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#SolarWinds hack. Thread.
1. Dominion Voting Systems, a voting machine vendor used in #Election2020, is a Solar Winds client. It does not use Orion, the product at the center of the hack. via attorney Paul Lehto

Solar Winds list of clients is now hidden…
2. Unknown if #hacking investigation is expanding to all #SolarWinds clients, like Dominion Voting Systems.
#ElectionSecurity #ElectionProtection #Election2020results
3. "early signs indicate the reach of the stealthy supplychain attack will have substantial aftershocks; #SolarWinds claims to have 300,000 customers, inc. /National Security Agency all 5 branches of the U.S. military & entities in /health tech telecommunications media & finance"
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Heute wurden Klagen von @SidneyPowell1 in #Georgia und #Michigan abgewiesen, wieder nicht auf Basis der Zeugen und Beweise, sondern politischer Begründungen. Wenn man zeigen wollte wie korrupt das gesamte System ist, so hat man es erreicht...#Election2020…
Was passiert wenn die forensische Analyse der Wahlmaschinen in #Michigan zeigt, dass diese manipuliert wurden kurz nachdem die Klage (auch dort) abgewiesen wurde? Der Ärger auf das System sinkt dadurch sicherlich nicht...

Ein Fall aus Pennsylvania hängt vor dem Supreme Court. Entscheidung zur Zulassung morgen.

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#Pennsylvania oral arguments in the Trump Election litigation are beginning! And Rudy Guliani is being asked to confirm his bar membership. Will do a blow-by-blow
Judge is warning counsel to take turns speaking and providing other logistical details. Also going over the revisions to the complaint and the remaining counts
Rudy conceded the loss of standing on the Due Process counts, so only proceeding on the equal protection claims. Just started his opening, and out the gate alleging "widespread, nationwide voter fraud." He's citing Jimmy Carter, Rahm Emanuel, etc. to say mail voting is vulnerable
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About the latest electoral mess in Robeson County.

The State Board of Elections says that the Robeson BOE found 1,951 early voting ballots that had not been uploaded to the state board's results data. #ncpol #Election2020results @NCCivitas…
The voting site in question is Pembroke Fire Department. A look at VoteTracker finds 1,947 votes there (not sure why there is a four-ballot difference). #ncpol

Democratic voters at that site outnumber Republicans about 3-to-1.…
However, most of the voters are Native Americans, many of whom have been voting Republican lately despite their registration. #ncpol
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😳cc @FBI - @realDonaldTrump is admitting that Dominion, the election company assoc w CNP, The Council for National Policy, is capable of switching votes. I bet @LindseyGrahamSC @senatemajldr @BrianKempGA @RonDeSantisFL are shitting bricks now‼️@jennycohn1 @Spoonamore @mikefarb1
💥BOOM💥Did Karl Rove FLIP on @realDonaldTrump because Trump basically spilled the beans on Republican owned voting technology⁉️Weird right⁉️😳…
🤔Remember that Roger Stone admitted in this article that he wrote that votes could be “stripped and flipped” and asked Guccifer to retweet the article⁉️cc @FBI
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My latest:

In 2010, Dominion Voting Systems purchased a company that had been under U.S. scrutiny for potential ties to the Venezuelan Chavez regime.

The purchase included intellectual property, hardware, software, and firmware.

#DominionVotingSystems (a Canadian company) acquired Sequoia Voting Systems in 2010.

Sequoia was sold to Dominion by their parent company, Smartmantic. Smartmantic had Venezuelan founders & collaborative ties companies with partial Chavez regime ownership. #2020Election
In the purchase of Sequoia, #Dominion acquired the company’s intellectual property, software, firmware, and hardware.

Essentially, the way the machines worked, their design, & programming was transferred to Dominion with the purchase.

Dominion's press statement 👇
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How #American #Elections Work: A Thread👇

The #TrumpCampaign and its allies have filed #lawsuits to try to block some key states from certifying #Election2020results results that show #Democrat @JoeBiden defeating President @realDonaldTrump.
After #ElectionNight , certifying the #results is a step #states take so that winners can be officially #confirmed. The @AP and other #media outlets on Saturday declared @JoeBiden the #WINNER of the #PresidentialElection2020
after analyses concluded that @RealdonqldTrump couldn’t gain enough votes from remaining ballots to surpass @JoeBiden.
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Thread: There are not 71 million fascists in America.

