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🔴 We're LIVE! Join @InclusionCA and @InclusionIntl to discuss the expansion of medical assistance in dying/#euthanasia in #Canada.

We'll be live-tweeting the session and sharing key points from the discussion here, follow this thread to catch the conversation!
During the COVID-19 pandemic, #Canada legalized a pathway to euthanasia for people who are not terminally ill, provided they have a disability or disabling medical condition.
In practice, people with disabilities are dying because they live in poverty, can’t secure affordable adequate housing, and are avoiding #institutionalization.
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Hello! I gave a long-ass interview for a #Bloomberg @business @bloombergtax article on Ernst and Young @EYTwitter's new neurodiversity initiative as a mental health expert and #actuallyautistic person and I'm glad to see that my opinion was IGNORED and TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT! 1/
The piece: "Growing EY Initiative Promotes Neurodiversity in the Workplace"… 2/ (prepare to cringe)
I'm going to just hope that the journalist I spoke with @TzulRichard (2023 journalism school, intern?) was overridden by his editors incl @JeffMHarrington. Because he was thoughtful and listened well during the interview. But what they published was a puff piece on EY program.
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💈On the day the @ons report 26,000 CYP have symptoms for at least a year (⬆️ 3000 from last mth)
we received an email from @10DowningStreet in response to our visit on April 1st
It confirms the concerns of the children⬇️

"We feel ignored"


April 1st - 12 #children living with #LongCovid traveled
to #london to deliver their own letters documenting their #pain, loss of #sight, #mobility, organ damage, diagnosis of #PANS #MECFS #FND #POTS #MCAS and the detrimental impact it has had on their lives.

100+ page guide providing evidence-based information on #LongCovid in CYP from industry experts, research, and statistics from @GOVUK @ONS.
Did anyone read it?
We were assured @BorisJohnson would receive it.

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Want to know what it takes to get my grandson to Michigan for his Great-Great Grandmother’s 100th birthday?

Buckle up, here goes.

#disabled #gtubedependent #birthinjury #braindisease #specialneedskids
3 pieces of regular checked luggage, 3 checked pieces of medical equipment & supplies, 4 carry on's, including 1 train case w/ medical supplies, 1 wheelchair, 1 gait trainer, & 1 pack of bubble wrap so the gait trainer doesn’t get broken. #travel
2 packs of diapers, 1 pack of disposable chucks, 2 reusable chucks, 1 communication book w/ picture exchange symbols, a case of Keto formula, 1 feeding machine, feeding bags, 3 sizes of syringes for meds & water, & 2 insulated lunch bags w/ 7 liquid meds & 2 bottles of pills.
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Thread 🧵
Being Autistic for me is so similar to having my invisible illness and being an ambulatory wheelchair user due to peoples judgements and assumptions about my disabilities and physical health.
#ActuallyAutistic #allautistics #AutismAcceptanceMonth #AutismAcceptance
(I’ve had 3 knee surgeries and will need a knee replacement eventually and I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and heart condition etc)
1. People say I don’t look Autistic.
People also say I don’t look sick or disabled. But it’s not something you can always actually physically see. You can’t see Autism just like you can’t see a lot of disabilities and physical health conditions.
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In my late 40's, seeing nothing in #NovaScotia for #ActuallyAustistic women, I started a group which has become a program.

The program expanded to the creation of a teen group as well.

Yesterday our teen group did a scavenger hunt in the Camp Hill Cemetery.

I developed the ++
activity. I provided a history, etiquette for while we were there, and the questions of what we were looking for.

One of the graves that I wanted them to find was Viola Desmond.

We did and talked about her activism and reflected on the changes she made.

We found many ++
interesting headstones. Ones made of iron! Ones from the 1800's, Norwegian Merchant Marines, etc.

We had an amazing time!

I made them all giggle when I found this stone and covered the L 🤭
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I'll apologize before hand for the length of this, but I think I need to explain everything to get the help I need.

In February 2020, I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. I have fought to stay alive over the last 1/
couple yrs. I have been through multiple rounds of chemo, biologics therapy, two surgeries(1 that nearly ended my life), ect. I have went through scans every couple months, blood test and every few weeks. Though I have insurance, it rarely covers all costs. I have been
buried in bills. Bills that make living hard. So hard in fact that I had to move back into my parents home. At 43 yrs old, it has been no picnic. But we are all making it work.

My parents have helped me with my bills to the point where they are not in a great place
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As a #Disabled single parent on #UniversalCredit I desperately needed the #SpringStatement2022 to provide some sort of relief from the #CostOfLivingCrisis we're facing.

It doesn't...

If I use 15L of petrol/diesel in a week I can expect to be 75p a week better off?

It makes little impact when petrol is up ~50p a litre since the pandemic/Brexit.

