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What are you thankful for???

It ain't about the weight of things done to you or how enormous they are, it is about our heart of appreciation.

I found out that there are two different ways people view #Thanksgiving. A lot fall into the category of thanking when all is on the positive, for example, when they buy a car, build a house, delivered of a baby, get promoted etc.
The other category give thanks even when situations ain't good. When diagnosed with malaria, they'll be like, "thank God it's not typhoid or HIV". When they are robbed at gunpoint, they'll be like, "thank God my life is not taken"
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(1) #Earthquake near #Anchorage, Alaska in the last hour.

Moderately deep & strong, expect some damage, but loss of life unlikely. Magnitude is usually downgraded from initial level.

Best info source:…
(3) Some photos from around Anchorage that I've seen on Twitter. In New Zealand we have an earthquake of this type about once or twice a year. It is scary, but thankfully little damage is done.

#DropCoverHold is the best advice. More:
(4) If you feel an earthquake when you're on a beach or within a few miles of the coast, be aware of #tsunami risk.

"If it's long or strong, get gone." There is no time for warning sirens or messages.

If you don't feel it, that means any tsunami is hours away. You have time.
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(1) HW Thread List #2 #HWTL.

All my recent #PhotoThreads, commentary threads, & articles in one place.

List #1 has 33 threads: will also have links.

Please RT since I'm shadowbanned, TY.

(2) Today's Caravans Thread #6 will continue the baseball field story from Caravans Thread #5. So both are linked here:


(3) A commentary thread on conspiracy theories and "Q promotion."

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Por cada me gusta a este tuit pondremos una cosa que cambiaríamos del mercado eléctrico.
(me vuelve loco el pavo que sale)
1. El reglamento de medidas.
No puede ser que el precio de la electricidad se conozca 11 meses después de la entrega
2. Las pérdidas de Red 1
26 TWh/año exige se tomen medidas para evitar las "no técnicas"
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Truly #Thankful to live in the greatest country in history at a time when the free markets are returning once again.
Eliminating distortions, allowing markets to function, letting Cycles run their course, clearing out the Old and making way for the New:

These are all things that make free markets great and have been what has made Capitalism a success.

#Thankful those days are returning.
So on this #Thanksgiving, it is not only a practical thing to be cognizant of the fact that Cycles Matter, it is also a great thing that markets are becoming more Rational again.
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Trump: Day 671
-163rd Day at Trump Golf Club
-215th Day at Trump Property
-Says He's #Thankful 4 Himself
-Permits Troops 2 Use Lethal Force
-Threatens 2 Close "Whole Border"
-House R's Subpoena Comey/Lynch
-Defends Saudis 4 Khashoggi Death
-Turkey Sz Tapes Indict Saudi Prince
Day 776 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 627 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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Wishing Everybody that is reading this a #HappyThanksgiving

Today we give thanks to all my fellow Veterans who give the ultimate Sacrifice & to those Today who are deployed & not able to Spend this #Thanksgiving Day with Family & loved ones.

#WeThePeople are very #Thankful
What is your favorite food you eat during #Thanksgiving?

Click reply to tell us your Favorite foods & if you want to wish me a #HappyThanksgiving i will reply back to all of you asap.

Im #Thankful for all of you!
My Favorite #Thanksgiving food is either punkin pie, Stuffing or Dark meat turkey. Yup! what is your Favorite?
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Some feel badly about feasting on Thanksgiving. Gluttony jokes abound. Others only see the tradition of eating as tied to the “first” turkey day. Many eat without knowing why they eat. But I think #Thanksgiving is a great day to enjoy a feast with others. Why?
Meals are rich in meaning in the Bible. They symbolize intimacy, promised fellowship. With others. With God. Indeed, one of the wonders of the gospel is that the God of the universe dines with us (Ex 24:8-11; Mk 14:22-24)! Picture yourself seated at Jesus’ table. Amazing grace.
Meals are also an occasion for gratitude. When we sit to eat, we’re reminded of our mortality, how we depend upon the Lord for “life and breath and everything” (Acts 17:24-25, 28). This is one reason why Christians traditionally give thanks (“say grace”) before meals.
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1. Cadet Bone Spur on the phone to the people in harm's way from his gaudy palace in Boca. He said how it was great to have an ally like Kuwait to the person on the phone who was in Qatar. Then he talked to Ronald Reagan carrier off Japan and he asked how it compared with the new
2. Gerald Ford and I said to myself, "Don't mention the catapult!" But the officer on the phone did and held his ground against the f-ing Moron-in-Chief who loves "steam." He might want to take moment to read about what happens to the crew on ships when steam lines are breached.
3. Now talking about "consintini wire" (huh?) and the horde of women and children approaching from the south. It's "concertina wire" you moron. I'll bet old @hogangidley45 is hitting the old @WildTurkey early this #Thanksgiving @realDonaldTrump @maddow
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It's #Thanksgiving so here is a post of Books I Am Thankful I Read This Year!!!

