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protest events are officially underway in Portland, as about 60-70 people march behind this Democratic Socialists of America banner on their way to counterprotest a Patriot Prayer/Proud Boys-related “him too” protest in downtown Portland. follow along at this thread for updates
Schrunk Plaza, federal property where the him too rally will be held, is now a restricted access area. part of Chapman Square, where many of the counterprotesters will congregate, is closed for the protest. im told by police nearby that despite the crime scene tape theres no crme
Portland Police Bureau cops are now patrolling around the counterprotest
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Getting settled in for the @PBOTinfo Central City in Motion plan hearing at City Hall. Should be a long one! Here’s list of invited testimony... (thx @bikeloudpdx for the pic)

Don't expect a #ccimpdx today. With an implementation plan & a separate, but related, parking mitigation plan on the agenda.. it's a lot of policy and commissioners are still learning about it. Today will be abt testimony & first impressions... test of political winds if u will.
Looks like Mayor @tedwheeler won't be here. Not surprised given his last 24 hrs (his controversial protest ordinance went down and then there was the "mutter" heard 'round the world).… /// #ccimpdx
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Extreme far-left groups descending on downtown Portland tonight for election day.
They are rallying to demand the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “...what immigrant families are experiencing today, closely resembles life in Nazi Germany.” #Portland
Footage from the open borders protest on election day in #Portland. "ACAB. All cops are bastards." "F— ICE, no KKK, no fascist USA."
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1. Block crosswalk w/car. Record video of bicyclist who cared enough to report illegal parking to city.
2. Lie and blame racism in viral video.
3. Dox victim.
4. Profit—literally.

My new feature on the most recent tale of race grifting out of #Portland:…
The people who participated in trying to destroy this woman’s life based on a lie are truly vicious.
Twitter has a whole cottage industry of online activists who do things like this. They usually make no effort to verify the accusations: "The trend of white people calling the cops on black people is sadly continuing. Twitter, do your thing & identify this woman."
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I’ve tweeted about our @GlobalIrish communities in #SanDiego, #Seattle, #BayArea & tweeted throughout the visit to #LosAngeles but there are so many other fantastic organizations & communities in Western US celebrating their Irish heritage & links to Ireland. Here are a few ...
Did you know that #Portland is home to a beautiful cross commemorating the famine? Portland is also home to the wonderful @CorribTheatre, led by the fantastic Gemma Whelan, delivering high quality productions of contemporary Irish productions such as Charlie O'Neill's HURL.
I recently visited Salt Lake City & was delighted to meet the Hibernian Society there. Next year #Utah will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the #GoldenSpike - the completion of the transcontinental railroad - in which the Irish community in the US played such a prominent role.
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Democrat Mayor of Portland stands by #Antifa, believes in the mob, not the rule of law. Only matter of time before someone is going to get killed if you continue to allow anarchy like this to thrive in the streets.…
This is the same Mayor who implemented restrictive police procedures during criminal protests by Occupy rioters against ICE & ordered officers to ignore calls for help from federal law enforcement personnel.…
Moreover, on July 30, the National ICE Council sent a cease and desist letter to the Mayor of #Portland: "Your policy has created a zone of terror and lawlessness. We ask that you end your policy of not responding to calls for police services from ICE employees immediately."
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Follow along here for my protest coverage of the Patriot Prayer protest in downtown Portland. Someone put up some signage in downtown Portland, mentions the Proud Boys. Stay tuned
Here is the planned route through downtown Portland. Absolutely subject to change. And those fliers are everywhere down here. I wouldn’t be quick to assume that local antifascists put those up. Would absolutely fit the far-right’s MO to hype themselves up in this way
First sign of action at the Patriot Prayer event: dude circling the block with an American flag. “Alpha male” looks to have been drawn onto the back of his shirt.
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Right-wing group, Patriot Prayer—who Antifa clashes and fights with—is hosting a “flash march” tonight in Portland.
Flyers warning people in Portland.
“I hunt Antifa cowards”
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This is the type of street anarchy that routinely happens where I live. Here is video from 6 Oct showing Antifa directing traffic in downtown & threatening people who don’t obey with violence. Mayor @tedwheeler, who really runs this town?
And here is video of an elderly man who didn’t heed their street orders — so they chased him down. #Portland
Saturday’s street take over was just one in a string of events where the city’s leaders abdicated responsibility to uphold the rule of law. Here’s an example I investigated from the summer that lasted for weeks:…
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So much has happened over the last two weeks, it can be hard to process the collection of emotions: pain, sorrow, rage, + joy. But as we look back one year after #Charlottesville, there is still a large hole in our discussions of these events, primarily: the role of the police.
Over the coming days, many of us will be asked a similar question by loved one, friends, + co-workers: "Why do the police protect the Nazis?" "Why did they attack one side in Portland, + not the other?" While it is easy to resort to bumper sticker answers, the truth is complex.
The recent piece from @ACInvestigates + @ProPublica begins to scratch the surface. In their recent doc, they talk with an ex-FBI agent who rightfully concludes that coddling by law enforcement acts as a green light for the far-Right to engage in violence in a variety of settings.
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Hey #Portland, it's been almost two weeks since e-scooters hit the streets so we thought it might be a good time to remind you of a few #scootpdx rules of the road.

