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How a #vaccine works: when we get #covid19 we make #antibodies and #Tcells. A #vaccine introduces #antigens: heat-killed, parts of #virus, #mrna that makes virus #spike into our bodies to produce the antibody and Tcells WITHOUT infecting us with #coronavirus & making us sick. 1/ ImageImageImageImage
When a new disease comes along like #COVID19 #coronavirus our body does not have #antibodies or #Tcells to fight it off. First we recognize it (the #antigen) and START to BUILD our defense or army to fight it back. #vaccines #vaccine (from 2/ Image
The #vaccine helps us to build an army that is ready to fight the #coronavirus before it tries to infect us. The #vaccines are parts of the virus or #antigens that our body knows are foreign invaders (BUT can’t attack or make us sick). #mrna vaccines are different 3/ Image
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हम वोह है जिन्हें पैदा होते ही उम्मीदों से लांघ दिया जाता है फिर थोड़ा बड़ा होते ही किताबों का बोझ डाल दिया जाता है बड़े लाध से रखा जाता है बाद प्यार किया जाता है कभी कभी ग़लतियो पर दांत भी दिया जाता है तोह कभी कभी शरारतों पर मार भी दिया जाता है।
और फिर हमारे रोने पर हमें चुप कर दिया जाता है और बड़े प्यार से समझा दिया जाता है की तुम लड़के हो ऐसे रोया थोड़ी जाता है।
तुम्हारे आँसू को तुम्हारी आंखों मे क़ैद कर दिया जाता है तुम्हारी भावनाओं को तुम्हारे दिमाग़ में बाँध दिया जाता हैं ।
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2020 was an inconvenient year for the whole world but a very difficult one for my people in #Tigray. As I start my first day of 2021, I would like to put the following things out here.

1. After @AbiyAhmedAli declared a full-scale #WarOnTigray backed by the #Amhara (1/11)
militia and #Eritrean soldiers on the 4th of November 2020 after midnight, Hewan Hulet Shi was the first dearest #Ethiopian friend of mine who checked on me and the safety of my family back home at 00:53 AM through WhatsApp. Much love and respect to you Hewi ❤ . (2/11)
YeGetaneh Agegn Alemu, Dereje Tadesse, Gemechu Merera Fana, and Eyob Mihreteab Yohannes are also my other dear Ethiopian friends who have been continuously checking on me and asking about the safety of my relatives. Thank you ALL. (3/11)
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1 January 2021 #MAGAanalysis #HappyNewYear2021

The Forward View + A Table of Contents For Our J.E. Dyer @OptimisticCon's 10 Threads

To be sure, happiness in this New Year's moment has an even more ephemeral feeling than usual, and perhaps by a good deal. Yet it is here.
2) We are taught in the martial arts to do something called "punching through." When learning to break wood slats and such - I never made it past styrofoam - the idea is NOT to punch the slat but rather THROUGH it, to a point about 6 inches on the other side.
3) These first 3 weeks of 2021 are indeed the slat in front of us. And our victory joy, should we taste it, will be on the other side. Can you picture Trump's 2021 State Of The Union speech? Can picture the media uproar when they discover that we will NOT surrender to the steal?
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नए साल पर मेरा संकल्प

मैं दिखाऊंगी दुनिया की तमाम कहानियां
जिसमें अन्याय, पीड़ा, भेदभाव हो
रोज ऐसे ही लड़ूंगी
ब्राह्मणवादी-पितृसत्ता के खिलाफ

दुनिया के उन तमाम लोगों को पढ़ूंगी
जिन्होंने न्याय और हक की बात की
उन सभी विचारों को अपनाऊंगी
जो भेदभाव/छूआछूत के खिलाफ हो (1/1)
मैं साथ दूंगी उन सभी का
जो स्वतंत्रता के पक्षधर हैं,
जो अभिव्यक्ति की आजादी के हिमायती हैं
जो धर्मनिरपेक्षता को मानते हैं, अपनाते हैं

