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1/5 Progressive thinking individuals tend to have this nasty personality trait, where they perceive any dissenting speech that challenges their viewpoints as “inflammatory”. That’s because it personally “inflames” THEM, and THEIR egocentric view of the world.
2/5 Unfortunately, their egocentricity also renders them incapable of noticing this.

This type of reasoning generally precipitates the formation of tyrannical behaviors, & dominates the attitudes of many in big tech, Hollywood, academia, & the media echo chamber.
3/5 That’s why so many of them just can’t resist speaking to others in condescending tones.
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1/10 In case anyone’s wondering. Yes. The government has the power to regulate social media under the Commerce Clause. As a libertarian. I’m generally inclined to believe private businesses should reserve the right to run themselves accordingly.

However, SCOTUS has already
2/10 interpreted the Constitution’s Commerce Clause to mean government has the power to regulate interstate commerce. It’s how they forced restaurants in the south to comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to serve blacks during the civil rights movement (the federal government
3/10 claimed it had a compelling economic interest to do so in Katzenbach v. McClung).

In a unanimous 9-0 decision, the Court held in Katzenbach v. McClung, that discrimination in restaurants posed significant burdens on: "the interstate flow of food and upon the movement
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1/5 So when exactly are Patriots suppose to stand their ground & fight back? When tyrannical progressives start shoving economic suicide via Green New Deal, Medicare for all, MASSIVE entitlement spending, unscientific lockdowns & subservience to the CCP by defaulting on our debt?
2/5 What about when they expand SCOTUS, eliminate the electoral college, nuke the filibuster, give DC & PR statehood, and impose nationwide mail in voting to game elections forever?

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#StopTheSteaI protesters say a young woman was shot in the neck while inside the US Capitol. This appears to be her. They are amped up right now. (Sorry for sideways camera work)
He has blood on his hand and claims to have witnessed the shooting. All around calls for escalation.
He calls for an end to peaceful protest because of the young woman who was shot. I ask if he can understand why people in DC protest police brutality. No response.
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(live thread)

Thousands of #StopTheSteaI supporters gathering this morning in DC, with many still streaming in to the overflow crowd to hear Trump speak. More protests planned all day.

Updates ongoing, but am having terrible network issues. Go figure #DC #January6 #j6
Over at #FreedomPlaza, a small group of mostly young men with America First are huddled together, listening to the president's speech
Small group at Freedom Plaza chanting, "journos suck!" and kicking out all credentialed press they see for "doxxing people"
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You know, it's just occurred to me...

How many times have we heard @realDonaldTrump say, "If I had a plan, you'd be the last to know it"?

What are the chances he comes out with something none of us saw coming?

Here we go!

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Rev. Warnock's victory is the first time a Democrat has won a Senate race in Georgia in 20 years and gives the Democrats the chance to regain control of the Senate for at least the first two years of the Biden presidency

Latest here:…
The Leader of the Senate Democrats Chuck Schumer has declared himself the new Senate Majority Leader, despite the fact that the race between Jon Ossoff and David Perdue has yet to be declared.…
The President is tweeting...

...and has reacted to Jon Ossoff's declaration of victory over David Perdue with typical good grace and decorum 👀

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Good morning, I’m in DC covering the #StopTheSteaI protest for @VICENews . Celine Dion “My Heart Will Go On” currently being blasted over the protest sound system. Will thread coverage of the days events here
So much for the thread! I'm terrible with crowd sizes, but can say it was large enough that my cell service didn't work at all.
Proud Boys appear to be incognito, as promised -- saw groups of them roving around through the crowd.

However, they have run into a problem: They are apparently having a hard time finding each other, due to their disguises.
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Might as well have served Georgia up on a silver platter and spoon fed sliced peaches to the Socialists Democrats!

@GaSecofState enabled the steal.

#GA legislatures never convened, but some tried.

@BrianKempGA did nothing.

All while GA people screamed to #StopTheSteaI...
... And this is what they plan.
... And here is what’s coming.
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1/2 I know it’s an extremely long thread. But, if u find the time, plz try to read as much as u can. I hope this reaches as many people possible, & helps spread awareness about how truly horrific things really are here in Hollywood. So If inclined, plz give it a like & share🙏
2/3 I live & work in Hollywood myself. It’s the most SICK, CORRUPT, and DISTURBING industry on the planet. IT ALL NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED, & COMPLETELY OVERHAULED.

