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Right now I’m in a battle for the future of independent politics and I need your help.

Go to to learn about our fight to ensure independents and alternative parties can get on the ballot, challenge the ruling elites and build real democracy!
We're fighting an FEC decision that limits independents’ and alternative parties’ use of public matching funds to get on the ballot. The FEC is demanding our 2016 campaign repay $175K in public matching funds we used to complete ballot drives - over 5 years ago!
The FEC is now refusing, after the fact, to recognize our use of matching funds for ballot drives during the 2016 primary. With our 2016 campaign account all but closed, the FEC is attempting to hold me, as the candidate, liable for repaying $175K from my own retirement funds.
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Sadly, #MedicareForAll will not help #healthcare costs until the underlying problem with MEDICARE and the ENTIRE HEALTH SYSTEM is FIXED, a LONG 🧵 1 of 24 #Medtwitter @somedocs @AmerMedicalAssn @WCMSSM @MichStateMedSoc References:
2/ b/c @SenateFloor @HouseFloor & @CMSGov are yet again not fixing the true problem & instead are again targeting #Physicians by decreasing payments by another 9.75% on top of the fact that reimbursements to providers has already been decreased by 22% over the past 2 decades
3/ On average only 40% of the what your #insurance , including #Medicare , pays your doctor actually goes to the doctor as #income . The overhead costs to be a doctor takes at least 60% of the payment a doctor gets from Medicare or Insurance equivalent.
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@ThatSeanKeenan @AtlantaMagazine since i was not asked for my answers; here they are:
@ThatSeanKeenan @AtlantaMagazine #1-"the cop one"
unlike most mayoral candidates contending in this race; i believe in the abolition of our policing institutions. we can build a safety department which doesn't wield any lethal power(power no state should hold btw) #AbolishThePolice
@ThatSeanKeenan @AtlantaMagazine #2-"the crime one"
most crime is not a something we should fight from the top down but eliminate from the bottom up via assuring a society where needs are provided for; acts of desperation will be drastically reduced..
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No one should die or go into debt because they can't afford to see a doctor or get medical treatment.

Insurance, pharma and medical lobbyists disagree— spending billions buying politicians and spreading lies.

Let's cut through their BS with some #MedicareForAll mythbusting:
Health insurance ≠ healthcare.

Having "access," to purchase health insurance doesn't mean you'll be able to afford it, or the out of pocket costs associated with using it. It also doesn't guarantee your insurance provider will cover your doctor visits or treatments.
If you're on a flight and get upgraded from coach to 1st class, you didn't just get "kicked off of air travel."

#MedicareForAll is a huge upgrade that guarantees high-quality healthcare, saves money, & expands your choices of doctors.

#M4A eliminates barriers to healthcare.
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🤨 McKinsey alum as “Senior Policy Advisor COVID Response” should raise eyebrows given the testing and vaccination rollout blunders in California and Blue Shield’s central role in all of it.
And, lest we forget that the firm played a key role in the opioid crisis:…
And McKinsey’s ties to a costly and under-performing COVID-19 testing site operator, Verily:…
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@jonathanchait (1/) Well, as a Berner on the extreme left, I relate to this. Leftist activists, but more so commentators, don't see nuance. They cherry pick the bad. They focus on the glass half empty. What we observe may be true. It's just not helpful or motivating.
@jonathanchait (2/) I must have organized three dozen protests since Occupy against Obama, Clinton, the DNC. I organized the TPP protest on the floor of the 2016 Dem Convention. But protesting is not organizing. Naysaying is not organizing. And only organizing will make change. That said ...
@jonathanchait (3/) to commend Pelosi, Schumer and the rest as you do for not have a "toxic" style, ignores the fact that they sell out their base every damn time. You can't talk about universal health care and refuse to support #Medicare4All, the best and cheapest way to get it. You can't ...
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I'm seeing a lot about Biden freezing the Trump EO on insulin so it's thread time:

This seems counterintuitive but this freeze is actually a GOOD thing for patients. The original EO was pharma backed, giving them a way to back out of the #340b program 1/…
The #340b program, is a life-saving program that provides healthcare and medicine to the most vulnerable. 15.5% of #diabetics get their insulin from the program. Since the EO came out, many people have seen their monthly insulin rise from $15-> over $1000 2/
Why? The EO demands that #340b pharmacies pass on their discounts of insulin to the patient. At first note, that sounds great! However, #340b's have a small upcharge to help pay administrative fees, pharmacists, etc... This EO gave pharma a big out for a program that they HATE 3/
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People often ask what places at the local level they can get engaged and contribute to real change.

One important avenue -- Assembly Delegate Election Meetings -- happens this month, but *you have to register by Monday* to make your voice heard. (thread)
Every two years in CA, 14 members of the Democratic party are elected by voters in each Assembly District.

