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La méthode #DICE (Décrire, Investiguer, Cocréer, Évaluer)

- Une approche systématique et interdisciplinaire
- Des troubles psycho-comportementaux
- Se surajoutant à une maladie neurocognitive

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#MedTwitter #gériatrie #psychogériatrie
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La méthode #DICE

Permet d’analyser en profondeur un trouble psycho-comportemental en équipe et de lui apporter une réponse mesurée, partagée et structurée
Elle est la base de tout travail en psychogériatrie

#gériatrie #psychogériatrie

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#DiceDay #Dice 🎲
పాచికలు🎲 చిన్నవి, విసిరివేయగల వస్తువులు, ప్రత్యేకంగా గుర్తించబడిన భుజాలతో బహుళ స్థానాల్లో విశ్రాంతి తీసుకోబడతాయి. అవి యాదృచ్ఛిక సంఖ్యలను ఉత్పత్తి చేయడానికి ఉపయోగించబడతాయి మరియు సాధారణంగా వైకుంఠపాలిళి ఆటలలో ఉపయోగిస్తారు.
వీటితో పాచికల ఆటలు , బోర్డు ఆటలు , రోల్ ప్లేయింగ్ ఆటలు మరియు( క్రాప్స్ వంటివి ), మేకా పులి, బారా కట్టా, మొదలగునవి ..#DiceDay 🎲🎲🎲

సాంప్రదాయిక డై అనేది ఒక క్యూబ్ , దాని ఆరు ముఖాలలో ఒకటి నుండి ఆరు వరకు వేరే సంఖ్యలో చుక్కలు ( పిప్స్ ) తో గుర్తించబడతాయి.
విసిరినప్పుడు లేదా చుట్టబడినప్పుడు, డై దాని ఎగువ ఉపరితలంపై ఒకటి నుండి ఆరు వరకు యాదృచ్ఛిక పూర్ణాంకాన్ని చూపిస్తుంది, ప్రతి విలువ సమానంగా ఉంటుంది. పాచికలు పాలిహెడ్రల్ లేదా సక్రమంగా లేని ఆకృతులను కలిగి ఉండవచ్చు మరియు పిప్‌లకు బదులుగా సంఖ్యలు లేదా చిహ్నాలతో గుర్తించబడిన
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Thread #application #JDR 1/7 :
Dans ce thread, tu trouveras mes 3 applications favorites pour le jeu de rôle.

#pathfinder #wh40k #kult #shadowrun #warhammer #cthulhu #dnd5e #dnd #roliste #geekgirl #geeklife #geek #dice #gamemaster #roleplaygame #maitredujeu #jeu #logiciel Image
Thread #application #JDR 2/7 :
Tout d'abord, j'aime beaucoup pour les ambiances dans les parties de JDR. Plutôt utilisée en physique, elle est assez modulable pour correspondre à mon idée d'ambiance pour certaines scènes.
Thread #application #JDR 3/7 :
Ensuite, j'utilise énormément YouTube pour les musiques en partie et maintenant je couple YouTuble avec watch2gether dont j'ai parlé dans mon premier défi JDR - The Sprawl sur le blog (…).
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D’ya like #Dice?

My #Gameholecon haul was humble but high quality.

First up: @MetalDiceGames! A shimmery blue set with deep blue ink and a shimmery pink set with red ink. Image
Next three sets from Role Initiative…

Blue and white translucent set with white numbers, Royal purple translucent with blue numbers, and hunter green with blue numbers. And Stella’s nose. Image
From Black Oak Workshop, their Dragon set.

Sky blue and white opaque dice with silver numbers. The highest number on each set is a silver dragon. Image
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Welcome to DAY 2⃣ of the #DiCEConference on #Brexit!

Like yesterday, we are highlighting all the best bits online here⤵️

Our moderator Christopher Lord welcomes four panelists: @BrigidLaffan, @HusseinHKassim, Vivien A. Schmidt, and @FabianZuleeg


#InDivEU @EU3Dh2020 @IdeaEu
Our first speaker in @HusseinHKassim from the University of East Anglia


#InDivEU @EU3Dh2020 @IdeaEu
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As promised, it's a special #FollowFriday for artisans & merchants of #TTRPG and #DnD worlds.
Boost these makers for #FF and consider sending your coin to them instead of some boring corporation!
I'll list the @'s by category and then provide additional info after:
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/06/2020-2…

Coronavirus May Be a Vascular Disease, Which Explains Everything | Elemental…

#vessels #blood #coronavirus #disease
Out-of-Sync ‘Loners’ May Secretly Protect Orderly Swarms…

#individual #swarm #nautilus
Opinion | The ‘Liberal World Order’ Was Built With Blood - The New York Times…

#liberal #blood #order #world
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1/ The "story" of #BattlefieldV is complex. While it is obvious #EA & #DICE no longer see significant long term profit potential (vs opportunity cost) for #BFV, how we got to today is worth revisiting. My experience tells me this...
2/ From the beginning, it *appears* the long term goal of #BattlefieldV was to follow the "beats" of the war, from the early European conflict zones to the end, and at the same time, make #BFV something more personal & "customizable" that previous titles.
3/ It's not hard to pull this from the structure we got, and it makes sense for a long running service title. #WW2 is a near perfect scenario (it's a war for God's sake) environment for a #Battlefield title that need updated over a 3-5 year period.
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So after the @UKGamesExpo The Game Shop: Aldershot took a few of our pre-release kits off our hands and we said goodbye to our Iconic Pink bag as it went off to find new adventures. Clearly we need a new demo piece so I thought I’d do a Tweet along...…
The D20 I’m going to build today is one of our ‘Unicorn Blood’ kits. This colour is still currently locked on the #Kickstarter but when we get to 1500% or £15k this high spectrum glitter effect will be available in the pledge manager at the end.
#rainbow #unicorn #glitter #diy
So to start off I’ve laid out my pieces in the same pattern as the diagram in the kit, if you have a kit with numbers having a D20 to hand can help you put everything in the right places. Then I’ve got one eyelet piece and one other and tied a standard knot.
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