The @GhostOfReagan_ is your undercover operative here in Hollywood. I’ll do my best to bring the darkness to light.
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1/68 Sure Shia. You, Brad Pitt, & the cast of Fury just “happened” to be at the same hotel as the Bilderberg Meeting with ppl like George Soros & the Koch bros. Right, & I totally believe u came up with that whole bizarre “He Will Not Divide Us” stunt all by urself back in 2017🙄
(2/68) Understand, at least 90% of Hollywood production is controlled by NWO/Illuminati interests that are allied with the CCP. There is no authentic grassroots rise to fame in Hollywood film, or music anymore. It’s the most corrupt industry on the planet. You either fall...
(3/68) in line with the agenda, mirror the hard left trends, sleep with whoever they say, or you don’t get casted. It’s as simple as that. The whole industry works exactly like a mafia.

Take it from a Hollywood insider. Almost everything you see on tv, or hear on the radio,...
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1/ Here’s my take on 1/6 and the”Plan”. DJT has never made a statement or asked a question that he didn’t already have the facts supporting or know the answer to. He has done this his entire Presidency. He knows more than he’s putting out front and forcing
2/ the RINOs out into public view. Who would have thought there were so many and the corruption ran so deep? Exposure is key to awakening people. Make them show their cards, but think back, DJT really hasn’t shown his cards at all.
3/ He’s teased and toyed with all the pundits and some of his own party. But he hasn’t put out the facts of why he KNOWS he won. Only him and a very few others know of the magnitude of what’s coming, and it will come starting tomorrow.
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Edmonton's own Win Nay is growing increasingly excited about the Trump rally in Washington this January 6.

He's also excited about the prospect of mass arrests of people opposed to Trump and/or civil war.

Because, you know, that's totally normal. 1/7 Image
Win is referring to what is being claimed as a 7 miles (or 11 km for the metrically inclined) convoy originating in California that is Washington DC bound in support of the outgoing president. 2/7 ImageImageImage
The same photo is being hared all over social media as irrefutable proof of the support that soon-to-be ex-president Trump really has and that these fine "patriots" will prevent Biden from assuming the office on January 20. 3/7 Image
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2 January 2020 #MAGAanalysis #StopTheSteaI


Just 2 hours ago, our great @POTUS posted this link:…

This is the only fight that matters today.
2) You've heard the cynics psychoanalyze @realDonaldTrump since he and Melania came down the escalator. They'll tell you today that Trump knows he has lost, and is only manipulating us in order to raise money. Yeah, they've called everything so correctly, haven't they?
3) In case you're new to my analysis, I do employ sarcasm freely, and I hope you can hear my tone dripping with it above. There is no means of leadership Trump will leave on the table as he prosecutes his personal mission to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. Fundraising matters.
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A mob led by local Muslim clerics destroyed a Hindu temple in Southern Pakhtunkhawa Karak, Pakistan. #Hindus & #Christians persecuted in Pakistan & #JoeBiden gives money to #Pakistan

#MAGA #StopTheSteaI2020 #Trump #BeijingBiden #GOP #BidenCheated2020 #FightForTrump #Bhagavadgita
This temple burnt today was built in 1919. Closed by locals in 1947. Was restored in 2015 on orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan

Entire #Pakistan only has 30 functional #Temples

No place for #Hindus & #Christians

@HinduAmericans @BharadwajSpeaks @OpIndia_com #bhagavadgita4all
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Navid Keshavarz-Nia Intelligence Contractor Affidavit confirms
#Scorecard and #Hammer
Some of his experience
•Defense Intelligence Agency
•Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
•National Security Agency
•DHS office of Intelligence & Analysis
(I&A) ImageImageImageImage
His whole affidavit confirms everything
Have said in their hearings, press briefings
and #StopTheSteaI events. ImageImageImageImage
Most have watched the hearings.
This affidavit has been widely circulated but, I think it's very important to periodically redistribute the info.