Why did e. Ohio, central Indiana, s. West Virginia and the Rio Grande Valley, TX see increased support for Trump? WSWS analyzed past vote & found:

#ElectionResults2020 #Election2020results

Trump increased support in 2020 (versus 2016) in cities like Steubenville and Youngstown Ohio, Brownsville, Texas, Kokomo, Indiana and the former coal counties of southern Virginia. Some areas predominantly white, some rural, but some black and Latino.

One commonality is that they were all former Democratic strongholds (except Howard County, IN).

In Mahoning County, Ohio, a majority of voters supported the Republican candidate in 2020 for the first time since 1956, when Dwight Eisenhower led the ticket.

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"We are confident we will find evidence of improperly harvested ballots and other irregularities that will prove that President Trump won Georgia."

Georgia Congressman Doug Collins. He would lead a recount effort in Georgia. #gapol @CollinsforGA #Recount2020

(Tweet 1/2)
MORE on a possible recount of the presidential race in Georgia.

As of Sunday evening, @JoeBiden's lead over @realDonaldTrump is .2%

President Trump (or Biden) can ask for a recount if they lose by less than .5%

#gapol #Election2020results #Recount2020 (Tweet 2/2)
IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: Any recount in Georgia would be led by state and local election officials.

President Trump's campaign is simply saying that Georgia Congressman Doug Collins will be leading their efforts.

Sorry, I could have written that better. #gapol #Recount2020
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The most-read article in @crainsdetroit last week was not about the election. It was about the resurgence of #COVID19 in Michigan.

@GovWhitmer raises new alarms about dwindling hospital beds amid 2nd COVID surge… via @crainsdetroit
The No. 2 most-read story in @crainsdetroit last week was an election dispatch from @annalise_frank:

Chaos at TCF Center as crowds of election challengers shout 'Stop the vote'… #Election2020 #Election2020results
No. most-read story in @crainsdetroit last week:

Trump files lawsuit in Michigan over ballot drop-off boxes, access to counting (the suit was later tossed)…
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1/ Super-high turnout is because of a couple things:

1. TRUMP. He has been a polarizing president -- either love him or passionately hate him, and he turned out the vote, for him and against; ...
2/ 2. MAIL-IN BALLOTS. States, like CO/WA that have been virtually all-mail have very high participation rates. That went national this year for the first time. ...
3/ These are fact-based reasons for why there is high turnout. Unfortunately, too many people jump to conspiracies because it fits their prior-held beliefs. It's called confirmation bias. ...
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Kamala Harris makes history. As the next vice president, Harris will become the first woman, first Black American and first Asian American to win the second highest U.S. office #Election2020results 1/4
A U.S. senator from California, Harris has a track record of shattering glass ceilings. She served as San Francisco’s first female district attorney and was California’s first woman of color to be elected attorney general 2/4
Her background in criminal justice could help a Biden administration tackle the issues of racial equality and policing after the country was swept by protests this year. She is expected to be a top adviser on judicial nominations 3/4 Image
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🔴 EN DIRECT | Joe Biden vient d'être déclaré « président élu » des Etats-Unis par l'agence Associated Press. Il s'impose en Pennsylvanie, obtient 20 grands électeurs supplémentaires et passe la barre des 270.…
EN DIRECT | Donald Trump n'a à ce stade pas reconnu sa défaite, et on ignore s'il continuera à contester les résultats en arguant de fraudes, non étayées à ce stade, alors que son propre camp semblait déjà résigné à quatre ans de présidence Biden.…
Biden : 273 - Trump : 214…
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Democrat Joe Biden wins #Election2020 Image
Trump said his campaign would begin challenging #Election2020 results in court next week…
Kamala Harris becomes the first woman, first Black American and first Asian American to win the vice presidency ImageImage
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. @AP has called the #election for @JoeBiden. Be sure to read our piece here: Joe Biden’s Catholic politics are complicated, but deeply American.…
@AP @JoeBiden Be sure to check out here 5 faith facts about @JoeBiden’s VP choice @KamalaHarris — a Black Baptist with Hindu family:…
. @KamalaHarris is more than her gender and race. She is also the future of American religion.