75p cut, vs. a £7.50 increase? It's meaningless.

I need a lot more to get by than 75p a week!

Then there's the doubling of the #HouseholdSupportFund - that's a discretionary. You have to plead with the council for it.

You have to set out why you, specifically, are failing to cope on benefits and deliver your full bank statement for scrutiny so they can criticise you.

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Real-talk: #DisabilityStudies — however good the intentions of the researchers within are — is still situated in #academia and therefore is not exempt from the elitist problems that come from the "#IvoryTower". This is a five-part thread because I have Things To Say. 1/5
2/5: #DisabilityStudies / #Disabled #Researchers have a fascinating habit of dismissing Minority. "Your research doesn't mention BIPOC/LGBT/etc. disabled folx?" "Those are only a small % of the population." So are we? Disabled people are a minority. That's the point. ...Isn't it?
3/5 Likewise, #DisabilityStudies has a habit of dismissing non-academics. I'm writing an op-ed about this because the irony is fascinating/frustrating. How can you advocate for emancipatory, participatory, research while dismissing 95% of disabled people for not being 'experts'?
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Looking forward to what should be an interesting conversation about the impact #Coronavirus has had on flexible working & the role of social policy in ensuring that we achieve better work-life balance for employees #FlexibilityParadox
First, Prof @HeejungChung discusses her inspiration behind the @WAFProject was from her own experience of the "myth of the academic summer" where the 3 month "break" is mostly spent working even when on holiday (eg reading academic 📚s instead of for pleasure) #FlexibilityParadox
This, Chung argues, is an example of the "flexibility paradox", where those who have the most power to end up deciding how & when they work end up working the longest hours #FlexibilityParadox Image
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Cllr Derry Canty is describing enforced dependency of older and #disabled people. Not just car-dependency, but dependency on goodwill of neighbours and relatives who drive.
We should be building streets where people can age with dignity, and reach shops independently.
There has been a mass decline in elderly people living in #CorkCity, forced out by lack of resources, hostile streets and inadequate housing. The absolute number and proportion of people over 65 living in the city has fallen census by census.
In net change terms, there are more working age people, especially men. Lack of family housing has forced out families with children, in addition to older people.
There has been a massive increase in younger men.
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Hello Twitter! My name's Steve (pronouns: they/any 🏳️‍🌈 ) and I am currently a Visiting Researcher at the University of Leeds, funded by the @_ISRF and researching #disabled people's involvement in #cooperatives in the UK. My research website is
My profile on the @_ISRF website:…
This is a one-year research project, funded from September 2021 to Sept 2022, but I've only been able to "go public" and recruit participants now (Feb 2022) due to waiting for university ethics committee approval.
However, I am hoping that this research can continue in some form beyond the funded period, and I definitely intend my website to remain in existence as a resource for #disabled people and #cooperatives.
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Next time an interviewer asks you to "Explain this gap on your resume," REGARDLESS of why, answer,
"I decline to answer that question in #solidarity with those whose reasons are none of your business, or reveal information that it's illegal to not-hire them for."
#HotTake It's MOST important that those with more #privilege who would claim to not be racist/classist/ableist/misogynist/otherwise hostile to all marginalized groups refuse.
When YOU give an actual answer, YOU steal 💰 from all of them.
THEY don't get work, or get paid less. 2/
Especially someone who's been to prison, there's no good way to spin that story, especially for white-collar jobs with good pay.
People make mistakes, or get punished unjustly - YOU condemn them to poverty for life. 3/
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Right, rant time! #Thread I rang the passport office, About my rejected photo, because my wheelchair handles are in the background. got through and the bloke on the other end said that I would need to POST a letter from my GP explaining my condition. 1
So I rang my GP surgery, to ask for this letter, only to be told that I had to ask for it online in writing. I was also told that there may be a charge for the letter. Having filled in the request form and submitted it, I have no idea when anybody will get back to me.... 2
Honestly, the hoops we have to jump through to get what most nondisabled people take for granted! I mean, why should we have to post evidence when we've applied online? Why can't we submit the file digitally. And also, why should disabled people have to...3
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Slow-tweeting a poem. Invitation for #cyborg poets, that is #disabled poets, to join me in slow-tweeting our poems. Here is the tag #SlowTweetPoetry
Title: Dream about the War on Opioids by Someone Who Uses Opioids, Responsibly, For Chronic Pain

First line: Where are we? Is this Phenix, Alabama?
My ex -- the musician who covers Bob Dylan -- says, "I know the spot."
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I was minding my business last night, reading tweets about the Bills vs Chiefs game when the below tweet caught my attention.