These elected members get to vote on the official CA Democratic Party platform and party rules, as well as make endorsements of candidates for office.
CA Dems could be pushing for a bolder agenda at the state level, such as #Medicare4All and a faster transition away from fossil fuels.

If you’re a Dem who cares deeply about the kind of policies and candidates your party is putting forward, this is an opportunity to shape that.
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I can't begin to explain the amount of anxiety and backtracking that I have experienced when I moved for grad school and I lost a whole team of doctors. Doctors who had helped me make sense of my comorbid conditions for 8 years. 1/10
I lost them because I had the audacity to move for graduate school to a part of the country that BCBS New England did not cover. So I started the hunt again. But it was both unaffordable and a waste of time. I needed a GI, cardio, allergist, neurologist, PCP, and PT. 2/10
I was able to get a cardiologist because of an emergency room trip and referral. I wasn't able to find anyone else who treated my conditions at my uni. And I thought fine, I can make do as I did in undergrad by going on Christmas break and summer break back home for care. 3/10
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I'm feeling a massive sense of deja-vu. I seem to recall the last time the Dems won the house and senate. Biden was there as well. Obama spent his first 2 years pretending to reach across the aisle to get "healthcare reform" passed, after campaigning for single payer. ...
#SpoilerAlert he had no intention of ever doing that. His reach across the aisle turned out to be a backroom deal with his real overlords, the insurance companies, who wrote the ACA which took the 'public option' out of the equation, and made sure the vote came after the midterms
Where Obama made the Bush tax cuts permanent (which the Dems spent the last 2 years of Bush's term trying to stop) to get the shitty 'compromise' bill passed in the now Republican led senate after Dems lost midterms. Obama had 2 years with house and senate and did nothing!
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I'm an hour 20 min into watching the 2019 Ways and Means committee hearing on universal healthcare and there hasn't been a single question aimed at exposing how much money anti-M4All witnesses or congress members have taken from the private healthcare industry.
This is @RepKevinBrady from TX-8.

He received the 2nd highest amount in contributions from the healthcare industry in 2016: $202,751.

Might have something to do with the dishonest anti-Medicare for All screed he spouted.

He's been in congress 30 years. #primarytime
This is @VernBuchanan from FL-16.

He took $110k from a healthcare PAC. Might have something to do with his choice to lie about the cost of Medicare for All, which a conservative study found offers enormous cost savings by cutting out the middle man that's lining Vern's pockets.
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When medicine is operated for profit, human sickness inevitably becomes a product, and human health inevitably becomes the competition against it.

Every once in a while I stop and consider how curing cancer would be absolutely devastating to our current healthcare system, unless the cure could be made prohibitively expensive.
To be clear, it would not be devastating to healthcare workers, but to the system. This injustice, like other injustices, is systemic.
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Thread of progressive candidates (Updated 9/30) including #NotMeUs and some combo #NotMeUs + #YangGang! These are candidates in competitive races (🔺@GOP ; 🔹Dem; 🌻Green ▫️other Independent) & I’ll be adding to (sometimes editing) thread #Election2020 
@Bradshaw2020🔹is an amazing candidate who won a shocking victory @USSenate primary #TN! Gen Against @BillHagertyTN🔺! Endorsed by @BernieSanders! #NotMeUs #Election2020 
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Back in 2016, @thomasfrank_'s "Listen, Liberal!" forcefully explained that "liberals" are not leftists, and that while we on the left might sometimes ally with liberals, we are not on the same side.…

This is something that most of the world outside of the USA knows, but the USA has largely forgotten. I'll never forget my first day of university in the US, when a classmate told me I had "liberal" views; having grown up in Canada's NDP, I knew the difference!

In the US, this manifests as excessive credit for Donald Trump - AKA excessive blame for Donald Trump - as though he was bright enough and had enough executive function to be a cause, rather than an effect.

