On J20, multiple #Antifa cells coordinated direct action riots & marches in rejection of President Biden.

Here in #Denver, speakers announced: "The solution is to abolish the United States."

These rallies have been largely ignored by MSM.…
These coordinated resistance campaigns had two key points:

1. Biden is equally as unwelcome by anarcho-communists as Donald Trump.

2. The end goal of the North American Antifascist movement is the total abolition of the United States.
Protests led by Antifa cells were coordinated in the following areas areas:

-Denver, Colorado

-San Mateo County, California

-Sacramento, California

-Portland, Oregon

-Seattle, Washington

-Columbus, Ohio
Here in #Denver:

A mix of plain clothes & tactically clad black bloc gathered outside of CO's state capitol.

The rally was coordinated by two Antifa groups - the Denver Communists and Denver Antifascists

One U.S. flag was burned and multiple bystanders were assaulted
The most important part of the rally was an admission from a speaker who stated plainly:

“We cannot keep preteding that America is The solution is not to move forward with's to abolish the United States.”

Video below by @SCATSOTS
"It's a symbol of slavery, it's a symbol of genocide."

Denver Antifascists describe the U.S. flag as a symbol of genocide, justifying their ideology that the country should be abolished.

(Thiss video is also by @SCATSOTS)
Meanwhile, up in Northern #California:

Bay Area Antifascists held a coordinated “J20” event. The demonstration resulted in graffiti on federal property.

“Death to Amerikkka” was tagged on the County of San Mateo’s Probationary Building sign.
Also in California:

At the state capitol of Sacramento, chants of

“No prisons, no walls, no U.S.A. at all” were shouted as Anti Fascists marched towards the Capitol building.
The group above marched to #Sacramento DA Marie Schubert's office, where they ripped down a temporary chain link fence.

(Video from @mikeblountsac)
Also on Jan. 20th:

#Portland, Oregon:

Antifa marched in black block, graffitiing propaganda as they went.

They targeted the local Democrat Party office. This attack on the Democrat Party’s building was symbolic of their disapproval of Biden.

(Video from @ByMikeBaker)
Antifa also marched with a banner that read:

"We don't want Biden, we want revenge - for police murders, imperialist wars, and fascist massacres."

Marchers changed: "No cops, no prisons, total abolition."

(Video by @ByMikeBaker)
Moving on to #Seattle, Washington

Antifa applied heavy graffiti to the Amazon Go Store. They have a special hatred for Jeff Bezos. At the end of the clip, you can see the words "guillotine Jeff Bezos" written on the wall.

(Video by @BGOnTheScene)
The same group also destroyed the windows on the historic 1st Starbucks store ever built.

Both Starbucks and Amazon are considered by Antifa to be symbols of capitalistic fascism.
Also on J20 in Columbus, #Ohio

A small Antifa rally held outside the Ohio state capitol drew individuals in a mix of plain clothes and black bloc. The event was small and there was no violence or destruction.
The most interesting aspect of this rally is that the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America participated in the rally alongside the Antifascist group, Central Ohio Revolutionary Socialists.
This is highly relevant because the DSA is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and boasts chapters on a number of college and high school campuses.
The realization that a DSA chapter is collaborating with Antifa cells to organize rallies leads to the question of whether Antifascist rhetoric is being fed onto educational campuses through DSA chapters.
The key takeaways from the J20 event:

Antifascist cells consider Donald Trump & Joe Biden two sides of the same unfavorable coin.

To Antifa, it is the U.S. as a whole that they want to "abolish" - their attacks on law enforcement & immigration are just the first steps.

• • •

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22 Jan
Yesterday at the #Colorado Capitol, a solitary #Boogloo Boi stood with a sign that read:

"The two party system is killing America."

I can confirm he is Boogloo based on the facemask (a Boogaloo "thick red line" flag) in combo with the Hawaiian shirt. ImageImageImage
Antifa press called him a "fascist."

I'm uploading the interview now.
"They've been in power for over 150 years, all we've seen is a reduction in freedoms regardless who has the presidency or legislature. They're the same. And by design. They want to create factions."

Words from a Boogaloo Boi who attended the Denver Capitol #J20 event yesterday.
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29 Nov 20

#BLM & Movement for Black Lives are promoting a 128 page bill that brings their radical protest demands into political reality.

The bill eliminates DoD ops, stops counter-terrorism programs, offers social services to illegal immigrants, & more…
Due to the exorbitant length of the bill (it's 128 pages) I have to explain the specifics of the BREATEHE act in sections. This article only includes the first section of the bill, which is pages 1-10.

You can find the full bill here:…
In the first 10 pages, the BREATHE Act moves to:

1. Repeal federal funding for local law enforcement.

The first two pages alone "abolishes" the D.E.A. and removes local law enforcement's ability to access federal funding for bulletproof vests.
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28 Nov 20
The #Denver Public School Board director, @TayAndersonCO, tweeted his dissatisfaction that his brother "picked a white woman with pumpkin pie" over him for #Thanksgiving.

He later deleted the tweet after the racist connotation was called out by Colorado DA, @GeorgeBrauchler.
Anderson insists it wasn't racist. He later tweeted sly comments that he can't be racist because "he has white blood cells" and "has white friends."

The 22 year old is an open member of the largest socialist network in the U.S., the @DemSocialists (DSA).
As the elected school board director, Anderson is responsible for directing the goal and vision of Denver public schools.

In the past, he tweeted support for openly communist groups like the Denver @pslweb.…
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17 Nov 20

Kamala Harris' husband, Doug Emhoff, is stepping down as partner from DLA Piper.

Former co-chair of DLA Piper, Nigel Knowles, is on the board of a new #Smartmatic spin-off company w/ the original Venezuelan Smartmatic founders… #KamalaHarris
In 2016, DLA Piper's Nigel Knowles, stepped down as global co-chair but remained a consultant for the firm.

Knowles, who had been at DLA Piper for decades, is now an active board member on Smartmatic's spin-off company, SGO. Image
DLA Piper has represented at least one CCP-owned organizations, and has more than one individual on staff who has worked on staff in CCP-owned organizations.

Let's go through the investigation:
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14 Nov 20
My latest:

Lobbyists for #DominionVotingSystems previously worked in the DOJ, for Vice President Dick Cheney, & Nancy Pelosi.

#Dominion's lobbying efforts were targeted around "election security," & "monitoring federal legislation."…
This year alone, Dominion Voting Systems has spent 150,000 on lobbying efforts focused on "election security" and "monitoring federal legislation" through the firm Brownstien Hyatt Farber Schreck.

The Nancy Pelosi link was first covered DJHJ Media. To understand the scope of Dominion's lobbying connections, I felt it crucial to cover all (left and right) of the legislative connections held by Dominion's 2020 lobbyists.…
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12 Nov 20
My latest:

In 2010, Dominion Voting Systems purchased a company that had been under U.S. scrutiny for potential ties to the Venezuelan Chavez regime.

The purchase included intellectual property, hardware, software, and firmware.

#DominionVotingSystems (a Canadian company) acquired Sequoia Voting Systems in 2010.

Sequoia was sold to Dominion by their parent company, Smartmantic. Smartmantic had Venezuelan founders & collaborative ties companies with partial Chavez regime ownership. #2020Election
In the purchase of Sequoia, #Dominion acquired the company’s intellectual property, software, firmware, and hardware.

Essentially, the way the machines worked, their design, & programming was transferred to Dominion with the purchase.

Dominion's press statement 👇
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