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13 March #MAGAanalysis

Non-Violent War: Sun Tzu For Local Patriots

A county needs a soul. It has its own already, but most of us can’t access it and it can’t make decisions. No, it needs a single patriot to arise as its spokesman, one who will dedicate him- or herself as such.
2) I offer but a single parameter of qualification. The County Soul will read the 12 books I recommend and will read them with his or her county in mind. You may believe me when I tell you I know how bold I am in so saying. I do. Yet here's my list.
3) Let us turn now, then, to Master Sun Tzu. I have named my project: #SunTzuForMAGA. For a bit over 6 months, I carefully wrote a verse-by-verse commentary on that mission and logged its link here: @WarForAmerica21. You will want to check it out!
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1 January 2021 #MAGAanalysis #HappyNewYear2021

The Forward View + A Table of Contents For Our J.E. Dyer @OptimisticCon's 10 Threads

To be sure, happiness in this New Year's moment has an even more ephemeral feeling than usual, and perhaps by a good deal. Yet it is here.
2) We are taught in the martial arts to do something called "punching through." When learning to break wood slats and such - I never made it past styrofoam - the idea is NOT to punch the slat but rather THROUGH it, to a point about 6 inches on the other side.
3) These first 3 weeks of 2021 are indeed the slat in front of us. And our victory joy, should we taste it, will be on the other side. Can you picture Trump's 2021 State Of The Union speech? Can picture the media uproar when they discover that we will NOT surrender to the steal?
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19 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #OVERTURN

The Signals Are Accelerating And Strengthening

I consider the tweet below the most important yet. We'll immediately discuss why below. After that there are two documents and an interview to work on. Clarity is arising, pointing the way.
2) I was about to laugh about the dispute warning, but then realized that this very act on Twitter's part is that grain of sand inside which you can see the entire world of what we face today. How dare they? How dare you Twitter? Who, WHAT do you think you are? Image
3) We have to consider the logic. Stave Navarro releases a report. It is published at Bannon's War Room. In these matters, tone is everything. It might have been published anywhere but the President, I mean Navarro, chose to publish with Steve.…
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7 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

We Are MAGA, We Are Here, and Here We Stand

I do not have further instruction from anyone emplaced within the campaign for guidance, yet. We will all soon have that instruction. I, for one, will follow it to the letter. Calmly, I wait.
2) As I identified yesterday, my own failure in all this is the question of:


That is, I never focused on it. Following 2018's loss of the House, everyone told me voter fraud, and I dismissed them. I deeply regret that.
3) Many of you kindly guided me not to be so hard on myself, and I thank you for that. You're sort of right of. The mercy I grant myself is this. I had


It's not much comfort. Of all people, I should have identified that state already.
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17 September 2020 #BetweenTheLinesDotVote Analysis

What? No data?

It's now 6:45 AM EST, and still no fresh data from Dornsife. Am I appalled or what? How do you get to claim the slightest scientific integrity yet now, for the 2nd time, miss your self-created deadline by hours?
2) I make mistakes. I get things wrong. I mess up. I do it all the time. I do it so often that I've learned way too well how to apologize, how to take full responsibilities for my many failures. I am, therefore, a very forgiving man. And I am loyal to my friends, also.
3) Loyalty to friends means, to me, in part, that you readily forgive their failings, exactly as you hope they will forgive your own. There is a story here. I have told it many times before. I'm going to tell it again, now. You'll see the reason why, soon, I promise.
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3 August 2020 #PardonFlynnNow Analysis

The Politics

In my analysis below, I walk through both my strong agreement and my very specific disagreement with Mark Wauck's wonderful posting. You'll read it, and my work below, for context. Here, we turn to politics.
2) I am perpetually told that Trump will pardon Flynn after November 3, and likely - in case he loses - on his last day in office. And why? Because, I am told, that's just good politics. You won't be surprised that I 100% disagree. Not about the prediction, about the politics.
3) As to the prediction, I honestly don't feel qualified to agree or disagree. I am not included in the deliberations, and cannot say what Trump World thinks about them. But as to politics, there I'm on strong ground. And those who see pardoning Flynn as a risk, are just wrong.
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1) Good News and bad news.

This is the best WSJ analysis I've seen in a long time. As you know, my bet is on a

2) My wife @KateScopelliti, did a research project on pig farming, after which we stopped buying any Smithfield products. China owns Smithfield and they employ the worst practices in the industry. Consider this bad news:…
3) As this disease itself, and its attending hoax pass, we must awaken to all the good Trump has achieved, and help in getting this economy up and roaring bigger and better than ever before. Here's a key point. You keep hearing we've lost a decade's worth of jobs growth.
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2 April 2020 - #MAGAAnalysis #Coronavirus

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making acquaintance with Dave, the Praying Medic. I'd seen some of his extraordinary work before, but only discovered this gem of a short video below after we connected. I do recommend it to EVERYONE.
2) As it occurred, it was my most recent thread on China and the #Coronavirus that facilitated the connection. If you haven't read it yet, I strongly recommend you do so, now.

