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We have blindfolded statues all over the world after the shocking indifference that has received the latest @IPCC report. We are on a #ClimateEmergency and governments should act accordingly, instead of acting as if this is some nuisance.
Three Smiths Statue, in Helsinki, Finland. #ScienceNotSilence #TellTheTruth ImageImage
The Spinoza Monument, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. #ScienceNotSilence #TellTheTruth Image
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After participating in Extinction Rebellion Australia actions over the years, scientists and academics across many disciplines have launched Scientist Rebellion Australia.

Their message: WE ARE NOT SAFE.

Sign the open letter:…

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⚡️LIVE ⚡️

Scientist Rebellion is congregating at the southeast side of Princes Bridge, Naarm / Melbourne with a warning for the public:

We are NOT safe!

Governments and companies must stop investing in gas, coal and oil!

“We, scientists and academics, believe we should expose the reality and severity of the climate and ecological emergency by engaging in nonviolent civil disobedience.

Unless those best placed to understand the emergency take action, then how can we expect the public to act?”
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Pedal Rebels are swarming Naarm / Melbourne with a scramble of skeletons and a message for @SantosLtd, sponsor of @TourDownUnder, and @ANZ_au, sponsor of @AustralianOpen:

It’s time to kick fossil fuel sponsorship out of Aussie sport! 🖕

@ANZ sponsors the @AustralianOpen and is one of the big four banks funding @SantosLtd, responsible for desecrating sacred Gomeroi Country and cooking the planet.

Santos sponsors the @TourDownUnder. Rebels have protested Santos’ sportswashing all week:…
As rebels swarm the streets of Naarm, deathly fingers of @ANZ and @SantosLtd Business Execs are clutching briefcases stuffed with worthless dollars because business-as-usual = death.

@ANZ_au: We 👀 through your greenwashing!

@SantosLtd: We 👀 through your sportswashing!
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I teach patho to nursing students. Every semester since spring of 2020, I have taught about Covid. And every semester to have to change my lecture to keep up with new data. I was teaching Covid this semester and I told them that if nothing else, understand the science 1/n
I explained how Covid attaches to ACE2 receptors in the nose, throat, heart, kidneys, and gut first. That’s why you see a runny nose, sore throat, myocarditis and acute kidney failure first. There aren’t as many ACE 2 receptors in the lungs, so Covid hits the lungs later.
That’s why you see lag time between initial infection and respiratory symptoms. More importantly, I explained that Covid is not just a lung disease, it is a massive systemic inflammatory response to the virus. Covid also upregulates a protein called bradykinin, causing clots.3
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🔥 HAPPENING NOW @GretaThunberg
@southbankcentre 🔥

"Our leaders have completely failed. We are never going back to normal. The climate & biosphere are breaking down... What we call 'normal" is an extreme system based on exploitation of people & planet." #TellTheTruth
"We will never give up. We will never stop fighting for the living world" a powerful call to action. Profound truth telling from @GretaThunberg tonight
"We need everyone to stop everything, we need billions of climate activists" @GretaThunberg
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Fucking fuming.

One of these 2 people will take charge of the UK in the midst of a climate and ecological emergency.

All evidence points toward the urgent need for government action.

And the BBC ask them what individuals should do?

#BBCOurNextPM #ClimateCrisis #ActNow
A. They are clearly not clued up to advise on what individuals should do.

B. The policies they failed to ask about are the crucial decisions in the midst of a crisis with billions of lives on the line. If they aren't clued up on that, we need to know.
Now there are moments when the media could discuss what individuals should do. But to use #BBCOurNextPM to look at individual action rather than life or death policies in the middle of a crisis is unforgiveable. The media must #TellTheTruth and hold the next PM to account.
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1/ My interview with @SkyNews yesterday, in four parts

“This is not the new normal. It is going to get worse and worse and worse until we stop burning fossil fuels and stop destroying nature”
2/ “I remain convinced that the only way to force our leaders to take the required action is to get out on the streets in huge numbers”
3/ “Denialism is common, the media must take some responsibility for that. For decades media organisations such as Sky News, such as yourselves, have been downplaying the risks and helping ridicule environmentalists for warning us about this”
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Happening now - Rebels have cracked windows at News UK & sprayed #TellTheTruth & "40 degrees = Death" to highlight the failure of the Murdoch press to cover the #heatwave & #ClimateCrisis…
Why are we taking this action against the Murdoch press? A scientist explains
Even as temperature records are smashed & Europe burns in extreme heat our billionaire controlled media try to undermine #netzero & publish stories about the #heatwave with beach & bikini pics.