1: E-scooters must be WALKED on sidewalks. Riding is only allowed in bike and travel lanes.

#pdxtraffic #pdx Please walk your e-scooter on sidewalks. Riding is only allowed in the bicycle and travel lanes.
2: Please wear a helmet while riding when scooting. It's the law.

#scootpdx #pdxtraffic #pdx
3: Please park e-scooters on the sidewalk, by the curb. Don’t block the sidewalk, bike lane, or vehicle lanes.

#scootpdx #pdxtraffic #pdx Please park scooters with care, on the sidewalk, by the curb.
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I am 100% in favor of mocking the nazis and the stupid gear they wear to marches like we saw this weekend in #Berkeley and #Portland. But it's important to remember that costumes have been used by groups like the KKK to encourage people to minimize the very real threat they pose.
The reconstruction era KKK used costumes & stupid names like "Grand Wizard" intentionally, in the same way today's far-right extremists use "irony" to make their dangerous ideology seem like a big joke. While the KKK was murdering people, most of society saw them as pranksters.
Some historians also believe that costumes worn by the KKK served the function of making their violent acts seem almost like performance art — a spectacle to watch, rather than a political movement. The same could be said of today's far-right movement.
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The only thing that stopped #Portland from being next #Charlottesville was several centimetres of helmet. Police sent two people to the hospital for head injuries in attacks justified by claims of non-existent "thrown projectiles" in order to protect the heavily armed far-Right.
This was carried by police who for months have used the same tactic - shoot one side to allow the other to escape. In this case, Proud Boys, who for months have attacked citizens walking on the street, were allowed to march and attack more people.
The Portland police are also on record saying that Patriot Prayer is "more mainstream" (guess Kek flags, people who attended Unite the Right, and shirts celebrating mass murderers are mainstream now) despite the ongoing links between far-Right violence and out right killers.
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I dont know whats happening.
But i hope someone is finally putting an end to the Red Flag Terror that is Venezuelan President Maduro 👎🚩
#AllOutPDX #Antifa #Portland #WalkAway
he survived a drone attack. thats too bad
This is the future Democrats want
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At the #Portland rally today, Proud Boy and close associate of Joey Gibson Tusitala “Tiny” Toese is wearing a T-shirt once sold by a hate group.
The front of Tiny's shirt reads "PINOCHET DID NOTHING WRONG!" and on the sleeve it reads "RWDS," which stands for Right Wing Death Squads.
RWDS was a clothing company that was once the most popular white nationalist apparel outlet. The company designed and sold clothing based on numerous racist "alt-right" memes.
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Ok here’s my thread for #AllOutPDX today #Portland
Proud Boys / Patriot Prayer kicked out of parking lot in Vancouver WA by property owners.

