1 January 2021 #MAGAanalysis #HappyNewYear2021

The Forward View + A Table of Contents For Our J.E. Dyer @OptimisticCon's 10 Threads

To be sure, happiness in this New Year's moment has an even more ephemeral feeling than usual, and perhaps by a good deal. Yet it is here.
2) We are taught in the martial arts to do something called "punching through." When learning to break wood slats and such - I never made it past styrofoam - the idea is NOT to punch the slat but rather THROUGH it, to a point about 6 inches on the other side.
3) These first 3 weeks of 2021 are indeed the slat in front of us. And our victory joy, should we taste it, will be on the other side. Can you picture Trump's 2021 State Of The Union speech? Can picture the media uproar when they discover that we will NOT surrender to the steal?
4) Yet right now, this very day, there is great joy to be had for the taking. We can know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we won the greatest landslide election in American history. Greatest by most votes. Greatest by most important.
5) Everyone knows that when you find yourself in a hole, the first step to getting out is to stop digging the hole deeper. Look at what the past 4 years have done by way of filling in the hole that The Cabal's Office of Propaganda had buried us within. We're over them. Even FOX.
6) Look at the hole that the Globalist, Cabal Buddies in the Republican Party had buried us within. We granted them the name "Conservative," and "Free Traders," when Globalist betrayal of America was the truth. We sent them back to their offices over and over. No more ever again.
7) I admit that my own blind faith in what I see on TV is not over, yet. But now I see what had previously blinded me completely, and see it for the lies it is as never before. It wasn't that I consciously trusted them. It's that they had access to my mind even without trust.
8) Now, I look up and I see that the powers in the House, the Senate, the Judiciary from SCOTUS to Federal Courts, all wish to do nothing but turn their own blind eye to the treason we have come to know as Election Steal 2020. Our enemies are revealing their true faces.
9) I've heard numbers from 75 - 80 million votes for Trump. I believe that this ranges at least 15 - 20 million more votes than Biden won. Who was watching OAN yesterday, while the hearing were taking place in the Georgia Legislature's Committee on Elections?
10) In a moment like that, emotions come as an utterly mixed bag. Rage and proud counterbalance each other. I was so proud of my fellow Americans standing up to speak boldly as the ought to speak. Do you know the joy, even the happiness of battle fury? I do.
11) Go the other direction with me. Imagine a whole-of-government denial of this stolen election, such that come January 20, Biden is inaugurated. Where is my joy in that evil vision? Will we stand down, sit down, lay down, shut up, keep quiet, go away, and surrender utterly? Ha!
12) How do you NOT love the words:

You want a piece of this?

Bring it.

Left hand forward. Palm up. Four fingers indicate invitation.

