There was no optimism in 1991 through 1996 on account of PV Narasimha Rao's reforms. Indian (crony) industry formed 'Bombay Club' to oppose pro-free market reforms. Unions were protesting in the streets. Harshad Mehta was scamming a fake bubble market. Inflation kept shooting.
Congress did not rally behind 1991 reforms. A Congress intellectual now close to Nehru Darbar had floated the line that the reforms would serve India's 'Coca-Cola Class'. Media went to town over undisclosed IMF conditionalities. Congress lost elections in State after State. 2n
To foist the claim that the 1991 reforms "spread optimism and hope across India" is a travesty. Had there been "optimism and hope" then Congress would not have lost the 1996 Lok Sabha election. Such bogus claims can be made because public memory is short. 3n
Iirc @surjitbhalla wrote in defence of 1991 reforms and was quoted in NYT rubbishing the sly Congress campaign that PVNR's reforms would benefit only the 'Coca-Cola Class'. He was brutally lampooned by the same type who are now claiming there was "optimism and hope". 4n
The #LeftLiberal Commentariat and 1990s 'activist' types like Medha Patkar derided the 1991 reforms as "neo-liberalism". Some judges also picked up this term and used it liberally in badly written orders. Opedists hogged columns denouncing PVNR for short-selling #India 5n
'Paddy Clarke, Ha Ha Ha', by Roddy Doyle, won the Booker in 1993. Some days later, there was a tirade against 1991 reforms in one of Lutyens's leading papers (I forget which one) with the headline,
'Economic Reforms, Ha Ha Ha'
A bad pun, yes, but such is their intel calibre. 6n
"Optimism and hope across #India" after 1991 reforms.
The new #GreatIndianRopeTrick in town is opedists airbrushing history that is only 30 years old. Because the under-30 who crowd social media will fall for their trick and amplify their hogwash. 7n

• • •

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1 Feb
When my Twitter account, along with that of @ShivAroor and others, was blocked by Congress/UPA under draconian Section 66A, several 'journalists' supported Govt's order. A senior UPA Minister told me some of them had collaborated with Govt in drawing up the list. 1n
More. A digital free speech activist, who receives handsome foreign funds, sat in on meetings to help Congress/UPA Govt justify its patently unjustifiable ban. Later, he had the gumption to tell me how he had fought tooth and nail. Which, of course, was bunkum. I told him so. 2n
When confronted about the ban in Washington, DC by prominent mediapersons and lawmakers, India's then Ambassador to US brazenly justified the ban. The diplomat's colleagues in MEA were appalled. 3n
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30 Nov 20
Media salaries used to be protected by Government of India appointed Wage Board which fixed and periodically revised wage rates based on circulation figures. Journalists (and press workers) in big papers would get paid more for same work done by journalists in small papers. 1n
To cheat on salaries many big papers would either submit fake lower circulation figures or float separate companies and hive off editions. One big paper was believed to have set up two separate companies for City Edition and Late City Edition. 2n
Govt Wage Board also ensured no journalist or press worker could be sacked or workforce reduced. This became a problem for newspaper owners as old printing tech began to give way to new tech, starting with photo typesetting replacing hot metal typesetting. 3n
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22 Nov 20
My interest in water and its role in national development and security was sparked over many visits to #Israel. The silent revolution triggered in #India by PM @narendramodi 's Jal Jeevan Mission which will take potable water on tap to 190 million homes has me hooked. @Vidurji 1n Image
Work done by Jal Jeevan Mission is huge. 30% of 190 million rural homes have potable water on tap in first year of NJJM's launch. Amazing use of tech to ensure a better life for people in #India This is a 'boring' story, so no media reports it. I'll do a thread and update it. 2n
Today, PM @narendramodi launched Vindhya Water Supply project in #UP covering Vindhyachal. The project cost is Rs 5,555 crore. To be completed in 2 years, it will provide assured tap water to homes in 3,000 villages. It will benefit 42 lakh people. 3n
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15 Aug 19
Bharat Mata
~Abanindranath Tagore, 1905.
দুঃস্বপ্নে আতঙ্কে রক্ষা করিলে অঙ্কে
স্নেহময়ী তুমি মাতা।
दूस्व्प्ने आतन्के रक्षा करिले अंके
स्नेहमयी तुमि माता।
In nightmare & terror You protected us
Compassionate Mother of mine.
[Rabindranath Tagore, Jana Gana Mana]
#IndependenceDay 🇮🇳
Bharat Mata
~ Shobha Singh, 1947.
Bharat Mata
~Raja Ravi Varma, Oleograph.
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9 Aug 19
Which Indian journalists, academics, intellectuals were the beneficiaries of Fai's ISI-funded largesse? Who were the regular guests of the 2 Families and feasted on wazwan paid for with money stolen from people? Check their names. Now check who are crying hoarse over #Article370.
Who are the intel officers, including certain top guns, now retired, who had access to limitless GoI funds for their 'work' in #JammuAndKashmir ? Was an ex-RAW person helping ABV (and later MMS) on #Kashmir or running a transfer-posting-promotion racket?
Who received 'loans' from J&K Bank? What are the bank's NPA details? Who fronted for beneficiaries? To cleanse Kashmir of malcontent, make details public. Also publish list of journalists who are regular visitors to Pakistan High Commission and residences of Pakistani diplomats.
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1 Aug 19
Orthodoxy made #Hindu Samaj non-inclusive and created deep faultlines for others to exploit. For orthodoxy, the 'mlechchh' is as much a non-Hindu as a Scheduled Caste person. #Orthodoxy never strengthens society or faith. Reject orthodoxy like Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar did. 1/n
Laughable that you can't accept food delivered by a non-Hindu because it is #Shravan. Does the food come certified that it has been cooked and packed by Hindus? A true #orthodox would cook his food, wash his utensils, carry his water. You are not even true to orthodoxy. 2/n
History tells us orthodoxy has inflicted incalculable harm to #Hinduism and #Hindu Samaj. Orthodoxy defended sati, child marriage, putrid casteism, purdah. #Orthodoxy opposed Hindu Code, women's education, equal rights, temple entry. Examples abound. 3/n
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