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The #SFBudgetAppsCom meeting has started!

They're starting with item 1, a review of the budget process in general.

The SFPD budget is item 2. Our CTA for that:…
They're talking about money they do and don't have, particularly #CARESAct funds (@SenKamalaHarris @SenFeinstein) and ERAF. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer opens up public comment on item 1 (budget process update), and reminds folks that this is not comment on item 2 (the police budget). #SFBudgetAppsCom

If you do have a comment on this, call tel:14084189388,1461315200## and press *3 to raise your hand.
Only a few comments. One had a question about the loan for the school district that was mentioned; they got no answer, and another comment pointed out that it wasn't clear that people couldn't expect answers to questions.

Item 2 begins! This is the presentation on the SFPD budget, with public comment afterward. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer talking about her own record of cutting police spending, the heightened urgency of it in this moment, and the need to look at how to actually create public safety. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer says the SFPD budget will come before the #SFBudgetAppsCom two more times in August.
SFPD is made up of six bureaus:
- Airport Bureau
- Admin Bureau
- Field Operations
- Investigations Bureau
- Traffic Operations Bureau
- Fiscal Management Bureau

That last one is responsible for DoJ reforms. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Talking about the history of the Department of Police Accountability (DPA). #SFBudgetAppsCom
The City Charter requires 1,971 sworn full-duty officers. That number was originally based in a 1979 consent decree with DoJ requiring the City to fully fund the police to create promotion opportunities within the Department for women and racial minorities. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Talking about civilianization of police positions. Saves money, but can only be done when positions become vacant—the City can't lay off sworn officers to civilianize their jobs. #SFBudgetAppsCom
SFPOA has been opposing civilianization, and SFPD does not plan to continue the civilianization process in 2021.

This is where the Budget and Legislative Analyst's policy options come up:… #SFBudgetAppsCom
We're not going to try to transcribe everything the speaker is saying about these policy options. The BLA document lists them out.…

(Would be nice if the slide deck was posted somewhere, though!) #SFBudgetAppsCom
CORRECTION: The bureau we transcribed as “Fiscal Management” is actually “Strategic Management” according to the BLA document. The fiscal unit is part of it, along with DoJ reforms, policy, IT, etc. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Talking about litigation settlements. 665 since FY 2013-2014 costing $33.4 million. Includes “civil rights” cases (quotation marks theirs), which includes employment discrimination and use-of-force complaints. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Chief Scott is up next. #SFBudgetAppsCom
First couple of slides of the Chief's presentation. Talking about the strategy statement having emerged from reform efforts including the Collaborative Reform Initiatives. #SFBudgetAppsCom ImageImage
“There's been a lot said about the ‘guardian’ vs. ‘warrior’ mentality.” Says they're pushing for a “guardian” mentality in SFPD. #SFBudgetAppsCom Image
Talking about the SFPD org chart as it's evolved due to reforms. E.g., bringing back the Assistant Chief position (which the previous speaker noted was vacant for years). #SFBudgetAppsCom Image
“SFPD Reforms as a Framework for Budget Increase” #SFBudgetAppsCom ImageImage
The table in pic #1 is the basis of the previous graph. Pic #2 is staffing over time. #SFBudgetAppsCom Table showing the numbers o...Graph of staffing (FTEs) ov...
“Historical Sworn Personnel Count (GFS Supporting Only)”. (Not sure what GFS is. If the Chief said, we missed it.) #SFBudgetAppsCom Image
“Collaborative Reform Initiative Timeline”. Notes that the CRIs got handed off from USDOJ to CalDOJ. #SFBudgetAppsCom Image
The Chief says “all this points to a Department that is institutionalizing constant improvement”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
He's emphasizing a point he's made before, that they need “structural and budgetary support” for SFPD's reform efforts. #SFBudgetAppsCom
“Budget initiatives linked to reform and Strategy 1.0” #SFBudgetAppsCom Image
“Training has to be maintained. Reform is not a one-shot, check-the-box kind of thing.” #SFBudgetAppsCom Image
Talking now about how the pandemic has affected SFPD budget planning. Image
“SFPD Budget Prioritization Steps (current)”.

Chief says they worked with a private contractor, though he doesn't name them. #SFBudgetAppsCom ImageImage
Short list of “Current Issues” they're “addressing”. Image
“Fiscal impact of” the pandemic on the police budget. Image
Breakdown of what the four steps the mayor announced a month or so ago, and how they align with the department's existing CRIs. #SFBudgetAppsCom Image
Closing slide with a couple of quotes from the Chief.

Sup. Walton is now asking questions about what's actually getting cut from SFPD's General Fund allocation. #SFBudgetAppsCom Image
Sup. Walton asks what was spent on OT last year.

Chief Scott rattles off the numbers. Pretty sure they're the numbers from this slide: #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Walton: “Do we know what % of lawsuits are paid out of the police budget?”

The Controller's office will get back to the #SFBudgetAppsCom on that.
Nick Menard of the BLA office: “A training through the Academy and then the field training afterward costs $138,000.”

(Assuming that's per officer?) #SFBudgetAppsCom
The Chief says the goal of the Department is to maintain current staffing levels. They're “hiring through attrition”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Walton asks about the “Captain's Staff” from page 27 of the BLA report:…

Chief Scott says it's “a discretionary pool of officers that Captains can assign” for various purposes. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Walton is asking questions about the retiree officers listed on the same page. The total estimated cost is “Not provided”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Walton asks about the 23 “reserve officers” on the next item down. The Chief says “no cost to the City” in wages, only training and a $50 stipend. They're used for parades and such (pre-COVID). #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Walton asked about the Honda dirt-bike officers. The Chief says those are the off-road bikes you sometimes see officers on, including for places where a police car can't easily get to.