13) There are fights we have to have. We hope that our leader will be able, with the vested powers of our representative government at his behest, to cure the vote. We believe in our leader, and will follow his guidance. But even still, the fight is coming, no matter.
14) We've discussed many times, this Election Steal is NOT merely the work of the past year, or 4 years. It reaches back to the rooting of Progressivism with Republican Presidents McKinley, Roosevelt, and Taft, culminating in the Democrat Wilson, who was only more intense.
15) Returning to my actual view, I do believe Trump has the cure in hand and we'll discuss that more as we lay out links below, to the previous 10 threads all inspired by J.E. Dyer @OptimisticCon's articles. But let's punch through Trump's cure and look at 2021 beyond, first.
16) My first call is that the world will take a step backward, away from the brink we're at while it believes China's puppet Biden will have the nod. Bullies flock to weakness. They may not run from strength, but the do tend to shuffle away, a bit.
17) I can't speak about the Senate yet. No, I never trusted Mighty Mitch. But, at least I started to despise him less from the Merrick Garland case up until his avowal of Biden. The state of flux in Georgia, relative to its stolen election and coming runoff is beyond my view.
18) I do project forward though to 2022, and I see both chambers and the WH in hand, and in the following 2 years, I see the MAGA Mission taking root so deeply it can never be uprooted again. I will begin work on the Midterms the moment Election 2020 is finalized.
20) That we gained so strongly in the House means but one oh-so-happy thing. Nancy's reign is forever split asunder. The Socialist Wing has shown its abject incapability to win seats. Yet The Cabal's power structure over the Democrat Party remains. It is a House divided. Amen.
21) As to our Movement itself, my prescription is that we begin to learn how to truly organize. We have NOT accomplished that yet. We are still a massively leader-led entity, to the degree we're actually even an entity. We would not march on DC without our leader's invitation.
22) In my own state of Virginia, 2A activists marched on Richmond. When was the last time something like that happened? I don't know our Commonwealth's history well, as I'm a recent transplant here. I do know that my town of Charlottesville has no appreciable Republican presence.
23) Again, be we cured or be we ill after this stolen election, the MAGA Movement must master the arts of taking real power and holding it. My favorite unit of political organization is at the school district level. I anticipate great joy and happiness right there in 2021.
24) I won't get into the politics, and also won't address the rights and Constitutional issues of Covid. I will say that I see our economy adapting where it can, to overcome the far reaching devastation, and I see bright spots as companies large and small adapt new solutions.
25) I am so profoundly grateful that my own work, having worked from home since 1987, was Covid-ready by a matter of decades. How's that for good planning, eh? I know that in coming months and quarters we will build answers under Trump's able hand of leadership.
26) But most of all, I see a reforging of the ties that bind in 2021. You never know how much what you have means until it's taken away, right? What does it mean to sit and drink a beer together, aging (but still young!) grandpa with adult children? La Famiglia.
27) And what of the thrumming drums of war coming? What of China? What of the evil alliances it has created during the many decades of our slumber while the DC and Global Cabal stole us blind on their behalf? I know, I spoke about that above, a bit.
28) This is America. They're gunning for us in every possible way. It's taken the past 4 years and this current election steal to bring us to the point of sitting up in bed, rubbing the sleep sand out of our eyes, but by God we're awake, or at least awakening now.
29) Can't you see a 1776 Minuteman grabbing his musket and running in night shirt out the door to face the coming Red Coats? I sure can. There was a shot heard round the world back then. Should any enemy attempt that now, America will not slumber further. Period.
30) Here's a last 2021 happy thought for the moment. Opioids are not a thing of the past, but look at this chart! In particular, note the drop from 2016 to 2017. We know how that happened. In the coming year, we will build our health, America. I am happy about that!
31) {Note: Twitter uses 31-tweet batches to divide long threads. Don't forget to hit "show replies" to continue forward.}

I'll head out for a break in a moment, but have to always (from now on) post a #32 beforehand!
32) When I come back, I'll talk just a bit about the 10 threads we worked through together, following J.E. Dyer @OptimisticCon's extraordinary analysis. I'll post links to each, and have a thought or two to share on each, and then we'll wrap up.

Back shortly...
33) One great joy from our work on J.E.'s articles was the delight of meeting her here at Twitter, yesterday, and engaging in our first (and hopefully NOT last) conversation! I'll give you 3 of her comments now:

34) When we get to the thread with those specific tweets, 73 - 95, I'll note that for you. Here's her second:

Aha. For some reason it's gone. But, I was able to snag a screenshot...
35) Aha again! It IS still there, but Twitter somehow broke the link to where I stored it. At any rate, here is the same comment in context:

36) Although J.E. posted this a bit earlier, I saved it for last. We'll look at her words more carefully, below.

37) J.E. emphasizes:

"Trump's not just fighting the election. He's fighting the whole ball of wax:

* China,
* Deep State, &
* dark-money backers - all together.

Approaching it like a war, not a court case."

Friends, now that's the list. Those 3 are the true enemy.
38) A word on formatting. Twitter is simply perfect, in my judgement, for real time, 1st draft composition, as a type of teamwork sport between writer, readers, conversationalists and friendly antagonists. The mix, the mix up is fabulous. I have come to love the artform.
39) There is a sloth I confess that attends. It is the sloth of NOT editing. You hit "Tweet" and it's gone. Sure, in a thread, you can scroll back up to see what you said, but you can't change a jot or tittle of it. A reluctant self-editor's dream come true.
40) But as to review, re-reading, well, I for one greatly struggle with it. You can see some of my efforts (with a great deal of help from some wonderful friends) at the website where we've commenced gathering some of my #MAGAanalsis essays, here:

41) I plan, hopefully soon, to have a J.E. Dyer Articles section there where all 10 of these threads will be accessible, and yes, I do plan to edit them. I don't get to complain about workload now, do I? Another place you can see a similar effort is here:

