/world/interact…
26. From the opinion written for The Hill, by James Bovard, “Thanks to the Patriot act, the FBI increased by a hundredfold — up to 50,000 a year — the number of National Security Letters (NSLs) issued to citizens, business, and nonprofit organizations, ...
27. and recipients were prohibited from disclosing that their data had been raided. NSLs entitled the FBI to seize records that reveal “where a person makes and spends money, with whom he lives and lived before, how much he gambles, ...
28. what he buys online, what he pawns and borrows, where he travels, how he invests, what he searches for and reads on the Web, and who telephones or e-mails him at home and at work,” the Washington Post noted.
29. The FBI can lasso thousands of people’s records with a single NSL — regardless of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition of unreasonable warrantless searches.” thehill.com/opinion/crimin…
30. When it was discovered the FBI was abusing this authority, instead of arresting agents who broke the law, Mueller created another unaccountable bureaucratic office within the FBI, “The Office of Integrity and Compliance” to shield agents from prosecution.
31. The NSLs and warrantless searches continued unabated. theguardian.com/world/2013/jun…
32. But Mueller’s big coup was the manner in which these NSLs are approved. Several times a year Mueller would submit signed orders to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) for approval.
33. Known for withholding and misrepresenting evidence to the courts to further his cause, this was child’s play for Mueller. Spying on Americans continued on a massive scale without oversight.
34. The entire intelligence community and participating federal agencies had now effectively been weaponized. Imagine the power the DS wielded over anyone who would challenge them. Opposing members of Congress were easily brought to heel.
35. In 2004, when Stellar Wind was set to expire, there was intense pressure from the WH to push through its renewal. The program had been found to be illegal on many levels through the DOJ and Attorney General Ashcroft was staunchly reluctant to sign off on its approval.
36. It’s reported that on the night the Stellar Wind program was set to expire, Ashcroft was in the hospital incapacitated following emergency gallbladder surgery.
37. Ashcroft had collapsed following a meeting with the WH where, in a heated exchange, he was still refusing to sign off on Stellar Wind. What happens from here on out is a matter of speculation, sensational writing, media manipulation and a fair amount of BS.
38. Most reports would have us believe Mueller and Comey (who was said to have been named Acting AG while Ashcroft was in the hospital prior to this incident) were white nights acting on behalf of the rule of law and protecting a weakened ...
39. Ashcroft from the Big Bad Wolves of the WH, arriving with lights and sirens, guns blazing, to make sure Ashcroft wasn’t coerced into renewing an illegal program.
40. It is said Comey was already the Acting AG, and refusing to sign-off, boldly withstanding the intense pressure from the WH, so the WH was making a last ditch effort to circumvent Comey and pressure Ashcroft in his weakened state. politico.com/magazine/story…
41. I believe, and this is just my opinion (please verify all information for yourself) this is where the White Knight story falls apart.
42. It is far more likely, Comey had NOT yet been named Acting AG and all were attempting to force Ashcroft, as the bulwark against the DS plans, to resign altogether (he instead hands the reins then to Comey naming him Acting AG).
43. Mueller was the biggest offender of the illicit program, willing to destroy innocent lives to preserve it, and had setup a bogus shell dept within the FBI to shelter his offending agents so they could continue their work without threat of being prosecuted, ...
44. but give the appearance of accountability. It’s unlikely and highly suspect that he suddenly realized what they were doing was illegal and threaten to resign over its renewal. He had been dodging the landmines from the onset.
45. But Comey and Mueller are then painted as ram-straight defenders of the Rule of Law, against this illegal data mining program that President Bush , citing “inherent presidential authority” and Authorized Use of Military Force (AUMF), ...
46. would go on to reauthorize, selling it to the American people as “necessary to save lives.” And Mueller would continue renewing requests through the FISC and NSA would continue to store the data unabated.
47. In September 2001, one week after the 9/11 attacks, someone began mailing letters laced with Anthrax through the USPS targeting prominent and high profile persons in MSM and DC. The terror attacks killed 5 and left many others hospitalized. Panic ensued.
48. Though Mueller covered it up in his testimony in effort to make the FBI look incompetent, Feds knew Al-Qaeda, who had been on the FBI/CIA radar since its founding in 1988, had been planning on hijacking airplanes for some time and had been weaponizing Anthrax.
49. The lab set up in Afghanistan was run by the same man who housed two of the 9/11 hijackers, who had been treated previously for Anthrax infection.
50. And it was known that Al-Qaeda was attempting to obtain crop-dusters to disperse Anthrax over large areas. foreignpolicy.com/2010/01/25/al-…
51. In October 2001, amidst the panic and while victims were still dying, Mueller puts out a statement denying that the FBI had found any direct link to organized terrorism and that all experts had been mistaken in the past about reports of Al-Qaeda and Anthrax.