(We've seen them used to guard protest routes.) #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Walton wants data on how effective they are.

Sup. Walton also asks about the 40 “public housing” officers. The Chief says those 40 are spread across the City. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Walton asks about School Resource Officers since SFUSD has opted to not renew their MOU with SFPD. The Chief is going to talk with the president of the school board and others. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Walton asks what the mounted unit does. The Chief says they're officers on horseback. Says “the public seems to like to see the mounted unit around”. Typically works Union Square, GGP, other parks. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Walton asked about the killing of Jace Young (…). The Chief said this is why a police presence is needed, and that they're canvassing for evidence and have gathered evidence. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Board President Yee asks about slide 17 from the BLA presentation, which covers 326 positions totaling $52.5 million.

“Mostly sworn” according to Nick Menard. #SFBudgetAppsCom Image
Pres. Yee and Chief Scott talking about how civilianization triggers the “Meet & Confer” process with SFPOA. The Chief says transitioning someone from sworn to civilian does change their working conditions. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Pres. Yee asks about working with people who have limited English proficiency.

The Chief says it's under “community engagement”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Pres. Yee asks what's going into the SFPD's COVID response that isn't police work.

Patrick Leon: “The biggest chunk of that is personnel hours where they're on paid leave or paid furloughs or any other work-type hours that are associated with COVID.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Leon continues that the $4.7 million isn't costs *in addition* to regular policing, but costs that are part of COVID impact. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Pres. Yee asks what COVID response the City is paying for. Leon says this includes cleaning cars and facilities, and “educating the public and visitors” about health orders and wearing masks and social distancing. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Preston is up next. Talks about the frustration of reform as maintenance of the status quo. Says SF should be a leader and “radically reimagine public safety”. #SFBudgetAppsCom #DefundSFPD
Sup. Preston explicitly calls to #DefundSFPD and reinvest the money in services.

Now talks about racial disparities. 5% of City residents are Black, but they're subjected to 40% of police searches. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Preston brought up the millions of dollars the City is spending on settlements due to racism, sexism, and police brutality, followed by the more than $700 million the budget allocates to SFPD. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Preston brings up traffic and airport for $56 million, schools at $3 million, the Honda and mounted units totaling $5 million.

Suggests there are cheaper ways for “children to see a horse”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Preston asks whether overtime can be frozen, reduced, or eliminated.

Chief Scott says he doesn't understand the question. Are we to not pay them for overtime, or not authorize overtime?

Sup. Preston says the latter. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Chief says “it's going to have an impact on their policing”. Says that if an officer takes a call at the end of their shift, and has to collect evidence and write a police report, which must be reviewed by a magistrate within 8 hours due to a court decision. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Chief says “we have to pay officers when they work beyond their shift”, in either time or cash, but even time has to either be used or paid out. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Preston clarifies his question: How much of OT is necessary tasks such as court appearances, vs. discretionary?

Chief says some. Up to police supervisors. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Preston asks whether OT is on track to remain the same this year.

Chief says they're working on reducing it. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Preston: “How much do we spend on police presence in HSOC?”

Sup. Fewer refines the question for the BLA.

BLA gives a long answer that boils down to $4.something million. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Preston asks what the traffic collision division does.

Chief says they investigate traffic collisions. Part of Traffic Company.

Sup. Fewer adds that they're only dispatched for an injury or fatality. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Preston asks what the difference is between the traffic collisions unit and Traffic Company.

Chief: “One is for motorcycle or solo officers; the other is investigative.” They do follow-up work. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Preston asks whether there's been discussion of moving those functions outside of SFPD.

Chief: “Not for those that require investigations” as Sup. Fewer said. But for other collisions, they could be done by EPP [sp?]. Has been “recommended by some”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Preston asks about settlement payments.

Exec. Dir. Maguire says those come from SFPD budget plus City Attorney budget. Dollars from General Fund.

Preston asks how much from SFPD.

Maguire says it's under “professional services” and around $2.5m. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Preston now plugging groups such as @DSA_SF and @DefundSFPDnow who've been advocating for changes, as well as giving credit to the mayor for the initiatives she's announced. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Ronen is up next and has a question for the City Attorney's office, who is getting paged.

Sup. Fewer asks the Clerk: “Has no one from the City Attorney been listening to this conversation?” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Ronen asks about 25 positions authorized for civilianization, blocked by POA. (Page 2 of the BLA report.)

“The POA can block that from going into effect for years?” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Answer: “As a general matter under state law”, when something affects working conditions, “there's a duty to engage in Meet & Confer”. Respondent doesn't know about this specific situation. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Ronen is frustrated that the work of elected officials can be blocked by the POA.

Chief Scott says this is normally run by Department of Human Resources.

Sup. Ronen: “What is requiring it to take this long?” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Chief Scott is talking about how the process works and the role of City Negotiator LaWanna Preston.

Sups. Ronen and Fewer are talking about continuing the discussion with DHR.

Chief Scott suggests the Negotiator may be overloaded. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Ronen says this is a systemic issue and DHR is “asleep at the wheel”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Ronen follows up on Sup. Preston's Q about reducing OT.