42) @tamaraleighllc has done an incredible job setting up, organizing, and keeping that site updated. There is much history there, at least the history of our #PardonFlynnNow and its preceding @ClearFlynnNow movements.
43) There is one additional place to mention, and that is my other Twitter account, where I started logging roughly the first 6 chapters' worth of my #SunTzuForMAGA work, here:


If you haven't yet, do follow and check it out.
44) Beginning below at #45, I will now post the link to the 10 threads focused on J.E.'s work. First will come the link. Then, I'll take some time to skim that thread in hopes of pulling out an essential point worthy of note. Here we go...
45) The Theory Of The Case - J.E. Dyer Commentary #1

46) Skimming (which is what I'll do with all 10 commentaries), I like #12. It confused me as there are only 5 points, and I was looking for 12 just now. Then I realized, it's tweet #12!

47) I do urge you, read those five points to yourself outloud, like so:

Say the word "five." Then read, "the supporting efforts

"Two - contribute to the main effort...

This is memorization caliber work.
48) Into The Breach Again - J.E. Dyer Commentary #2

49) The first noteworthy thing on this commentary is how Twitter breaks it at #15. I jury rigged a band aid by copying #16 into a reply, but it's right there for you to see. My conceit is that my personal Chinese censor made that decision.
50) I like #22. Click on the screenshot, too.

51) We're Sticking with J.E. Dyers, Wherever She Leads Us!

J.E. Dyer Commentary #3

52) I love #7, but you'll need #s 5 & 6 for context...

53) It's The Waiting That's The Hardest Part - J.E. Dyer Commentary #4

54) I'm pretty sure this is my favorite of the 10 threads. I've written on the topics of swordsmanship and Bushido many times. But, my work in #s 16 - 46 are, well, you know, not too shabby. It may be that his one got most retweets, but I haven't carefully track the numbers yet.
56) I was tempted to NOT include this one. I never pinned it to my profile. It fizzles, sputtering out. Yes, my brain got broke. I tried to review the 1st article from memory. Ha, what a joke! I had basically nothing. Had to put it away, and I did. Phew...
58) I might have called this one "Oh What A Relief It Is!"

When J.E. published her 2nd entry in this cycle, I realized it was a chance to go back, 11 days later, and actually review and this time...say it with me...

P. R. E. P.

59) Being a perfectionist who can't draw, and has very poor penmanship isn't easy. But, I'm proud enough of getting over my perfectionism to give you #53 here:

60) That little quasi-visual diagram (it's really just a small concept map) was the breakthrough that I failed to achieve when commenting on J.E.'s 1st article. I really do like #54, also.

61) It cannot be too strongly emphasized how important nomenclature - naming protocols - are in best presenting analysis. And often, the best analyst is not (I speak personally here) his own best nomenclature source. Sometimes it really is a team effort.
62) More, the process of nomenclature exploration really is best done both iteratively, okay, repeatedly, AND in concert with readers/conversational partners who will sound off. I like this. I hate that. Why do you hate it? That was the one I liked the best. You're wrong! Etc.
63) Clearly, you can see how pivotal I consider this prep work to be. Before, I feel I was truly struggling to catch up to J.E.'s work. After, it's not that I was actually prepared, or that it was easy. It was, however, significantly less difficult and the rhythm began to speak.
64) Rhythm? Yeah. One point leads to the next. When you're in the rhythm with an analyst, you may not be able to actually anticipate the coming point from the previous one, but you can begin to feel it. Recognition begins to dawn. Patterns start talking. It's AWESOME!
65) When I start editing this entire cycle of 10 threads, it will be this one that I read most carefully, first.
66) Screenshots from J.E. Dyer @OptimisticCon's The key supporting effort appears to be underway on Trump’s operational timeline - J.E. Dyer Commentary #7

67) I like slow, methodical, clean work. Yeah, it's a Zen thing. Other than that part, I like the point in #29. I find it very interesting.

68) Comments On @OptimisticCon Article: - J.E. Dyer Commentary #8

69) We're in the home stretch now. We have a slide deck of 24, and little did I know how long, hard, and far these 24 slides would push me. Foolishly, I thought I might knock them out in one thread. Will I ever learn?
70) I loved the point in #32, but you need the link from #31 for context...

