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It's #SaferInternetDay today. Will tweet some tips today.
1. You can't lose what you don't have. Only register an account for a website or app when you really need to. Use a throwaway email address (like Mailinator) and fake as much personal data as possible.
2. Never reuse passwords. Even not for "low value" accounts. Use a password manager or even a password book if that's most convenient for you to support you in creating unique passwords.
#SaferInternetDay #Security
3. Configure 2FA for your online accounts when possible, even if only SMS based 2FA is available. 2FA is always better than no 2FA. Configure a fallback (2FA backup codes or other recovery mechanism) for when the code cannot be received or generated.
#SaferInternetDay #Security
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🔴 ⚠️#ALERTE - Attention, arnaque en cours sur #WhatsApp aux couleurs du #futuroscope : Non le @futuroscope n'offre pas 5 billets gratuits à 500 familles pour son anniversaire !
- Ne cliquez pas
- Ne relayez pas
- Ne donnez aucune info perso ou bancaire
Mention spéciale de félicitations à @futuroscope pour sa réactivité de communication sur cette arnaque sur #WhatsApp 👍
🔴 ⚠️#ALERTE - Campagne d'arnaque en cours sur #WhatsApp aux couleurs de parcs d'attraction : @PuyduFou également concerné (site malveillant supprimé)…
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Unpopular opinion of the day: #phishing awareness campaigns and teaching your users to stay frosty is a close to useless endeavour. A waste of resources. Read on to see my point (1/n) /cc @troyhunt @randomdross @sirdarckcat
I know anti-phishing is a business that feeds a lot of people but the way this war is fought today just seems off to me.
First, I differentiate targeted phishing campaigns (usually APTs) from massive or moderately massive phishing. I don't think I need to point out why you can't fight the former with awareness.
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Earlier today, I wrote a tweet about another @Twitter promoted tweet #phishing advert and I reminded you that I had written about it a couple of week ago.

Well, guess what has happened since this morning...?

#security #scam
Amazingly, there had been another one today, @twitter!

This time, @farahmenswear is the main hacked account and the supporting account for this #phishing #scam is incredible...
Amazingly, the supporting accounts for this #phishing #scam include @EuroParlPress - the European Parliament Press Office. This is now off-the-scale!

Maybe @guyverhofstadt or @GabrielMariya can look into what is going on?
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I wrote a piece about #phishing adverts on @Twitter a couple of weeks ago. @TwitterSupport had put it about that they had it under control. Here’s the article...

#security #digitaladvertising
Incredibly, it’s still going on. This is a #safety and #privacy issue that is not being addressed by @TwitterSupport.

This time @capgemini_aust are the main target and it is EXACTLY the same promoted advert that I highlighted in my article.
The accounts used to legitimise the #scam this time are

@BenAllenCA @azariarachel @ARTNIGHTLDN @AKIpress_com and @67Kelechi.

Once again, all of them are @verified accounts. And this is still live over half an hour after it was posted.

#security #privacy
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It’s Time Twitter Cleaned Up The #Phishing Ads

I’ve just written this. I’m passionate about Twitter - always have been. I love how it is tackling fake accounts and hoping to reduce the amount of extremism online. But these adverts should be a priority.
Today’s scam has roped in @patheuk, @swansladies, @sarahscoop, @angola2411, @bookmyshow_sup - last time it was @monsterjobs, @GeoffroyDidier, @wsu_womensgolf, @CarteNoireUK and @rpsgmavericks - all without their knowledge and all trying to scam people out of their #bitcoin.
Each of the accounts used in the scams are @verified and, last time this happened, I copied in @TwitterSupport so they knew it was happening. It looks like it takes about 30 mins-1 hour to take down these scams but that is long and the damage to innocent accounts lasts longer.
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This is THE most incredible #scam on @Twitter yet and it raises all sorts of questions for @twitter, @verified and @jack (there goes my chance of ever getting my blue tick!!)

It starts with a promoted tweet...
You’ll notice that, on the #promoted tweet, the account name is Elon Musk and it has a blue tick... so it’s got to be legit, right?
But, if we need proof that this is a genuine offer from Elon Musk, we just have to click on that account and see his other tweets to make sure it’s him...
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This is how bad guys can reset (and later resell) your stolen iPhone. The average Joe stands *no chance*, here is why (Thread)
This is a recent text message someone provided to me.
You receive a message from "Apple" to your recovery phone. In your native language, perfectly spelled. This looks legit, and you're happy because you might have a chance to get back your lost phone, right?
Domain name looks like an official icloud service, you know how this ends for most people. This is a very simple #phishing, yet very effective.
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ICYMI: Test Your #VPN's Anti #Phishing Protection .@planetscape .@ALT_uscis .@COPicard2017 .@IndivisibleNet #InfoSec
When #Ransomware 1st Appeared, .@FoolishIT Issued #CryptoPrevent - Is Free, Now Updated. Recommended!… #InfoSec
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1/ If there's a 1% inequality problem in #cybersecurity it's not the ability to hire skilled employees…
2/ despite increasingly damaging #cyberattacks and billions invested into new technologies, most are only accessible to the 1% of companies.
3/ #infosec professionals are mission driven. Working on big, interesting problems in #cybersecurity is not exclusive to the G2000
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