1/ *What does Bethesda Gain?* What is missing in a lot of these conversations is the advantage to #Zenimax (#Bethesda). Many people just view this as #Microsoft just gobbling up #Bethesda (because reasons) but we have to look at what the Zenimax studios gain from this.
2/ The obvious advantage that a #Zenimax studio now has is access to additional funding. Projects can now be funded at a level that might allow a studio to higher more people, or build out a game in the way they always wanted (but never could). #Bethesda #gaming
3/ Access to additional funds will be be felt most by the smaller studios in the group, since it is likely they were always the most restricted when it came to funding. That's a big deal for a studio such as #Arkane, #MachineGames, or #TangoGameworks.
4/ But even "cooler", these studios are now business linked to #XboxGamePass. As other devs have mentioned, a subscription service like XGP allows for MORE risk taking, not less. If you want to see AA & AAA studios break the mold more often, this merger is a good thing.
5/ Additional, with #Microsoft being the tech giant that they are, all Zenimax studios now have direct access to Microsoft & #Xbox resources. (i.e. The inner workings of DX12.) This means: games that run better, games that look better, games that are less buggy on PC, etc, etc.
6/ As with all things, there are still risks, of course. #Microsoft may grow weary of the studio "spread" and condense smaller studios under one roof (over time). #Xbox might find they can't pull in customers at a rate to support the financial costs.
7/ There are NO guarantees about how this plays out. Personally, I'm excited to see what the #Bethesda / #Zenimax studios can create under the banner of #Xbox (and the advantages I talked about here). But, it will be several years until we see how this all turns out.

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23 Apr 20
1/ The "story" of #BattlefieldV is complex. While it is obvious #EA & #DICE no longer see significant long term profit potential (vs opportunity cost) for #BFV, how we got to today is worth revisiting. My experience tells me this...
2/ From the beginning, it *appears* the long term goal of #BattlefieldV was to follow the "beats" of the war, from the early European conflict zones to the end, and at the same time, make #BFV something more personal & "customizable" that previous titles.
3/ It's not hard to pull this from the structure we got, and it makes sense for a long running service title. #WW2 is a near perfect scenario (it's a war for God's sake) environment for a #Battlefield title that need updated over a 3-5 year period.
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2 Mar 20
1/ #FinalFantasyVIIRemake, for as excellent as it might turn out, feels like the result of a product that doesn't have an end game plan. Given that we know the first installment of #FF7R barely scratches the surface of the story, but is a "full" AAA experience, concerns me.
2/ At the size of the "chunk" they have chosen for the first installment of #FF7R, how many more #games are required to tell the entirety of the #FF7 story? 8? 10? 12? Are they going to skip insignificant story bits as time goes on? We haven't been given the outline.
3/ From a project management standpoint, it's clear to me that @SquareEnix decided very little beyond this first episode. Because if they did, the required work to complete multiple AAA #FF7 #games, at this rate, is beyond the lifespan of the #PS5 alone.
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25 Feb 20
1/ While I'm obviously glad to see #games heading in the direction of "don't pay for the same game twice", I think a lot of people have misinterpreted the WHY and the HOW games work on #XboxSeriesX. XSX is an Xbox just like X1X is an Xbox...
2/ ...just like #XboxOne is an Xbox. While there are some technical differences, the XSX isn't the same transition as going from original Xbox to Xbox 360. The device is fundamentally an #Xbox family device...so of course you don't have to buy the same thing twice.
3/ And I'm not taking ANYTHING away from #Microsoft here. I am a big proponent of this business model. I was championing this type of upgrade model years ago, back when people laughed at the idea. But, I think the story of what's going on here...
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31 Dec 19
1/ Launched on December 20, 2011, #SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) was a successful release, but soon found itself rapidly losing #MMORPG customers due to weak end game support and the mistake of opening too many servers at once.
2/ #Bioware quickly reformed the game into a F2P + Premium model that saw many people return or come back to the game casually. Those of us that stuck with it were treated to many years of high quality content and a ridiculous amount of story + #RPG content.
3/ While #SWTOR was never the #WorldOfWarcraft "killer" that people may have wanted, it was an excellent MMORPG in its own right, being constantly updated, even today. I stuck with it many years (2011-2015) and once more in 2018.
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