Russell Schultz of Patriot Prayer says they’ll march outside Portland waterfront park today because they don’t want to be subjected to police search.
About 80 Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer gearing up to go into Portland. They’re at the boat launch in Marine Park in Vancouver, WA
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So I’m now in downtown Portland covering the Patriot Prayer rally and counterprotest. There’s a cop slowly driving a cruiser around the grass, stopping at times. A barricade system has been setup north of the Salmon Springs Fountain, just waiting for the crowd. #DefendPDX
Wouldn’t hurt to have a boat in the water in case someone goes over the waterfront’s railing and into the Willamette river 🤷‍♂️
#DefendPDX #AllOutPDX #Portland
Meanwhile: Police around the corner outside of central precinct, some are putting on riot gear for the upcoming Patriot Prayer event/counterprotest. There’s the police vehicles w the bumpers that the police will ride around on, too.
#DefendPDX #AllOutPDX
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The far-Right wants Joey Gibson of #PatriotPrayer to reforge a 'big-tent' fighting force to return their movement to where it was before #Charlottesville. There's only one problem - Gibson surrounds himself with groups that took part in #UniteTheRight.…
After the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, the far-Right was in a state of disarray. Predictably, many attempted to use conspiracy theories and fabricated lies to explain what had happened as a "setup" to "silence conservatives," or instead, as a "Soros" false-flag.
Leading the pack was Alex Jones + like with Sandy Hook claimed that Charlottesville was false flag. He stated: "I thought Trump’s response was great…we know that Soros has been planning this..and like trying to create provocative events...the whole thing looks staged to me…”
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Here's the thing #Portland - with at least FIVE counterprotests, there's no reason to stay home when the fascists come to town on Saturday. #Resist #NoRacism
Four Blocks Away
Here's the thing #Portland - with at least FIVE counterprotests, there's no reason to stay home when the fascists come to town on Saturday. #Resist #NoRacism
TWO Blocks Away
Here's the thing #Portland - with at least FIVE counterprotests, there's no reason to stay home when the fascists come to town on Saturday. #Resist #NoRacism
Face to Face
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This Saturday the alt-right white nationalist Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys will be having a rally in #Portland #Oregon and everyone needs to find a way to show them how unwelcome they are. Several rallies are planned, so you can find the one that speaks to you.
Some are a safe distance away. Rose City Antifa is also at Waterfront Park where Proud Boys & Patriot Prayer are planning their armed rally
With five rally options (at least) to choose from, there is no excuse for #PDX folks to stay home. Show the white nationalists they are not welcome in Portland.
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25 years ago today, something happened here at 214 W Burnside. And it kinda freaked #Portland the fuck out.
Of course - 25 years ago, the place looked quite a bit different... It was called the X-Ray Cafe.
(It wasn't really established in 1890. That's some silly shit...)
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At #Portland rally, Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer called for immigrants heads to be "smash[ed]...into the concrete," seen giving Nazi salutes and screaming racial slurs. They don't just want to fight 'the Left,' but attack broad segments of the population.…
The June 30th rally was called for by Joey Gibson, who is running for Senate in Washington. His call for violence had an almost "Biblical" feel to it, + his hatred of #Portland was clear. "[T]he stench-covered and liberal-occupied streets of Portland will be CLEANSED. CLEANSED."
Gibson has long denied any association with the Alt-Right, neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Yet from the start, his rallies have been a 'broad church' of violent far-Right groups. Must notorious was Jeremy Christian, who went on to slaughter two people + nearly a third in 2017.
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Obligations kept me south today...#Portland #Maine #KeepFamiliesTogetherMarch

Shoes on church steps.

Crowds starting to form.
Photos don't do this justice. You can hear the crowd blocks away. #Portland #Maine



Photos don't do this justice either. A bunch of folks still in the park. #Lewiston #Auburn #Maine

Kids in tow so we had to take refuge from the heat at #HouseOfBacon.



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Portland showed up. #FamilesBelongTogether
Portland’s #FamilesBelongTogether rally started with a rousing speech from @RonWyden. Thank you Senator!
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