“It seems like there's sort of a unanimous decision from all actors in the City” that police should not be responding to calls for homeless services and mental illness needs, that even police agree. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Ronen asking about SFPD's presence in the Homeless Outreach Team. Asks whether this would cut into OT usage.

Chief: “It would not eliminate overtime. Probably a percentage”, and “we'd have to do an in-depth analysis to see how much”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Ronen asks Nick Menard about OT breakdown.

Menard: “Court time, public events, arrests & investigations”. Believes they have a breakdown from an audit two years ago. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Menard: “Arrest and investigation OT was about 25% of the OT that had been paid out over the years… ripest for greater control.” Particularly cutting back on end-of-shift work by handing off to another officer on their shift. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Chief Scott says a private contractor said SFPD's command staff is on par with the size of the Department, or even a little light. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Chief Scott adds that some of the CRI complaints are lack of supervisorial oversight due to not having enough command staff. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Chief Scott says that “when we say the Department is top-heavy”, we have to look at the Department's layout compared to like-sized departments like San Diego, and to the need for command officers for reform.

Matrix was the consulting firm. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Chief talking about how HSOC, as a holistic program that includes policing, expanded the role of policing in more communities when HSOC was rolled out Citywide. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Ronen asks whether the $9.1 million spent on SROs will go away since the SFUSD has decided not to renew their MOU.

The Chief says they'll reassign those officers (and that money) to other duties. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Ronen asks about policy recommendations made by DPA to the #SFPoliceCommission.

Chief says this happens all the time and there's a process for it. Talks about “the Parks Report”, named for a former Police Commissioner. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Menard adds that when the Office of Citizen Complaints was transformed into DPA, they gained this policy function.

Sup. Mandelman is up next. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Mandelman expresses support for what the Chief said about how “reform is not cheap” and continuing to spend that money.

Is, however, open to reallocating functions away from SFPD. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Mandelman asks about what SFPD did during previous recessions such as 2007–2008.

Chief: “We didn't do it for this, but” that is a good idea.

Sup. Mandelman also points out that the dollar amounts shown over time aren't inflation-adjusted. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Mandelman says he's “enormously frustrated with the response to homelessness”. Says “some of my constituents feel like it's lead with services and then leave”. Talking about “illegal activity” such as “noise, drug sales”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Says on the one hand that sometimes “there's a need for an enforcement response” but on the other hand that “in a whole lot of cases, the first response doesn't need to be an officer”.

Contrasts taking someone to a hospital and busting a drug ring. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer next, though her audio keeps glitching out.

Says the Ambassador program was specifically for Union Square. Employed retired officers.

Asks about what happened to that money since those officers are no longer deployed. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer is asking all of her questions at once, not waiting for answers.

Her next question is about OT. “Supervisors asked for more foot patrols.” Says they'd have to be sworn officers. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer talks about needs for OT. Deploying police presence to protests; officers responding to subpoenas. Says we can't cut all overtime.

Now a question about the Matrix report, which she notes pre-dates the pandemic. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer notes that public health should have more of a role in HSOC. Says residents shouldn't call police on homeless San Franciscans, and there should be a less police-centered response to homelessness. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer asks whether reallocating officers from the Airport can be done by the #SFPoliceCommission.

Chief Scott says the Commission has the authority to restructure the Police Department, but recommends that “the complexities… be fleshed out” first. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer asks about the 226 officers stationed at the Airport and the 140-some arrests YTD. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer asks how many officers are detailed to, say, Tenderloin Station. Chief Scott says “about 150”.

Asks how many arrests that station makes. Another respondent doesn't have number. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer looking at arrest grounds. Vehicle infractions; marijuana transport out-of-state.

Says the City population has grown, but we're allocating 226 officers to the Airport. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Respondent notes interactions between San Mateo Sheriff's, TSA, BART PD, El Al, etc.

Says police presence is a “deterrent” to “a terrorist attack”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer notes that Oakland's airport is policed by their Sheriff's department.

Notes that SFO is policed in part by San Mateo Sheriff's, and deputies are peace officers and (some?) deputies go through SFPD academy. Could save $5 million. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Airport director seems to suggest this would save the airlines money, not the City. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer: “When you talk about someone from other parts of the world coming here, they don't recognize the difference between someone in blue and someone in green. They're all wearing badges and they're all wearing firearms.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer says that “we can't meet our Vision Zero goals” without traffic enforcement, and that's the role of Traffic Company. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Here's that Matrix staffing report, by the way. It was presented to the #SFPoliceCommission at the June 10 meeting.… #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer asks how big SFPD's role in HSOC should be.

Chief says “I would love to see a reduction” in responding to non-criminal/homelessness calls. “I think there's going to need to be capacity-building … and reallocation of resources for that to happen”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
130 callers in the queue for public comment.

