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28 Feb, 15 tweets, 4 min read
Solutionism is part of human psyche, I think. Seeing 1 problem, 1 solution - and go for it. Omitting all other factors and potentially worsening the situation, eg by replacing car fleet with EV!

But being a pack animal also is to wait until authorities present solutions.
And that's frankly what I don't get from the climate activist movement. Shouldn't we publicly stand for a 1.5˚-plan, like the one German FFF got from Wupper Institute? Or the one BoellStiftung did? Or GermanZero? Or mine, a 10yr non-profit System Hiatus on rations for all?
But we don't. What would happen if we did?

If we were publicly promoting one of those 1.5˚ plans, public debate wd become more and more aware of what's actually necessary - in contrast to what journalists, politicians, companies say and do.
This important comparison doesn't happen, today: the public only senses something is off. If all were dandy, FFF wd stop protesting.
But the public doesn't know what's really necessary. And that's THE important thing to be in the public sphere, to be debated, to be aware of 24/7
That we're not standing up for a specific plan but solely against general government inaction and against this or that detail in the current system setup - it's the wrong focus, I feel. 'Cause what this does is feeding the public hope that current players/system CAN suffice.
I'd be surprised if any climate activist actually believes that current players and current system setup CAN suffice, if only a little tweaking here and there is done a little better than today.
But our not promoting 1 plan does feed precisely that hope in the public psyche. IMO
THE important thing to be in the public sphere, to be debated, to be aware of 24/7 is: what's necessary in reality. So the public CAN compare that to what politicians, companies, journalists do and say.
But the actual req's aren't debated - bc no crowd stands for them...
I'm not sure of my musings here. I do see the major role FFF plays as alerting the public to the emergency. And they/we are doing an excellent job.

But all the plans above, add Rockström's Exponential Roadmap if you like (I don't), they're hollow if no crowd advocates for them.
The 1.5˚ plans are hollow without a crowd promoting them. And protesting against gvt inaction / wrong action suggests indirectly that the govt CAN suffice. Both hinders the public in debating the actual req solutions.

Who can be the crowd promoting any of the plans if not FFF?
They just need a crowd. And the public needs a debate of actual requirements. While, ATM, public debate merely mirrors govt inaction/wrong turns. That's not enough. The public psyche needs actual solutions. They don't have to like it at first. But they need to be aware of it 24/7
I said I don't like Rockström's Roadmap. Had a🧵on it, IIRC.
I'd prefer advocating GermanZero or Boellstiftung, with them eventually becoming an amalgam with FFF's #Sogeht1komma5. They're not perfect either but tick more boxes. They just need fleshing out during public debate.
@germanzero know their plan isn't perfect. They know they need a crowd fleshing it out. Most importantly, a crowd promoting it.
That's why they call for a climate hackathon. So that we OWN the plan. So that we ARE GermanZero. So that the public knows 24/7: THESE are the reqs 💚🖖 Image
Must add one more thing.
I'm not signing up for German Zero's hackathon...why? I don't know. It's a mix of imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis, not knowing up front what's demanded of me, inexperience in political work, a momentary general cognitive tiredness #sleepless. Argh!
What would help make me join: if someone from my bubble joins with me.

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2 Mar
@GlobalEcoGuy Increasing land carbon sink for offset projects –
this doesn't work. Net-zero with🌳is a logical fallacy ppl believe in.
General mechanics of carbon sinks AND under AGW stress can't compensate continued emissions.
A TRUE-zero world has to increase carbon sink annually to stay 0 Image
@GlobalEcoGuy German forests reduced sink capacity by 86% since 1990 and 🇩🇪biosphere was already a net CO2 source from 2016-2020. At 1.1C.

* at local 24C/34C, respiration/photosynthesis balance in C3 / C4 plants is a net CO2 source
* stress from🪲🔥💧=CO2e source
* ++˚C =ocean store less CO2
@GlobalEcoGuy The 3 * above show: land&ocean carbon sinks are more and more reduced under AGW stress.
Now to the general mechanics. Positive emissions in a "net-zero" world will still add to the atmosphere each year. As shown above, more so under progressing AGW stress.
++ CO2ppm = ++˚C Image
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28 Feb
Wenn CDU-ler gegen Linke Politik wettern, reicht ja der Hashtag #DDR schon und alle kriegen passende Assoziationen. Ich will, dass die Traditionslinie der CDU, ihrer Mitglieder +ihrer Arbeitsweise, selbstverständliches Wissen wird. Es lässt sich bloß nicht in 1 Satz ausdrücken🧵
Guck ich mir CDU an
*die in Hinterzimmermentalität Firmenbossen Einfluss gewährt
*mit Typen wie HGM, Merz, WerteUnion, Bähner, Caffier, Bouffier Fritsche usw,
seh ich 1 Traditions-Linie mit nach 1945, als Nazi-Profiteure Ansprechpartner suchten und sie in der neuen CDU fanden!
Fällt mir grad so auf, als ich zum Linken-Parteitag rumlese und mich dran erinnere, wie immer wieder das angeblich noch spürbare SED-Erbe als Abschreckung hervorgekramt wird.

