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@robjlinds @Peters_Glen Did you actually think that thru?
IMO, it's a false hope that plants might decrease CO2 ppm if we only reach true-0. At true-zero, AND under the˚C stress level then, carbon sinks decline further. Like they do today, at merely 1.2C. New sinks🌳will do, too!
@robjlinds @Peters_Glen Look at #AUSfires 2020, emitted 800Mt, IIRC? That was at only 1.2C. The forest grows back slowly, takes up CO2 again, or becomes grassland. True. But for now, it's gone, CO2 ppm has increased, sink decreased – and our˚C goes up.
Much forest land eventually burns or dies in ++˚C!
@robjlinds @Peters_Glen As forests die, as more and more will in ++˚C, decomposing emits CO2e, too. Up goes ppm and up goes˚C from that, if only by a little.

New 🌳do have a short-time advantage in heat/water stress bc roots are shorter than old trees'. But: shallow roots =more 🌳die in storms =++CO2e
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Studying the 1.5˚climate plan for Germany by NGO @_GermanZero written by experts in all relevant fields, incl. hard-sci (Mojib Latif)… Stumbling over 20% rest emissions, and general compensation logic.

I'll assume, global 20% rest emissions = 8Gt/year
Here's the German version of GermanZero's climate plan…
I might do another thread on the plan itself. But now, I'm interested in the other thing: the rest emissions from hard to decarbonize sectors and how natural compensation mechanics work for *net* zero.
I have issues getting the logic of continuously sequestering these 8Gt/a CO2 emissions. I myself calculated with a similar number before but never bothered to really think it through.

I know: flux into terrestrial carbon sinks under current 38Gt/a CO2 is different than for 8Gt.
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we all know WIRES in NSW is great and celebs around the world are asking people to donate to them. Please reply to this tweet with other animal/wildlife orgs around the country needing donations - there are many
Wildlife Victoria
Donate here:
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I no longer have patience with CLIMATE science deniers. They and the fossil fuel industry have delayed #ClimateAction for three decades. Now, my country, my second homeland, is on fire. All of it. Every single state. Precious wildlife vanquished. Human life lost. Homes destroyed.
2/ Forests devastated. Kangaroo Island is burning to the ground, along w/ some of the world’s oldest, most unique, irreplaceable species. Our fires are NOT normal. They are driven by global warming and #ClimateChange. World, please hear our cry: We are the canary in the coal mine
3/ Australia is a warning about the #ClimateCrisis gripping our planet. Deniers, step aside and let the rest of us do the work to reverse the damage humans have done to our environment. Lives are at risk. I, for one, am no longer standing by while you stifle efforts to reign
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After seeing multiple tweets about the @DeptDefence response to #AustraliaBurning, I feel it’s #education time on #YourADF and how it relates to the #constitutionalmonarchy #government in #Australia. #AustralianFires #auspol #miltwitter 1/6
Under the Australian #constitution, #emergency and #disaster preparation, management, and recovery is the responsibility of each individual state or territory #government. #AustralianFires #ausfires #auspol #miltwitter 2/6
If the situation deteriorates and the effected state cannot handle the response, they can request federal assistance under the Australian Government Disaster Response Plan (#COMDISPLAN). #ausfires #miltwitter More here:… 3/6
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I’m at the CFA community meeting in Lakes Entrance this evening. We’re about to get underway - I suspect there’s around 500-600 here. Hundreds standing outside, can’t make it inside the room. I’ll update this thread with information.
“I know people are upset with the way things have been handled, we are trying our best. Tonight is not the night for anger, tonight is the night for information,” representative from Lakes Entrance CFA says.
“We’re asking people not to put us in a position of danger. We need people to care about themselves, their friends and their neighbours,” Lakes Entrance CFA Captain says.
“I don’t think people realise the severity of the situation that we’re in.”
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