Sup. Fewer says “we will take one minute of public comment”. Hopefully she means per person… #SFBudgetAppsCom
They're opening up public comment. tel:14084189388,1461315200## and press *3 to raise your hand. Now up to 144 callers in the queue. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller complains about the 408 number which costs some callers number (versus a local number). #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says we need “social services that help this City instead of cops that kill people”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who lives four blocks from the park where Alex Nieto was killed by SFPD appreciates the shift the Chief mentioned “from a warrior to a guardian mindset”, but “the problem is structural”. Need to move money from policing to investment in the community. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller from @afrosocialistSF asks for 20 minutes to present to the Board their plan for defunding, disarming, and disbanding the police. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who worked on the Prop H campaign says “we beat the POA at the ballot box” and “even the police agree” that police should not be the first point of contact. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who works at DPH says, as a physician, #DefundSFPD. Invest in behavioral health, jobs programs, etc. Calls on the Board to listen to organizers. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says the presentations “only proved that what we're doing right now is not working and giving more money to the police department will not work”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “Law enforcement is not public safety.” Notes that law enforcement won't help when he gets fired or evicted [which are things that put a person in an unsafe position]. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller objects to SFPD's budget growing by $43 million while “schools face $26 million in cuts”.
Caller notes a settlement that came from the General Fund but not the police budget. “That's not reparations.” It should come from their salary, their overtime, their benefits. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller from @SFYouthCom cites a resolution from that commission, and objects to the #SFBudgetAppsCom's search for superfluous spending that can be cut without radically questioning the need for policing overall. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says SFPD is “clearly anti-Black and that is not something you can reform or train away.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “We should invest in services that prevent” situations for which police are currently dispatched, and the money should come from the police budget. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller plugs @DefundSFPDnow, says “I know that #BlackLivesMatter but your vote will show what you believe”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says SFUSD faces $27 million in cuts, primarily from special ed. Says the district serves thousands of homeless students. “Defund the SFPD as much as humanly possible.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Queue check: There are 184 callers in the queue. (Each caller gets one minute, so that's three hours of comment ahead of us.)

Press *3 to raise your hand if you haven't already. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about history of Harvey Milk talking about politicians “chasing the gay vote” and then getting murdered by an SFPD officer, Dolores Huerta getting her ribs broken by cops, Mario Woods getting killed by SFPD, and every time, calls for reform. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says the police are trying to protect their jobs and their role, whereas “we're trying to protect our lives”. “Police are seeing criminals where they're told to.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller from Senior and Disability Action is angry about cuts to programs and increases to police. “Do you really think a Community Engagement Commander will make San Francisco safer?” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “When police talk about ‘public safety’, they're speaking in code. They're not talking about Mario Woods, Alex Nieto”, or other people killed by cops. “They're talking about the slave holder and the union buster.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller, a Black trans man, says SFPD dragged its feet on acknowledging the Compton's Cafeteria riot, then reads off the names and badge numbers of the officers who killed Mario Woods and “were found to be acting within department policy.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “When we put money toward teachers, people don't continue to be uneducated. When we put money toward doctors, people don't continue to be sick.”

Also talks about the racist texts scandal.… #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about the values reflected in a budget that spends so much money on policing while cutting schools and services. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Same caller also brings up the unit specifically dedicated to policing public-housing communities before running out of time. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller suggests cutting 50% of SFPD. Says, if we move that kind of money (which, we'll add, would be over $350 million) to housing, education, and other services, “the crime rate will go down”.
Caller brings up the use-of-force policy that the POA is going to sue the City over, among other things. “How is that an acceptable use of taxpayer money?” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller brings up the arrest and illegally search of Bryan Carmody by officers ordered by a superior to turn off their body cameras as an example of police impunity.

(Relevant:… ) #SFBudgetAppsCom
Multiple callers have complained about the Supervisors and other panelists having their cameras off. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Multiple callers have also pointed out that the officers who killed Mario Woods had all received the Crisis Intervention Training that was supposed to prevent police killing innocent civilians. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller, on reform: “Trust me, I'm a scientist; I know a failed experiment when I see one.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
183 callers in the queue currently. Press *3 to join the queue if you aren't already (or got dropped and had to call back in).

At 1 minute per comment, that's over 3 hours of comment yet to come. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about an unhoused person who didn't trust officers who offered “underfunded and overwhelmed” services. Only after that person attacked another were they put in something resembling housing and mental healthcare (to prove competency to stand trial). #SFBudgetAppsCom
Multiple callers have called attention to the unanimity of callers who want to #DefundSFPD rather than maintain (but “reform”) the status quo. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “We're not asking for chaos, we're asking for public safety for all, and that can be done in ways other than policing.” Calls to #DefundSFPD and refund our communities. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who is homeless says to defund and demilitarize SFPD. “I am absolutely un-understanding of how many resources are being used for housing” during the pandemic that should *always* be used for housing. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Multiple callers have pointed out the low percentage of the CRIs that have been completed by SFPD in the four years of that program. “Those reforms have failed” given how biased policing and uses of force have persisted. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “As a Black resident of San Francisco, I would feel much safer without SFPD than in the reality we live in today.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller calls back to Chief Scott referring earlier to the murder of George Floyd by officers as “the George Floyd incident”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller disputes Sup. Mandelmman's assessment of what his constituents want. Suggests more of his constituents want to #DefundSFPD. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller ends his comment with a moment of silence for people slain by cops. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller asks the moderator directly whether the Supervisors and the Chief are still on the call after five hours.

Sup. Ronen and President Yee pipe up to say that they're all present and still listening. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who works for DPH objects to departments taking 10–15% in cuts except for SFPD. Says “safety comes from having our basic needs net”.