In CDU lebt das Nazi-Erbe und Industrie-Netzwerkeln/Lobbykratie. Und zwar erfolgreich als Exekutive!
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28 Feb
Traurig, dass @Die_Gruenen nicht #TellTheTruth tun. Dass sie im Ernst glauben, sie könnten nach #btw21 AUSREICHEND viele Schrittchen durchsetzen im WeiterSo...NIX wird reichen nach btw21!
NOCH nicht. Darum ist Glaubwürdigkeit wichtiger.
Hofreiters #einfamilienhaus war richtig!
Am #einfamilienhaus hängt lokaler Flächenfraß, Energie- Mobilitäts- und Rohstoffverbrauch. Das treibt das Massensterben u kostet carbon sinks global.
Das gehört in die öff. Debatte. Aber da ist es nicht. #einfamilienhaus ist der perfekte Aufhänger.
Nu hat #Habeck abgewiegelt und Hofreiter gemaßregelt. Wie wirkt sich das aus? Die Gesellschaft ist wieder einen Schritt rückwärts gegangen in climate awareness. Es kostet also Zeit, bis Zus-Hänge kapiert+akzeptiert werden. Wenn das soweit ist,
ist Grüne Glaubwürdigkeit futsch.
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27 Feb
#EnergyCharterTreaty Dass Nuclear bisher noch darunter fällt, liegt daran, dass die @iaeaorg Verstrahlungstode u -Spätfolgen von Tschernobyl 1986 schlicht verleugnet. So ist den Schattenrichtern der WTO halt (offiziell) nicht klar, dass Nuklear sozial- und umweltUNverträglich ist
Nur 1 Bsp. aus dem #EnergyCharterTreaty "Sicherheit in einer Art und Weise zu erhöhen, die sozialverträglich, wirtschaftlich tragfähig u umweltverträglich ist." Da kriegt RWE doch sofort die Kasperklatsche vom WTO-Schattengericht💁‍♀️
Kapier echt die Welle nicht. Wir brauchen #ECT!
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27 Feb
@robjlinds @Peters_Glen Did you actually think that thru?
IMO, it's a false hope that plants might decrease CO2 ppm if we only reach true-0. At true-zero, AND under the˚C stress level then, carbon sinks decline further. Like they do today, at merely 1.2C. New sinks🌳will do, too!
@robjlinds @Peters_Glen Look at #AUSfires 2020, emitted 800Mt, IIRC? That was at only 1.2C. The forest grows back slowly, takes up CO2 again, or becomes grassland. True. But for now, it's gone, CO2 ppm has increased, sink decreased – and our˚C goes up.
Much forest land eventually burns or dies in ++˚C!
@robjlinds @Peters_Glen As forests die, as more and more will in ++˚C, decomposing emits CO2e, too. Up goes ppm and up goes˚C from that, if only by a little.

New 🌳do have a short-time advantage in heat/water stress bc roots are shorter than old trees'. But: shallow roots =more 🌳die in storms =++CO2e
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25 Feb
Studying the 1.5˚climate plan for Germany by NGO @_GermanZero written by experts in all relevant fields, incl. hard-sci (Mojib Latif)… Stumbling over 20% rest emissions, and general compensation logic.

I'll assume, global 20% rest emissions = 8Gt/year
Here's the German version of GermanZero's climate plan…
I might do another thread on the plan itself. But now, I'm interested in the other thing: the rest emissions from hard to decarbonize sectors and how natural compensation mechanics work for *net* zero.
I have issues getting the logic of continuously sequestering these 8Gt/a CO2 emissions. I myself calculated with a similar number before but never bothered to really think it through.

I know: flux into terrestrial carbon sinks under current 38Gt/a CO2 is different than for 8Gt.
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