This O'keefe / Project Veritas news is a step up from a Jacob Wohl op & managed 2 get a journalist 2 publish an opinion piece in the NYPost. Its a hodge podge of cut & paste interviews that will likely be found to be taken out of context & targets Rep Ilhan Omar #ballotharvesting Image
It includes clips of Omar Jamal who leads a Somali watchdog & is associated with the Ramsey Cty Sheriff's depart. Ramsey Cty is St Paul & is separate from Minneapolis where O'keefe's investigation took place. Its likely Jamal was interviewed under the guise of something separate. Image
Its also not clear what the actual provable misdeeds are here. Alot of charges r made by anonymous people against Rep Ilhan Omar, but other than a Somali campaign worker maybe having some blank ballots in his car, its not clear what law was broken & is provable #election2020 Image
I think someone who knows election law needs to go through this video to comment on what looks bad versus what is ACTUALLY bad. Being paid to fill out a ballot I believe would clearly be illegal. Of course filling out a ballot without consent of the voter would also be illegal
I don't believe either of these are being alleged. The comment of "bags of cash" on a constant loop makes 4 good video, but its also not clear who is being paid. If this is even true. Paid campaign workers is of course not illegal & is the norm in all campaigns across the country
The line in the video that I thought was humorous & revealed everything was "we were told to vote for Ilhan Omar this year". Hate to break it to everyone but, Rep Ilhan Omar, is a refugee from war-torn Somali and is loved among the Somali community. That comment falls on its face
So this Omar Jamal, in the Project Veritas video mashup is an interesting character. Thanks for the head's up h/t @360_newsreader who noted that Omar's watchdog website was just created and setup last month. No clue if there is a hidden agenda here or not. ImageImage
The discussions around this supposed #BallotHarvesting story involving campaign workers associated with Ilhan Omar apparently suggest its not actually as problematic as Project Veritas would lead you to believe.
And it certainly doesn’t suggest a failed state in Minnesota!! 😂😂😂 Hyperbolic much Image
So it would appear Omar Jamal is the crisis actor Project Veritas got 2 go under cover to manufacture this #ballotharvesting & now #cashforballots scandal. Looks like Omar stands 2 get a nice payday, half a million, from a Gofundme that Project Veritas is promoting on his behalf? Image
Its not at all clear whats going on with this heavily edited video. The voter is handed what is said 2b "pocket money" without him asking 4 it. Omar helpfully explains how to fill out the form. Im skeptical this voter thinks he is getting "pocket money" for his voter reg form 1/2
Rather, it seems Omar discussed a prior separate business transaction of some sort with his friend & the video is made to appear that transaction really applies to this voter registration form. And lastly why are Project Veritas surveillance videos always rotated 20 degrees? 2/2
Maybe its a Somali 2 English translation but undercover Omar saying "now take this for your pocket change" to his friend is just a weird transaction & not at all believable. Of course since Omar supposedly is connected to Ramsey Sherrifs depart. why wasnt this guy arrested? ImageImage
Here is some more background on Omar Jamal being accumulated by local reporter @mukhtaryare #cashforballots #election2020
This previous tweet by @JuddLegum was removed and clarified here because these Project Veritas videos only apply to the recent primaries
If should be noted midway in our thread this previous tweet by @JuddLegum was removed and clarified here because these Project Veritas videos only apply to the recent primaries
It should also be noted that Omar Jamal is NOT and has never been employed by the DFL party in Minnesota as Project Veritas claimed. This was confirmed by one of our sources. #BallotHarvesting #CashForBallots Image
Well you knew this invented #BallotHarvesting controversy by Project Veritas was going to unravel
We looked at a Minnesota specific & likely created troll farm & some of their associated / supporting accounts between 09/27/20 - 09/29/20. Here is a word cloud of their Twitter conversations over the same period of this Project Veritas #infoOps #osint #disinfo @WCCO @StarTribune Image

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21 Oct
I have seen plenty of sextorsion emails over the past couple of years .... but never a VOTEtorsion email. I guess this is one very unique use of a pilfered voter registration database. h/t @MajikaZulJin #Election2020
Here is an example of a typical sextorsion spam email. None of it is true of course & the same with the VOTEtorsion spam email above. They can not know who you vote for since all voting is anonymous so you can ignore these. #infosec #phishing #infoOps #osint Image
Actually please contact us if you receive any VOTEtorsion email threatening you to vote a certain way or change party affliation. And try to save the original email for us if possible. Here is more good information from @donie at @CNN #election2020
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20 Oct
This thread by @yashar & one by @File411 that I will link to next is a good head's up that there are still a number of fake #resistance accnts just waiting to flip into pro-Trump #MAGA accounts. Much like the astroturfed #Walkaway campaign of a few yrs ago
The @VenusSylbrine account, which has since been deleted, unexpectedly turned from a #resistance account to a pro-Trump #MAGA account on October 16th, a few days back. @File411 has a good thread here #infoOps #osint #disinfo #infosec Image
Looking back in July this @VenusSylbrine account was posing as a #resistance #blacklivesmatter account #BLM and had built up a moderate following and was quite active at retweeting out resistance related content. #infoOps #osint #disinfo #infosec Image
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19 Oct
So apparently DNI Ratcliff has already forgotten what they said about Derkach
So now we have the FBI, which sources say is examing the "Hunter Biden laptop" as part of an investigation into Foreign interference with our election contradicting Trump loyalist and head of DNI, John Ratcliffe. #Election2020 #infoOps #osint
So here's a great example of something that is suppose 2 prove something but actually doesnt. This email has been widely used as proof its Hunter Biden's laptop & that his Lawyer now wants it back. However, it proves only one thing. That Hunter possibly has a lawyer named George
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12 Oct
The full report by the Stanford Internet Observatory on the take down of the Rally Forge / Turning Point USA domestic troll farm operation is very illuminating and clearly domestic actors are now copying Russian IRA style tactics #infoOps #disinfo #osint
One jaw-dropping section was the discovery that a fake political persona was created & running in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. The operation wasn't fully formed and didn't realize much traction. Stanford suggested a number of possible motives. #infoOps #disinfo #osint
Given the political connections Rally Forge has, this was not done as some kind of Borat style joke. It was likely a dry-run test. Keep in mind political candidates, no matter how small have a possible path to blue checkmarked verification status on Twitter for example.
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9 Oct
It would appear the Russians have hacked and are dumping Hillary Clinton's emails again .... oh wait ... I am getting something in my earpiece ... "its not the Russians this time?"
When are we going to get to see what is in Hillary Clinton’s pantry. I really really doubt she prefers crunchy peanut butter over creamy.
So just in time for Hurricane #Delta? Image
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7 Oct
Remember some of these headlines back in May? This is a fascinating BREAKING article in the Wall Street Journal about a service called Mixi(.)media. There a number of companies that do this where its not clear who the primary news source is #osint
We came across Mixi(.)media back in May when we were looking at #covid19 disinformation and looked at some of the odd Twitter accounts that were pushing the mixi(.)media stuff. #osint
This service like a number of others like it actually obscure who the true source behind the news banner is. Here are a few banner ad titles the Mixi(.)media redirect link and the final landing source. #osint
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