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How Donald Trump rebuilt America's economy after it was destroyed by the China Virus 🇺🇸💪

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1/ Securing $3.4 trillion in relief, the largest aid package ever. Our economy needed a lifeline, and President Trump delivered.
With this historic aid package, he provided crucial support to businesses, workers, and families who were affected by the devastating impact of the China Virus. #EconomicRecovery #StrongerTogether
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DC Beat: For Jan 6 trial of Kelly Meggs et al, Judge Mehta is telling the 6 defense lawyers not to make the voir dire questions too long, or it will be a 2 week jury selection. Inner City Press is covering the mega case (Rhodes in) & will live tweet, thread below
Judge Mehta: Of course you can ask if prospective jurors what they've seen of the Jan 6 Committee hearings... Do you want to be heard on the joint questionnaire?
Counsel: There's more to discuss when we go under seal.
[That again]
Defense lawyer: We are spread out all over the country. Unlike the prosecutors who are all together. We have to use Zoom. I don't know if we can be ready by September.
Judge Mehta: Others?
2d defense lawyer: We have a motion to continue.
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So it begins. We can’t afford to pay for citizen testing for the uninsured & @RepMcKinley @BillPascrell @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats WON’T ENFORCE THE #CARESACT #FFCRA so Insurers will continue to stiff bills & premium paying patients will be used as human shields for COVID19 bills. ImageImageImageImage
What country do we live in where those who can afford to pay stick the bill to those who can afford least to pay? So what happens to the test to treat debacle? It appears the uninsured are left to fend for themselves. And $CI wants to doctors to sue the patients! #caresAct #FFCRA ImageImageImageImage
The wastewater is climbing, the government has left governed to fend for themselves? @EdGainesIII @drdanchoi @misterchambo @RepMcKinley @BillPascrell @FrankPallone @michaelcburgess It appears $CI $UNH $ANTM is in charge. They are violating law, so who will pay for the patients? ImageImageImageImage
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Thank you
The minute before this. “Just a Test” is proof that Lawyers, Politicians, and Public just doesn’t understand what medical is. That’s our fault as doctors for not describing it properly.
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In addition to making DC whole for the $755M we were shortchanged in the #CARESact, the #AmericanRescuePlan means direct support:

~85% of American households will receive a direct check of $1400 per person; the typical family of 4 making $100K will get $5600 in direct payments
The ARP will lift 11 million people out of poverty, and cut child poverty in half this year.

The ARP will deliver an expanded Child Tax Credit to the families of 66M kids, & it makes the most significant investment in American child care since World War II.

The ARP will significantly reduce health insurance premiums for millions of American families. A family of four making $90,000 could see their monthly premium come down by $200 per month.

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It’s (thankfully) been a minute since I was active on night twitter, but the @LPE_Project #UBI symposium is so rich, I’m eroding my own norms 🙀! Time to talk about our lovely monetary consumption (& production...) economy!
First things first, read the intro! @NoahZatz did a characteristically thoughtful job introducing analytical themes and outlining the contours of the ensuing conversation. You simply love to read it. (Also...the links…the links…the memories...🔗🍻)…
“Even the most progressive nation-based approach to basic income faces a fundamental justice challenge in the reality of human mobility.”

“ transfer programs created in response to #Covid19 may have some insight to offer.”

- Jennifer Gordon 🔥🔥🔥…
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Nearly one million Californians may be exposed to potentially harmful pollutants emitted by #PCO devices. This now includes school children across the country. Paid for by #CARESAct funds. #ventilation #filtration #COVID #schoolreopening #schoolsafety #ReOpenSafely #snakeoil
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I commend @AirResources for their regulation on O3 thanks to amazing researchers👇🏼I’d like to know when other oxidant producing purifiers will also be regulated? Many schls have implemented these devices w/ #CaresAct funds. Experts agree: No to adding ANY oxidants to indoor air.
We need you to regulate this ASAP as many schools have already purchased & implemented these systems due to their presences on the #CARB approved list. #schoolreopening #schoolclosures #schoolsafety #COVID19 #ListenToTheExperts #hygienetheater #snakeoil
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Here's Alex Azar #gaslighting on #COVID19 #vaccines & also appearing to shoot down Slaoui $MRNA half-dose idea.

Azar/Slaoui vowed 40M doses - enough to vaccinate 20M - by end of 2020. #Christmas was always part of their schedule. They failed but want to make excuse after excuse.
How much confidence should Americans have when Alex Azar says he's surprised there haven't been more glitches with #COVID19 vaccinations & brushes off everything that's gone wrong as expected? Really?… #vaccines $PFE $MRNA
The commitment was to have 40 million #COVID19 #vaccines doses - enough to vaccinate 20 million people -"distributed" by the end of 2020, not "available" as Azar is #gaslighting today & Slaoui/Perna tried to do same at last week's #WarpSpeed briefing. Azar failed on delivery.
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The U.S. surpassed 350,000 reported deaths from #COVID19 last night.…

And Trump, Pence & Alex Azar are doing what about it today?