71) Comments on @OptimisticCon's Article - Part 2 - J.E. Dyer Commentary #9

72) There's a funny thing happens in the last two threads, right about...well...HERE! I'm not quite sure now if, in her comments quoted at the beginning of our thread, J.E. is referring to the big picture flow in this thread's work from 73 - 85, or not.
74) I can tell you that it is - in thread #9 above - those tweets that are where I take my own reward. The grand sweep of history, as it resolves into the immediate present battle, and then explodes outward again into the future...that's where the joy is for me.
75) I was granted the phenomenal pleasure of writing up a 15-year vision forward for one of my consulting clients, recently. I couldn't have been more gratified than when told, "This is just like reading science fiction." Sometime I'll tell you how I won @KateScopelliti's heart.
76) You won't be surprised that I was working on, and had 100 pages of a science fiction novel's sketch written up at the time. And Kate's NOT a big sci-fi reading fan. Loves sci-fi movies. The writing...not so much.
77) But still linger here a bit longer. Outside of personal enjoyment, I truly believe in the method. That is, if you're going to fight you need to know what you're fighting for. I don't believe today's battle can win this century's war. Afterall, what are we really fighting for?
78) I constantly yammer on the 1848 publication of The Communist Manifesto. Why? Very simply, it was the Counter-Constitution, the Counter-Declaration of Independence. What went wrong in 1913? We started obeying Marx and Engels.
79) Why must we Make America Great Again? Because we self-imposed mediocrity and poverty of purpose, of spirit, we self-imposed a 100+ year sojourn in the desolation of self-diminution. Yes, we did well in some of our wars. Others, not so much.
80) But if you follow the grand sweep, then clearly, 2016's rise of the MAGA Movement came not one moment too soon, and if we fail to live up to its mandate, it may have come a moment or two too late. I say it came right on time. But we have yet to prove that.
81) We'll come back to this line of thinking below, and turn now to:

Comments on @OptimisticCon's Article - Part 3 - J.E. Dyer Commentary #10

82) J.E. is a very accurate person. She stated above that it was comments 73 - 95 where the real story is told. Having looked more carefully now, I'm pretty sure means them here, in Commentary #10.

In #74, I gently chide that she's understated her case:

83) I encourage you to check and see, and make up your own mind. In #73 we return to the 2019 Declaration of War. Out of a normal 1,000 Americans, I doubt 1 would be aware of that. How many out of 10,000, out of 100,000? I don't know. But few. Very few.
84) As an outside analyst looking in, it is impossible for me to express my gratitude for J.E.'s extraordinary work. I'm sure she has spectacular telescopic skills. But for me to use my own telescope over time, I desperately require her microscopic work that I cannot do myself.
85) And with that, and for now, I joyfully quote our beloved @marklevinshow again.

Obviously...think a valley girl's nasal twang...thread ends at #85.

• • •

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The upshot is that there is also much misdirection and confusion being sown. But the fact that SolarWinds Orion platform was hacked is gigantic. We'll learn more in J.E.'s next link, here:

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Comments on @OptimisticCon's Article - Part 2

We'll pick up with Slide 6 shortly, but we have a couple of stops on the way to make first. Here we go!
2) As I see information coming in, it appears to me that J.E.'s article has had quite an impact around the power circles in DC, and obviously here at Twitter and across the Internet. One bit of evidence of that is a piece attributed to Candace Owen. Here it is in 3 screenshots.
3) Frankly, the writing style, and other editorial markers make think it probably isn't from Candice. I did, by the way, paste it into a word doc, added the numbering, and took the liberty to correct some typos and spelling errors. It's "Madeleine Albright," one l, not two.
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Comments On @OptimisticCon Article:

The key supporting effort appears to be underway on Trump’s operational timeline

As we emphasized yesterday, J.E. Dyer commands us: "But do hold the line."

2) Studying J.E.'s first article, we learned that there are:

* Main Efforts &
* Supporting Efforts

While a Main Effort cannot be invisible, Supporting Efforts come in both flavors:

* Visible &
* Invisible

Supporting Efforts also may be:

* Key, or
* Not-Key
3) It took a lot of work, but we learned that Trump's current campaign to #StopTheSteal has Not-Key Supporting Efforts in such things as lawsuits whose main purpose is to establish, visibly, how terrible the election fraud really was, regardless of legal outcome.
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