Space witches!! Motorcycles!! Girls being friends!! Queer characters!! Monstrous reality-bending humanoids!! THESE BOOKS HAVE EVERYTHING…
2. WINTERGLASS by @benjanun_s

Lesbians! Gladiators! Magic! Anticolonialism! Resistance against imperialism! Amazingly beautiful worldbuilding! Creative fantasy at its best!…
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This #Thanksgiving
I'm thankful to still be alive.
I wasn't sure last Thanksgiving I would get here.
I'm thankful for my docs, my two nurse practitioners, my physical therapist who have made a harrowing year less so.
I am also grateful my story has helped others tell theirs.
This #Thanksgiving
I am thankful for all the love and kindness in my life and for the ability to love others in return.
There aren't really words to express how grateful I am for The Wife™️.
She's simply amazing. Smart, talented, hilarious. 19 years. Fabulous. 💜
This #Thanksgiving
I am thankful for my fam.
I see the stories on here of folks who can't handle their racist families or who are rejected for being queer/trans (as I was by my parents).
Thankful to have a family who are left political activists & #LGBTQ allies & who I love.
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It's the night before thanksgiving. It's cold and wet outside. #CampFire evacuees are still bracing the elements and looking for shelter. Here are some images I'd like to share some images from my time exploring the Chico Walmart parking lot, a temporary refuge for some.
Folks like Sarah, Martin and James, from Magalia, have made the most out of their circumstance. A parking spot was their living room. They set up a propane heater (which was stolen in the middle of the night later) and a television to watch the latest news on the #CampFire.
Brenda Wilson tried very hard to keep her dog Scooby warm. The dog was shivering. She slept in the car. She was cold herself. She was distraught and wanted to go home. When I spoke to her, she had no idea if her home survived the #CampFire.
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White folks, tomorrow we need you to be on it too. Who else is gonna be #onit? #Thanksgiving #ThanksgivingEve 👇🏿
YES! Woke white Folk, #Resist white folk, snowflakes, lefty Marxist Socialist libs, Beto Bros... YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINING FOR THIS ALL YEAR! TOMORROW IS YOUR OLYMPICS! BE #onit! #Thanksgiving
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America’s first #Thanksgiving celebrated the massacre of 700 Pequot Indians (incl. women & children) who were peacefully gathered in celebration. English & Dutch settlers set fire to their village, burning hundreds alive, then shot anyone who attempted to escape.
The massacre, known as the Mystic Massacre, nearly broke the Pequots. Their numbers were so diminished that the survivors were forced to join other tribes. The Pequots who were captured were sold into slavery.
In 1637, Massachusetts Gov. John Winthrop declared a "thanksgiving" for this successful massacre. For the next 100 years, every Thanksgiving Day ordained by a Governor was in honor of the bloody victory, thanking God for the massacre.
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Due to repeated demand again this year, I'm sharing my #Thanksgiving mashed potatoes recipe.

1 5lb bag of red potatoes
1 stick of butter (real butter, don't pollute my recipe with fake stuff)
8 - 10 oz sour cream (don't use low-fat fake "food products")
3 tbs chives
Salt and red chili powder to taste
1/2 cup whole milk (skim milk is for wusses)
1 pack turkey bacon, diced
Cut potatoes into quarters and place in a large pot. Bring to boil until they get very soft. Drain, run cold water over potatoes and remove skin (can leave some on if desired.)

Place peeled potatoes back in the pot, turn on heat to medium, add sour cream and butter.
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(1) I was just thinking about Secretary Pompeo and the incredible work he is doing every day for America.

Top of his class at West Point, an Army captain, businessman, congressman, spy chief and now, diplomat. International man of mystery, Kansan, Christian, husband, Dad.
(2) For a patriot who loves America, the job of Secretary of State is 24/7. When Mike Pompeo gets home and can finally have some peace and quiet in his day or week, I wonder what he does. He must be able to put the job out of his mind and let go of the worry.
(3) I am sure that for him, God, family & his love of country enable him to bear the heavy burden of serving the country in the demanding, challenging ways he has to each day. So much travel, difficult meetings, difficult people to negotiate with.
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Just left Afghanistan with a bipartisan Congressional delegation I led and wanted to share a few raw and unedited thoughts on my first trip back since being deployed there in 2014-15.
While much has changed, too much remains the same in Afghanistan. It’s clear to me that the security situation has deteriorated even further since I was deployed there, and the Taliban has taken footholds in new parts of country since failed Obama strategy of drawdown 5 yrs ago.
After visiting troops and leaders on the ground in Afghanistan, I'm convinced our efforts there are as important as ever, as the level of threats has evolved in recent months, but after 17 years the American people are growing even more weary.
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Romaine lettuce is not safe to eat, CDC warns U.S. consumers
#TuesdayThoughts #Thanksgiving…
2/"Romaine lettuce is unsafe to eat in any form, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday in a broad alert in response to a new outbreak of illnesses caused by a particularly dangerous type of E. coli contamination. The CDC told consumers to throw away any
3/"romaine lettuce they may already have purchased. Restaurants should not serve it, stores should not sell it, and people should not buy it, no matter where or when the lettuce was grown. It doesn’t matter if it is chopped, whole head or part of a mix. All romaine should be
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(1) .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump

Over #Thanksgiving, let us not forget the tens of thousands of innocent Americans who have been illegally targeted & victimized by "The Program," coordinated thru #DHS-funded #ThreatFusionCenters with collusion of #DOJ #DHS #FBI #JTTF #InfraGard
(2) The aforementioned agencies have unloosed a reign of #terrorism on innocent citizens who have been falsely labeled as #terrorists by rogue government personnel.

.@POTUS Please #InvestigateFusionCenters like those "supervised" by #BrianMoran @VaPSHS in Virginia.
(3) These facilities are the equivalent of #Stasi logistics bases for the #DeepState.

#PrivateIntelAgencies AKA #PIAs have the positions of citizen "dissidents" relayed to them for the purposes of stalking, smearing, mobbing and assaulting the innocent "target."
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The Wife and I are watching #Thanksgiving #Chopped on @FoodNetwork and these contestants all work in soup kitchens feeding the homeless (and some were homeless).

These are extraordinary humans. Their empathy is breathtaking --and such an antidote to Trump and his people.
@FoodNetwork There's a woman who started a service for the homeless in Houston. A nun from Chicago.A Marine in recovery who serves homeless vets. A gay choir leader who runs a NYC soup kitchen. An elderly woman who works with LGBTQ homeless youth.

The best of America.
@FoodNetwork This is such a feel-good series of competitions. It's an essential reminder that despite the often grotesque mean-spiritedness of the Trump administration, there are people giving their hearts to others selflessly. 🍁🍂

It's inspiring in all the best ways.
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Salmonella contamination in turkey is widespread and unidentified as Thanksgiving approaches #Thanksgiving #FridayFeeling…
2/"Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and federal health officials are still trying to identify the source of a salmonella illness outbreak linked to raw turkey products that has spread to 35 states and sickened 164 people. The outbreak, which started a year ago, has sent 63
3/"people to the hospital. One person in California has died. The salmonella strain has been found in raw turkey pet food in Minnesota, raw turkey products collected from people’s homes and live turkeys from several states, indicating the bacteria is widespread in the industry.
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1. With #Thanksgiving and #Hanukkah around the corner, your mind may be turning toward #cooking up something delicious for family and friends. And the best way to make great food is to start with great ingredients. To that end, let's make something delicious: schmaltz.
2. The word "schmaltz" comes from the #Yiddish "shmalts" (שמאַלץ), which in turn comes from the German "schmelzen," meaning "to melt." So we're going to be rendering chicken fat down to use as a delicious cooking fat for a variety of holiday dishes.
3. To begin with, you're going to need a source for your fat. The easiest place to get it is from chicken skin and the fatty deposits that are usually located around the tail right inside the stuffing cavity. There are a couple of ways to get enough skin and fat to make a batch.
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In my role with @MSUAlumni, I've had the distinct privilege to intersect with amazing #Spartans. For November, I intend to shine a light on those in the #SpartanFamily who have made my life richer. #Thanksgiving
Day 1: @PackardSusan, co-founder of @HGTV, is a champion of emotional maturity & mindfulness. Friends who can help you pause & evaluate why you are doing things in life are a gift. Here she is in action: #SpartanFamily
Day 2: @equalman is a celebrated expert in digital leadership & one of the best human beings I know. His message is rooted in integrity - our digital reputations are shaped more by our actions in life than clever slogans. Check him out: #SpartanFamily
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A year ago today, I started intensive chemotherapy for #breastcancer, 3 months ago I finished aggressive radiation treatment. It's hard to believe it's been a year. I was in treatment nearly twice as long as anticipated and it was an incredible struggle to keep up w/everything 1/
A struggle which I often feel like I failed at. Running a small business solo is a challenge on a regular day, it becomes an other beast entirely when you're going through cancer treatment. 2/
I currently have 5 full time & 2 part time employees at my bakery @dalypies. I've always prioritized making sure my staff gets paid, even in the leanest of times, even if it meant not paying myself (I'm sure many business owners what that is like) 3/
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