Where is the accountability for these deaths?

As of yesterday #CDC says 13,071,925 doses of #COVID19 #vaccines distributed but only 4,225,756 administered.…

Recall, Alex Azar pushed back against any additional funds for states to administer vaccines. #HHS was also slow to distribute #CARESAct funds.
Fauci on #ThisWeek: "There's no running away from the numbers."
"The deaths are real deaths."

Meanwhile, Trump remains in denial & continues to undermine #CDC's #publichealth experts.

#COVID19 #pandemic #vaccines
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To celebrate #NewYearsEve, we present the past year’s top 10 Health Affairs Blog posts. To see the #healthpolicy analysis and commentary that captured the most attention in #2020, please view the full post, and have a #HappyNewYear: 1/11
1) Could – Or Should – The Government Impose A Mass #Quarantine On An American City? by @LawrenceGostin of @oneillinstitute #COVID19 #pandemic #InfectiousDisease 2/11
2) Mapping #Misinformation In The #Coronavirus Outbreak by @a_rutschman of @SLULAW 3/11
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#Thread on K-12 funding in the Covid relief bill, which also prevents a government shutdown by funding the federal government. $900 Billion. 5,000+ pages, nobody read, except whatever each congressm@n contributed, for sure. via…
$82B for education, $54B in particular for #K12. Quadrupling what was set aside on the first round of the #CARESAct
CA expected to receive about 10% of the monies (CA is Pelosi's and VP elect Harris' turf). Makes FASFA easier to fill- IDK, it was never that hard... The entire bill voted by 92-6 in the Senate. That is a majority, not to exaggerate, if you know how Congress has operated recently
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As you plan for #retirement, consider taking these steps which could help you maximize your #retirement earnings. Make note of these 7 key deadlines. 1/8
Age 50. At this age, you can make “catch-up” contributions to your 401(k), IRA and a few other types of plans. (Click for the 2020- 2021 contribution limits.) 2/8
Age 59.5. At this point, you’re freed from the early withdrawal additional 10% federal tax—although, early withdrawals could still sacrifice potential growth, so use caution. Merrill does not provide tax advice. 3/8
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Can they sue #EmilyMurphy personally? She needs to pay a personal penalty. @glennkirschner2 She’s afraid of being fired, she has mortgage payments children.Put thatkind of pressure on her. @tribelaw @SteveSchmidtSES @NicolleDWallace
On behalf of ThePeople @JoeBiden needs to #Sue #EmilyMurphy 4 malfeasance of office & irreparable harm to #TheAmericanPeople @RonaldKlain @KamalaHarris @tribelaw Sue #EmilyDoYourJob She will only respond to PRESSURE. She has to FEAR ThePEOPLE more than she fearsTRUMP. @DrBiden
Also need to #SueStephenMnuchin to STOP HIM from withdrawing #CARESAct funds Dec 31. @SpeakerPelosi This isn’t about @JoeBiden It’s about #TheAmericanPeople @tribelaw It’s time to defend theAmerican People or #EmilyMurphy isn’t the only person not doing their job. @RonaldKlain
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With Marion County #COVID positivity over 10%, @IndyMayorJoe announces new restrictions, effective Sunday:

--Bars limited to 25% capacity inside
--no karaoke
--max 6 people at tables
--all hospitality/entertainment venues must close at midnight (previously applied to bars/clubs)

--Organized gatherings (Colts games, weddings, funerals, etc.) capped at 25% capacity; no more than 50 people unless approved by @Marion_Health
--Other gatherings capped at 25 people
--no self-serve buffets or salad bars
-Church services capped at 75%
--Indoor visitation at #longtermcare requires negative #COVID test
--Gyms and clubs capped at 25% capacity

Afterschool activities also restricted, details shortly
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#HeroesAct2 — LiveTweeting Legislation

Like many #smallbiz attorneys and advocates, I’m spending most of tonight and tomorrow reading over the Democrats newly-released #COVID19 #stimulus package. As I review, I’ll share some insights and discoveries. Stay tuned!
Congress proposes three #setasides for #PPP funding:

(1) at least 10% for #smallbiz with fewer than 10 employees OR for certain loans made to biz in low- and mod-income areas