उन सभी लोगों के साथ खड़ी होऊंगी
जो सच बोलने का साहस रखते हैं
जो डर के वातावरण को खारिज करते हैं
जो जुल्म के खिलाफ आवाज़ उठाते हैं (1/2)
उतारूंगी उन सभी के नकाब
जो हमारा हक मारते हैं, नीच समझते हैं
जो संस्थानों में बैठै हैं, हमें रोकने के लिए
जिनकी भावनाएं दिखावटी हैं

दशहरा, दिवाली की जगह मनाऊंगी
गणतंत्र दिवस, संविधान दिवस और 14 अप्रैल
धूमधाम से करूंगी मनुस्मृति का दहन
भीमा कोरेगांव के जाबांजों को करूंगी याद 1/3
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THREAD: Alright, some real talk. The TL;DR -- I actually had a tremendous year and, from a historical perspective, 2020 was not the worst year in human history (even though it was quite bad overall -- look it up). #NewYearsEve
I continued to live a dream career at NewsBusters cited by people I could have only dreamed of, named the employee of the year, and another year in which I'm thankful for my health, therapist, church, parents, and stamina. I've continued to be a voice for mental health...
...and a small part of the political world where people -- for some reason -- listen and care about what I have to say. Many times, I've felt run down, used, and wasn't sure whether my life was worth it (but not anything like 2015 and 2016). I've also worked more than ever.
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🇫🇷 #coronavirus France

🟥France #Covid_19 : Hausse de la positivité, plateau de cas

🔷En 24h -> 19 927 Positifs et 252 Décès

Bilan au 31 décembre🎉🎊

☣️2 620 425 Positifs
💀64 632 Décès
🩹194 221 Retours à🏡

#COVID__19 #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #Corona #CoronaInfoCH
🎉Tous d'abord, je voulais vous souhaiter une très bonne année 2021, ayez la santé, la réussite, l'amour🙃!

J'espère que 2021 sera bien meilleur que 2020

Merci d'avoir passé cette année à me lire !
#NewYear #HappyNewYear2021 #2021year #HappyNewYear
Pour rappel :

▶️Le nombre max de Positifs annoncés en 24h est de 88 790 le 07/11

▶️Le nombre max de personnes décédées en milieu hospitalier en 24 heures s'élève à 613 (le 6 Avril)

▶️Le nombre max de décès notifiés (Hôpitaux + EMS) en 24 heures est de 1 437 (le 14 Avril)

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If you are interested in moving to Canada and getting all the benefits of a permanent resident, this article is for you.