Says other departments should come first and the police can have whatever is left over. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “CCSF has had over 300 classes cut.” Again highlighting cuts elsewhere while SFPD gets a ($43 million) budget increase. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller brings up policing being descended from slave patrols, as others have. Says if Supervisors still support maintaining policing, they should ask themselves why. “All cops are bad not because they're bad people, but the nature of the institution.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
There are 148 people in the queue. If you haven't yet or got dropped and had to call back in, press *3 to raise your hand. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says they got harassed by SFPD for walking with #BlackLivesMatter protesters recently. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about vehicularly-housed people's only homes, their cars, getting towed for tickets they weren't able to pay. Highlights how this criminalizes people and makes them homeless and does the opposite of making them safe. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller from Trans Advocates for Justice and Accountability talks about how policing doesn't make trans people safer, services do. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes how cops aren't “subject matter experts” in health, housing, or other needs. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller calls it “a cowardly act” that the Supervisors have confirmed they're listening but still haven't turned their cameras back on. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes that the SFPD budget has increased 73% over 12 years; asks the Board to imagine what the impacts would've been if that money had been invested elsewhere instead. #SFBudgetAppsCom
If you live in the City and want to voice your opinion on SFPD and its proposed budget to the Budget and Appropriations Committee, you should call in:…

There's probably another two hours or so worth of commenters in the queue right now. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “If you support having armed guards roaming the streets threatening violence, you do not support public safety for all.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller from Justice for Luis Góngora Pat notes that there wasn't interpretation available, among other barriers to Góngora Pat's survivors calling in to join the call to #DefundSFPD. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about a teenage arrestee being kicked by an officer while handcuffed and seated on the ground to try to provoke a reaction. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says it's “bullshit” that they cut callers' time to 1 minute each. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller brings up civil asset forfeiture (police confiscating cash without due process) and wage theft. Notes that these are not considered “crime”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller calls back to Sup. Fewer's comments about the Matrix staffing report, which compared SF to other cities; says the only city we should compare ourselves to is Minneapolis, and defund and abolish the police department. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “There's this money allocated to a Gang Unit? The biggest gang in the City *is* the SFPD!” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller from the SF chapter of ACLU joins the call to #DefundSFPD. Talks about communities that will never be safe as long as the police continue to oppress them; says the City should follow their lead. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who's lived in the City for decades says they've seen a lot of reform attempts and no real results. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes that the mayor endorsed Mike Bloomberg for president and was texting the Chief to sweep homeless people. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about the Cannabis Equity Program and the evidence of disparities in the City. Joins the call to #DefundSFPD. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller is a volunteer at a domestic violence organization. Says 40% of officers' families experience DV. “Officers are violent.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
116 people in the queue. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about police showing up to someone in distress. 12 officers showed up and one cocked a shotgun.

Questions how police can be understaffed if that's possible, and how that keeps people safe. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about the City choosing to “punish rather than support unhoused people”, and the attrition from mental health organizations that constantly wither under cuts while the police get even more money. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller mentions the Frisco Five who did a hunger strike in protest of police violence. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Multiple callers have mentioned that out of the Collaborative Reform Initiatives, SFPD has completed only 6 out of 54 proposed reforms to address biased policing. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about a recommendation that the police stop enforcing the prostitution law and reinvest the money into the social safety net. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller questions moving money into “racial equity” without abolishing the police that target marginalized communities. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “To give more money to police so they don't kill” unhoused people in sweeps “misses the point.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller objects to the police officer's salary of $188k per year. Says that money should be reallocated across social services. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller calls it “disturbing” that the budget is increasing the SFPD budget alongside cuts to other services.

Also talks about police “propaganda” attracting violent people to the role of officer. #SFBudgetAppsCom
There are 83 people in the queue. If you haven't already or you got dropped and had to call back in, press *3 to enter the queue. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who's the advocacy lead for the St. Anthony's Foundation joins the call to #DefundSFPD. Says we need affordable housing and good-paying jobs. “Let's prioritize justice and prosperity, not violence.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “While you're at it, use the SFPD budget to cover our rent.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller from @sunrisebayarea brings up the stat that Black people are 5% of City residents, 30% of unhoused residents, and 50% of people in our jails. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller rejects the idea of moving duties from SFPD to the Sheriff's department. “Just because they wear a different uniform doesn't change what they are: Police.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller from the LGBTQ+ community says that “spending money on our wigs is a better use of resources” than funding the SFPD. #SFBudgetAppsCom
82 callers in the public comment queue. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes that every single caller has demanded defunding, yet only Sup. Preston has expressed support for it. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Same caller: “San Franciscans no longer see policing as a solution to the City's problems.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller brings up a list of items to be cut from the police budget, “including the $2.2 million on horses”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about “the complaint-driven” approach to policing.

“We can house and support them all.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “What if asking police to solve homelessness, mental health, traffic safety”, and other social problems, we approached those problems another way? #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller asks the Supervisors to “listen to and empty your voicemails as well as turning on your cameras”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Same caller suggests reducing police staffing toward the Charter-mandated minimum of 1,971 (full-duty sworn officers). #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller objects to tone-policing and asks “what is civil” about police killing people and services being defunded. Closes with a “fuck you”.

Clerk reminds callers to keep their comments “appropriate”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “Reform is expensive, but defunding the SFPD is free.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who's a “longtime member of CIT” advocates shifting calls away from police to a “community response team”. “We need to create an alternative way to respond to these calls that don't involve public safety but do involve social work.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “SFPD is responsible for the deaths of the citizens they are sworn to protect.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “Take the horses off the payroll!”

Questions the SFPD staff not having various numbers available *in a budget meeting*. Suggests no other department could get away with that, and that callers brought more info in the meeting than the PD did. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who's a CCSF student: “As a person of color, I've never felt safe around police.” “I've never understood why until I learned the roots of the institution.”