3) I believe it was the great @TamaraLeigh_llc extraordinary retweet with comment - her Art of Twitter mastery never ceases to amaze - that caught @prayingmedic's attention. At any rate, if you missed her tweet, here it is:

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1) #MAGAAnalysis 5 March 2020

The more I learn the more right I fear I might be right about China and coronavirus. I think I've even found the precisely right analogy to offer. I want you to seriously imagine a suicide vest. We'll talk about that more...…
2) Consider the irreparable split in the Democrat Party. There is simply no way to get the Bernie Bros to vote for Joe Biden. Loss is virtually assured, unless...

Unless you destroy the global economy, and of course, most of all, the American stock market.
3) We just had a couple of days of extraordinary, record setting rallies. Now, we're headed back down again. And how did this happen? Sure, we have more cases and more deaths here, and anyone could have foreseen that, and most everyone did.
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1) As I've analyzed @realDonaldTrump's methods since 2015, the depth of his Sun Tzu mastery is the true inspiration behind all my #SunTzuForMAGA work. Who knows, perhaps he memorized The Art of War in his youth. Well, we have another stunning episode to assess today!
@realDonaldTrump 2) The story is very short, sweet and to the point. I'll give you the link here, and do please read it - it's fast - and below we'll walk it through together.…
@realDonaldTrump 3) It is little understood that the Clintons bent the curve of relationship to China. The history of Sino/American relations is long and deep. Did you know we spent billions of dollars supporting Chiang Kai Shek and his Kuo Min Tang army? Billions, in the 20s and 30s. Billions.
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1) #SunTzuForMAGA Update 22 Jan 2020

Hello fellow students, it's been about 2 1/2 months since I made my last posting on Nov 1. I just calculated, and it was 294 days in a row that I posted on Master Sun's counsel, last year. I can tell you, that leaves a mark on your soul!
2) Much has occurred in the MAGA Movement since then, it seems an eternity ago. Today, my update is essentially a review of our method, and we'll focus at the very core, the very heart of Master Sun's guidance, the Five Factors of Victory.
3) They come from chapter 1, verse 2, and are:

1) The Way
2) Heaven
3) Earth
4) Command
5) Discipline
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John Minford, #SunTzu 10: 11 "When troops are strong but officers weak, the result is impotence."
Did we win the Korean War? I'd have to say not. Some sort of half-measured thing like North and South Korea cannot count for victory, can it? And then, Clinton negotiated - by which I mean gave away - nuclear proliferation to North Korea in the 1990s.
It is a phenomenon of the post WWII era, that America - with its strong people and rich economy - props up Communist nations, giving them our productivity and suffering the consequences, impotently. They would collapse without our money and spiritual force.
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John Minford, #SunTzu 10: 10 "If the relative strengths are matched, but one army faces another ten times its size, the outcome is flight."
If you've followed any of the work leading here so far, you know how HUGE a fan of both Master Sun and John Minford I am. I blame neither one for anything here. I just disagree. That is, this verse, nah, I'm not buying it. I'll explain.
During the many centuries following Master Sun's great work, and leading up to Minford's near perfect translation, some of the verses were pretty much certain to get messed up. Little bamboo strips tied in strings, copied, etc. Someone was like to get something wrong.
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John Minford, #SunTzu 10: 9 "In War, the following are not natural calamities, but the fault of the general:

I've heard tell that the one and only, most important fallacy of the left is that our leaders cannot be questioned. If there's a single point obliterated by today's verse, it is that leaders must not be questioned.
We'll work through each of the general's failures carefully in coming days. Right now, just go quick. Where is America in flight? Where impotent? What decay to do you see and witness? Collapse, are we collapsing anywhere? What about chaos and rout?
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John Minford, #SunTzu 10: 8 "These six constitute the Way of Terrain. It is the general's duty to study them diligently."
Which six? Those we've gone over, and which were listed in verse 1:

1) Accessible
2) Entangling
3) Deadlock
4) Enclosed
5) Precipitous
6) Distant
Don't be upset if you can't remember them, or even if you've been keeping yet they look as foreign as can be. That's the very purpose of today's verse. Joyfully, Master Sun knows you can't remember these things at a glance. He couldn't either, and neither can I.
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John Minford, #SunTzu 10: 7 "On distant terrain, when strengths are matched, it is hard to provoke battle, and an engagement will not be advantageous."
So, what is distant terrain? I first thought it was where I am far from my base and my enemy is near to his. How wrong was I? No, and thank goodness for our commentators!, it only means where I am far away from my enemy. We're NOT near each other. Distant.
Yet Master Sun throws in an additional parameter. Strengths are matched. Now that's interesting. If my strength is greater than my enemy's, then I can march there slowly, arrive where he is, rest up, set up camp, and attack at will. That's not the point. Strengths are matched.
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John Minford, #SunTzu 10: 6 "On precipitous terrain, if we occupy it first, we should hold the Yang heights and wait for the enemy. If the enemy occupies it first, do not go after him, but entice him out by retreating."
I teach my granddaughter to cheat in school, and it drives my wife crazy. I then explain, I don't mean cheat as in looking at someone else's answers. I mean, use your calculator for calculations. They both laugh, but my wife still squints at me. She doesn't approve of cheating.
Cracking the code of these verses, 1 - 8 here in chapter 10, requires what would, in old days, have been called cheating. That is, you kind of need to read ahead in the rest of the chapter. That's what I just did. I had a strange idea. Retreat is the key to these first 8 verses.
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John Minford, #SunTzu 10: 5 "On enclosed terrain, if we occupy it first, we must block it and wait for the enemy. If he occupies it first and blocks it, do not go after him; if he does not block it, then go after him."
Oh, thank goodness, my commentators lent a helping hand! What is enclosed terrain? Tactically, it is a level plain enclosed by high mountain sides with a narrow entrance. Now that's something I can picture, yes? Viewing it in mind, you can then follow tactical counsel.
If you get there first, you have to both occupy the terrain with your own forces, and most especially, block off the entrance. It's got to be deadly dangerous for your enemy to attempt to enter in. Picture great wooden stakes, sharpened to a point, facing outward.
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John Minford, #SunTzu 10: 4 "'Deadlock' means that neither side finds it advantageous to make a move. On deadlock terrain, even if our enemy offers a bait, we do not make a move; we lure him out; we retreat. And when half his troops are out, that is our moment to strike."
Not sure why, but this verse was a bit harder for me to catch, today, than in quite some time. Maybe it's partly because our commentators don't seem to break it down for us very well, and I saw no concrete illustrations of the actual tactics described. I hate that.
So, back to my usual tricks:

1) Neither side can move well.
2) Don't accept any bait proffered.
3) Lure the enemy out craftily.
4) Retreat, until half his troops our out.
5) Strike with confidence for victory.
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John Minford, #SunTzu 10: 3 "'Entangling' means that advance is possible, withdrawal hard. On entangling terrain, if the enemy is unprepared, go out and defeat him. But if he is prepared, and our move fails, it will be hard to retreat. The outcome will not be to our advantage."
How often in life do we get entangled? The wrong job, the wrong girl, the wrong friends, and most certainly the wrong habits, the wrong decisions. It's all so easy to get started, so difficult to extract oneself. I noticed myself get entangled earlier today, no kidding.
Yeah, you guessed it, it was that damn temper of mine. Someone here on Twitter pissed me off and I let my fingers fly. I didn't go off halfcocked, but my tone was all wrong. Finally, I withdrew, and then later, apologized. It's unlikely the apology will do much good.
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John Minford, #SunTzu 10: 2 "'Accessible' means that both sides can come and go freely. On accessible terrain, he who occupies High Yang ground and ensures his line of supplies will fight to advantage."
Oh my do the commentators go off, and our translators as well. Neither Giles nor Minford approve of this chapter's basis in six forms of terrain. I apologize, but I want to smack them both. Lighten up. It's just a different analysis than we find elsewhere. It's all good.
I won't go off on that again. The commentators need to own up to their respect for their master. Let's us just dive in. Accessible terrain means that both sides can come and go freely. That's a beautiful definition. In America, that's just called fair and balanced.
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John Minford, #SunTzu 10: 1 " There are different forms of terrain:

Accessible terrain,
Entangling terrain,
Deadlock terrain,
Enclosed terrain,
Precipitous terrain,
Distant terrain."
Oh my do our translators and commentators go off on today's verse. They all hate it, to a man. Logic. Perfect definitions. Repetitions. False distinctions. Oh, do they attack our master on this one!
You know me, I always use the following assumption, Master Sun may be right, and even if not, even if he doesn't care about be right, he's always informative, instructive, purposeful. And if you skip ahead, you'll find all the definitions. How wonderful.
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John Minford, #SunTzu 9: 55 "When orders are consistent and effective, general and troops enjoy mutual trust."
When has that been the case? When have the orders been both consistent and effective? Do you recall? I don't. To my recollection they never have been. I was born in 1960. From then till now, our marching orders have been weak. That's NOT an attack against Trump.
Trump puts everything he's got into a rally. He holds nothing back. And, rallied, we show up to vote. Who could ask anything more from him? Certainly NOT me! I honor my leader. I am grateful to him with my whole heart. He leads and to the degree we follow, we win.
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John Minford, #SunTzu 9: 44 "Consistent and effective orders inspire obedience; inconsistent and ineffective orders provoke disobedience."
How well do you know @realDonaldTrump's story? I want you to picture something. Here it is, the early 70s and drug culture has taken over the night life of Manhattan. And yet, no drugs, no alcohol for young Donald at all. Contemplate the term self-obedience, will you?
@realDonaldTrump At the very heart and soul of a man's ability to obey orders handed down from above is his ability to live by laws he stipulates for himself from within. If you can't obey your own rules, how will you ever obey the orders commanded by others?
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