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Très heureuse d'annoncer la parution le 6 janvier de: 1312 raisons d’abolir la police (chez Lux @luxediteur). En s’appuyant sur les mobilisations contemporaines pour l’abolition de la police en Amérique du Nord, il explore les propositions stratégiques de l’abolitionnisme..., Couverture de livre ; sur fond noir : « gwenola ricordeau ( expériences et les débats qui les traversent. Pour penser, au-delà de la critique ordinaire de la police, son abolition. Une quinzaine de contributions, dont beaucoup de traductions inédites en français, avec une longue intro et conclusion par moi-même.
Le livre commence par ces (mes) mots :
« Je déteste la police. Pourtant, mes griefs personnels contre les policiers sont très mesurés : s’ils ne m’ont jamais été d’aucune utilité, ceux à qui j’ai eu affaire se sont généralement montrés plus fainéants que zélés et …
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Great to be out in the streets with our friends from @jvpliveNY and more to rally around an end to the ADL’s role supporting militarized policing — and the collective power we exhibit when we speak out. Photo of a crowd of people standing outside at a rally with
Had to bust out the #CareNotCops banner for this evening’s @jvpliveNY action 💐 Photo of a yellow care not cops banner and a person in front
Let’s zoom in on that last picture because this is important:

➡️ Drop ADL now
➡️ Keep communities safe
➡️ Keep movements strong
➡️ Puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Photo of person holding drop the Adl sign next to a yellow bPhoto of person holding drop the Adl sign and a puppyPhoto of person holding drop the Adl sign and a puppyPhoto of a puppy in someone’s hand
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List of People-Humans-Loved Ones that the Tucson Pokice Department and Pima County Sheriffs Department has killed. Please add and share!! #DefundThePolice #DefundTPD
1. Carlos Adrian Ingram Lopez 4/21/20
2. Cliff Linebarger was beaten so badly by the Sheriffs Department he had long term medical complications that ultimately killed him 5 years later in 2016. He left behind two boys.
Chris Burdon was in a diabetic shock and trying to get help when he was killed by a TPD sharp shooter in 2009
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The Richmond City Jail currently has 100 inmates who have tested positive for COVID-19. Most of these inmates have been placed in “quarantine” likely meaning many of them are currently in solitary confinement rather than receiving treatment.

The COVID-19 health crisis has
resulted in the death of an inmate. The inmate was denied medical treatment until their lungs reached 40% capacity, at which that point it was too late.

We demand that the City of Richmond take accountability for the public health crisis in the Jail. We demand the release of
inmates due to COVID-19 concerns, demand that bond be given to all inmates denied bond and demand that bond be lowered for all inmates with high bond. We demand that the city recognize this as a responsibility to ensure the safety of the citizens in their jail! No one was
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The #SFBudgetAppsCom meeting has started!

They're starting with item 1, a review of the budget process in general.

The SFPD budget is item 2. Our CTA for that:…
They're talking about money they do and don't have, particularly #CARESAct funds (@SenKamalaHarris @SenFeinstein) and ERAF. #SFBudgetAppsCom
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82 items on the agenda, including a whole bunch about the LAPD and all of the budget items.

@christopherroth is here to live-tweet the whole damn thing. It's gonna be a long one, so buckle up!

Agenda and stream:…
Once things get rolling (likely late, the Rules Committee was a solid 15 minutes late already this morning, thanks, CM Martinez!) you'll have the opportunity to call in and provide public comment -- here's how!
1. Call (669) 254-5252
2. Use Meeting ID 160-535-8466 and then press #.
3. Press # again when prompted for participant ID.
4. Once admitted into the meeting, press *9 to request to speak.
#PeoplesBudgetLA has handy graphics for this!
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Welcome back to #Fuck12Friday!! We're proud to see Chicagoans keeping up the energy and continuing to come out to the streets. We're in this for the long haul!
Lori Lightfoot's increased CPDs budget by $100 million dollars, but now she's using our voices speaking out against police to say that's not enough. She's calling for more increases as part of her reform. #Fuck12Friday #LiarLightfoot
We aren't here for the political glad-handing that claims to listen to our demands, and then works to increase the stranglehold police have over our communities. #Fuck12Friday #LiarLightfoot
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Today the racist in chief ordered the police to shoot tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protestors in Washington, DC who have been tirelessly protesting the murder of George Floyd and demanding justice for black lives. 1/
The police stormed the crowd on horseback to clear the streets for his photo-op so this pathetic man could leave his bunker to walk across the street and pose in front of a historic church holding a bible. 2/
The bishop of this church just went on national television to denounce him and his abuse of sacred symbols as a backdrop for his message, since it is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ. 3/
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We're living in a country that has no interest in using our collective tax dollars to fund healthcare or education. We have normalized crowdfunding treatment for patients, PPE for healthcare workers, & supplies for teachers.
Meanwhile, in LA City, the LAPD takes 54% of the entire discretionary spending budget. Tomorrow, June 1st, that number will increase by $120 million-while education, city repair, & public service hotlines continue to lose funding. LA's homicide rate is at its lowest since 1962.
Crime rates are dropping across the country, including in cities where police forces are being reduced. More police does not equal less crime. If you're in LA City, I'd recommend learning more about the People's Budget, which is supported by @BLMLA.
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The most upsetting thing about this is it reveals the powerful understand abolitionist principles and how to take action on them. They only adopt abolitionist language, however, to further entrench existing inequality, rather than the other way around.…
#Lightfoot understands moving resources from communities who don't need them and redistributing them to those that have been historically denied them. But instead of applying this principle to housing, a living wage, access to education and healthcare, she applies it to policing.
She uses the language of 'addressing need,' but the need she refers to--the need to end inter-community violence--is born from lack of access to basic resources, not lack of access to being policed by the state. (The south and west sides have never lacked this "resource.")
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