Meanwhile, our activists are arrested for holding the press to account.
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C'est inédit ce qui se passe actuellement sur le front de l'interpellation citoyenne des médias (surtout audiovisuels) pour les inviter à considérer les questions écologiques (et à mieux les traiter) dans les débats 🧵
🇬🇧 Au Royaume-Uni, si vous ne l'avez pas déjà vue, regardez la séquence de l'émission Good Morning Britain (sur la chaîne ITV) dans laquelle l’activiste Miranda Whelehan s’est retrouvée mardi dernier 😱
Venue présenter la campagne @JustStop_Oil son propos n'a non seulement pas été entendu, mais surtout méprisé et ignoré, offrant une image encore une fois déplorable des médias de grandes chaînes de télévision, avec des présentateur•ices incapables de comprendre les enjeux
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Wild Weather: Our World Under Threat | Knowledge.c
#lytton bc #bcstorm #bcwildfires #bcheatwave
#bcheatdome #heatdome…
#MichaelMann telling the truth👀😳 on what happens at 2°C + #TellTheTruth #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateScientists #RapidGlobalWarming
Mann also simply explains why Australia is a Climate Canary.. it's already barely on the edge b4 Global Warming started amping up.
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+++ Actions in Copenhagen LIVE NOW +++
Scientist of @SRNordic take action and join #scientistrebellionstrikes
Watch live:…
The Police starts to resolve the blockade of the #scientistrebellion. Remaining scientists continue to #tellthetruth about the Climate Crises that has already started.
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BREAKING: Judge finds 3 guilty, despite their nonviolent act against the crime of dangerous and damaging denial and delay coming out of the "think-tanks" and lobbyists at 55 Tufton Street in a #ClimateCrisis that is happening now.

#DenialOnTrial #TellTheTruth #ClimateJustice
Guilty of criminal damage, they all received 6 month conditional discharge and were ordered to pay reduced court and compensation costs totalling of £200. Unusual as this is far less than the claimed damage caused.

The magistrates praised them for their “openness and honesty”.
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As the #ImpossibleRebellion draws to a close, the analysis will inevitably begin.
One of the things that has been clear though is a shift in the way XR is being covered in the 🇬🇧 🗞.
Like a samba-dancing mosquito🦟, our persistence is paying off. 1/7…
This piece by the @FT’s @henrymance discovers a quality long since thought extinct in the UK press: nuance – and it’s a joy to read. Henry *gets* us. And in a world of ‘but China’ 🇨🇳and ‘Gail’s car’ 💀🚙💨 that’s a step change in the narrative from the streets of shame. 2/7
We never started #ExtinctionRebellion thinking we were ‘right’🤓📚, that we had all the answers. Nor that we were going to be the people 👩🏽‍🚒🚑who sorted anything out. This shit is way too complex, interrelated and 🤯 for the kind of quick-fix activism of old. 3/7
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So what if Extinction Rebellion isn’t popular? We’re protesting to bring about change and it’s working.
We’re told that in order to be successful, XR must offer people hope.
Sorry, but what we all need is the full truth about the climate crisis. 🌊🔥1/16…
How can it be that XR was named no.1 climate influencer and a few months later rated the most disliked disruptive protest group globally? Maybe it’s not bizarre because social movements accelerate history, and that is more often than not an uncomfortable process for society. 2/16
History tells us those driving social change will be roundly disliked. Martin Luther King Jr. is revered now, but at the time of his death in ’68 – having been the face of some of the most successful civil rights campaigns in the US – 75% of the 🇺🇸 public disapproved of him. 3/16
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We're @cityoflondon to demand NO NEW FOSSIL FUEL INVESTMENT.

The City continues to funnel billions into fossil fuels that can’t even be used if we are to stay within the targets required by the #ParisAgreement. The @IEA agree.

#Thread 1/5
In May @IEA said if the world is to meet the target of net zero emissions by 2050, all new investment in fossil fuels must cease by the end of this year. Our demand is in keeping with the science & all expert opinion - but bankers choose short term profit over long term life. 2/5
DID YOU KNOW - if the @cityoflondon was a country, it would be world’s 9th biggest emitter of CO2. The top 60 banks spent $3.8 trillion on fossil fuels since the 2015 Paris Accords. Their 2020 investments are more than those in 2016 or 2017:

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Research shows how established economic powers have weaponized policy inaction and support to lock an unjust system into its destructive ways.