“Imagine if” that money were going to “housing, healthcare, education, and reparations”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who's a social worker at SFUSD talks about all the unpaid overtime they've worked, and police killing a family member of five of their students. Says all the police do is bring “racist terror” to the community. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller tells story of being harassed by a cop at a coffee shop after they intervened in an interaction. Officer followed them into the shop and broke social distancing, followed by yelling “you're a racist!” and “I'm a Christian!” at the caller after they left. #SFBudgetAppsCom
The public comment system has fallen over. There are 67 people in the queue, but they're having unspecified “technical difficulties” getting another caller on the line.

Chair Fewer asks the Clerk to speak up if they need to call a recess to fix this. #SFBudgetAppsCom
We're back in business. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “I represent undocumented clients” who are targeted by racist policing. “I represent trans clients” who get misgendered in jail. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “Are you on the payroll of the police union? Why wouldn't you support” moving money from policing to public safety? #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes that only 5% of police responses are to violent crime. Most can be handled by unarmed service providers. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “SFPD budget should be cut to its core. Over 50% at least.”

“We need a new approach to public safety. The question is will the Board listen to the people or remain hostage to the POA?” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “I work at a bar where I've seen firsthand how police don't keep people safe.” Gives numerous examples of police harassment of people in the TL. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “I think it's ludicrous that [SFPD] argue that they're underfunded when the SFUSD has been underfunded for decades and they're facing a cut” when SFPD isn't. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller emphasizes that hundreds of people have called in to demand #DefundSFPD. Suggests listening to them or else “we are going to eat you up and vote you out.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller names numerous cuts that could be wiped out from the police budget: HSH, Department on the Status of Women, Muni. Also calls on the Board to terminate the POA contract. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller lists some more potential uses for police money including a $2 million Muni subsidy program; also tells the moderator that the Brown Act prohibits censoring “uncivil” comments. “Fuck fuck fuck, fuckity fuck, fuck the police.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
55 people in the queue. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes that police budget increases seem to be automatic and unquestioned. “Even if you support the police, it should be obvious how overbloated” the police budget is. Compares to the military budget. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller suggests the question is whether the current Board will #DefundSFPD or “the people we replace you with”.

“Don't be the old racists in the history books.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller to Sup. Mandelman: “From one gay person to another,” “it's time to step the fuck up” for Black lives. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says they voted for Sup. Mandelman, speaks on behalf of someone who didn't want to call in themselves out of fear of police retaliation.

“The relationship between the police and the community members they're supposed to protect is very broken.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller objects to “the disrespect [to] the Airport Division”.

“You think it's funny that people might transport [pot]… Imagine if that person smokes one, goes in the airport bathroom, sticks their leg in the toilet, gets their Chinos blue… That's not funny!” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Yet another caller calls attention to the hundreds of comments “in this eight-plus-hour meeting” demanding #DefundSFPD.

“There is no justice, there is only abolition.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who's been incarcerated for being homeless says “fuck the police”, joins the call to #DefundSFPD.

Talks about 635 settlements totaling $40.1 million relating to racism, sexism, police brutality. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who works for Rec and Park calls in to #DefundSFPD. #SFBudgetAppsCom

We noted that Rec & Park is facing nearly $7 million (0.94% of SFPD's proposed budget) in cuts:…
Caller: “Budget allocations are the most direct sign of what a city actually cares about.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talking about how most police work is event security and “the 10B rent-a-cop program”. Says “kids liking horses is not a reason to keep the $2 million Horse Force.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller advocates defunding and abolishing not only SFPD, but “all policing bodies in San Francisco, including the Sheriff”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Another caller does another roll call. Sup. Ronen and Chair Fewer say all five #SFBudgetAppsCom members are still on the call. #SFBudgetAppsCom
47 people in the queue.

If you live in the City and haven't spoken yet, you can still call in and press *3 to get in the queue. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes that teachers are paid roughly $50k/year, compared to police officers' and the Supervisors' salaries. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says police have no place on HSOC and the HOT. “We need #CareNotCops.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “SFUSD needs funding. Muni needs funding.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who “was part of the police scandal” says “police never paid sex workers, they just bribed us”. Also brings up the racist texts scandal. “So #DefundThePolice. Thank you!” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “If the police need money, why don't they go out and hold a bake sale and sell donuts?” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller in D7: “All I have seen police do is harass and abuse homeless people, especially Black and brown people.”

Suggests people read the mayor's texts to the police chief.… #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller who's been incarcerated and who works at the @ellabakercenter talks about the “criminal injustice system that targets Black and brown communities”. Says the City has always divested from the community and invested in surveillance and incarceration. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “We're afraid of the police.” If the Supes don't #DefundSFPD, it implies “you are too.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about SFPD harassing homeless people. Also suggests removing lead paint from SF's housing stock. #SFBudgetAppsCom
First caller of the night who says “fund the police” because seeing officers actually does make them feel safer. Brings up property crime and accuses the DA of a “criminal-first agenda”. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “Chief Scott's report on reforms provide the best case for abolition I've heard to date.” Suggests reform is a waste of money that could be better used on services. “Defund and then abolish SFPD now.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says their neighborhood “has been treated as a sundown neighborhood where people of color are harassed for just passing through.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
43 callers in the queue. #SFBudgetAppsCom will extend after 10pm.
Caller says they've considered calling 911 many times, but always refrain from doing that because they're concerned police were escalate the situation. Says 911 should elicit a proportionate response, which “sure as hell isn't SFPD.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller replies to the “fund the police” supporter and says for all the money we've thrown at the police over the years, property and violent crimes have remained stagnant. Suggests it isn't helping. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Same caller is a social worker who notes that most crime is caused by poverty. Policing won't solve that. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “Police abolition initially repulsed me. … But [police are] a placebo.” Talks about the need to prevent crime rather than have police to respond to it. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller calls police funding “violent mismanagement of our money”. Suggests spending the police budget on housing, transit, and other needed services. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “The safest I've seen my neighborhood, which is SoMa, was when police stopped doing things in response to COVID and people started building community.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller plugs @DefundSFPDnow as many others have done. Notes that it has detailed proposals.