@CNN @MSNBC and the rest of the fake news want this info to be forgotten and ignored. ImageImageImageImage
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1) A couple of thoughts on the bailout bill, and what it means. First, I am not paying much attention to it for this reason. Since the morning of November 4, there has, for me, been only 1 story, that of the stolen election. When pointed in other directions, I continue to resist.
2) Second, although not following closely at all, I did predict he'd sign it for the following reason. He has been abandoned by the entire power apparatus in DC. They have all doomed him to defeat and are dancing on his political grave. For all I know, they may be right.
3) Third, right? We may be watching the greatest political heist in world history, and we, his supporters, may not be able to #StopTheSteal, as he may not be able to stand for us as @POTUS facing the united power of those who hate us and love The Swamp.
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Come to DC Jan 6. Send a message.

“What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people.” -DJT

#WeThePeople #FightBack
2/ I’m going to post info in this thread for the #WildProtest in DC on #Jan6 Image
3/ There is a cloutHub link for ride sharing to attend the #Jan6 protest in Washington D.C.…
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This is the REAL, Constitutional Pence Card

“It's for Mike Pence to Judge whether a Presidential Election Was Held at All”

Please see full thread &
RT far & wide.
“On January 6, a joint session of Congress will open with Vice President Pence presiding as president of the Senate.  His power will be plenary and unappealable.”
“His task will be to fulfill his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and to ensure that the laws be faithfully executed. “
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1/7 Not very clear pics. But The Star of Bethlehem (Saturn and Jupiter) was shining bright over my evening jog in the great Pacific Northwest earlier this week. A beautiful reminder that God and his infinite wisdom guide the universe in complex and mysterious ways.
2/7 Its important to keep this in mind as things unfold because it’s a theme that reoccurs continuously in the Bible.

At the moment, we do not know why God chose DT to lead this fight, only that he has. We can only have faith that it will all work out and make sense in the end
3/7 Perhaps Trump was chosen precisely because he isn’t a perfect person. He has flaws and makes mistakes every day just like you and me.
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1/ #Infiltration is when Democrats like @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood @PatrickByrne @GenFlynn package phrases like #kracken or #StopTheSteaI and use frauds like @Millie__Weaver, registered Democrat Tore to push disinformation designed to embarrass Trump supporters. Here is the proof..
2/ @LLinWood setup a $$$ rally to tell Georgians not to be "fooled twice" and to not vote. Turns out @WashPo exposed @SidneyPowell1's #Kracken secret weapon as fraudster Tore, also featured in @Millie__Weaver's #ShadowGate garbage, designed to embarrass.👇
3/ Remember, Sidney in 2014 praised Judge Emmet Sullivan! Nothing ever came from Obama & Hillary supporter @PatrickByrne who worked the Maria Butina angles to no avail. Now he wants to "help" get Trump re-elected working with Democrat @GenFlynn & the rest of the infiltrators.
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24 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #Overturn

Twas the Day Before Christmas And...

It's not easy to ascertain where we are in the election. All the guidance we've received indicates massive voter fraud on a scale never seen before. Equally massive coverup efforts are extraordinary.
2) It's not only the guidance we have received from @GenFlynn, @SidneyPowell1, @realDonaldTrump in public, it is also the analysis of brilliant and dear friends like @JohnBasham and @shestokas. Consider:

3) I don't mind admitting that sometimes I too have my doubts in the face of the media onslaught and most especially the betrayal of the Republican Party. I'll opine on FOX again in a moment. But first I have to share more about @shestokas.
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1. @jennybethm I emailed our GOP State legislators asking them for a Special Session to #StopTheSteaI:
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We are in the process of the final stages of being conquered by China. They spent 30 yrs infiltrating & imbedding themselves into our govt. media, corporations, universities.. & it has all culminated to this moment. What YOU do in the next 3 weeks will determine if America lives
"A Republic, IF you can keep it" I'm urging patriots who want to keep The Republic to:

1. Call GOP legislators in key states DAILY
2. Call GOP Senators & demand they not certify fraud
3. Respond to president Trump's Bat signal to be in DC January 6th to peacefully #StopTheSteaI
President Trump who has sacrificed everything to save the republic, has asked us to be in DC. We need at least 10 million pple to be there! The founders had to fight in the snow, bleed and many died for freedom. All you have to do is make phone calls and fly to DC.
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