It's been a while since I've done a faith-based Twitter thread, but Greg Locke's comments have compelled me to speak up. Put on your seatbelts! 🧵 1/14
Greg Locke’s comments are the very reason why I started @AutismFaithNet. His statements are HIGHLY OFFENSIVE to me as a Christian AND mom of TWO sons with autism, with one that also has a rare form of epilepsy. 2/14
My boys mean EVERYTHING to me. It would be easy to write a post about how amazing they are, assuring everyone that neither one of them has a demon. But I think it’s more important to highlight another point… 3/14
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Posting so I don't hijack thread over @WeAreDisabled .

Here's my thing about Etsy's new accessibility feature. You can now add alt text to each image. You're thinking, "Great!" right? Okay wait just one second.
I am a disabled designer selling on Etsy. I am also in #ChronicPain pretty much all the time. So the message from Etsy to me is: "Great news. Those 70 listings on your shop? Each one has 7 images? You get to alt text 490 pictures now!" No the fuck I do not.
We are witnessing, in this one instance, how @Etsy did not think -- it -- through. FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY IMAGES, YA'LL.

Honestly, @alexhaagaard and @elizejackson talk about this all the time.

So what. So I'm not alt texting 490 images. This is a tryborg imposition.
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Doing a #ChronicPain thread in-real-time. TW: I am experiencing the highest level of pain I've ever been in. I'm going to discuss that. I do not identify as an addict. I'm in full support of addicts getting relief & I am w/ them. If you don't wanna read further, stop reading now.
What does the highest level of pain look like for me? I am crying. I am scared. I am wearing an ice pack around my neck. I am just off the phone with my disabled chronic pain friend who is not on social media. At all.
Who is she? She is an immigrant living in the USA. She is an academic. She has called me crying which is why I felt comfortable calling her crying. She is on pain meds and biologics and she walks a lot. Disabled friendship is fucking crucial.
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I missed some red flags when I interviewed for my first grad program a few years ago, so here are some questions I think are worth asking during PhD interviews, a #Thread

#AcademicChatter #PhDLife #AcademicTwitter
1. Ask about housing. Availability, pricing, distance, quality. Worth it.
2. Ask students whether they have friends, and whether their friends are mostly in their program or something else.
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Can ppl who hate online school please cease the "NO ONE wants online learning" rhetoric?

I'm #Disabled. Physically getting to school takes about half my energy for the day & getting home the other half.

I borrow from tomorrow to pay attention in class.

Disabled kids deserve the option to learn from home, no matter what level of schooling they're in.

Please don't throw disabled kids under the bus just because you hate zoom.
Imagining if middle school lulu had the option to learn from home. To avoid the bullying and social anxiety. To avoid the pain of her useless joints.

How much happier she'd have been. Fuckin hell. Let alone highschool.
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I'm treated as non-disabled until I can't cope any more and then I'm considered to be making a problem, over reacting, being dramatic, then there's misogynistic 'hormonal' 'must be on their period' etc (which hurts in a different way when you're non-binary). 1/
My struggles are usually considered my 'fault' too - I should be taking more rest, doing less around the house, doing fewer things I enjoy (that's a good one!?) but noone is ever there to actually *take* the pressure off. 2/
Even when people are well meaning it always boil down to how much time and effort I'm going to *cost* someone.

That's an awful way to go about in life. Awful and bloody exhausting.

#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #OCD #Tired #Disabled #DisabilityTwitter
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It means many many many more long-term sick & #disabled people. And it's been almost erased from all discusion. #omicron
This is the reality of #longcovid. The suffering can be immense. It's physical, cognitive, emotional. I could barely read, watch TV or listen to music for the first two years of my virally-triggered illness. It's hell.
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I'm going to be sharing some mutual aid requests. Holidays, extreme weather events from #ClimateEmergency, COVID surges, bad public policies, systemic oppression .... people are in need. We will also be viewing adorable pictures of cats. photo of a brown and black ...
Help out with some 💵, QT or RT for circulation.
Cat tax for #MutualAidRequest. It's my sweet girl Anya again, this time considering a salad. NO. Not for you my dear kitty.
Also, does anyone actually know what kind of plant this is?
#PlantIdentity #PlantParent #CatParent Brown and black shorthaired...
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Dear @jwaldag, @Shafqat_Ali_1, @AryaCanada & @JaimeBattiste

This past Friday was the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. It is now the second which has come and gone with no tangible movement towards the promised "#CanadaDisabilityBenefit" while at the same time 1/9
It' the second year in a row that another Party has attempted to pass a Federal #Disability Benefit in which your party has rejected. If you want a short statement about my thoughts then it's simple.. "Shit or get off the pot".

If you want something more eloquent, read on.. 2/9
Now I don't know just how many Disabled people there are who depends on #CPPD, #ODSP, #AISH, #SAID, and all the others without cute 4 letter short forms but I can tell you combined they account for roughly 50% of the homeless..
(at least in Ont..) and the homelessness issue 3/9
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