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(ELECTION RESULTS THREAD) Follow this thread for regular updates on vote tallies in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. I hope you'll RETWEET this for others.
NYT: Top NYT pollster says "Trump wins the new Maricopa vote by 15.6 points. Still not good enough for him [to catch Biden]. [But] still not going to yield a projection [for Biden]." #Election2020results #Election2020
NYT: "This is the first time Maricopa County [Arizona] voters chose a Democrat for president in more than 70 years." #Election2020results #Election2020
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EN DIRECT | #Election2020results Trois jours, et toujours pas de résultats. Joe Biden assure que « tous les votes seront comptés » alors qu’il est au coude-à-coude avec Donald Trump dans plusieurs Etats-clés : suivez l’élection américaine en direct…
#Elections2020 | « Mes chers Américains, nous n'avons toujours pas de déclaration finale d'une victoire mais les chiffres offrent une tableau clair et convaincant: nous allons gagner cette élection », a assuré Joe Biden…
🔴 #Election2020results | Cinq Etats-clés restants – la Géorgie, l’Arizona, le Nevada, la Pennsylvanie et la Caroline du Nord – sont décisifs autant pour Biden que pour Trump, qui conservent tous deux leurs chances de l’emporter pour le moment.…
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[Thread] 1/ This morning's copypasta pro-Trump astroturfing suggests there is going to be a lot of divorces because of Joe Biden #Elections2020 #disinformation
2/ A lot of the accounts are sports fans of some description, like this, erm, 77 year-old pro FC Bayern fan who loves Trump, but also wants to see him lose (can't even tell if it's sarcasm) #Election2020results
3/ A little juicier. This copypasta crew are explicitly repeating the claim that the election was rigged, which again is false and misleading #Election2020results
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Dear Mr Trump,

We think that is time for you to put on big boy pants on and accept defeat.


The entire f***ing world!
#BigBoyPants #ElectionResults #USElectionResults2020 #USAelection2020 #Election2020
With credit to this cartoonist ("Jim P") who's idea and whose high chair I've updated (i.e. shamelessly ripped off!).
“He’s sort of like a pumpkin having a nervous breakdown. You look into #Trump’s eyes and you see the fear and confusion of a man who has just been told he’s got stage-four cervical cancer. He is a super-villain in a world without heroes.” @frankieboyle
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(ELECTION RESULTS THREAD) Follow this thread for regular updates on vote tallies in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. Biden becomes POTUS if he wins Pennsylvania; or if he wins Arizona and Nevada; or if he wins Nevada and Georgia.

I hope you'll RETWEET this for others.
(NOTE) Joe Biden also becomes our nation's 46th president if he wins Arizona and Georgia. And of course when North Carolina begins reporting results again next week it could give Biden the White House in a number of different combinations (e.g., with Arizona, Nevada, or Georgia).
NYT: Trump Lead in Georgia Down to 0.2% (Under 10,000 Votes)
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1/ ALRIGHT Y'ALL. ELECTION FRAUD DEBUNKING MEGA THREAD. I’m following claims of fraud and looking into them. I think I’ve solved most now. Nothing is holding up under any scrutiny so far so I’m making a thread to track in one place. Please RT! #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020
2/ By far the most viral of these claims is the video of officials in Detroit papering up/boarding up the windows inside their polling center in Michigan. This, admittedly, was a bizarre sight. But was 100% explainable and was the right thing to do.
3/ Officials rightly blocked the windows when crowds came inside and began trying to film ballots. Poll watchers EXCEEDED THE LIMIT INSIDE. This is not legal - you can’t barge in and film who ppl voted for. OF COURSE, there were *134 REPUBLICAN POLL WATCHERS* inside the room.
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