People need to stand up against this radical evil, in solidarity with the victims and the Global South.…
Whilst the science has been clear for decades, a rational and appropriate response from our governments has been lacking.
New research has now demonstrated how powerful established economic powers have weaponized policy inaction and garnered undue inside support to lock an unjust system into its destructive ways.
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We, together with @esXrebellion, leaked another part of the upcoming IPCC report.
Check this out 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇…
The leaked documents can be found here:…
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I take it as delayerism that *a Guardian piece* STILL discusses that. What's truly needed doesn't get debated at all. Instead, finger pointing which *by now* feels like "But China!!" bc journalists don't want to look at own unsustainable lifestyles, nor #Tellthetruth to readers
Sorry. But personal choice like commuting via plane or living in a too big house (or 2!), requiring too much energy for heating/cooling, resources for furnishing, and too much space & roads - do you believe in magic changing this to sustainably fit into planetary boundaries?
Who does it help, this delay in reflecting on personal, unsustainable lifestyles?
Biodiversity and climate are interlinked. Resource- and space intensive lives must change. The time of low hanging fruit or finger pointing at xyz is long over when rain falls on Greenland's summit.
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Our reponse to the IPCC AR6: Scientific establishments are starting to say what climate activists have been saying for decades: we are beyond the precipice, our only hope is a political revolution.
Climate tipping points are already breached, our weather violently disturbed, our food supplies at risk, our water endangered, our homes threatened, and our prospects for survival under siege.
Terrifyingly - this is the conservative view, the inescapable reality wrapped in a soft and agreeable tone. The truth is we have been murdered in our sleep, our futures stripped and sold like assets, gambling chips in the games of billionaires.
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This thread tells a shocking but common story about upland vandalism.
It begins with this blatant misinformation on a display board erected at public expense by @NidderdaleAONB. It claims that burning the land combats climate change and protects wildlife. The opposite is true.
2. I wonder whether this reflects the influence of the landed interests on its advisory committee: such as the Moorland Association. In any case, it looks to me as if it's using public money to promote private interests.
Oh, and take a look at its logo: a red grouse.
3. This is quite common: display boards in "protected" areas often claim that trashed wastelands are magnificent wildlife havens, and their disastrous management is the best way to treat them. We need honest communication about the state of the living world. #Tellthetruth
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Today XR published its own tabloid newspaper (read all about it at…).

So let's look at what scientists are saying - but the media aren't - about terrifying developments in climate. DENIER DENIER THE PLANET'S ON FIRE - Rupert Murdoch on the c
The kind of plans "climate champion" @JohnKerry is discussing publicly could lead to 3-4°C of heating - @KevinClimate.

That means the collapse of civilisation. Radical evil. Heard any journalists pointing that out to Kerry?

Limited heating to 1.5°C is still possible according to @JRockstrom, but requires a Herculean response.

So you'd think the media would be pressing for that every day right? Because it's now clear that anything less will be catastrophic.

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The world has just 6.5 years to reach net-zero carbon emissions to have any chance of avoiding the most dangerous global temperature rise – above 1.5°C.
The UK government has given itself 30 years.
#NotTheSun #FreeThePress #ActNow #TellTheTruth
The government is miles off even hitting its first major milestone for its net-zero target – a 68% reduction in emissions by 2030.
At best, they will miss this target by over 25%.
#NotTheSun #FreeThePress #ActNow #greenwashing
(2of4) A bucket showing target of 68% emission cut by 2030 target w
Worse still, the government is cooking the books – and us! They aren’t counting the massive UK emissions from international air travel, shipping, and goods that we import, which make up almost half (43%) of our annual emissions.
#NotTheSun #FreeThePress #ActNow #greenwash
(3of4) Government lying about our UK emissions. Chart showing they
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You might notice that the plots I post today look a little different from previous days. Here’s a thread about why that is, with a little bit on scientific communication, psychology and politics, and reflections on my own motivation.
I’ve previously posted plots in portrait format, because I figured a large proportion of views would be on phones. But some noted that Twitter lops off the top of graphs when plots are in RTs, making graphs look rather benign if the post wasn’t clicked on.
So I tried making a landscape version, and asked people which version they preferred.
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Why are @metpoliceuk concerned by an art installation @antepavilion? Under what powers are they arresting employees of an art space with no connection to xr? This is a vast overreach of police powers, and suppression of freedom of expression. #Art #Arrests

A thread 1/5
After the printworks blockade in sept 2020 the bamboo tension structures were deemed prize winning by architecture critic @PhinHarper saying they "recall the sustainable motives of high-tech architecture" in this @dezeen article:…

In 2021 the structures were selected for the @antepavillion 2021 Special Early Summer Commission.. "Our bartizans of tensegrity bamboo towers, or ‘beacons’ as we lovingly call them, were born out of a need to speak truth to power" #Art #TellTheTruth

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