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I was interviewed for a story on NPR about how Thailand’s universal healthcare program has supported the country’s fight against #COVID. #UHC… 1/18
I am a professor who wrote a book about the politics of universal healthcare in Thailand, Brazil and South Africa. Coupon code 09FLYER for 30% off at Cornell Press.… 2/18
I’ve also written other work on the politics of expanding access to healthcare to the poor… 3/18
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When #ToniMorrison said, "...the very serious function of racism is distraction," I believe she wasn't just referring to how white supremacy forces us to constantly prove ourselves, but also how it forces us to defend the world as it is. #COVID19…
That nurses are forced to defend the public from white nationalist militias, when they should be not merely saving lives, but demanding safer working conditions, proper funding of their hospitals, universal healthcare, and well beyond, is itself a distraction. #COVID19
To truly combat #COVID19 we need more than just the right to stay at home--though we certainly do need that. We also need a #MassRelaseNow for incarcerated people, we need #Medicare4All, and we need to meet every demand of striking #MayDay workers at #Amazon and beyond.
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@NealRoth @RoKhanna @rpdandy @rustyhicks @CA_Dem @DNC @JoeBiden @AmarShergillCA Bernie & his supporters are for #Medicare4All, as it turns out, are majority of the nation. But Biden gets funded by the ins co's & wants to keep the waste of mega salaries & shareholder payouts in our health care (which leaves 10 mil w/o care). Bernie needs delegates to fight.
@NealRoth @RoKhanna @rpdandy @rustyhicks @CA_Dem @DNC @JoeBiden @AmarShergillCA Bernie & his delegates also want to #EndBigMoney to political parties which skews the loyalties of parties to wealthy individs & corporations, overriding both the will & the needs of working class Americans (the majority of us) & undermining adequate #ClimateChange response.
@NealRoth @RoKhanna @rpdandy @rustyhicks @CA_Dem @DNC @JoeBiden @AmarShergillCA Bernie & his delegates believe workers deserve a living wage and access to college w/o being slaves to student debt for up to the rest of their lives. The party will not take this up w/o being pushed hard to the left.
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A Reagan praising, Obama criticizing TV pundit is challenging @AOC in a primary on the issue of “jobs” - As a businessperson & entrepreneur who works in our economy & creates jobs, I can testify that @AOC is a million times better than her opponent for jobs and good wages. (1/8)
Look at @AOC’s agenda. The pandemic has made clear that our for-profit healthcare system is a mess & leaves millions behind. I also know firsthand that many businesses struggle with figuring out how to provide healthcare to employees. Under #MedicareForAll, we *all* win. (2/8)
In fact, @AOC’s primary opponent is a former Republican who wants to end Medicare, and called it a Ponzi scheme. In what world would ending Medicare be a strategy for jump-starting the economy? We need #Medicare4All not Medicare for None. (3/8)
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1/ America's $6.2 trillion response to
#COVID19 has exposed one of the worst lies in U.S. politics: the claim that we "can't afford" progressive reforms like #MedicareForAll or free college. As a businessperson, this is false & manipulative. Here's what it's really about...
2/ Throughout the 2020 primary, every debate seemed to include a somber moderator (usually a Beltway pundit) scolding candidates about cost anytime they backed bold reforms to help young or less well-off Americans. Like clockwork. Here's 21 examples!…
3/ Of course you never see these questions about war or corp tax breaks. Why? It's about choices & priorities. The U.S. can afford big things - we have the world’s reserve currency & we print it. So the question is: What do we want to spend on? And WHO do we want to spend on?
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From the 2008 financial collapse to natural disasters fueled by climate chaos, capitalism is causing devastating human crises.

It's always poor, working-class, & already marginalized people who suffer the most—while banks, energy companies & real estate get bailed out. #COVID19
Now with #COVID19 outbreak & looming recession, it's hospital workers, poor & unhoused people, elderly, incarcerated, immunocompromised, immigrants, & other marginalized groups who will likely bear most impact, vulnerable to illness while unable to afford treatment or testing.
Many who miss work because of #COVID19 outbreak will lose pay, lose health insurance, be unable to pay utility bills, or face eviction.

All this is worsened by the fact that our government has been slashing budgets for safety nets while handing bailouts to fossil fuel companies.
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CDC Rule (2017) expressly addressed this, w HHS/CDC the "payer of final resort" (despite comments that this would be unethical).

Under §70.13 @CDCDirector can authorize payment for care & treatment, although it's secondary to any state, local, or private insurance obligations.
@CDCDirector The law provides for this, and it's unethical for the US government to require individuals subjected to mandatory care & treatment to pay for it.

This also risks undermining the #Covid19 public health response: without #UHC #Medicare4All people will understandably avoid care.
The @CDCDirector’s discretion is subject to availability of appropriations. This underscores the considerations for federal emergency funding: Congress cld specifically provide add’l funds for such costs & at the same time: the #covid19 health care costs of all Americans. #M4A
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#Thread: It's almost debate time! We're teaming up with our friends at @PolitiFact to fact check tonight's #DemDebate. KHN will be listening for health care claims to fact check. #HealthCheck
@PolitiFact Do Americans really like their health plans? We fact-checked a claim by @JoeBiden that "160 million people like their private insurance." via @shefalil KHN/@PolitiFact #HealthCheck
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#QueersAgainstPete interrupted a Pete fundraiser in San Francisco today. We are fighting to make sure *no one* in our community is left behind. Ignoring @blmsouthbend, opposing #Medicare4all & free public college is NOT solidarity. We deserve better. 🌈…
@BLMSouthBend Queer folks across the country are taking action, pushing Buttigieg on his policies & the billionaires & corporations funding his campaign. We were proud to support our comrades in SF today. #WallStreetPete #QueersAgainstPete
@BLMSouthBend “I’m definitely proud of the fact that a gay candidate has made it thus far, but it’s hard to enjoy or appreciate when his stances are so middle of the road and speak to a predominantly white, upper class audience.” - Celi Tamayo-Lee #QueersAgainstPete…
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