Who is worthy of good food is the question posed here. I have spent long stretches in hospital and as a vegetarian have had to fight the kitchen for anything past salad. This is something to consider.

Vittles 6.9 - The Food of Care Homes by @demarionunn vittles.substack.com/p/vittles-69-t…
Right now 22% of Americans are over 65. How many will end up in nursing homes? How many of the millions with #COVID will become permanently disabled? Also there are 81M #disabled Americans of all ages. How many are in care homes? What is the food like?
When my dad had a sudden catastrophic stroke during lunch one afternoon, he went from being a vibrant, handsome older man with a wife 25yrs his junior to paralysis and a nursing home. The stroke left him completely paralyzed on one side of his body and on a feeding tube.
He had to be taught by a speech pathologist how to swallow again, so he could at least eat soft foods and not choke to death. I thought a lot about the deprivation of not having good food--his wife was a very good cook. We really should care about these things: who deserves what.

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5 Dec
I have been trying to get a power wheelchair and wheelchair lift for four years--it's day 1,581 of my being trapped since I became paraplegic.

I hope there is a way to track down this child and get her a power chair. It is unconscionable that she doesn't have one. 🎄🎁♿
#Disabled people are the most invisible and ignored on the planet. We are THE largest minority group in the US--81M. EVERYONE knows a #disabled person. Yet the discrimination and lack of concern are crushing.
If you have durable medical equipment you aren't using that is in good condition, I would urge you to donate it to your local Centet for Independent Living or MS Society. Most places will give you a tax credit for these donations.
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4 Dec
The most prominent anti-vaxxers are men. And spoiler alert--they are Democrats. Get RFK Jr. and Robert DeNiro to take the vaccine on camera and divest of their long-disruptive anti-vax crusades. Add in the Independents who claim vaccines are just a Big Pharma scam. All are wrong.
The erroneous long-debunked link between vaccines & autism basically stipulates that it is better to have a dead child than an autistic child. I have several friends whose children are autistic who will fight you on that. Stop using your ableism to mask your own irrational fears.
Vaccines have been established science since 1796. If you are over the age of five, you are alive because of vaccines. Stop standing in the way of saving lives.
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1 Dec
There's a Venn diagram somewhere of folks who chain blocked me for not supporting Biden and who chain blocked me for not supporting Bernie. It's almost as if those folks couldn't read pieces I wrote endorsing a Harris/Warren ticket back in 2019. But Nov. 3, I voted #BidenHarris.
The false narratives that were spread throughout the primary about the women senators running for president were rooted in the systemic misogyny that helped elect Trump. And it will always be true that Biden and Bernie running sundered any real chances for Harris and Warren.
That same institutionalized misogyny has continued to stalk VP-elect Harris and now has bled over onto the women Biden has chosen for leadership roles in traditionally white male posts. It's stunning that there is more ire for those choices than for any of Trump's actions.
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29 Nov
The Wife and I need a new thriller/crime/mystery series on Netflix. She will divorce me if I make her watch another baking show. We have seen Ozark, Dead to Me, Vera, Wentworth, Endeavor, 7 Mins, a bunch of Scandinavian stuff. My preference is no subtitles. Suggestions?
Well, you folks are amazing. We have seen a lot of your suggestions, like Killing Eve (we ARE lesbians...), every Harlan Cobin, and Hinterland, which I love and The Wife does not. But many of these series we have not seen, so yay! We are excited to have a new list. TYVM 💜
We are both so appreciative of the time y'all took to help us. (You saved me from a night of The Wife making me watch a bazillion trailers.) But also it is fun to see what other folks are watching and what you like. (And maybe I can get The Wife to give me HBO for Christmas.🎄🎁)
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27 Nov
Trump loses yet again in #Pennsylvania. From 3rd Circuit: "The campaign's claims have no merit." The Trump-appointed judge says the challenged ballots are few, margin of Biden victory is 81k and the suit "never claims fraud or that votes were cast by illegal voters."
"Though it alleges many conclusions, the Complaint is light on facts," the appeals court opinion states. The opinion was written by Judge Stephanos Bibas, who Trump appointed.

There are some sick burns in this opinion.
Just saying.
This is CLASSIC chiding as the judge writes Trump's campaign"waited almost a week after #ElectionDay to file the original complaint, almost another week to amend it, then another 3 days to amend it again. Its delay is inequitable, and further delay would wreak further inequity."
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27 Nov
No one wants to hear this, but in addition to 263k deaths from #COVID19, Trump's failure to act has decimated the educations of the poorest kids in America whose access to online learning is limited. This has harmed K-3 kids most, as these are crucial years for reading and math.
Lack of consistent classroom activity--interaction between trained elementary school teachers as well as other student peers--has also stunted the socialization growth of these kids. Wealthier students have been able to access learning pods and tutoring, but have also suffered.
And then there is this: 240k first graders just disappearing off the rolls, as @60Minutes reported two weeks ago. Where is Betsy DeVos on this?

7,000 Hillsborough County students were unaccounted for during the COVD-19 pandemic. Where are they? wtsp.com/article/news/h…
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