Issa thread!
One of the hot topics in Nigeria these days is about relocating to Canada.
But is it worth it&then what does it cost&how long does it take?About 2 months ago,I decided to nosedive into the topic&this post is a summary of what u should know if you plan to relocate to Canada
With the present state of the country at the moment, I really don't blame any Nigerian who is looking for a better life for themselves and their family.
Truth is...Canada is a great country and home to about 100,000 Nigerians
As a permanent resident in Canada, you enjoy;
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This 13th Century temple, famously known as Maa #Gangeswari temple situates in the Bayalish bati village of Puri district. Goddess Gangeswari is believed to be the Ishtadebi of Gangas of Odisha.. ImageImageImage
Bayalishbati(lit. 42acres) is also the village of Sibei Samantaray, the chief architect of Konarka temple. Different sources mention that during construction of Konarka groups of Masons were engaged at different places to receive the stones transported through rivers or rivulets, ImageImageImage
to chisel them into sized ones & also to carve out designs on them as per the instructions of the chief architect. Bayalish-bati was one such place where Masons camped for the said purpose. Some believe that this temple is a prototype of Konarka but a closer inspection reveals, ImageImage
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THREAD: All 25 wonderful photos of @IronMenCrosby from Four Seasons In Another Place by @RonDaviesPhoto #Sefton #Liverpool #Merseyside #Photography #NaturePhotography #HappyNewYear2021
1 - ‘A bleak, but somehow beautiful, raw winter evening down at Crosby beach with only the Iron Men to share the appreciation of nature with this wonderful glowing sky at the end of a stormy day' - @RonDaviesPhoto
2 - ‘The first flush of morning sunlight caresses the snow covered hills of Wales, promising a better day for the Iron Men on Crosby beach, chilled after an overnight covering of snow' - @RonDaviesPhoto
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Almost 1 day left to the end of 2020. I applied to 155 residency programs for the 2021 cycle. Not one 1 invite for an interview. Not sure what went wrong, but this is who I am: an ECFMG certified IMG with 4yrs work experience in Tropical Medicine ...#match2021 #MedTwitter
...and infectious disease prevention and management with a focus on underserved and marginalized populations living with HIV/AIDS in rural parts of Nigeria. I also have an MPH degree in Environmental and Occupational health from the Texas A&M School of Public Health...
I am looking to interview at Family medicine, Internal medicine and Pediatrics programs. I bring along with me, a host of transferable skills I have garnered from my diverse work and educational experiences. I am also very eager to learn and improve on my expertise...
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A mob led by local Muslim clerics destroyed a Hindu temple in Southern Pakhtunkhawa Karak, Pakistan. #Hindus & #Christians persecuted in Pakistan & #JoeBiden gives money to #Pakistan

#MAGA #StopTheSteaI2020 #Trump #BeijingBiden #GOP #BidenCheated2020 #FightForTrump #Bhagavadgita
This temple burnt today was built in 1919. Closed by locals in 1947. Was restored in 2015 on orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan

Entire #Pakistan only has 30 functional #Temples

No place for #Hindus & #Christians

@HinduAmericans @BharadwajSpeaks @OpIndia_com #bhagavadgita4all
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24.01/ Week twenty-four, Dec. 26, 2020 to Jan 1, 2021 starts here. Last week's thread below

24.02/ Just heard a radio ad where the phrase "Santa is coming with our holiday goods" and, look, can we work harder at keeping the fiction that Holidays is Happy Holidays isn't a one-to-one word for "Xmas"? OK my dudes?
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FLASH: Georgia To Conduct Statewide ‘Signature Match Review’ Of Absentee Ballots after weeks of pressure from @realDonaldTrump and his campaign

#BidenWillNeverBePresident #MAGA #SteveBannon #StopTheSteaI2020 #WarRoomPandemic #Trump2020 #HunterBiden #CCP…
GEORGIA:The @GaSecofState said in the press release announcing the signature match audit that they’re working to “secure the vote in the Peach State”

#BidenCheatedAndGotCaught #HunterBiden #Trump2020 #MAGA #SteveBannon #WarRoomPandemic #StopTheSteaI2020… ImageImageImage
Justice Caught Admitting Why He Really Refused Election Fraud Case

#SCOTUS scared of riots

"Truth is God and God is Truth - #Bhagavadgita".

Can anybody defeat God

#BidenWillNeverBePresident #MAGA #SteveBannon #StopTheSteaI2020 #WarRoomPandemic #Trump2020 #HunterBiden #CCP
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2020 brought much hardship, but music kept us together, even if we sang & danced from a distance.

I am not a musical expert, but these are the songs...the songs I loved. Join me through the year's end as I count
them down.

#SongsOf2020 playlist: Image
#Songsof2020 #50: @anonymotif - Speaking Moistly

An '80s-angled mix of @JustinTrudeau's gaffe was the pop culture moment we needed in Week 4 of the pandemic. Infectious in the right ways.

The song:

My Spotify #BestOf2020
#Songsof2020 #49: Fionn - Modern Medication

A Vancouver pop duo writhes around in resentment for the social media generation as they witness their own seams come apart.

The song:

My Spotify #BestOf2020 playlist: @fionnband
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