(2) < 30% for nonprofits, housing coops, and hotels/restaurants

(3) < 50% for supplemental PPP loans.
Also similarly reserves the lesser of 25% or $15B of the unused #PPP loans appropriations for loans by Community Financial Institutions.
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Despite weeks of stalled negotiations, Congress seems poised to agree on a #COVID19 relief package in the coming days. The deal would likely provide additional disaster funding for #smallbiz, including targeted relief for restaurants, hotels, theaters, and the airlines . . .
. . . as well as another opportunity for #PaycheckProtectionProgram loans. Individuals may also see extended unemployment benefits and possibly another stimulus check. There’s also separate legislation extending #CARESAct subsidies Keep an eye out for more signs of compromise!
Some predict that a vote on the new stimulus package may come as early as Friday, Oct. 2, while others are hedging, saying a vote may be next week. Either way, with new targeted #PPP relief for certain industries, #smallbiz likely won’t see the relief until mid- to late-October.
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Twice this week, Sec. Mnuchin and @federalreserve Chair Powell have expressed the need for additional aid for #smallbiz, including a second disbrusement of #PPP loans — even suggesting targeted aid for restaurants, hotels, and other specific industries . . .
The next #COVID19 stimulus will likely have additional aid for #smallbiz, but with additional segmentation and requirements.
- Biz with less than 20 ppl
- Restaurants & Hotels (i.e. Sector72)
- #MinorityOwned & Rural Biz
Each will likely have a specific carve out in the bill . .
Specific to @federalreserve’s #MainStreetLending programs, we may see modifications on eligibility, personal guarantees, and lender requirements to help unclog this funding channel for #smallbiz and “larger” #SMBs . . .
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#CovidKim Outrage du jour. @KimReynoldsIA refused 2 fund cautionary testing at nursing homes. Instead, $450K was diverted from #CARESAct to pay #IaGov staffing already paid by #IaLegis, then she hid shift! She got greedy. Folks will die. #IaPolitics #IaGov…
Half of all #Iowa #CovidDeaths occur in #NursingHomes and #CovidKim cut testing for Nursing Homes and took the money that it could have been used for to expand her personal staff budget. #IaPolitics #IaGov @IAGovernor @IowaGOP #COVID19 #Covid19IA
#CovidKim set the stage for general destitution of #NursingHome lives by gutting travel allowances for #NursingHomeInspectors shortly after she became governor in 2017. How can you inspect nursing homes if you cannot visit them?? #NLM #NursingHomeLivesMatter #IaPolitics #IaGov
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Internal Records Reveal Treasury Department Attempted ‘UNPRECEDENTED’ and ARGUABLY ‘ILLEGAL’ Takeover of #USPS

They made a $10 billion loan to the mail delivery service contingent upon the agency surrendering its autonomy.

The trove of documents included three email conversations from early April that made direct references to agency officials’ phone conversations with Treasury’s #Mnuchin

His department’s was charged with overseeing and distributing the $2 trillion stimulus in the #CARESAct

“By statute, Congress has given control over postal operations to the [#USPS] Governors and the Board of Governors. Under settled principles of constitutional law and statutory interpretations, the Governors may not ‘subdelegate’ that authority to another department... “

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Rather than telling voters to vote by mail (as so many jurisdictions are mistakenly doing) and decreasing the number of polling locations, the CDC recommends “increasing the number of polling locations” in order to “improve the ability to social distance.”
Will this impose extra costs over what state legislatures already appropriated for administration of the election?

Yes—and Congress approved over $400 million in #CARESAct that's already been distributed by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to cover those extra costs.
Quick poll just to check: Have you seen any major media outlet mention this #CARESAct funding to help each state cover the costs of increased voter administration?

Do you think most Americans know they can safely vote in person this November?
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1/ In the week ending 8/22, North Carolina received 12,880 initial claims for regular state #UnemploymentInsurance, down from 17,388 the week before. A year ago, the total number of initial claims was 2,877. #NCeconomy
2/ Additionally, North Carolina received 8,261 initial claims for the new Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program, which covers certain workers normally ineligible for unemployment insurance. The figure a week earlier was 10,360. (NC began accepting PUA claims on 4/24.)
3/ And, last week, North Carolina received 185,146 continuing claims for regular #UnemploymentInsurance, along with 168,171 continuing claims for PUA. #NCeconomy
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But w/out #CARESAct relief funds, #hospital margins would be >95% vs. 2019—so why is @HHSGov not releasing at least plans to disburse the tens of $billions of funding already authorized for docs & Hospitals?—operating margins down 28% through July: report…
**hospital margins would be down >95% vs. 2019**
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1/ In the week ending 8/15, North Carolina received 16,607 initial claims for regular state #UnemploymentInsurance, up from 14,328 the week before. A year ago, the total number of initial claims was 3,014. #NCeconomy
2/ Additionally, North Carolina received 10,360 initial claims for the new Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program, which covers certain workers normally ineligible for unemployment insurance. The figure a week earlier was 8,620. (NC began accepting PUA claims on 4/24.)
3/ And, last week, North Carolina received 211,677 continuing claims for regular #UnemploymentInsurance, along with 10,360 continuing claims for PUA. #NCeconomy
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