Also refutes the Chief's statement that there's a “shortage of patrol officers”. Says numerous officers respond to calls; suggests officers are already plentiful. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Same caller also mentions a concern over the existence of “public housing officers” noted in the BLA report. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “We are giving you permission to invest in our communities. If you're afraid of the POA, we have your back!” If the #SFBudgetAppsCom chooses to protect the police, “we don't have your back.”
Caller brings up Muni's cutting of 40 bus lines and how people are going to get to work. “I just want to take the rest of my time to have you guys really think about this.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
37 callers in the queue.

A caller uses their time to advise people to press *3 to raise their hand. If you don't hear “your hand has been raised”, try again or call back and try again. Notes that there isn't as much of a line to fall to the back of now. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller identifying themself as Ron Conway calls in to complain about “the amount of disrespect” directed at the police and “job creators like me and my stuff”.

(We can't speak to whether that was actually Ron Conway.) #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “My brother was homeless” for years. “He was stopped by the police constantly … and his property raided”.

“I can imagine a world in which people like my brother are helped instead of harassed.” “Defund, disarm, and disband the SFPD. Thank you.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller mentions $20 million spent on OT.

“In late May, there was an incident in my neighborhood” regarding a man having a panic attack.

SFPD sent 25 officers including “weapons of war”. Questions how this would help someone in a panic attack calm down. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says they're an immigrant calling in on behalf of colleagues “who can't be on this meeting for nine-plus hours”.

Says we should raise salaries of people providing essential services. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “We are talking about people. Black people, houseless people, people in mental health crisis.” People supporting police “are talking about property.”

Notes the Supes “have an opportunity to be part of an abolition movement.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about people without political power not knowing how decisions get made, but being very aware of the impact of those decisions. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller identifies as a historian of racist policing in SF. “The history of SFPD is fundamentally racist and there is no way to reform that out.” It's had over a century to do that and if it hasn't yet, it's not going to happen. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes that free Muni for youth was canceled for lack of $2 million in funding. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Same caller: “I'd also like to see settlements of lawsuits come out of pensions instead of general obligation funds.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
32 callers in the queue.

Here's how to call in:…

Press *3 to raise your hand if you live in the City and haven't spoken already. #SFBudgetAppsCom
By the way, for those who don't know who Ron Conway is: #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says they work in the tech industry, “who the City loves to protect.”

Says they intervened in police harassment of someone by holding up their phone like they were recording, and the cops backed off. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller is a parent of a biracial student who receives special ed. Has seen people get pushed out of programs amid cuts to services. “We need to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline, #DefundThePolice”, and reinvest that money in our community. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says that the idea “that the police need more money to police themselves is ludicrous”.

“Stop asking the rest of us to do more with less. Take away their money” and reinvest it in underfunded programs. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “Anyone who's looked at the DPA reports would know that the reforms aren't working.” Mentions SFPD's low rates of solving violent crimes, including rapes. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “I'm a pissed-off queer goblin in District 9.” Lists off officers with DUIs and various misconduct complaints against them, and their salaries. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes that they learned from an earlier caller that $2 million could have been spent on kids in SFUSD, but is instead going to the mounted unit. Suggests this is a poor use of money. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about their son being “beaten and arrested” while getting dropped off at their home. Mentions the racial epithet lobbed at their son.

The officers were “on [DPA's] radar.” One of them is now the president of the POA. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about the school where they work, looking at reopening in the fall during a pandemic, not having a nurse on site. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes that “it's almost 11 o'clock and people are still calling in” to #DefundSFPD. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller: “When I was 15 years old, I was at a house party and had police bust in and point a shotgun at my chest because I was drinking a beer. That was completely inappropriate.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
112 callers listening, 36 in the queue.

That's another half-hour of comment still to come. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller is “a homeless resident in the Tenderloin”. Wants the #SFBudgetAppsCom to “get the police out of here.”

Cites the long-time police abolition movement, but “you haven't been listening.”

“All the violence here is caused by [the police].”
Caller notes that the budget has nearly doubled [missed the time period] accounting for inflation.

Says every mayor and supervisor who's voted for that has been complicit.

Says we need to start at a 50% cut, not an increase. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller talks about witnessing someone “pleasuring himself” outside. Recognized that the person was “having a dementia episode” and brought him into their home to take care of him and ensure no kids would see. Didn't trust the cops to resolve peacefully. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller reads an “edited quote” from Rebecca Solnit telling the story of Alex Nieto's death and the racism involved therein. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says “Reforms are not failures. They work as intended to maintain the racist system of policing.” Advocates not putting another cent “in the piggy bank.”