52. Mueller launches an investigation that lasts 10 years, hundreds of thousands of man hours, and destroys two innocent men’s lives, all to stall and stoke the flames of public opinion to allow the Patriot Act to proceed virtually unchallenged.
53. But if you’re Mueller and you don’t mind sending 4 innocent men to Death Row to sit for years knowing full-well they were completely innocent to cover for the DS (See Part I ), what’s two more innocent lives for the cause?
54. In 2003, Mueller sets off on his DS mission of destroying lives and careers for sport, through fabricated and politically-charged investigations. Under the auspices of “searching” for the leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s identity,...
55. Mueller and his best bud, Acting AG Comey (Ashcroft is still in the hospital) set up a Special Counsel, knowing full-well that Armitage was the source of the leak but looking for a bigger scalp higher up in the Bush Administration.
56. They went after VP Cheney’s Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby, hoping he would deliver up the VP himself. Libby was enticed with the offer to drop all charges on two separate occasions if he would lie about Cheney.
57. Libby refused and was prosecuted for obstruction of justice, perjury, and making a false statement. (Sound familiar…General Michael Flynn) spectator.co.uk/2015/04/judith…
58. Woe to the Congress critters that didn’t heed Mueller’s warning. He will destroy anyone who dare challenge him or the DS he serves.
59. Later in 2008, when Congressman Curt Weldon unearthed evidence that the FBI did indeed know about the threat of 9/11 and did nothing to stop it, instead of admitting mistakes and fault, Mueller went after the Congressman with a vengeance.
60. Using the press to their advantage once again, anonymous sources leaked three weeks prior to the Congressman’s reelection, that the Congressman and his daughter were under Federal investigation for illegal activities related to his congressional work.
61. Congressman Weldon had received no prior notice of any investigation and was broadsided. FBI agents in DC raided the Congressman’s daughter’s home in the early morning hours in full view of the press, who had been given advanced notice (sound familiar?).
62. The next two weeks up to the election the media ran full-court press on the mysterious investigation. Weldon lost the election. No one in authority has EVER talked to Weldon or his daughter. There was no questioning, no follow up, no grand jury interrogation, no charges.
63. One year following the raid the FBI office called Weldon’s daughter to come pick up the items that the agents had removed from her home. The raid had effectively ruined the careers of both Weldon and his daughter and served as a warning ...
64. to other Congress members that may want to question Mueller’s work in the future. hannity.com/wp-content/upl… pg.5-10.
65. For reasons that I have not yet uncovered myself (maybe some of you awesome diggers know the answer), Mueller would next target for destruction, long-time seated Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens.
66. Steven’s was a Republican with an impeccable reputation. Where he ran afoul of the DS is not clear to me yet, but there is no doubt Mueller destroyed the man’s career before his untimely death.
67. In 2008, 100 days before his reelection, Stevens was indicted by the DOJ for allegedly not paying full price on home improvements to his Alaskan cabin.
68. “But relying on false records and fueled by testimony from a richly rewarded ‘cooperating’ witness… government prosecutors convinced jurors ...
69. to find him guilty just eight days before the general election which he lost by less than 2 percent of the vote.” (Sound familiar) rollcall.com/news/recalling…
70. In true Mueller form, the prosecution had concealed exculpatory evidence from the GJ to get the indictment and then again in the trial, evidence was hidden proving Stevens was innocent.
71. “Though the case was dismissed before any sentence was ever imposed (and before a conviction was entered), the prosecution of Stevens was a miscarriage of justice. Six prosecutors were investigated. cont.
72. Two were suspended from their work (though those suspensions were later overturned). The lead prosecutor was found to have exercised poor judgment, and left the government. cont.
73. Another committed suicide before the investigation was complete. None was prosecuted. "
74. "On the day in 2009 when the case against him was dismissed, Stevens addressed the court and expressed hope that “others may be spared similar miscarriages of justice.” cont.
75. He thanked the courageous judge who did not accept prosecutors’ representations that they had disclosed all evidence of innocence from the defense. cont.
76. He thanked new prosecutors who were appointed after the original prosecutors were held in contempt for not providing documents to the defense in violation of a court order. And he thanked our team of 12 lawyers who fought for him. cont.
77. Stevens died in a plane crash in 2010, before two investigations were completed which found corruption of the prosecutorial function that exceeded what was known when the case was dismissed.” rollcall.com/news/recalling…
78. Mueller would serve as FBI Director through the entire 8 yr GWB Admin and be brought onboard through the Obamanation, with a 2 yr extention granted past the 10 year term limit.
79. Not content to just destroy the lives of Congress critters, Mueller worked in concert with the IRS to target Conservative Tea Party Organizations and those opposed to Obamacare for political suppression:
80. “Engelbrecht's application with the IRS for non-profit status allegedly triggered aggressive audits of one of her family's personal businesses as well. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) began a series of inquiries about her and her group; cont.
81. the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) began demanding to see her family's firearms in surprise audits of her and her husband's small gun dealership – which had done less than $200 in sales; cont.
82. OSHA (Occupational Safety Hazards Administration) began a surprise audit of their small family manufacturing business; and the EPA-affiliated TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environment Quality) did a surprise visit and audit due to "a complaint being called in."
83. “The Democratic Party of Texas filed a lawsuit against her, as did an ACORN affiliated group. Both the FBI and the BATF continued to poke around her life, the lives of people in her Tea Party group, and her businesses.” breitbart.com/politics/2013/…
84. With the DS ability to spy on Americans with impunity and the ability to manipulate GJs their power over the protections of the Constitution were all but secured but clean up needed to be done within so they weren’t always tripping over honorable, well-intentioned, ...
85. incorruptible law enforcement types and they needed to be sure they could count on their agents to do their dirty work and not blow the whistle at the most inopportune times.
86. That would be most inconvenient. So Mueller sets about purging the FBI training material and getting rid of agents that probably wouldn’t fall in line.
87. Mueller implemented a 5-Year-Up-Or-Out policy. This policy says that any FBI employee who is in a supervisory position for 5 years must either come to the Washington DC to ride a desk or get out of the FBI.
88. Most agents are first and foremost, Law Enforcement officers and they love the job of enforcement. By the time they’ve worked into a supervisory position (years of experience), most have families and are active in their communities.
89. The demand to then drop everything to take a desk position in DC and shoulder the outrageous cost of living in DC was for a great many a bridge too far and it accomplished what Mueller hoped it would…
90. a great purge of experienced, honorable, incorruptible agents that weren’t ‘yes-men.’
91. “From the beginning of this year until the end of September, 576 agents found themselves in the five-and-out pool. Less than half of them — just 286 — opted to go to headquarters;
92. 150 decided to take a pay cut and a lesser job to stay put; 135 retired; and five resigned outright.” npr.org/templates/stor…
93. Now that Mueller would be able to fill the FBI with agents of his liking he set about purging the training materials.
94. With a Muslim president (Obama) and radical Muslim AG (Holder) and the hype over 9/11 played to its fullest, it was time to tamp down the “radical Islam hysteria.”
95. Mueller purges the training material of any mention of “radical Islamists” and starts training agents to look toward “Islamaphobes” and Right-wing groups, especially Veterans (specifically those recently separated after serving in combat in the ME). fas.org/irp/eprint/rig…
96. These new agents were blinded by their own training about the actual terror threat the US faces and looking in all the wrong places. pjmedia.com/homeland-secur…
97. Mueller implements an “Outreach Program” and begins collaborating with known co-conspirators of terror, namely CAIR, ensuring the Boston Marathon Bombing, of which the FBI had ample warning, was not prevented. frontpagemag.com/fpm/241652/isi…
98. Mueller makes so many DS maneuverings as FBI Director through the Obama Administration it is impossible to cover them all in this thread alone.
99. There is so much that I have no doubt volumes of books will be written for years to come. I’ll touch on just a few more just to wrap it up.
100. HSBC scandal: Since the Vietnam War, HSBC was the CIA’s money-laundering bank-of-choice to launder the proceeds the CIA was deriving from running the international heroin trade originating in Southeast Asia. newswars.com/hsbc-money-lau…
101. Like BCCI , Mueller and Comey (later Holder/Lynch) protected the high ranking executives and prosecution was limited to fines only.
102. Child Rapist Jeffery Epstein: Big in the media again with his recent arrest in NY for child rape and sex trafficking.
103. Epstein was originally arrested for several counts of sex trafficking and child rape in 2002 but cut a deal with FBI Director Mueller to avoid prosecution.
104. It is unknown what the deal was exactly as those documents are still sealed but there is speculation Mueller named Epstein as an ‘intelligence source’ (like Whitey Bulger) to go after DOJ priority targets.
105. Epstein is well connected with the highest profile and outrageously wealthy people on the planet.
106. Mueller let a child rapist walk, didn’t even bother to interview the victims (some as young as 12 at the time of the rape) in exchange for blackmail evidence to further his ability to operate as Deep State Fix-It Man.
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