“San Francisco could be the city the rest of the country mythologizes it to be.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller calls on the #SFBudgetAppsCom to #DefundSFPD and fund the Black community.

Talks about racial disparities in police violence. Notes that the budget has increased by 76% over ten years, “so let's look at a chunk at least that big.”
Another caller points out how overwhelming the support among callers for defunding has been. Notes that it's only their second time giving public comment. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Another caller says it's their first time giving public comment.

Calls out the mayor's office's claim that putting unhoused San Franciscans in hotel rooms is “fiscally unsound.”

“To hell with austerity, let's invest in our communities. #DefundSFPD.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller from “the sunny side” of D7 “was required by the insurance company at the nonprofit where I work to file a police report for a break-in.” Despite being told perps were no longer there, cops showed up hours later and attacked the maintenance staff. #SFBudgetAppsCom
We're coming up on 11 hours, by the way. The meeting started at 12:30. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller highlights that SFPD didn't have the amount of money paid out for lawsuits ready for the hearing, but @DSA_SF who aren't paid by the City did. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes the HSH budget cutting a program to help families suffering from homelessness. Calls to #DefundThePolice. #SFBudgetAppsCom
101 callers listening, 22 in the queue.

To call in:…

If you live in the City and haven't spoken yet, press *3 to raise your hand. You should hear a confirmation that it worked. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller directs a comment to the mayor: Instead of texting the police chief to sweep homeless people, she should text someone in charge of public housing to get them shelter. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes that defunding the police must be paired with investing in communities. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says the BREATHE Act was introduced today by Reps. Pressley and Tlaib.

Talks about other cities “and our own Board of Education” that have answered the call to #DefundThePolice and calls on #SFBudgetAppsCom to do so, too.
Yet another caller notes the absurdity of the police budget increasing at this moment. #SFBudgetAppsCom
20 callers in the queue. We might make it to midnight! #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes that SFUSD is operating at a $80 million shortfall.

Notes Muni cutting bus lines, and how people won't be able to get to jobs and essential errands.

But “the police get an over $40 million increase? No.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller mentions a video she watched where a Black activist called upon elected officials to ask “what's wrong with me that I need Black people to explain their oppression to me [before I'll take action]?” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller asks the Supervisors to thank the commenters so we know they're still listening.

Another caller asks directly whether the Supervisors are still listening. Several say “I am” and they confirm they're all still on the call. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller warns the Supervisors against approving the SFPD budget increase, lest we “view you the same way we view slave-holders today.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
The #SFBudgetAppsCom hearing has gone on so long that @MLNow has already published their article about it *while it's still going*.…

We're past the 11-hour mark.
Caller: “Let the POA sue for breach of contract. They're fired.” “They had a chance to reform and they squandered it.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says they were mugged at gunpoint. Sad that the perp was in the position of desperation that they resorted to mugging.

The cops racially profiled suspects who didn't match the caller's description. #SFBudgetAppsCom
This caller called back in to clarify that they want the Supervisors to thank *each* commenter at the end of their call:

Another commenter called in to support this request.
Caller “made $791/mo” as an adjunct. Cried at a Michael's because they couldn't afford supplies, until the cashier gave them their employee discount. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Queue is down to 3 people. 78 callers listening.

Press *3 to get in the queue! #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller notes that @DefundSFPDnow is a Black-led org. Says they couldn't mobilize this many people unless they were already mad about police violence.

Uses the rest of their time to repeatedly ask “Where's Rafael Mandelman?” #SFBudgetAppsCom
By the way, we are now past midnight. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Another caller thanks Sup. Preston for proactively calling to #DefundSFPD.

Also appreciates the moderator's time. “I know you're probably tired. We should all be tired of systemic violence” by police. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller opens with “Happy Thursday.”

Notes the BLA proposal to move Airport staffing to the Sheriff's department. Says “we want to defund the Sheriff's department, too,” “but for tonight, please #DefundSFPD.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller has another suggestion for police monies: Better internet so we can see the Supervisors' video feeds. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says solutions to public safety “must be designed by the Black and brown communities” who've been subjected to disproportionate police violence.

“Ask yourselves what might bloom in San Francisco” if we reversed ratios of police funding over services. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller says “we need to slash the bloated police budget by 50%”. “Guess you must be afraid of the POA or something.” “If we can't jail killer cops, we should get rid of 'em.” #SFBudgetAppsCom
Caller from ILWU talks about the history of ILWU members being killed by police during the General Strike of the 1930s. #SFBudgetAppsCom
And that's it! We have officially run out of public comment after nearly 12 hours of the #SFBudgetAppsCom!

Sup. Fewer thanks the two clerks and notes that her camera doesn't work. Thanks her colleagues and the speakers.
Sup. Fewer notes that there was no action taken as today was an informational hearing. It's the third of four hearings. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Fewer moves to file the hearing:

Walton: Aye
Mandelman: Aye
Yee: “Hmmm… Aye”
Ronen: Aye
Fewer: Aye. #SFBudgetAppsCom
Sup. Walton thanks the clerks. #SFBudgetAppsCom
That's the end. Thanks for following along and thanks to those who called into the #SFBudgetAppsCom!

Many commenters mentioned @DefundSFPDnow. They’re also calling for people to call in TOMORROW at 2pm to support a bill to repeal the SFPD staffing minimum from the Charter.
Here’s the agenda for tomorrow afternoon’s #SFRulesCom meeting:…

The charter amendment proposal is item 3.
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